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  • sdmiggssdmiggs Member Posts: 8
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    I'm in the San Diego area and I am going to "pull the trigger" in a couple of weeks. I am wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on buying in the San Diego area. Research shows the price should be around 22,200 plus tax and lic. Takes the out the door price to 24k. Can I do better than this? I am hoping for a price of 22k, plus tax/lic. otd is about 23,800.

    I am planning on negotiating over the internet and I'm going to see if the Costco price is better than what I'll be given.

    Also, I just received my $500 rebate from Edmunds. I am stoked about that...

    Any help is greatly appreciated whether your in San Diego or not.
  • dbabladbabla Member Posts: 10
    We are also in the San Diego area and found out that other dealers were quoting us same as Costco pricing. We went to Mossy Toyota as it was recommended by Costco. Costco pricing is not impressive. It was $400 below invoice. I would start my negotiations around $1500 below invoice plus tax and lic. You should calculate your OTD price using the edmunds calculator and then start OTD price negotiation. Mossy Toyota is willing to take our offer and go from there. Whenever you are ready to buy, just work with 1 dealer and offer them a price and work your way from there. Otherwise, Poway Toyota was cheaper than Costco pricing.
  • sdmiggssdmiggs Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for responding. I have a few questions if I may. You said 1500 below invoice. Did you mean MSRP? I have never heard of anyone getting a vehicle that cheap. 1500 beloew invoice for a SE would be 20,190. That is an insane price. Edmunds states a good price for the SE is about 22,260. Others like true car and KBB have around the same 22,200 or so.

    Sounds like Mossy Toyota or Poway Toyota has the best pricing.

    If you can think of anymore info I would appreciate it.
  • j06j06 Member Posts: 90
    MSRP FOR 2012 SE WITH POWER SEAT & MOONROOF $25,115 (inclu. Destination Charge).

    If you get this OTD for 24K.. then you did good ...
  • dbabladbabla Member Posts: 10
    I mean $1500 below the invoice price. Ask the dealer to show you or email you the invoice on the car. Most dealers don't mind. Start your negotiations $1500 below invoice and you might end up buying the car $1000 below invoice. No kidding. They get lots of incentives to sell cars. Try to buy end of the month or end or quarter to get better price as the dealers have to meet their targets. Just do all the calculations yourself and offer them OTD price. Costco pricing is around $400 below invoice. For Camry 4Cyl SE, when you price the car with your desired options on edmunds, they will calculate MSRP and Invoice price too. I would say going $1000 below invoice is possible if you have time and energy to negotiate with them. Good luck!
  • dbabladbabla Member Posts: 10
    Invoice on Camry SE 4cyl with power seats and moonroof is $22,896. you can aim at paying $23K OTD.
  • ahuahu Member Posts: 14
    I refered my brother in law to the same dealer and he got the same price for the same vechicle which is 2012 Camry SE with power seat and mats for $21360 + tax and title. OTD $23000. (discount or incentives = $500 owner loyality and $500 for financing with toyota at 2.9%)
    If anybody interested in this kind of deal let me know. The sales person told me that he will able to do this kind of deal with the available incentives till 03/05/2012. You can contact me at ahtexas07 at gmail. :)
  • sifangyousifangyou Member Posts: 2
    Hi Vanvenum. Is this the dealer?
    Toyota Lawrence
    2871 US-1Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-2418

    And does your price include the rebate?
    "With TTL On the road : 22203"

  • sifangyousifangyou Member Posts: 2
    Hi Mattynj.
    Can you email me the dealership?
    [email protected]
    Is your price OTD? And does that include any rebates yet?
  • songlongsonglong Member Posts: 1
    I got a otd price of 22,690 for 2012 camry LE and I'm in Maryland. Is that a good price?
  • auttautt Member Posts: 20
    The factory incentives for Camry right now are very low. So most of your price reduction is going to come from dealer negotiations alone. I bought a new Camry 2012 SE i4 in Central Ohio recently and I would have to say that you should start negotiation $2500 - $3000 below the total price on the sticker on the car aka sticker price. A good price would therefore be at least $2250 below sticker price. I was able to personally get $2215 knocked off my sticker price. This was close enough for me to the good price margin of $2250 of sticker.

