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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Nice! congrats on the deal! The price seems great (I don't think I've seen a base Altima dip into the $17K range yet) and the interest rate looks good- congrats on getting a great car..
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    nice spelling
  • Hey jchan2,

    For the Money, I just had to Buy this car. After the Test Drive, It was almost too good to be true. That CVT Auto Stick is Nice.


  • Marco,

    It does appear that Nissan has a winner here. The Push Button Start, The Ride, and the Styling and Mileage, are all Awesome.

    And for $17,615 for the 2.5S The decision to buy was easy.

    The Vin Number starts with a 1 so at least it was assembled here in America.

  • sbb4thsbb4th Posts: 6
    Right much I would expect. I just bought one brand new with 40 miles on it for 18,795. I think at least $2-3,000. If I were you and the guy wouldn't deal I'd just opt for a brand new one.
  • sbb4thsbb4th Posts: 6
    The dealer offered me an 100k extended bumper-to-bumper warranty for something like 1800. his final offer was 1300 which I passed on. I'll probably trade it in when the 36/36 runs out.
  • trucker49trucker49 Posts: 18
    Was at the dealer yesterday and my salesman says the way he understands it and from looking at his 'matrix' the $1000 dollar rebate AND 3.9% for 60 months runs till June 30th. All the commercials say it runs out June 2nd but he claims the 30th.....sooo who knows. I think I'm sold though. Drove the Accord and the Altima back to back and liked the Altima much better. Now do I want Nav or not LOL
  • I Just Checked my paperwork and not counting the Dealer Discounts, The Rebate was $1,750. But that was the 24th of May. Altima 2.5 S Auto stick.

  • sorry about that My spelling stinks have alws had trouble with it I am Leaguly blind use a screan reader. but I shore no about cars and beeing around cars. yes the altima is a grate car That is it for now thankyou for reading Marco.
  • Hey Mitch Yes the vin starts with a number 1 but I am pritty shore they use all [non-permissible content removed] parts anyone no mor about that Let all of us no. Yes and for that price you cant beat it and go rong. yes grate options for the money grate rating and long tirm quality. and grate ride to. good luck with it Marco.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Aren't all Altimas assembled in North America? The only question is whether it came from Canton, Mississippi, or Smyrna, Tennessee...

    On the parts content, I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure the Altima uses a significant amount of N.A. parts content. (at least more than the Hyundai Sonata- even though its assembled in Alabama, the majority of that car's parts come from S. Korea)
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Just wanted to share my recent purchse of a 08 2.5S w/ convenience plus package, splash guards, and mats. I got it over the Memorial Day weekend. Sticker was $24,090. I got it for $20,500. Its a couple hundred under invoice after the rebates. I bought from Norris Nissan in Ellicott City in Maryland. Great experience. I was literally in and out in 2 hrs. I love the car. Only question to those who own...When my bass hits on my radio (around volume 20) my driver side mirror seems to vibrate kind of easy. Is it just my car? Anyone else notice this? Thanks!!!!
  • farrizfarriz Posts: 10
    Kennynmd... Give specific numbers. Like
    Cost of car including destination = $.... +
    Tax =
    Rebate =
    Final total
    Rebate has to be substracted after adding tax
    Is $20500 the final total ? Then its a good deal.
  • I am noticing that KBB is pricing their trade in values about $2400 less than Edmunds, and the difference between their dealer retail and trade in is soaring. I think that Auto Dealers are paying them off. Why is my same vehicle worth almost $9,000 less just because a dealer sells it. That is about 800% markup after reconditioning and marketing. That is ludicrous. It is making negotiating a trade very hard.
  • Does anyone know what their JUNE offers are? Their webpage doesn't say much.
  • bonzybonzy Posts: 12
    I was told by a Dealer it's still the $1250....... or $1000 + 3.9% APR
  • slamtazslamtaz Posts: 55
    I am noticing that KBB is pricing their trade in values about $2400 less than Edmunds, and the difference between their dealer retail and trade in is soaring.

