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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Wash: I've lived this scenario to the extent. Let me offer my experience on my 2000 EB. I had my new 2000 EB in the shop no less than 8 times in the first 15k miles. Some related to fuel system issues, but in at least 4 cases related to vibration. After Ford replaced the tires twice, they provide alloy rims in place of the steel rims. Next, I requested a service manager drive with me on the highway to witness the vibration first hand. Of course, he claimed it was normal despite the fact I needed to have the front realligned twice before 15k. Finally, only after submitting a final notice for lemon law did the dealer find the culprit in a sticky front left caliper on the brake system. I hope this helps, I realize your EB is 3 years newer, but the symtoms you described seemed vaguely familiar.
  • My truck is at Koons Ford in college park md. They are trying to figure out what is going on the service manager and the shop foreman both feel the vibrations. Ford consumer service is involved as well. Any suggestions or answers please let me know. Will keep you posted.
  • Looks like I'm heading into to Ford to find out what my dealership knows about Road vibration and shimmy in tires tomorrow. I have 28,000 miles and my $40,000 vibrator was getting old. I took it back shortly after driving it off the lot and they balanced the front tires (Contri's) which seemed to help a little and then rotated every 6,000 which every time helped a little. I live in Arkansas and the highways are far from perfect making it hard to notice. Drove back to Kansas for 8 hrs this last week and could not take it any longer. Went to a local Goodyear dealer which was always good to me and forked over the $ for new tires. Was told to rotate every 3000 miles as problems were across the board on every make that had 17" or larger tires and especially the SUV's. Drove it back home with the same shimmy but not as bad. Waiting for tires to wear and then back to the workout me and my wife get holding the steering wheel in the expy. In researching forums I see that a TSB exists for replacing the steering gear and one for the entire rack and pinion replacement. I will try to get them "road force balanced" (this is what they used to do with the old semis) and have to track down the correct latest wheel balancing machine to do this after talking to AAA rep and seeing it in this forum. Most new Chevy dealerships have these as I was told they have had problems on their SUV's and Trucks with this problems as well. Wondered if anyone has had any of the above fixes and what the outcome was?
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I had the steering gear replaced per the TSB last year and it definitely helped. It is not perfect by any means but I guess it has been good enough for me not to pursue anything further. I figured my next step would be getting better tires and having the road force balancing performed on them.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    And yet, my Navigator, same steering rack, is smooth as glass at every speed, with 20,000 miles on it. I truly believe it is the tires. This is a super sensitive rack, probably doesn't need to be that sensitive, but it is. ANY imperfection is transmitted to the driver. My Michelin Pilots have been fine from the factory. Never needed a re-balance even. But I have one of the 4 that needs to stay on the back of the truck, or it vibrates just a tad. That's how I know it's the tires.
  • My 04 had a pretty marked steering wheel vibration too from the factory. I took it in for a look and the factory had sent the truck out the door with 47 PSI in the tires. Dealer checked the balance, lowered the pressure to 37 psi and with a few miles wear (like 200 if I remember correctly) it was smooth as glass - same as nvbanker.
  • Did you get any responses to your question about the drive train? I have a 2000 E Bauer and am having getting a noise and lurching when accelerating and especially in a climbing left uphill turn. Is there a fix? Thanks.
  • service engine soon lights/check engine lights can come on for numerous reasons. Have you already tried clearing the check engine light by disconnecting the battery for up to 10 minutes? If the light came back on afterward then at least the first step in diagnosing it shouldn't be a problem, verifying the complaint. Have you noticed any differences in the way it drives, starts, shifts, gas mileage? Answers to these types of questions will help lead a technician in the right direction. The only way to know for sure is to let someone with the correct computer read the code/codes and go from there.