    But stick to your guns, remember that dealers get lots of incentives from Toyota to move the car which are not advertised. If you are going to finance your car through the dealer, there is another couple of hundred dollars that the dealer will split with the financing company for the financing deal that is coming out of your pocket. Always beware of any fees in addition to tax and title. My OTD price was 25100. I financed 5 years 15k and paid the rest down at 2.75%. With the financing charges the total to finance my car for 5 years was around $1200 dollars in interest plus any financing charges. I can pay it off early to avoid some interest but I found out later that the bank charges a 150 early payment fees that is all but illegal in Ohio. Beware of 5/3 bank!!
  • albertossalbertoss Member Posts: 4
    As this forum has been incredibly helpful, I wanted to share my experience.

    Bought 2012 Camry Hybrid LE with floor mats (NE area) -

    MSRP $26760

    What I paid:
    $24029 + $295 doc fee + TTL and tax = $25950 OTD

  • mj78indmj78ind Member Posts: 8
    I would say it is a pretty good price. Kindly refer my older post for a detailed breakdown for 2012 LE that I bought a month ago.

    22,690 - 1000 = 21,690, mine was for ~21,700. I am assuming you do not qualify for a grad discount, thus 22,690 is a good price.

    Did you also check Edmunds rebate it is $500 - am not sure if it is still available.


  • mivaldes1mivaldes1 Member Posts: 1
    Got a 2012 Camry SE (red with black interior). Price:

    22100+tax, tag, title (just under 24000 OTD). By my calculations it was about 120 bucks over invoice. Also thanks to the link to the iPad Edmunds rebate. Going to send mine in tomorrow!

    Salesman negotiated price and trade in. Never mentioned a doc fee. Got to the F and I room and they had 800 dollar "customer service fee" listed. Told him that was not part of the deal and I wasn't going to pay it. He left the room for a few minutes, came back and took it off the price of the car, but left it on the contract. Funny the games they play, but happy with my purchase so far. Did not get the NAV, but did get the electric drivers seat
  • tazzytazzytazzytazzy Member Posts: 1
    Tuesday, I picked up a fully loaded 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE at Folsom Lake Toyota, here in NorCalifornia. The options include:

    Magnetic gray with gray leather
    Convenience Package
    Leather Package
    Premium HDD Navigation, Entune, and JBL
    Blind Spot Monitor
    Safety Connect
    Floor Mats

    MSRP: $34,705

    I paid 31,440 + TTL and no haggle. Walked in, walked around the car, told the sales guy I'll buy it. It's the same car I drove on Sunday and they wouldn't haggle then. It's exactly the color and options I wanted = win!

    I also got the 9 yr, 100K warranty with $0 deductible + 5 yr, 55k maintenance for $2,215 for both. Not sure if this was a good price though.

    This car was their daily "loss leader" to get people in the door. While I was signing papers, I know 2 other people that were interested in this car.

    In the 3 days that I have owned the car, I have tinted all the windows (highly recommend), debadged (except for the hybrid label on the back), and replaced all interior lights with LEDS. I also replaced the poor trunk light with cold cathode tubes. The last thing to do is upgrade to HID headlights as soon as I figure that out. I miss the HID's dearly. Not sure why this isn't an option from factory/dealer.

  • blk_in_sfblk_in_sf Member Posts: 5
    Great Price !! I have had mine for about 2 1/2 months and love it. Looks like timing is everything!
  • sg2012sg2012 Member Posts: 8
    Do you mind sharing where you got this deal from? I am also in the market for the same and I live in NE.
  • pradeepradee Member Posts: 1
    I got quote $22,540 OTD (MSRP 24,425). Is this a good price?
  • auttautt Member Posts: 20
    Hey Pradee,

    That's a great price. I am guessing that u skipped nav system? Try n see if u can get that added for another 500 or so. It's worth it.

