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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just purchased my Camry Hybrid today from Capitol Toyota in San Jose, CA. I didn't place an order or put down a deposit. Walked onto the lot and saw two fully loaded ones sitting there - blue and white. I chose the blue fully loaded $30,667 MSRP.

    After a little haggling, the price came down to:

    $30,284 -- $383 off MSRP
    and $33,100 OTD, which was $417.49 less than their OTD asking price. No hiddenfees or add-ons or anything like that.

    These guys were pretty easy to deal with; eager to make a deal but, not too pushy.

    There was still the white one at $30589 MSRP when I left.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    A new G35 is coming out in the next few months. The resale value of the 06 G35 will take a pretty good hit. So it is more of a question of how long you intend to keep the car. Also the current G35 is about 4 to 5 years old now. So the design are at least 3 to 4 years older than the Camry TCH. It may or may not be important in your purchase decision. But at least it is something to think about.
  • bscrvbscrv Posts: 3
    I got price quote for LE 4 Cylinder(auto) with Carpet Floor Mat as $20,900 (OTD - Includes everything. Pay this amount and drive the car). What you guys think of this price?
  • just1guyjust1guy Posts: 19
    Same car { LE auto - floor mats were free for some reason }in Chicago $21200 OTD { 8.5 percent tax rate }.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    19,874 ($400 over dealer invoice) with mats and rear bumper applique at Fitzmall.

    Who knows how much your tax and license is?

    I'm sure you can get loss leader strippers cheaper than that though.
  • kmkimkmkim Posts: 4
    I ordered my camry yesterday in Chicago.
    Basically all dealer told me that they could sell this car to another customer although I wouldn't buy it.
    It was so bad experience.
    However,,, I bought one.
    The price is $19919 without any options and taxes.
    A dealer suggested $19800 and $20571 with moonroof, but it would take about two weeks.

    They don't want to deal, so it is difficult to say dealer's real costs...
    If you don't need it right now, please wait by this winter.

    For a reference, they don't provide rebate for graduate students. only college student...

    One more thing, Elgin & Northbrook was so inkind & suggested only MSRP!!!
    Good luck!!!
  • moeharrimoeharri Posts: 108
    I believe you are incorrect about the graduate degree issue: "be enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program or have received a degree from an accredited graduate degree program during the last two years".
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    They don't want to deal, so it is difficult to say dealer's real costs...

    The dealers cost is the same reguardless of how they want to "deal". Market Value however is what the car brings with the current "supply and demand" situation and for some cars it may be $500 under invoice plus $2500 Rebate, for one it may be MSRP and in some cases (Ford Cobra) it may be $10,000+ over MSRP. As long as all the dealers are charging the same for the same car there is no use in getting mad about it. That's the market price. IF everybody is paying MSRP then it's a "decent" deal. They only way to beat the MSRP car deals is don't buy. If enough people don't then the prices drop, or in some cases like the Camry, if Market Supply increases, competition will drop the prices. I'm guessing the 2008 Camry will sell with the same marketing price structure as did the 2005 or 2006 Camries (local discounting to meet competition).

    The dealer's real cost should be easily found on this website or
  • bscrvbscrv Posts: 3
    Did you pay $19919 as your OTD price? if yes could you please post the dealer name?
  • bscrvbscrv Posts: 3
    What brand tires you got in the car you bought?
  • enakenak Posts: 2
    Hi guys,
    I need some opinion about the price that i ordered 2 weeks ago in southern california.
    SE V6, JBL, leather, auto-dimming rearview mirror, rear-spoiler, sunroof. They asked for $700 above invoice.
    Edmunds invoice - $25,142
    Dealer's invoice - $25,413

    so, $25,413 + $700 - $400 (college grad) = $25,713 + TTL.

    -what you guys think?
    -Is it true that dealer take out the carpet from manufacture if we don't order it ($149 invoice?)

    thanks, enak.
  • rockxprockxp Posts: 11
    Has anyone tried They do the negiotation for you with the dealer.
  • gcrewzrgcrewzr Posts: 9
    What is the OTD? What dealer did you contact wiht?
  • enakenak Posts: 2
    I contacted the Crown Toyota in Ontario thru Internet Sales Dept.
  • mbolivermboliver Posts: 55
    Does anyone know if Toyota does factory tinting on the Camry? I am ordering one and asked for factory tint but they are saying they don't do that...they do it locally. Thanks
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Does anyone know if Toyota does factory tinting on the Camry?

    I've read a lot of posts and have not seen any factory offerings for tint.
  • mbolivermboliver Posts: 55
    Thanks! I just didn't think any auto manufacturer didn't offer factory tinting. I was surprised to hear Toyota doesn't. I hope whoever the dealer gets to do it does a good job! :)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A large national news magazine is looking new Toyota owners that switched out from a Ford vehicle with their new purchase. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday, August 23, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information, what Toyota car you purchased and what Ford car you left behind.

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  • pdkesqpdkesq Posts: 14
    Spent the last month going back and forth with three Toyota in search of a Camry Hybrid. I'd actually ordered one from a Toyota dealer in California, we agreed to a deal on my trade and on the Camry. The day it comes in (took about 10 days) he calls and says its here but that he's going to have to knock 2K off what we agreed to for my trade. I told him to take the Camry and shove it. After going around with the other Toyota dealers again, I wound up buying an Acura TL. I'd really wanted the hybrid for the fuel saving, but the Acura was the same price fully loaded (got a great deal) and it drives much nicer than the Camry, so I'm happy.

