2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    As I mentioned earlier. I had to travel 100 miles to buy my Camry in order to get a good trade in as part of the deal. I picked the car up on Monday, and was surprised to see that it came with Michelin tires, which are pretty pricey for the same ones I found at different locations on the net. I'm pretty sure the car I test drove in the Dallas area, did not have Michelin tires. Anyone else been getting these tires also? Seems like an added bonus to the deal if they are not standard equipment.
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    Since the SE V6 price is a bit over my budget, I was wondering how's everyones price experience with a Camry SE V4. Lowest price I got off an internet quote so far is $22600. Anyone get lower than that? Thanks
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    look at the price I paid for my LE V6.
    Mssg # 3044
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    Does the invoice price already count for the destination charge ? Edmunds and KBB say YES, but the toyota webpage adds the destination charge to the price when you build a car.


    Found a dealer that will give me a 07 camry for 1,000 under MSRP...is that any good ? Chicago area
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    When building on any manufacturers site they have to add destination to the base price and options as it is a build it by the menu type process and delivery is just one step. Plus it's specifically listed seperately on the sticker on your window. They would want the build it price to match up. It's a legitimate charge. As for the invoice, ask to see a copy of it. See if it's included. I've never seen it not listed seperately as are all the option packages. The invoice price is not a single line item it's a summary of the costs of all the options. Bottom line though the KBB and Edmunds sites are accurate in most cases and what they say is invoice is what the dealer invoice actually is. Anything else is add ons.

    However the advertising fees and other items while legitimate business expenses are not manufacturers items and I don't consider them as part of the MSRP or the INVOICE. Add them if they want but call them what they are, add-ons. Would I pay for them???? I guess in the South East, if you want a Toyota you're going to get a lot of stuff you don't want. From what I've been reading it sounds like a rip off that Toyota shouldn't support within their dealer network.

    From what I've seen, $1000 under MSRP (if that's the manufacturers sticker on the window) is as good as it gets short term. However unless you're wanting a V6SE which may be hot, there are (or should be) better deals.

    This is a Toyota. They sell at discount. They make 400,000 of these for the US it can't sustain a MSRP pricing and be competitive for long. Short term possibly, but by this summer when there are rows of them on the lot they will be discounted. The question is, do you want to overpay by possibly $1000 just to have your car 6 months earlier.

    The answer to that may be yes and that's OK. However for those wanting a 4cCE I would expect them to be frugal enough to wait and nit get caught up in the supply demand gouging
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    anyone in southwest Ohio (Cinci-Dayton area) care to give info on what dealerships work the best for internet sales? i've gone to one on rt 4 and joseph toyota and had no luck getting them even budge more than $500 off MSRP, I'm looking to get a SE , preferably with V6 for less than $26k :D
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    Goodluck getting it less than 26k. I tried in various dealers in NJ, the most they'll budge is $3400 off MSRP to $26600 for a Camry SE V6. Like the above poster said, if you're patient and wait 6 months till Camry demands fall, dont expect much bargaining power against the dealerships since there are people out there willing to pay full MSRP without bargaining a dime.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Member Posts: 139
    If you're willing to go to Columbus, try Tansky Toyota. I received a very fair deal from them (Loaded V6SE: NAV Moonroof pkg, Leather pkg, mats, XM, Stability Control: about $27.8k)
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    In NW Indiana, I bought a SE V4 with JBL 6 disk, carpet/trunk mat set, and spoiler. MSRP total was $23,769.00. Bought it on 4-29-06 for $21,605.00.
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    Anyone know of any good deals in the Pittsburgh area for a 2007 Camry? Every dealership I am contacting doesn't want to budge in price. It's the old supply and demand they keep telling me. Looking for the Camry LE.
  • geo027geo027 Member Posts: 1
    Hi all...just checking to see how I did (first post!)

    Just sealed the deal on an 07 XLE - Magnetic Gray with HD, SK, VS, NV, CF, XM radio and a spoiler for $29,750.

    I have to wait a few weeks, but hopefully it'll be well worth it.
  • parnolaparnola Member Posts: 141
    I got an XLE V6 from Joseph Toyota (the Cincinnati one, not the Dayton one) at Invoice. I sent them a fax with my specs and they replied with the best price.

    Don't bother with the Dayton dealers - Jack Walker wouldn't move from MSRP (!), Voss can only get a few cars, and Joseph Airport Toyota treated me like a child when I asked about pricing.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Just sealed the deal on an 07 XLE - Magnetic Gray with HD, SK, VS, NV, CF, XM radio and a spoiler for $29,750.

