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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience

andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
edited January 2014 in Toyota
What is this car going for? How close to Invoice? Anyone know of any incentives on the horizon?


  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    This car goes anywhere from several hundred over to just a bit under invoice, depending on where you are looking.
  • gymswimgymswim Posts: 7
    I shopped around in California and got a great deal from Longo Toyota in LA. The Bay Area dealers in Northern California were all asking about $800-$1300 more for the same vehicle and equipment.
    I bought my new Camry with Navigation and Options 7+9, plus heated leather seats for $2808.
  • My local dealer advertises the base model Camry LE (CE was dropped I believe), with auto and a value package which includes air/p-windows/p-locks/p-mirrors/am-fm-cd.

    I purchased a new 2001 Camry CE in January 2001, like equipped, from this same dealer for $16,990 (about $1100 below invoice). All I added was after market cruise for approximately $300. The Toyota is a great car, and great ride, although driver's seat is a little uncomfortable. I am averaging 30 to 32 mpg. (Reason for the Toyota, my daily round trip drive to work is 105 miles per day, and I want this car to last me at least 7 years.)

    My wife's car is a loaded 2000 Taurus SEL, also a great car, (28 mpg on the highway).
  • I am trying to determine if a 2002 Camry LE with a 4 cylinder engine, keyless entry and floormats going for $18.9K +tax and tags is a good deal for the NorthEast. I really don't think the $377 advertising fee is something I should be paying or fully paying. I thought it customary to pay 1%? The dealer says Toyota charges them this much.

    All you Camry buyers out there...WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR THE TDA / ADVERTISING FEE?
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    What will they think of next? I would love to hear Toyotas justification for charging for this obvious overhead item. No one should ever pay an Advertising fee on any product purchased. This is pure and simple a cost of doing business which should never be passed onto the consumer. Can you imagine buying a mattress or TV and finding an Adver. fee on your bill. You would laugh at the salesperson. What's next,a building rental fee,retirement plan fee, salesforce salaries fee,office supplies fee,all of course 'needed' to sell a car? How about a telephone charges fee,a healthplan fee, corporate insurance fee;I could go on all day! Heh Toyota, how about a rubber band fee, a paperclip fee,a ballpoint pen fee,and lets not forget the cost of the actual paper invoice which is on the side window,that's at least another 25 cents they could make. This is fun.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You're right, they should simply add it to the cost of the car the way other product manufacturers do.
  • Your last comment hits the nail on the head..just add it to the profit of the car...I'd respect them a lot more. It's like when you go to Disney World or Hershey Park and have to pay to Park! It's just another way to raise the cost of admission w/out raising the ticket price!
  • That's (slightly) different, since only some (99.9%?) of the people who go to Disney World actually park there. If you take the bus, or walk from downtown Orlando, or something, you avoid the parking fee. There is no way to avoid the advertising fee.

    Of COURSE Toyota needs to pass the advertising fee on to its customers. They just don't need to break it out as a separate line item.

    There was a great ad for a hotel room I actually saw in some magazine a few years back:

    "Two adults stay for just $1.99 (*) per night".

    The (*) leads to some very small print that says:

    "Parking: $59.99 per night. Parking is mandatory."
  • sidvtsidvt Posts: 1
    Hi gymswim. Did you mean you paid $28,000 for the Camry? If not, can you tell me how much you paid excluding tax and license?
  • xbbusterxbbuster Posts: 145
    We will start looking at Camry XLE's and the only option that we might be interested in is the sliding glass moonroof. Does anyone have an idea what would be a real good price for this car in the Chicago and NW Indiana area?
  • hawks1hawks1 Posts: 57
    You might try the CARMAX dealership in Kenosha, WI. On their web site recently I saw a 4 cylinder XLE for $22,678 (excluding tax, title, & license).This car had everything - power moonroof, leather, etc. The MSRP on it was $26,004 and their price was $3,326 below it and about $430 below invoice.
  • hallagehallage Posts: 24
    what is this? worth the money, or just another thing to break? Thanks.
  • qwu2001qwu2001 Posts: 3
    Bought an XLE 4 cyl. with side airbags and carpet for $21350, excluding tax,title,license etc.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    2002 4cyl Camry LE automatic. Options: mats/Cargo Net, Spolier, Alloy wheels. (options installed at port - 3 week wait) $19,700. This includes ad fee and doc fee for xferring plates. Does not include tax. Hope I did ok...
  • rruthlynrruthlyn Posts: 4
    I am looking to purchase an XLE within the next week within the NY/NJ area. Can I really get this vehicle "a little under invoice? I only want the additional options of airbags and all weather mats. HELP!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Make sure it is available. Go to and use the "Build Your Own" feature. I doubt you can find an XLE with so few options.
  • sam_beaversam_beaver Posts: 61
    In Massachusetts, at least when I was buying (April), it seemed as if all the 4-cylinder XLEs came with just airbags and floor mats. We had to special order to get something else added.

