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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    Navi adds about $2,000 to the cost...but when you trade it in, lets say in five years, the car, excluding the navi, will have depreciated by approximately 50%. The navi, on the other hand, will be worth no more than $ 80% depreciation.

    Why? Simple...used car buyers are only interested in bargains...not add on do-dads. Moreover, in five years, everyone will have portable navis.... the built in ones will go the way mobile phones went with the advent of the cell phone.
  • justmgjustmg Posts: 5
    I will Paypal $20 to the first person who emails me their buyers order for the Camry LE they bought for $17977 including Freight +TTF. Email to
    I promise that you will receive the $20 if you are the first person to email.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    You know.. most people aren't going to send a personal financial document to someone that they don't know.

    Furthermore, your dealer is only telling you this, because he knows you most likely can't get it done. And, if you do, then he'll just say there is some reason that the deal is different from the one you want.

    Decide what you want to pay, then offer that to the dealer. Don't bother telling him you saw it on the internet, or give any other reason. "Sell me the car for that number, or I go somewhere else", is usually the best way to negotiate.

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  • jeffy2jeffy2 Posts: 7
    OK took five months of work... but finally
    Beautiful super white.. with gas around $3.50 ...
    Thanks to the forum for the buying advice and a special thanks to Edmunds for all the research...
  • hihiourhihiour Posts: 2
    hi,Im new comer :P .I was quoted $17,777+$100+Tax +tags for 2007 Camry CE. How about this price?
  • olddog7olddog7 Posts: 23
    I have to say I'm not comfortable sending my invoice to any one on the internet. The price I paid was something advertised in the local newspaper, there was no negotiation on the price from that point on. I had tried to use the newspaper price to negotiate with other dealers, even bringing in the newspaper, but every time there was a hitch. I tried with 3 other dealers. Finally I was in the right place at the right time for the good price. In addition I was able to get the college grad discount by putting my soon to be graduate son on the title. I bought the car in LA, which apparently, according to this forum has some of the best prices. I don't know if someone in Texas, Florida, etc would be able to get the same price. I would say maybe to go on the internet and download the ad price from the LA times and bring it to your local dealer and go from there. The problem I had with dealer even here was they were saying they were taking too big of a loss($3800 off MSRP) to give me the ad prices. So why is it the place I bought the car from was able to do that with 25 cars? Plus loss leaders for Corollas too. And others cant? I say there is more of a profit in these cars than the dealerships let on. Because if the dealership I bought from was losing even $2500 per car that is over $62k just from Camry's alone, not counting the discounted Corollas, Tacomas,etc. I say they get a bigger kickback from Toyota and the 2008's are coming soon, so they want to move the older stock out now. By the way, my car was only built in April, so it's not like it was sitting around the lot for months. The dealership I bought from was Power Toyota in Cerritos, CA.
  • My last offer was turned down, and later they sold the car.
    Well, this is another offer I just made, waiting to hear back. I offered 21,800 OTD.
    07 camry le MSRP 24,183
    rear lip spoiler 399 CX10
    remote start 569 QR90
    moonroof 940 SRAT
    alloy wheels 410 AWAT
    carpet mats 199 PV50
    fuel surcharge 16
    At fitzmall an 07 LE w/mats is 18762. I took that price and added all the options at MSRP, added tax(3%) and title and tag fees ($72).
    I came up with 21,801.

    Does this look like a fair deal to me and the dealer?
  • razer01razer01 Posts: 9
    I'm looking into buying a Camry CE and I want to know what is the typical price for this model in Texas. Also it would be helpful if anyone could explain the SET price and how much the price of a Camry in Texas differs from the price in other states. Thanks.
  • sh4dalish4dali Posts: 1
    I'm in a search for a new camry LE 4 cylinder w/ sunroof only.
    I've been doing some research and reading helpful forums for a while and I'm thinking of 20,000 OTD to offer to dealers and trying to get the car for 21,000 OTD.
    Is this pretty resonable?
    I live in Hanover, MD which is near Annapolis.
    Thank you
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    More than a fair deal to the dealer. You added about 2500 worth of options at MSRP list. If you added the options at cost it would have been fair......adding them at MSRP makes it a sweet deal for the dealer (everything between cost and msrp is additional profit).