  • jokerbitesjokerbites Member Posts: 2

    Does anyone know how to obtain the iPad 2 rebate? I just purchased a brand new 2012 Camry SE two weeks ago and would appreciate any help - Thank you so much!

  • jokerbitesjokerbites Member Posts: 2

    Do you know anything more about the rebate? I only purchased my car a few weeks ago and never knew about the rebate. I just got the form - Do you know if I still send it in if I will qualify or if they will accept it since I just purchased?

    Thank you!
  • yeziam12yeziam12 Member Posts: 2
    Carmax in Laurel, MD has them for very similar price - $24,425 MSRP and $22,198 no haggle price. Savings of $2,147. FYi
  • rampramp Member Posts: 11
    $22,540 OTD ? I am looking for Camry SE and got a quote for 25,407.60 OTD.
    can you share me the dealer details? Thanks
  • jc76ersjc76ers Member Posts: 3
    Anyone know whats a good price for a 2012 Camry SE in the So Cal area?
    Also, can any owners confirm if the SE comes standard with the fake leather? Any dealerships to recommend?
  • auttautt Member Posts: 20
    SE comes standard with leather. But the leather package adds heated suede inserts. Standard is the same net cloth as in the LE.
  • dbabladbabla Member Posts: 10
    Are you looking at SE V6? SE has too options - Cloth and leather. Its 2 tone - cloth in the center and leather on the sides.
  • jc76ersjc76ers Member Posts: 3
    i'm looking for the 4 cylinder SE. If anyone can post a good deal in the SoCal area, it would be much appreciated.
  • guinness3guinness3 Member Posts: 1
    You have I4 SE auto with power driver seat and carpeted floor mats = $24,425. Invoice = $22,082 so you have been quoted $ 458 over invoice. You did not say if there would be the $405 Toyota Dealer Advertising cost per Camry added. If so, you would be $863 over invoice+TDA.

    My Indianapolis area cost:
    2012 SE with power driver seat, sunroof, carpeted floor mats has dealer invoice of $23,036. Add $405 TDA cost = $23,441. My cost was $23,400 so just below invoice if you count TDA. All dealers I talked to would not negotiate the TDA. Most wanted $300 to $500 over invoice if you included the TDA.

    I would push for invoice within + /- $100. They still get $460 holdback on the Camry's + other possible Toyota to dealer cash we don't know of.
  • auttautt Member Posts: 20
    edited March 2012
    I bought my SE 4c 2012 for 25100 OTD. This included all tax, title and fees. The only other cost was the cost of financing 15k payment for 5 years. Over the life of the loan I would pay 1200 in interest and other fees. If someone got a better deal then I would appreciate any details you may have about your total costs.

    No dealer brought up any extra costs to me such as TDA. I had a 250 paper fees but I negotiated with that in mind. My extra fees where 250 paper, 1590 for tax n title.
  • sdmiggssdmiggs Member Posts: 8
    I am also looking for the same. I have been going back and forth with several dealers for about a week and a half. They all seem to be doing the same thing. None of them want to give you a responsible offer on the phone or over the internet. They all seem to have the same stragtegy. The quotes I have been receiving are about 24K out the door. That is just too high. I know they have way more wiggle room than that. I will keep anyone interested posted on my success or lack of...The same is appreciated from anyone else.
  • sg2012sg2012 Member Posts: 8
    I am being offered $24810 (destination charge included) + 6.25% tax + $125 registration + 270 doc fee for:
    2012 SE I4 + 8-way pwr seat + moonroof + display audio w/ nav and entune, conv pkg, leather pkg + floor mats + wheel locks.