  • If you bought it brand new it may be burning off some of the corrosion protection from the exhaust or a parts label. What does it smell like?
  • did you install a bug deflector? aftermarket ones don't account for aerodynamics and can cause wind noises and even severe vibration of side mirrors.
  • Did you ever get an answer to this?? I just purchased 99 expedition also and do not have the code. The dealership wants to charge me $85 to find. Thanks.
  • I have an 04 EB that came off the line in February. I did a dealer trade to get the one I wanted, but it hasn't driven as well as the later '04's that I had for the weekend test drives. The steering wheel seems skinnier and I feel a vibration in it at 60. I also feel a lot more road at all speeds and it just doesn't seem right. The garage foreman feels the vibration and has ruled out tires after replacing them and numerous re balances. He's getting the regional tech to put it on a new vibration machine. I only have 4000 miles at this point but it's bugging me that things just aren't as pure as the other one's I drove. Also having a driver power seat issue (won't move forward and back). Any thoughts on how to get this thing resolved?
  • When Ford buys the car back, how is price determined?
  • The customer will be responsible for the use of the vehicle being returned to the dealership calculated at its selling price , multiplied by (the original first documented problem of the reason they are buying the vehicle back), divided by 120,000. Example 20,000 miles paid $40,000 divided by 120,000 miles. they would charge you approximately $3400 for use meaning they would either credit you $36600 toward a new one or write you a check in that amount. This of course is all based upon a physical inspection and abuse. They are very fair provided you do not turn them back a bucket of bolts.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yes, it's on a white sticker, visible from under the dash, driver's side. But also, there are dealers who will give it too you from the VIN or bar code, for a hellova lot less than $85!! Shop around on that! The going rate around here for that service is more like $15-$25. A nice parts guy will just look it up for you.
  • lizwlizw Posts: 1
    Hi, can anyone help me? Had the brakes replaced on my truck along with the ABS control module. Now, I have had problems with the brakes working and I have almost had 2 accidents. I've had it back to the dealer twice, still not fixed. What should I do?
  • We bought a new 2004 EB Expedition two weeks ago with 4 miles on odometer. Last Saturday we were leaving our driveway and when my husband put the Exped. in drive it accelerated at a high rate with the brakes on. We hit our 2001 truck, almost hit our brick mailbox and he finally got it to disengage just before we plowed into our neighbors house across the street. The whole way we left black skid marks where the brakes were trying to stop the car, but to no evail. If our 14 year old son and any friends would have been playing or even standing around the drive or yard, I shudder at the thought what might have happend to them. We are beginning the battle with FORD because I don't want this vehicle. Trying to research any other instances where an acceleration has occurred while driving or braking.
  • We bought an '04 EB two weeks ago. Sat. morning we were leaving and when my husband put it in drive with his foot firmly planted on the brake it accelerated at a high speed causing us to hit our '01 Chevy X-71 truck, barely missing our mailbox and my husband got it shut down just before hitting our neighbors house across the street. He had both feet planted on the brake the whole time and the gear shift would not go into neutral or park during this time. We are now getting ready to battle FORD as they don't appear to take any responsibility. We left black skids clear across the street.
  • Has anyone had any involuntary acceleration of their vehicles? We have a 2004 EB Expedition that ran away on us last weekend. We had no control of the braking or acceleration for approximately 1-2 minutes before my husband finally got it to go out of gear.
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    Hey dmbald,