    About $1,200 over dealer invoice.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    I hope you're right. I don't have a delivery date at the moment, but I would just as soon finish the school year and then pick up the car. I'll get back to the salesman in the next couple of days to confirm that it was built last Tuesday and ask about a delivery date.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    Did it have the same options that I listed in my post of last week and have an MSRP of $30,000.00? I pondered some of the same questions that you mentioned. Yes, you can probably get a base Lexus ES330 (outgoing model) for $28,000.00 but I didn't want an ES330. An Acura TL would cost over $31,000.00 and that was too much for me. I tend to hold my cars a long time (just getting rid of my 1992 Camry) so holding it over the next 10 years at that price didn't seem so bad. If you use your car for business, it's an even better situation.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    Glad to hear it -- I always like to help out my fellow human beings when possible!
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    I was wondering if any Canadians have received their TCH yet?
    I ordered mine April 28, but I'm still don't have an arrival date yet. I saw a post about an Ontarian (I believe) who bought his in the states and got his Provincial Sales Tax rebate as well. It's proposed to be a rebate of $2000 dollars. It was only $1000. Does anyone know if the proposal passed in the current Provincial budget? thanks. Also I think it's a real bugger we don't get the tire pressure monitors up here in the Great White North. Losing any features sucks; especially when it's a safety feature.
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    Umm, an Acura or lexus will cost alot more than the 26,000. Plan on spending several thousand more just for the basic model. Also that difference in price for the V6 is also for a 6 Speed transmission, not just the engine.
  • tweliyingtweliying Member Posts: 23
    see my post #3144 on 5/23/06
  • hero76hero76 Member Posts: 3
    your email is private so I'm asking you these questions here Parnola. Did you finance through Toyota motor or outisde bank? Also I read from another post your experience with Joseph was great so I looked through their online selection and saw the car I wanted. Should I email them my quote or do you think it is better to call? I have delt with Jeff Wyler and Performance and would rather sleep in a tub of ice before going back to them so I appreciate your help :D
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    Before one of the Edmunds.com Hosts jumps in, I will remind you of the forum rules:

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.
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    I'd actually like to know what people think of the manual trannies in these. Chances are i'll be stuck buying an auto just so the rest of the family can use the car, but who knows at this point.
  • 03cobra03cobra Member Posts: 37
    Just closed on an SE V6, loaded, no nav, no XM for $100 over dealer "invoice", $26,472+ tax and license.

    Good luck to all.
  • tweliyingtweliying Member Posts: 23
    could you tell us the name of dealership?
  • hero76hero76 Member Posts: 3
    I merely asked a few non-descript questions, nothing for the exact name of the sales person or his contact information. Thanks for restating the forum rules though :)
  • tinatinatinatina Member Posts: 388
    Fsowireles, is one of the nicest thread police. :) No harm - no foul.

    Has anyone in the SF Bay Area gotten a price in the upper 18ks on a 2007 Camry LE with mats only ($21,279 MSRP?)
  • just1guyjust1guy Member Posts: 19
    Just picked mine up . Had to wait a few weeks for a red one. When a red one comes in it goes out same day .
    Very nice people. I didn't order or pay for floor mats but they were in the car with the word Camry , so I don't know if these are some cheap free version . There was a big black mat in the trunk also . Car had 3 miles on it , was wet from the wash and a full tank of gas was included .
    Private message me if you need a name , etc. I did the deal over the internet and it was sealed 10 minutes after I arrived at the place.
  • parnolaparnola Member Posts: 141
    I'd e-mail or fax them, tell them the car & specs you want, and ask for their best price. They should come in near invoice on any non-Hybrid Camry. Let me know how you do! Oh, I financed through my credit union, but Toyota has a comparable rate (5.5%, I believe).
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120
    $19200 still doesn't come close to my $18600 for the LE/auto.
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120

    I just bought a LE/auto for $18600 in MA. Is this price worth the drive for you?
  • dirtratdirtrat Member Posts: 5
    This post is meaningless unless you state exactly what options you got. LOADED means different things to different people!
  • taydavtaydav Member Posts: 3

    How'd did you get that good of a deal? Got any good tips to use on the dealers? MA is a little too far for me to drive. But that's a good deal.
  • machismomachismo Member Posts: 6
    jaydoll can u shed some details on ur deal, seems like u have got the cheapest basic deal.
  • bbinsdbbinsd Member Posts: 6
    Just got my XLE V6 without nav and heated seats for 26K I also got the 7/100 Zero dec for less then a grand. You have got to love this car and the way it drives! :shades:
  • 03cobra03cobra Member Posts: 37
    I figured "$100 over invoice" would give most people "useful" information. However, for the benefit of you and others, the options are as follows:

