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Lincoln Aviator



  • utl3utl3 Posts: 26

    How much below invoice-incentives was that price? As far as the self dimming mirror, did they all have the navigation package? That is the only way to get the mirror from the factory.
  • asemaasema Posts: 33
    utl3...I believe the invoice was 48,319, MSRP was 52340. With the 3000 rebate, I paid 44321, which means I got it for 1000 below invoice (48319- 1000 - 3000 = 44321 approx).
    I got financing at 4.09 which made more sense than the 0% for me.In the long run, i actually pay less with a down payment...
  • Hi everyone, I am looking around for a new car for my wife. She has a 2001 Suburban, and the lease is up in Nov. She says she wants a Tahoe, or really anything smaller than the Suburban, which is basically everything. But anyways, It looks like the new Aviator will be a good SUV to look into. Any owners commentary would be appreciated.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Have you tried searching back on this forum for any past information that might be useful?

    I would say something "Tahoe size" closest would be a Expy or Navi since they are fullsize SUV's like the Tahoe. As for something smaller, it would be Midsize SUV's, Explorer/Mountaineer/Aviator.

    Benefit of the Ex/Mt/Avi over the competition, is being able to give you three rows of seating, (and a usable 3rd row seat) in a compact size of 188-190in. length. Where as for example, the Chevy Trailblazer XL can match the seating capacity, but by adding over a foot of length, and then some at @211in. (Last I remember) to be able to fit the same.

    And if you prefer the seating attributes and overall package of the Avitor, but prefer car based, I highly recommend the Volvo XC90 as well.

    Overall, I do not believe I've heard major complaints about the vehicle in this, or any other forum. If anything I think the most we have discussed has been minor things, or additions/gadgets people would like to see standard in the future, etc.

    My major pet peeve was wanting a grey interior (not that I need an Avi), and that I already knew would be taken care of soon enough, with this years addition of Dove Grey.
  • Thanks for all of your help. I like the look or the Aviator. The interior especially is far superior to any American interior I have seen in quite a while. The XC90 is definetly on the list. I like the look of the Touareg, but no third row of seats. I honestly don't want another Chevy, or GM for that matter. I like the rear seating in the Aviator. The size, no matter what will be different from the Suburban. I would consider the Navigator but it looks overdone to me. BTW color choices have already been chosen, the car no matter what it is, will be Dark Green, with a gray or beige interior, just like the last three of her cars!

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Ah yes, just like me.... I always say "I don't care what color it is, as long as it's black with grey interior". I say go with grey because it hides dirt/grime much more than the beige (parchment), although I do admit that in parchment, it looks much more elegant with the wood and silver nickel details. :-)
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    Has anyone got below invoice on a vehicle that was ordered?
  • geniahogeniaho Posts: 15
    I have now had the Aviator Kitty Hawk version for 4000 Ks with not a problem of any kind.
     I love that SUV and your forum here lets all know that you have a better than average chance of being satisfied with the Aviator.
    Mr. zach #715 the kitty hawk has a black seat with parchment panels unlike the regular Av.
    The wife just loves it and finds it not to big and easy to drive.
    It's just the little things that irk one like the mirror bit and I would still like a digital clock on my radio in addition to the retro one.
     On that note, does anyone know if the Mito Corp. Gentex NVS mirror would fit our Aviators.
    It seems to have all we want in a rear view (auto dimming, compass, outside temp and ice indicator and even map lights which we would not need) .
     Also a chrome grille and lower insert by under new products, looks great.
    I think they also have running board trim strips.
    Any way I am totally satisfied and for a first year production unit, what more can you say?
  • The Aviator is one of the few mid-sized SUV that the GVWR is over 6000 lbs. That means if you are self employed and can justify it in your business you can write it off in the first year. the Section 179 write off was $25,000 but the new tax law raised it to $100,000, I think.
  • aheckaheck Posts: 36
    We drove a few cars this past weekend. The lease on my Jeep Grand Cherokee was up last month and I'm having SUV withdrawl. We drove the Toyota 4-Runner V8 and was HUGELY disappointed. Then, on a whim, we went to the Lincoln dealer. We checked out and drove the Aviator. Then onto the Landrover dealer, where we drove the Discovery 2 SE, which is pretty much the vehicle I've always wanted. Then, just for fun, we went to drive the new Lexus GX470.