    Its kind of ironic. Toyota makes great cars but their dealers suck. Every time I go into a Toyota dealer its a miserable experience. They short change me on the trade, and, more often than not, are pretty rude. Everytime I'm in the market I hope for a better experience but so far, no luck. Not coincedentally, so far I've yet to buy a Toyota (chose a Honda, three Nissans, and an Acura instead).
  • Hey Guys. This is my first time joining and posting. I always use to lurk for advice and info.

    Anyway. Wanted to get you all's opinion on what deal I got. I was looking at the 06 Maxima cause of the power and handling (and beautiful 1500 rebate)

    I got an 2007 SE V6 Camry (Gray):
    -JBL CD Changer
    -Rear Spoiler
    -Sunroof Package
    -Floor/Trunk Matts

    For $26,957.51 out the door. (24,957.51 after trade).
    Edmunds TMV last time checking was 25,480 for buyers in my area.

    I live in NC by the way. Was going to go through (quoted sales 25,800) cause my wife hates it when I get it in paranoide mode.

    I do great working with the dealer, its the paper work I hate because I've heard too many people's horror stories of getting a great deal but getting raked over the coals coming to signing the papers.

    Wife said I made the poor guy earn his money by making sure everything was filled out and clearly stated and I got a copy of everything. Also no blankspots.

    So how did I do?

    Helpful links:
  • mbolivermboliver Posts: 55
    Looks good to me! This is the deal I got:

    2007 LE Manual

    Aluminum Wheels with locks
    Sunroof with deflector
    Car mats
    Vehicle Shield Package
    Security System

    22,937 before TT&L
  • The difficulty is that the invoice price listed in edmunds or kbb is different from what dealer's show you at their desk- usually higher than edmunds as much as $500-$1000.

    So OTD price is the least confusing number to consider. Only problem is that dealers like to quote you in terms of invoice- $500 above invoice etc but later you find that that invoice is very different from what you were expecting based on edmunds. If edmunds can give truely real invoice price, things will be much simpler.
  • Do they sell Camry LE models with Leather. I though that was only option on SE and XLE models
  • It will be more valuable info if you can tell us what was the number before TTL (but including doc and any other fees) along with MSRP since tax and registration can vary among region.
  • safetrip1,
    Info as requested below.

    2007 Camry SE V6

    Selling Price: $25,659.71
    Tax:(3%) $769.80
    Tag/Reg:(Transfering plates) $55
    Doc. Fee: 473.00 (Dealer had 599.00 on sheet)

  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    I wouldn't have paid $1,000 over dealer invoice for your vehicle or a $473 doc fee either, maybe $24,963 ($300 over dealer invoice) though.

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I just didn't think any auto manufacturer didn't offer factory tinting
    Other than on SUV's I'm not aware of any manufacturer offering deep tint on cars
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    My experience (from dealing with honest sales people) over 35+ new car purchases is that kbb and edmunds are very accurate. The problem is with invoices that include items like advertising and market adjustments and other dealer supplied options. The invoice for the specific items on the MSRP window sticker should only include those items. Anything else is a cost of business and should be rolled into their profit. Some dealers though want to advertise a good price over invoice so the raise the invoice with extras. It really doesn't matter because regionally they should be competitive. However you do have to compare OTD prices (including trades) to know if the deal is better. One dealer at $500 over invoice does not mean the same as another dealer at $500 over if the other dealer doesn't add on the extra adjustments. I would never recommend buying a car without at least two competitive prices unless you've dealt with them before and are familiar and satisfied with their practices.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Its been a while, but I will do my best to give you all that I remember. I was just replying to someone on the Infiniti M45 Prices paid Forum who calls us "Grinders", so I just happened to catch your question. I ended up going with Mossy Toyota in San Diego. They advertised 10 cars at $18,996, but came down to $18,700 to match the price that Toyota Carlsbad offered on a car that was just not the right color for my mother. Bob Baker will often run a Friday ad for 3 to 5 cares for even less, but you need to be there at 8:00 am on Friday to buy one! Kearny Mesa Toyota Internet Manager was OK with $18,990 and I seem to recall him advertising that. Frank Toyota in San Diego also advertised the $18,XXX range. In Orange County, Toyota of Orange was also willing to match $18,700 or maybe even $18,500. Los Angeles dealers did not want to even counter my San Diego and O.C. offers. Go figure! To be "fair" to the dealers, I do believe that MSRP/Invoice on the vehicles has gone up about $250 since I bought mine. (I seem to recall MSRP $21,279, LE 4 cyl automatic, floor mats only).

    No matter what you pay for the car, please get an extended warranty from Midwest Superstores Toyota (Kansas) or Mechanicsville Toyota (Virginia). You can get a 7yr/75,000 Toyota Platinum warranty, 0 deductible for less than $600. Toyotas are well made, but my 2001 Landcruiser blew a transmission that would have cost me over $3200. Even if you don't plan to keep the car, the person you will be selling it to will appreciate the protection. If you trade, you can get a pro-rated refund. Only if you know for sure that you will be trading the car prior to 3yrs/36,000miles would I not get the warranty for that price. For $1430, like Mossy offered me, that would have been different. Not for less than $600, however.
  • What did you get? And what OTD price did you get? Also are you in NC?

    I've noticed that certain places across the US are paying MSRP. My sister lives in Chicago and no dealer close to her would even touch the first round of offers I got here in NC.

    In NC, I solicited quotes from 7 different toyota dealers in a 60 miles area. Over a week this was the lowest offer I got. I first used Carsdirect's price as a barometer when getting quotes.

    All in all I feel like I can sleep soundly with the offer I got. Now the wait for delivery.... :D
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