    Is this a good deal? Can I do better than this. I am in the Greater Boston area. I plan to buy within a couple of days.

  • yeziam12yeziam12 Member Posts: 2
    Your discount sounds in line with what I've found as well. Another way to look at it, is to multiply the MSRP (including options & freight) by 0.094 and you'll be in the ballpark, regardless of the Camry you want.

    0.094 is based on checking discounts on all models at Carmax and others.

    Like you, I'm hoping for about $2500 or so off MSRP/Options... If I get it, I'll let you all know.
  • joonjoon Member Posts: 121
    I wanted to share my buying experience here as members of this forum have been very helpful with their knowledge and insight about their Camrys and their experience in purchasing their cars. I bought today a 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE in the San Diego (CA) area for $27,665 plus TTL, which is roughly $500 below invoice price and I got 2.99% financing for 60 months. My car came with the Convenience Package (back-up camera, universal transceiver, anti-theft), Display Audio w/ Nav and Entune, and carpet/trunk mat set. The exterior color is Cosmic Gray Mica (it's a very nice color IMHO) and my car had 2 miles on the ODO when I test drove it this morning; i.e. nobody has driven it before. I didn't select the moonroof and leather options as they would have added another $2k to the bottom line and I don't much care about leather seats, although moonroof would have been nice. The MSRP on the car was $30,130 and the Invoice Price was $28,163.

    I first test drove the Hybrid XLE (different color and that one had the moonroof and leather options) a week ago and I liked the car, but the salesperson wanted $500 over invoice which is about the TrueCar target price. I wasn't ready to pull the trigger at that price and told him that I would wait until one of those Toyota sale events and left. A couple of days ago, the salesperson called me and asked me what it would take to do a deal and I told him $500 under invoice, expecting him to reject my offer outright, since my information based on reading this forum is that dealers were not willing to sell these Hybrids below invoice (except for a few fully loaded Hybrid XLEs which some people were able to buy for a deeper discount than this). He calls me back a few minutes later saying that he would sell me the car I wanted for $500 under invoice. He e-mailed me the details and I stopped by this morning to test drive the car I was actually buying and closed the deal. The whole process this morning took just over a couple of hours. They didn't try to hard sell any additional warranty coverage, etc. The finance manager mentioned it to me once and when I told him I wasn't really interested in anything other than the car, he didn't mention it again. No pressure, real easy to deal with. I highly recommend this dealer and would buy a car from them again.

    The dealer, by the way, is Frank Toyota in National City (just south of San Diego).
  • sdmiggssdmiggs Member Posts: 8
    Hi everyone, I must say thanks to all the good people who gave out advice and their car buying experiences. I am going to now share mine and hope it can be useful. The process took about 1.5 weeks.

    First, I hate buying a new car and I am not a particular good negotiator of cars. That is why I did most everything via the internet. I was only interested in buying The Camry 2012 SE model with limited options/extras. The negotiating via the internet was very slow. I started out trying to get the car for 22K out the door. All the dealers about 7 pretty much laughed me away. I went up to 22.5K and still didn't even get much of a nibble. I tryed CARWOO.com and that was even worse. No dealer even wanted to touch me for under 24K. I knew I could do better. The dealers seemed to have a stragety of sending out generic e mails and trying to get you to come down to the dealership. No surprise there...The best quote I received via the internet was 23.9K. I quickly found out that almost every SE had the power driver seat that is about $400 extra cost along with car mats for $200 or so. Not exact pricing but you get the point. More to my bottom line that I had not anticipated. I had one dealership that was willing to really work with me. I ended up buying the car from him. More on that later.

    I went to plan B. I had to see what I could get the car for at the Costco price. I felt this would be a good gauge for me to proceed forward. My prconceived notiions of the Costco price is that its a fair price, your not getting ripped off, aviods alot of BS, but I could do better. Costco had the price of the car for 23,645 OTD. I thought and still think thats a fair price. Comes with the power drivers seat and floor mats.