    Our assessment: Again, the Toyota was total junk. Didn't really like 1 thing about it. The Lincoln was a HUGE surprise. I had never really given them consideration before. Both the wife and I really liked the car. We also drove the Landrover, and both the wife and I were pretty disappointed. Like I said, I always wanted one, but after driving the Lincoln (which my wife thanked me for doing, after we drive the Landrover) we both agreed that the Lincoln was significantly better for the type of driving we'd be doing. We both really like the Lexus, but they seemed to be around $8000 more than the Lincoln we were looking at, and I didn't see that difference. Very nice truck. Really liked the inside, nice and quiet, etc. But not really $8000 difference over the Lincoln.

    Noticed a few small things like the manual seat positioning, etc, like you have mentioned, but they aren't deal breakers. I just got out of a $400/month Jeep lease, which I was used to after putting down a substaintial down-payment in the form of a trade-in. Now, not having a trade-in or not wanting to part with thousands and thousands in savings, I am surprised at how much a monthly payment can be, after running some numbers on the ~$42,000 Aviator. We'll probably also check out the Honda Pilot, even though I realize they're not in the same category, but we're already nervous about buying versus leasing, and am feeling the Honda might be a better long term purchase, for reliability and re-sale.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for the info on this board about the Avaitor. We'll make a decision in the next month or two and will definitely be back to drive the Aviator once more before then. Just wanted to say that we were really, pleasantly surprised about the vehicle and really happy that we took the time to stop in and check it out.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Well if maybe not the Aviator, have you thought maybe Explorer or Mountaineer? Pretty much at the same price range of that Honda Pilot, if you liked the attributes of the Aviator, and can deal with a less powerful engine and different interior trimmings...
  • aheckaheck Posts: 36
    Hi again group,

    One more thing I forgot to mention was the rear seat of the Avaitor. Both the wife and I really like the split rear seat, i.e. not the bench seat. Seemed to break it up nicely, and then you still have the 3rd row should you need to carry more people. Just curious people's opinions about this seat.

    Also, for those of you who know Lincoln, when do they usually come out with the new models? We really like the Aviator and especially like the 0% financing deal. I would like to wait as long as possible, maybe until early this fall, and get a 2003 Aviator at invoice, plus using the 0% financing deal. Is this a feasible plan? Anyone see any problems with it?

    Thanks, Aaron
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    August 18th is the JOB 1 date for the 2004 Aviator.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Posts: 96
    I like the second row bucket seats..very classy. They recline slightly which my kids like on a long trip. It looks nice, and yes you always have the third row for more passengers which probably is not that often.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    My friend's new Aviator developed a wierd howling noise on a recent trip to San Francisco. It's very difficult to describe. Nothing affects it. Windows up or down, radio on or off, speed of car, nothing. It's intermittant, and for no apparent reason, it will just start making an eerie howling sound, that sounds like it's coming from the midship or rear of the car. Passengers throughout the car can hear it, but can't locate it or affect it. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    On recently paved roads My 03 Navigator makes a gentle humming sound, it is like a slight low level whisper that echos throughout the cabin -- it is probably tire noise, and it ONLY happens on freshly paved roads. Of course, my wife thinks I'm nuts and she's probably right.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Tire noise is a possibility, and I'd be down for that but for the fact that it will do it at 10 MPH sometimes too......
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Gteach, Yes that's most probably tire noise. Ironically, some vehicles make a noise on the smoother pavement, while other's make it on the rougher pavement. That's all in the tire design and it's not really considered an issue. Think of it this way, if the vehicle is SOOO quite, that's ALL you hear, then be lucky. IN most other cars, SUCH noises are not audible because they are masked by major wind noise, or engine ruckus. Just depends...
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    I am buying an Aviator, I have one on order, but I doubt that it will be delivered in time to take advantage of the cash-back/financing incentives that expire 7/31.....

    I have a few questions for you knowledgeable people.
    1) I have been told by one dealership that the "high altitude principle use" is a factory-installed item while another dealer (with a very similar Aviator on his lot) says that it is not. What is correct?
    2) I am debating on whether to buy a 2003 or 2004. Does anyone know the answer to this scenario...several insurance companies have not been able to tell me...
    If Nick buys a 2003 tomorrow and Bob buys a 2004 in October. They both total their Aviators the same day. Nick has 4000 miles on his 2003 and Bob has only 150 miles on his 2004. What would be the difference in the reimbursement by the insurance company?
    3) Is the new 2004 dove grey interior lighter or darker than the medium ash?
    4) Edmund's has a new 2004 option listed as "roof rail crossbar" for $60. What is this and is it really different for the 2004?
    5) What is a reasonable expected price increase for the 2004?