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Thank God no one was hurt. I own an 04 xlt and so far have not had the problem you experienced. Please update us on your findings. I would like to know what happened with your expy and is there a solution. Maybe all the expys have this problem just waiting to happen.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Same tire problems as mentioned in various posts. Cont. TR model tire in 265/70/17. Dealer balanced two in rear and it helped reduce rear end bounce. (Hey Mr. Ford Dealer, why not check them all?) Front still rough and steering wheel is shaky. Usually do not like to disturb factory balance job, but must admit dealer helped rear end. Have to watch everything they do, every time in. I recheck lug nuts and tire pressure every time after I get home. Tech left one rear tire with 34 lbs and the other at 39. I remove my center hub caps at home and leave them there to avoid typical tire store abuse, scratches on wheels, etc.

    Also, I have encountered an exhaust leak or at least such a noise in my 2004 NBX. After hard towing and start-up after 30 minutes or so of cool down, the noise sounds just like a hole in the muffler. Very noticeable two times after towing on a very hot day. Goes away quickly, but is very noticeable right after restart. Dealer tech was unable to hear or see anything. Any suggestions?
  • Yes the same thing happen to me, with my 01 EB.I was coming to a stop light and the car just involuntarily started to moved forward and I hit the brakes, but it made no difference, thank goodness the light turned green. I bought the EB brand new in June of 01 and I just sold it. It only happen to me once.
  • Washington2....Wondered what you found out from the factory rep? Took our 03 Expy in last week and due to an earlier post I took a copy of the TSB in with me and stated this is exactly what is happening. I had replaced the contri-craps with Goodyear Wrangler RT/S's the week previous before taking in. I took it to a dealership that had the Hunter 9500 Road Force Balance Machine and found out one in the rear was not balancable so went and replaced with a new one. Long story short, took it back and had it balanced and since had 28,000 miles on it a front end alignment as well. Guess WHAT??? It doesn't feel like a air wrench gun in my hand but the vibration is still there and with wear on tires and everything else I know it is going to get worse.
  • ejbejb Posts: 5
    I just bought a pre-owned 2003 XLT Expedition with 27K miles.My problem is that when I try to start it the darn thing goes into Theft Mode and wont allow me to start it! I have to turn the headlights on and sometimes shift into (N) position to start the truck! It does not happen all the time, I would say about 40% of the time. The previous owner added another Ford alarm to the truck,so I have two alarms on the truck. I have had the PCM or BCM replaced at the dealership and that did not solve the problem! They reprogramed new keys, for the truck, that was no good either! They checked the wiring,and still the same problem. Does anyone have a suggestion or has had the same problem?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yes, completely disconnect the aftermarket alarm that was installed, and throw it away. If it didn't do too much damage to the factory wiring and systems, you may be alright. The factory anti-theft system is as good as they come, and an extra noisemaker systems is not needed. With the chip in your key that disables your starter if any other method is used to try and start the truck, you're well protected against theft of the truck. My connections in the business of stealing cars tell me Fords are extremely difficult to steal these days. In my experience, the aftermarket systems all do more harm than good.
  • I have a 99 Eddie Bauer edition which I love and have had minimal problems with. About a year ago we noticed a growling or grinding noise under acceleration, particularly while turning under acceleration. It has gotten a bit worse with time. I found this discussion below on the internet from another source and wondered if anyone else had or knew of this problem and a solution.

    "I also had a growling noise in the transfer case under acceleration. This was solved by draining the transfer case oil and filling it back up with a 50/50 mixture of Lucas oil treatment and transmission fluid. Instantly the noise was 75% better and within 200 miles the noise was completely gone. That was a year ago and the noise is still gone. A mechanic told me that the Lucas was acting like the oil additive required in limited slip rear ends. And that the transfer case worked on the same principle as a limited slip rear end. Guess he knew what he was talking about it sure fixed mine."

    Before I try this guy's solution I thought I'd ask....Thanks!
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Don't forget about the ignition in an emergency like you described.

    I had a new 95 Bronco that had the speed control freeze up the first time I used it. I was on the interstate and I used the ignition to turn the engine off and back on to get a bit of power steering in order to make it into a small rest stop. When a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer looked at it with me (the tach was hitting the peg with the Bronco in park), he immediately insisted on giving me a ride up to the next exit near my home. The Bronco had been on the dealer lot for 10-12 months and the speed control had apparently just had no lubrication left. Dealer replaced and no further problem.

    P.s. It took Ford Roadside Assistance 20-25 minutes to write down the information after I got home and called and then another 30 minutes
    for them to call me back to change to the wrecker service I suggested from their list during the initial call and then another 45 minutes to one hour for the wrecker to show up.
  • ejbejb Posts: 5
    Thank You sooo much! For your insight.I was thinking the same thing about removing the extra system. The vehicle is in the shop,and I'm going to call them right now and have the extra alarm removed! Thanks! from ejb
  • It smells sort of like burning plastic. Not all the time, the smell comes and goes only when operating the A/C. I now have 2500 miles on it. Did you have that problem?
  • I own a 1999 Eddie Bauer with about 60,000 miles. Once I turn the engine off after drives over 20 minutes, a constant "humming" engine noise begins and usually lasts for about 5-7 minutes. Has anyone experienced the same or have any suggestions as to the culprit?
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