    If you want to, you can figure out each options cost, by creating a spreadsheet and looking at the details of many cars at

    By looking at the different cars, you can back into how much the option adds both to the MSRP and the invoice cost. Fitzmall is selling at about 500-1000 under invoice cost at this point in time, depending upon model and age.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    Just saw a CE 5spd manual in the paper this morning, for $17,988 (TTL addn'l). To answer your SET question, I'm in NC which is also in the SET area, which adds about 600 to the cost of each vehicle that the dealership (and ultimately you) have to pay.
  • bobafettbobafett Posts: 9
    Well put, I am not comfortable sending around a document that has personal info on it. And all the dealer has to do is contend that the trade or financing or some other part of the deal that someone else got will not work in your situation.
    The reality is that sales are down. The dealers are willing to make good deals, you just have to prove to them that you will not be a sucker.
    Start with the Edmunds invoice for the car and options. Be prepared to walk out. Show them that you are serious and its not personal, its just business. If you walk out, call one time with a counter offer and make them call you back. They NEED to sell cars and you hold the money. Good Luck.
  • chetjchetj Posts: 324
    cant you buy a navigation system on the internet for 500$...that is a big profit margin for toyota...go to portsmouth NH ford and buy a 2006 ford taurus with a v6 for 9995.00 and save 12,000
  • chetjchetj Posts: 324
    you are getting hosed....forget the extras...just buy a camry 4 cylinder, they run good and save 10 k...or let some body else take the 5k f------ and buy a used toyota but run the vin # on carfax to make sure it is accident free...dont buy extended warranty either. a waste...definitely wait...i always wait and i bought a brand new ford focus for 9795.00 in nov 06 and a pontiac subnfire for 6500 brand new for 6500.00 ( with 3k gm card discount)...cherry pick your deals...consider a ford fusion or malibu too, they are very competitive now w/ toyotas and hondas and you will save a lot of dealers are sleazy, dont sign anything till you are sure...bring somebody with you and be patient...there are many dealers, youre the customer they can kiss our [non-permissible content removed] or at least be honest...if you get a bad feeling just leave and go somewhere else..good luck leo, warren NH
  • vlapintavlapinta Posts: 22
    I appreciate your opinion but I have my mind set on the Camry V6 XLE. I want all the luxery xtras this time. I have decided not to get the navigation system though. It is a very expensive option and I do have a portable Garmin. I have looked at many new cars and I really like the way the Camry looks inside. That is why they make many differant cars. Everyone has their own opinion. My question now is I have gotten a price $200 over invoice for the Camry with all the options that I want. Is this a good deal or is there more that I can look to save? I know I priced the Accord but there dosn't seem to be any dealer cash for Toyota now. Should I wait a little while? Doe anyoone know typically how much the next year's model goes up? I am not sure if I should wait for the 08. When do the 08 models start being sold. I appreciate everyone's opinion.
    Thank You!
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10

    My XLE V6 has blue tooth and the JBL stereo and NO navigation. You don't have to have navi to get those.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    2007 V6 XLE's are currently running about 200-400 under cost invoice at www.fitzmall with no administrative fees for out of state purchasers. You can use that as your benchmark.

    I would expect the 2007's price to drop further, as we approach the 2008's shipping.....but the inventory selection will drop as well.

    You'd probably be looking at about a 1K difference between the new 2008's price (less discounted initially) versus the 2007's. But, you'd have a 2007 car that is a year older already and depreciatively speaking would be worth less.

    This is a tough call, since when the new models start shipping you might not find them with the specific options you want, and that seems pretty important to you.
  • The dealer turned down the offer.
    Does anyone know of a good dealer near Charlotte, NC?
    I may just make the drive to MD.
    I thought my offer would be accepted.
    I took fitzmall base price le w/mats and added the other options at MSRP then added tax, title, and fees.
    I am leaving room for dealer profit. Camry's must really be selling here.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Oh, a little flaw in your logic. In NC we are part of the SET, and each vehicle carries an additional SET cost of about 600, when compared to an out-of-area dealer (for instance fitzmall). So the same car at your Charlotte dealer costs them 600 more than at Fitz. So your offer to the local dealer had less profit in it than I think you might have calculated.