    Now, I felt like I had more ammunition to fire at the dealers. Which I really didn't. I am not foolish enough to think I am gonna beat them at their game. However, money is powere and I am the one holding the money... I told the dealer I had a quote for 23,400 OTD and I wanted 23K OTD. Of course, I had no such quote and I suspect he knew it. After a few phone tags, I was offered 23,200OTD. That was good enough for me and I stated I didn't want any game playing when I got there. I knew there would be some sort of up sell when I got there despite his assurances. To make things sort I got the SE 2012 Camry with driver side power seat, floor/truck mats/ and rear spoiler something($69) for 23, 375 OTD.

    My feeelings for what it is worth. I have the edmunds $500 rebate which has to be used by 4/1/2012. SO my bottom line price is 22,875 OTD. I think that is pretty good. However, I do think I could have done a little better. I fought with him a little at the dealership for him to get back to the 23.200 and he had some BS to give me. My wife really really wanted the car, I was a little worn out, and I just said "f" it. I think you guys can do better than me...Not a jealous kind of guy if someone gets a btter deal than me.

    Sorry it was so long winded. Hope that helps some of you. Anyone that wants to know the dealership and contact person in San DIego let me know.

    Lastly, I would appreciate any comments and I welcome your questions.
  • shineenushineenu Member Posts: 2
    Hi mfletou1

    Can you let me know the dealer in VA?

  • dbabladbabla Member Posts: 10
    Glad you got a deal. Which dealership in San Diego did you buy from? We want to buy 2012 Camry SE V6 with Conv package, moonroof and carpeted floor mats. We have a quote of $1000 below invoice + tax/lic. We are trying to negotiated maybe another $500. Also, we have $500 Edmunds rebate. Hoping to buy next weekend. San Diego dealers won't budge in price so we are working with Tustin Toyota. Hoping for a great deal.
  • auttautt Member Posts: 20

    First off that's a really good price! Congrats! I bought a 2012 SE in Ohio with just power seat, mats and entune nav. for 25100 OTD. entune is 1050 msrp. So I paid 24050 OTD for the base SE. I have sent the in the 500 rebate but am iffy if I will get it! If I do I will be below 24k for the base and below 25k with all options. Too bad the market here is less competitive than Cali.
  • dfwdewddfwdewd Member Posts: 14
    Can anyone verify from their recent purchase of this car that the base invoice is $28,004 (includes $845 included destination fee)? I got OTD quote for a fully loaded XLE V6 but there is a $1,000 difference in the dealer invoice and mine. The $600 under invoice quote combined with $1,000 subvention cash only ended up to be about $3,750 under the car's MSRP. Did anyone manage to get a discount of more than $4k off MSRP? Which one is easier when it comes to negotiating....under invoice or a specific amount off MSRP? Thanks.
  • sdmiggssdmiggs Member Posts: 8
    First, I would try Costco pricing if you are a member. Work off of that price. Its a fair price. However, I believe that price can be beat with a little work.

    I think you may have more of an opportunity to get a better price than myself because of all the options and the expense of your car. Simply put, price is higher so the discount should be higher...

    My experience is was quite similiar to yours. The dealers here didn't want to work with me over the internet. However, one gentleman did at Toyota San Diego. Have you tried them yet? His name is Eddie C.

    Personally, I think you can do a lot better than 1K below invoice. Let me know how it goes.
  • wrigleyojomwrigleyojom Member Posts: 3
    I just wanted to let everyone know I just got my new car. (purchased on 3/10/12) I wanted Black or the Cosmic Gray Mica, they found they Cosmic Gray Mica for me, which i am very happy with. Looks black at night but in sunlight get blues and greens shining from it.