  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I can't really help you on the insurance question but I may be able to help you on the incentives and financing. I actually have an 03 Aviator on order right now and I had asked the same question about getting an 03 or 04. The dealer said the there would be no incentives if I ordered an 04 so I stuck with an 03.
         I also just found out that my aviator will be made on the 14th of this month and will be delivered on the 28th. This is pretty disappointing considering the order got to Lincoln on the 20th of May.
          Now, the answer to your financing question. I had the same concern and I was told by a salesman in Arizona that at the time of the order, they should have an agreement sheet that states that you will be able to lock in the incentives for the promotional period or, if the incentives get better the next month, get the new promotion. The salesman said it's done to protect the buyer during the wait time b/c you actually have committed to buying it by putting down a deposit (barring a major disaster when it's delivered).
          Anyway, you should be guaranteed the best promotion by signing that form.
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    I ordered by phone, so there was nothing to sign. Odd though, I ordered within a day of you, have a build date within a day of yours, but I can not get any kind of estimated delivery date!
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I actually ordered my vehicle from a Ford dealer b/c it was close to my house, but the Lincoln dealer should have the ETA for you and you can have your salesman get the paper work ready for you. I didn't have to sign anything. They will give you the deal if you are going to spend the kind of money that this vehicle costs plus they will want your business. Remember, you are not obligated to buy the car. I don't worry about it too much b/c my cousin at Ford has given me some good tips. Good Luck!!
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    I feel obligated to buy the car because of the deposit.

    Another salesman is saying the incentive is $3K/0%, even though the commercials and the site have $4k/0%+$1K. What are you being told?
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I actually just checked it out the other day but my salesman hasn't gotten back with me on that yet. Apparently, you have to go with Ford financing or lease to get the extra thousand. If it's like GM you have to finance through them to get the rebate plus wait at least 30 days before you can pay the balance off in full.
        I'm locked into no less than 3400 in rebates right now. I am eligible for the 400 recent graduate rebate and if I can get the 4000+400 then I'll be pretty content. I'll let you know what I find out as soon as my sales guy calls me.

  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I got a hold of the Lincoln dealer about the financing and they told me that you have to finance through ford to be able to get the additional thousand cash back. So, you are eligible for 3000+1000 if you finance through them. However, I'm not sure if you will get the low rate if you take the money.
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    At the Anniversary special for the Aviator says
    0% for 60 months** plus $1000 Bonus Cash
    OR UP TO
    $4000 cash back***
    in the fine print it mentions a $500 AARP bonus which also appears under the LS, but not the Av.

    Go figure.
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    yes, the extra thousand is for both the financing at 0% or 3000 cash back. Only for the 2003 aviators. The way I understood how you could get the 1000 bonus if you get the cash back is that you have to finance some of the car through ford and then you could pay that amount off when and if you want.
  • gogoreagangogoreagan Posts: 10
    What kind of sales price are you negotiating for your 2003 Aviator's? For either a sales purchase or lease.

    My local dealer called me yesterday and offered a lease for 2% above invoice plus the $3000 rebate (which now may be $4000) and the $1000 Ford Credit. I did not know if this was in line with what you guys are experiencing..........Bill
  • aheckaheck Posts: 36
    We are still considering this truck. Seems like pricing is getting better every day. Here in FL, they seem to be going for under invoice. We are looking at the base Luxury 2WD for MSRP $39,995. Dealer will kick in $3963 and another $3000 ($4000?) from Lincoln, making this one heck of a deal, as far as I see it.

    My wife wants to wait a few months and then look for a used 2002-2003 truck with maybe 5-10K miles. At the rate they are selling these Avaitors now, I'm thinking that it will be cheaper to buy new now, than getting a used one later. What do you guys think?

  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I'm getting my aviator through the x-plan so I didn't have to negotiate for the price b/c I'm buying it through ford. As far as the price it's a set price by ford. I think at the time I ordered it, It was 150 above dealer invoice but I also get the incentives. It was a good deal for me b/c I really didn't have to haggle and I got what I wanted. I'll know the final price when the Aviator comes in.

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