    go print the edmunds price and bring it to the dealer. i did exactly that and though the dealer low-balled me at first and insisted that kbb and other websites are $$$$ lower, i stood firm and prevailed. i even got a sales tax rebate, which when added to the trade-in value, is just about $200 lower than existing 3rd party selling price. it sure beats selling the car yourself.

    and before you think that the dealer may have ripped me off on the selling price of new car i got in exchange for matching the edmunds trade-in value, i even went down to about $200 into the hold back of the car, which i believe is a pretty sweet deal not to mention that i got a real low apr with zero down :shades:

    thanks to edmunds, this is where i learned to treat the new car pricing, trade-in & financing as three distinct transactions, and never go into the dealership unprepared (i.e. do extensive research on all three aspects, don't be emotional on the car you're buying, be firm and ready to walk when you don't get what you're reasonably asking for... :)
  • thanks for the heds up on the information was just wondering thankyou so mutch Marco.
  • 2008 Altima 2.5 S with Convenience Package...Has anyone out there recently purchased this car? I think I can get it for 18,500 but have had no luck so far. Just curious if I'm being realistic or need to give in and raise my offer. Thanks!
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I thought 18.5K is for a base 2.5S. I think you need to offer 18.5K + Conv. package...but I might be wrong.
  • After going back and forth for a while I got 2 dealerships down into the 17's for the basic S package. One was for 17,249 and the other was for 17,749. Invoice on the convenience package is $ it makes sense to me I could get it for around 18,500. But maybe its wishful
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Huh? if you could get a base for 17,249, I don't know why the dealer wouldn't let you have the S + Conv. ($911) = 18.5K...unless the car with this package is in high demand? :confuse:

    BTW, 17,249 for the S? I think we might see 16Ks in a couple months?
  • I know- it doesnt make much sense. Although those prices were with the $500 incentive that is no longer being offered. the 16's? I like the sound of that! I was wondering if prices would possibly drop around August when the 2009's come out. Maybe I'll wait a little while and see what happens.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Not sure what else to post...All I can tell you is that after everything added up including the $1,750 in rebates, , price was $22,600. Sticker was $24,090 and invoice was $22,430. If anyone can get this vehicle for $20,500 OTD (after tax, tags, destination, and processing fee), Run to your dealer!!! That would make the purchase about $18,500 or $5,500 below invoice based on roughly 6% tax. Recent previous posts had a basic 2.5 S for mid 17k. So add 1k for the convenience or 2k for the convenience 2 package. that would make the purchase at either 18.5k or 19.5k.
    Either way, I love this car and thats what is important. Everyone here is going to get a better deal that the last guy. Thats the way it always is!!!
  • Hey Marco,

    I just Took the Altima for a ride around the Lakes Region, and thought I would "Fool" the Car by using the CVT Automatic in the Manual mode.

    Right from the Start of my trip I put her in 6th gear the whole time. I've only got just over 200 miles on the car, and being in 6th gear, I never went over 2,000 RPM's and I got 37.4 MPG for the trip. And it's not even broken in. I'm really impressed!!!

  • sbb4thsbb4th Posts: 6
    I haven't fooled with the manual mode yet. How does it work and how could you just leave it in 6th gear?
  • You gotta get moving at like 5-10 MPH then go into manual and click right into 6th gear, It slows down the revs, and the MPG'S go up. Kinda neat!

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Your post peaked my interest! So what you are saying is start in "D" until you start moving, then suddenly put it in manual mode and click until you get to 6th gear?
  • YUP! That is what I did, It keeps the Revs way down, and the MPG's go's up. at 5-10mph go from "D: right into manual, and tap the shifter right into 6th gear. I got 37 MPG on a 40 mile trip around the Lakes.
  • voisinvoisin Posts: 5
    i am looking to get the s package + convenience package there offering me 20133.05 thats with the rebate. 18,500 is sounding like what i would be happy with.
    But it sounds like i got some talking to do. I would love to know what the invoice price is. all i can find is the MSRP. were did you find the invoice on the convenience package. thats some good stuff
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