    Sticker price was 32,799 (leather, moon roof, nav, spoiler, and all regular accessories...)
    I paid 29K. Which I think is below invoice, from what I read if you pay less than 30.5K you got a GREAT deal. (They only gave me 5k for my trade) Hyundai offered me $6000 but the Sonata Hybrid drives horrible.

    I am now getting the automatic starter installed today, then getting tinted windows on april 7th (needed a weekend date to do that) Now I am looking for new rims, Preferably chrome but will look at other options. (If you have any suggestions on rims let me know please).

    I am in Southeastern Massachusetts, So i had 4 or 5 toyota dealers within close range. I also had a friend at the dealership so i did not spend a ton of time. (After my friends so-called discounted rate, I got them down another $1,500.)

    Hopefully I made a good deal, and you all think so as well. (Car had 37 miles when I purchased it) Have been getting 40+ mpg. Couldn't be happier.

    Once I get the new rims and tinted windows done I will post updated pictures.

    Here it is at night the day they got it in

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6838684488/in/photostream

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6984805947/in/photostream
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18

    What is the price before tax you have paid? If its MSRP of $32,799, I would assume the Invoice price is about $30K? So when you wrote you paid $29K that is before tax and license etc right?

    What exactly the options were? Moonroof, Leather, and... Entune/JBL/HDD Navigation, the Safety Connect and the sensors or...?

  • wrigleyojomwrigleyojom Member Posts: 3
    I paid 29K before all the taxes and stuff. (My friend who works there said they made no money on me) They may have made a little on my trade.

    Exact Options....
    Moonroof, Leather, JBL Nav w/ Entune 6.1 inch screen (not HDD nav so no sensors, lane assist or blind spot monitor, the MSRP on that was about $34,500)

    I know it has the Spoiler, Rear Bumper Appliqué, Alloy Wheel Locks, Carpet Floor Mats, Cargo Floor Mats, Illuminated Door-Sill Enhancements, Clear Door Guards)

    I am thinking about getting the Paint Protection Film on the hood (my last car had a few nicks from rocks and such in that area) Does anyone else have this? Is it worth the money? Let me know.

    If you want any more info let me know. When I get home I can look at all the paper work and list everything in the car, (it is pretty much loaded, e/ exception of the HDD Nav, after having the lower end Nav though You don't notice much of a difference, Plus I don't think i would trust the Blind spot monitors anyway)
  • auttautt Member Posts: 20
    I was forced to get super white. I love super gray mica. Wish I could have gotten that instead. I need get my super white tinted.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Member Posts: 283
    Congrats! Looks very nice! Excellent deal!
    No matter how much the other automakers try to beat the Camry, they can't beat it.
  • wrigleyojomwrigleyojom Member Posts: 3
    Your never forced to a color, Dealers say they can give you a better deal or a "crazy price" on the car on the lot, but in reality they will do pretty much the same deal on any color, They just need to locate it and trade with other dealers that are in other states or over 100 miles away. My dealership found mine about 50 miles away in RI and they work closely with each other to help each other out.
  • hannahdhannahd Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    I purchased the 4cyl SE for 22600. Did not pay destination fees or any other dealer fees. package included moon roof, navigation, ect
  • hannahdhannahd Member Posts: 4
    i got the 4cyl se for 22600 plus TTL. I pitted dealer against dealer, took about a day to come up with the lowerst price in moreno valley. redlands was the second lowest.
  • ali28ali28 Member Posts: 7
    What were the options? Is this the price before taxes? thank you
  • alleycat10alleycat10 Member Posts: 18
    I got the 4 cylinder SE with power seats, body side moldings and power seat for $22,763 plus TTL with a Truecar certificate. The dealer included a lifetime driveline warranty. Another dealer matched that price, but did not include an extended warranty. I paid cash so was in and out in less than two hours. I had to return to the dealer about a month later to have the body side moldings installed and was treated like royalty while there. The sales representative who sold me the car came into the crowded waiting room to chat, wished me a happy birthday and came back later, handing me the keys when the work was done.
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