    Now, if you want a 6-cylinder XLE those are hard to find without leather, moonroof, etc. etc.
  • alharalhar Posts: 11
    here in the Northwest. Most have Package 8 and list for 26K+. I'll have to order mine and it won't be below invoice. Don't I wish.
  • lookenlooken Posts: 4
    I just signed papers today (actually yesterday since it's 1:00 AM) for a 2002 Camry V6 pkg. 3 with alloyed wheels and floor mats for 22,000. After reading your posts it sounds like I paid too much and should take advantage of the 3 day loop hole. I'm in the midwest area. Can anyone give me input?
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    What 3 day loophole? I don't know of a state in the union that offers a 3 day "cooling off" period. Typically this only applies to door-to-door sales.
  • brianwybrianwy Posts: 2
    From what i can tell, dealers in atlanta are offering some good prices on 2002 camrys. i just bought an le with auto and package #1 4 cyl. for $18,150 plus tax and tag about $1000 under invoice. i also financed with them at a competetive rate of 6% if anyone is looking, email me and i will tell you what dealers are offering some good prices, i spent quite a bit of time getting quotes from dealers in the southeast and it seems the atlanta market is extremely competetive. brian
  • hallagehallage Posts: 24
    I can't figure out how to find your e-mail address. I live in Atlanta and want to find out what dealers to go to.

  • brianwybrianwy Posts: 2
    you can email me at [email protected]

  • lookenlooken Posts: 4
    So okay, I learned the hard way and got lucky. There is no 3 day loophole but the dealer was nice and let me out of it. I had signed the paper Saturday after closing and it hadn't really been processed and I called as soon as they opened on Monday morning, so the car wasn't really off the lot.

    From your price of 18,500 maybe 22,000 wasn't too too high since this was a V6, with the package 3 and alloy wheels.

    I still wouldn't mind hearing more prices.

    Thanks so far
  • lilybeanlilybean Posts: 18
    I just signed for an XLE 2002 (the basic) in Minnesota for $20, 490. This included free floor mats and 3 free oil changes. I didn't get any extra discounts for hold-back money, even tho the car will be ordered. I still wonder if I shouldn't have waited for a 2003, but I guess it's a moot point now. They did try to pull the "whinny-whine" about advertising fees, but it's a dealer-ploy, more than a Toyota mandate, in my opinion. At least I didn't get stuck with that one, thanks to the good folk here! I get the *feeling* that I could have dealt a little harder, but I am new at this. The warranty negotiations are still ahead. I've heard that these can be negotiated quite heavily too. Does anyone have any experience on this?

    Thanks in advance,
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    The will no doubt throw out a figure way too high. The will even try to include a number of freebies to make the price seem more reasonsble. Keep the following in mind:

    ONLY consider the platinum warranty with a zero deductible.

    Based on previous posts a fair price for the 6/75 platinum with $0 deductible would be about $850. YOUU CAN DO BETTER ON THOUGH by shopping around at OTHER dealers for a warranty. Just pick up the phone or send an email. I got a 7/75 for $675!!!

    Pull up some of the posts by CLIFFY1 for some very poignant veiws on warranties or better yet email him with questions.
  • michaelm10michaelm10 Posts: 11
    Considering purchasing 2002 Camry XLE with package # 8 and side air bag option. Edmunds TMV for this vehicle with package and option indicates $23,372. I live in the Baltimore, Md.region. Would appreciate knowng if anyone living in this region has paid TMV, or close to, TMV for this vehicle. If so, will you be good enough to list the dealer and location. I don't mind traveling a reasonable distance. Thanks
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    22,000.00 plust ttl is a heck of a good deal for a v6 le. You might be able to shave a 100 bucks or so, but is this the car you want? If it is then go for it. V6 Le's are getting hard to come by right around now, transition to the 03's is just around the corner.

    : )

  • suziq1suziq1 Posts: 1
    I am in Houston . What is a great deal on a V-6 Camry LE with Pkg.# 3 and Leather?
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    The 2003 Avalon is already here in upstate New York. When is the 2003 due to come out?
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