    I did find my local dealer here in Raleigh price match fitz though, so I wouldn't suggest just arbitrarily bumping your offer up.
  • grant2grant2 Posts: 30
    "Elgin Toyota $17,991 for a new '07 Camry LE" advertisment is in the Chicago Tribune, May 26-28, 2007. I am not sure if this would help you?
  • justmgjustmg Posts: 5
    Can you get a scan of it online? Or is the ad viewable online? Where can I buy the Chicago Tribune in DC?!
  • justmgjustmg Posts: 5
    That's an awesome price congratz on your new car! Where were you able to get this price?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Manual or auto?
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Posts: 231
    what dealer in NJ offered $19777 out the door? It sounds like a very good deal. Besides, i don't know if you ar about to graduate or whether u graduated in the past 2 yrs from college, since there is a 400-500 cash back and i don't know if u have another car plates that u may want to transfer into the new one, so u only pay like $60-$80 that will save u even more. but if non of the above applies to u, u are getting a very sweet deal in NJ (probably the best CE dela in NJ, not 100% sure)In any event, please post the dealer's name and how u made the deal, maybe if possible add whether u got a good financing on the car. Thank u
  • Hello, in my 2 months research this is what I learned.
    Look up specific car with options INVOICE price is on this website. Then figure out how much the difference is from the dealership offer price. [Notice that each state might charge TDA (advertising) fees which are the same amount across the board in that state.] After you've decided certain dealerships are giving you a good price on the car, find out specifically what the extra fees are and how much...(this varied GREATLY between the dealerships.) Therefore making the OUT THE DOOR price the best comparison. Email the dealerships from stating what car your looking for. I was amazed at how low the offers were. But don't jump on first offer. Hear back from at least 4 dealers before picking one. Also they get real desperate towards the end of the month!!!!! Good luck!
  • Just bought a 2007 Camry XLE 4cy w/leather, body side molding, bumper applique and lip spoiler for $500 over invoice. $24,451 + $500 profit + $545 TDA= $25,496 Add doc fee, 6.5% taxes and registration bringing OTD $27,679.74. Dealership wanted to add a $195 loan proc fee that the other dealerships weren't charging... be aware of unnecessary charges!! Their doc fee was also $50 more than the others. But I was very specific in the car I wanted and they knew it and wouldn't give it to another dealer. But overall I'm happy with it. Also I had bought a new 2006 last year (that we've totaled out) and have realized when they sold me extras "at dealer cost" like the spoiler and window tint they actually charged double than had I went to the shop and ordered it done myself. Be careful of add-ons. I'm so glad my buying experience is over! Hopefully I won't have to do it for another 10+ years!!
  • chetjchetj Posts: 324
    actually, i thought that was a good idea somebody wrote about the avalon... for 4 or 5 k more you can get the flagship toyota avalon...i think i would go that route if i were you....but at least wait a month before you decide, this is a big decision and they make 250,000 camrys a year so there is no shortage of them ....or dealers to sell them...honestly toys and hondas are very good cars, but dont be so stuck on them and not try anything really pay a premium for those 2...think about a nissan altima too....or you could just say the heck with it and pay a premium for that camry...if you really want it, why not...i am just too cheap myself haha
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    honestly toys and hondas are very good really pay a premium for those 2

    Most people in this thread are paying at, a little over or even below invoice. Not sure how that's to be considered as paying a premium.
  • Base Price $20,975
    options $2,533
    delivery charge $675
    total $24,183

    $21,100 for car and $21,800 OTD
    sales tax 3% title & tag $72

    rear lip spoiler 399 CX10
    remote start 569 QR90
    moonroof 940 SRAT
    alloy wheels 410 AWAT
    carpet mats 199 PV50
    fuel surcharge 16
  • jeffy2jeffy2 Posts: 7
    Aloha..yes got it in Hawaii...all cash trade in...
    And I had to take the color they had wait for a month where they needed 0ne more to hit manufactures monthly goal.. so I actually get it on Thursday May 31....The dealer was actually very friendly...and I think liked the all cash and my waiting until they needed the sale...
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