    "Options: $4,560
    50 State Emissions, Aluminum Wheel (All Season), Color-Keyed Rear Lip Spoiler, JBL® AM/FM 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer w/8 Speakers in 6 Locations, Satellite Radio Capability[7], MP3/WMA Playback Capability, Aux. Audio Jack, and Bluetooth®[8] Wireless Technology., Moonroof Package includes: Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof w/Sliding Sunshade, Dual Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirrors w/Dimmer Control & Rear Personal Reading Lights, Sport Leather Package includes: Heated Front Seats, Leather-Trimmed Seats and Door Trim w/Integrated Armrests and Dual Front and Rear Map Pockets, and Dual Color-Keyed, Heated Power Outside Mirrors.[14], Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) w/ Traction Control (TRAC)[D]"

    MSPR $29455,the dealer showed me their "invoice" at $26372. It didn't match Edmunds or KBB. In fact, none of the 3 invoice numbers matched. But it was close enough for me.

    I hope this helps.
  • 03cobra03cobra Member Posts: 37
    Denny Hecker Toyota, Inver Grove Heights.
  • tweliyingtweliying Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for keeping us updated. The quote you got is very nice! Actually, I saw the same "invoice" when I was working with Rudy Luther Toyota in St Louis Park, MN. But the dealer there tried to charge $1000 over this invoice. So finally I gave up. As to dealing with Denny Hecker dealership, I got a very bad experience. I sent my quote inquery and they even didn't get back to me couple days later. Anyway, congr to your new car!
  • 041448041448 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know which dealer has a loaded (leather, moon room, nav) Camry Hybrid in the LA area. Fussy on color - gray or silver.
  • filodfilod Member Posts: 189
    Congratulations! Best price I have seen so far for SE V6. It is the same invoice price that I got from my dealer for an SE V6 in California with Option Combo C (26,372).

    MSRP is Option Combo C=$4560; base=$24315; dest=$580 = $29445. I eventually got one with the Navi (Option Combo D) and paid $700 (including some docs etc before tax and license) over invoice. I am at peace with what I paid... although your price is much better.

    Enjoy the car.

  • tf712tf712 Member Posts: 7
    Went looking metro area of Chi-town. Everyone wanted MSRP. Found a deal way south of the city down in Bourbanais (by Kankakee). Went thru the internet and exchanged some phone calls. Drove down last night and gave my deposit for a Desert Sand '07 XLE V4 with vehicle stability control and floor mats. Price paid $25,500 out the door. Salesman even brought up edmunds website and we compared numbers. No hiding anything. Great experience from a small town dealer - David Bruce Toyota
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120

    Here's the deal. $18600 was what I decided that I was going to pay. It is that simple. Everyone else seems to be quite content paying more. I have already the passed the tourch on to two other people who are following my example and paying the same price for an LE/auto.

    Best of luck
  • dhgdhg Member Posts: 9
    Northern California

    Picked mine up today, This was best, no haggle offer that I could find from Monterey to San Franscico. No other dealer would go this low. The Internet manager at Hanlees Toyota in Richmond,Ca., said he was getting a metallic gray with black leather in a couple of days, and reserved it for me without a deposit.I was expecting the usual dealer/salesman antics when I went to pick it up, but there were none. Signed some forms, gave them a check and off I went. The manager also provided a new car inservice, no corners cut. This internet sales manager sells all Camry's At $200 over invoice excluding hybrids of course. Great buying experience.

    Left the dealer and drove 338 miles doing errands.I hit the usual Bay area traffic congestion. It was stop and go for an hour, then mostly highway and a little city and went over Pacheco Pass. The fuel gauge was a slightly below half when I filled up. I put in 10.88 gallons, equals 31 MPG, sounds too good, but I really babied it, kept it under 65. Except on Pacheco Pass this car handles great, it is a long way from my EVO, this Camry is for my wife anyway. It is hard to believe this is just a Camry, it drives and looks great.

    2007 Toyota Camry SE V-6 w/ Leather: metaillic gray color

    MSRP: $29,654

    Internet Price: $26,572

    $200 over invoice
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base .......................:$24315.00
    50 State Emissions .........................
    JBL Premium 6 Disc In-dash CD Changer/ ..... 1000.00
    MP3/Bluetooth w/ 8 Speakers, In 6 ..........
    Locations, 440 Watts and Satellite Radio ...
    Capability. Requires: Subscription to .....
    XM or Sirius, Antenna and Receiver. ........
    Sport Leather Package: leather package 1770.00
    w/ Driver & Front Passenger Heated Power ...
    Seats, & Heated Outside Mirrors ............
    Color-Keyed Rear Spoiler ................... 200.00
    Moonroof Package: Power Tilt/Slide ......... 940.00
    Moonroof w/ Dual Illuminated Visor Vanity ..
    Mirrors and Rear Personal Lamps ............
    Vehicle Stability Control w/ Traction ...... 650.00
    Control ....................................
    Carpet/Trunk Mat Set ....................... 199.00
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 4759.00
    Destination Charge ..........................:$ 580.00

    Total .......................................: $29654.00
  • gosmangosman Member Posts: 6
    Where in Texas is Charles Maund? I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Any others here got a good deal. We have that dag gum it Gulf States charge on most of the cars here in Texas!!
  • gosmangosman Member Posts: 6
    Where did you get your car in Texas?
  • alamocityalamocity Member Posts: 680
    Charles Maund is located in Austin. You can go to their website and request an online quote
  • mycar1camrymycar1camry Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the information on this forum. It has been a great help. I closed on a 2007 Camry-LE with carpet and trunk mats total for 19,600 out the door. I was a first time car buyer like many people on the forum. I bought it through Costco-Auto buying program. Dealer told me that $500 above costco invoice is his price. Costco's invoice was $19,375. So his final price including TTL and other processing fees was approx. $20.5K. I told him about 2-quotes that were lower than his. One from Carmax (Laurel Toyota)which was 20,674 and other from Fitzmall 19,960. He offered 20 and I asked 19. Deal was finally made for 19.6. I could have bargained more, but that's OK. I'm happy. My advice to new buyers is to go thro' Costco (no need for costco a/c. i used my brothers card) and then haggle from that price. I will take the delivery on tuesday, some loan paper work is pending. Can't wait..... Good luck to all the buyers. Let's hope I do not frequent "Camry: Problems and Fixes" thread anytime soon. Have a great memorial day weekend
  • just1guyjust1guy Member Posts: 19
    My deal of $19200 for Camry 07 LE auto in Chicago - there was no talk about car and trunk mats . They were there when I picked up the car . Someone posted that they come with the car . That was verified by my dealer .You shouldn't be charged extra for them.
  • djpdx1djpdx1 Member Posts: 30
    I just picked up my grey/cream Camry hybrid from a dealer eighty miles from Portland, Oregon. The hybrid folks are waiting in most cases, months for their cars, but I called the rural dealer and had my car within a few days--a loaded hybrid unsold on the lot. (Try the country folks--they're great)
    I paid MSRP, $30,634, but I get a federal/oregon total tax rebate of $4100. And my credit union union financed at a fixed 5.7%. So I walked out with a loaded Camry hybrid (leather/nav/moon), 43mpg for about $26K. It looks and drives well and the mpg is great (I traded a Murano SUV with 18mpg of premium fuel).

    My first Toyota--I'm luvin' it.
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    I am in San Diego, CA and I got two dealers (Mossy Toyota and Toyota of Carlsbad) at $18,700 for the $21,279 car on April 10, 2006. Bob Baker Toyota runs weekend ads in the San Diego Union Tribune on Friday for 4 or 5 cars only at even a bit less than that. I checked with Toyota of Orange and they were willing to go as far as $18,700, as well, but no L.A. dealers were willing to compete. I know San Diego is quite a bit away from San Francisco, but I did not see anyone else responding to your inquiry. There may be some Toyota incentives this weekend that might make your local dealers a bit more competitive. Good luck! I think it is a great car for the money.
  • tinatinatinatina Member Posts: 388
    Thanks for the reply. I wish I could get the same deal as yours below $19k. Although San Diego is a beautiful city (I was there and stayed at the Omni Hotel adjacent to Petco in 2004), it is too far for me to go to. The SF Bay Area dealerships appear to be holding their prices steady in the $19,200 to $19,400 range exclusive of TTL on the $21,279 MSRP vehicle. (There are some $199/mo leases, but no other incentives). Most dealers now have 3 to 6 LEs in stock. They have a ton of XLEs, SE V-6s, and LE V- 6s. This is a reversal from several weeks ago, when there were no or 1/2 V-6s in stock.

    I may actually go with a 2006 Accord LX 4 auto because of pricing. They are well below $18k, before TTL, and are giving the best trade-ins. The differnce is about $1,500 before trade-in. (I guess they are pushing volume, but one dealer had over 60 Accords in stock of all different stripes). The Camry LE is a fine car.
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