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  • jbolgerjbolger Member Posts: 6
    A week ago today I put a deposit on an 07 Camry SE-V6 with the following options. QC, RF, SR, VS, AS, CF, Rear Bumper Applique (WHAT EVER THAT IS?)and wheel locks.The price I was Quoted was $29026.93 including taxes etc.I priced this car on line and went to two different dealers and both were significantly higher($2800.00)higher.I got a call from the dealer yesterday and now their telling me that Toyota is not making this model with the basic stereo system anymore, that I now have to upgrade to the JBL 6 c.d.This is going to cost me an addl. $750.00 + tax.Is this true? I'm trying to stay within a budget and I even offered to meet them half way but they said no.Have any of you guys ever heard of this and do you think I'm still getting a good deal?,or do I keep shopping.
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    I have a similar package on order - minus the applique and wheel locks - but with NAV and XM - for $28,000. The car was ordered in mid-March - before the advertising began - and most buyers were still unaware of the new model. Given how difficult is to get the NAV, it doesn't surprise me that they are making the JBL "standard". The car is now in demand and they are going to load them so they can maximize profits and move them quickly.

    NAV is a low demand item that many customers will not pay the premium for. In the case of the V6SE, I have to believe that 95% of the buyers would opt for the higher end stereo - and the other 5% are planning to add an even higher end aftermarket unit.

    I think you can do better on the price, but you may have to travel to do it. Some regions seem to be less flexible, just like some dealers are. In three dealer visits in mid-Ohio, one was unwilling to bargain (they had the least amount of inventory), one was willing up to a point (they said they received three V6SE on a Friday afternoon and all were sold by noon on Saturday), and the other was willing to deal - but only after walking. They called several days later to reopen the negotiations - but that was in mid-March.
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    the 07 camry im buying was used to take some test-drives and has about 50 to 75 miles on it. Should I get a discount for this mileage?
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    I'm going to purchase my 1st new car, a 07 Camry LE in a few weeks and was wondering what is the best price people are getting and where everyone is financing. What's the best rate out there? Since there are no incentives on the new camry, I want to find the lowest rate possible. By the way, I'm in Houston, TX.
    Thank you all for the help!
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    What's the best price people are getting in the Seattle region? I'm looking to buy a Camry LE with no extra options. Are you guys financing with the dealership or with your bank?
  • moeharrimoeharri Member Posts: 108
    I went with Eloan for financing--the rate I chose was 6.39% for 72 months (would have went shorter term, but unfortunately the 2003 Explorer we bought new and traded in lost over 50% of its value in 2.5 years--ouch!).
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    $300 over dealer invoice for cash. Toyota of Kirkland, Internet sales manager.

    Titus Will - Tacoma, $400 over dealer invoice.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    I priced the SE V6 over the weekend but was told by two dealers that the New York/New Jersey region would only be receiving this model loaded with options. I had asked for most options except the JBL and the Moonroof. I drove an SE V6 with a moonroof and hit my head on the ceiling when the seat was moved upward. Toyota has not engineered enough head room in the SE V6 for the driver yet refuses to sell it in my area without a moonroof. Frustrating. :(
  • parnolaparnola Member Posts: 141
    That mileage does not typically make the car a "demo" model, however use any and all information to push the dealer lower on price. Typically a demo model has at least a few hundred miles on it.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    Thanks, njerald for sending me those links. Both cars however, have a sunroof and JBL which I don't want on the car.
  • jbolgerjbolger Member Posts: 6
    I have been shopping rates all week.I live in New York and do banking at HSBC and the best they would give me was 6.44% for 72 months.A friend told me to call Commerce Bank and their rate was 6.24% but max was 60 months.Tell you the truth I may go with a home equity loan from Commerce @ 7% fixed and you can deduct the interest.Good luck.

  • jbolgerjbolger Member Posts: 6
    Blindmantoo thanks for responding to my question.I really like this car and still feel I'm getting an ok deal but not the great deal I thought I was getting.You still think I should keep shopping huh ? I live in New York on Long Island and no body has this car.The dealer told me that my car would'nt be aval. until the end of June.The other two dealers I visted were this price before the NY tax of 8.625%.
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    Hi, I recommend you to check out buyatoyota.com, and put your zip code, then try "build your Toyota". Choose "Camry" and then select SE V6. After clicking "Next", you will find the option packages. The toyota dealer told me different area has different option package. For example, Chicago area has two option packages for SE 4-cly(one w/ moonroof, one w/o), whereas in south california, only one option package without JBL. In Chicago area, JBL is "standard" for SE 4-cyl and V6. So you'd better check out the website "buyatoyota.com", and find the local option packages. That's so-called Toyota "take it or leave it" option package. But you can always make a special order, which might takes several weeks waiting. My 2c.
  • moeharrimoeharri Member Posts: 108
    Also note that when placing a special order, you may not get what you want. I ordered an LE with JBL, moonroof, alloys, and autodimming mirror. It took 7+ weeks for the car to arrive and it was missing the last two options--Toyota had denied those options. Good luck. (love my car anyway in the 1 time I've driven it so far :-)
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    I just got a 07 new camry LE. The dealer advise me to install the VIP (vehicle intrusion prevention). But later I found the car itself has an alarm already! The dealer has charged me, but I have not time to install the VIP yet. What's the difference between the two alarm? It's necessary to spent another 600 to install another alarm?

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    Whats the lowest price have ppl gotten for a Camry V6 or V4 SE?? It seems that with just a moonroof package most ppl can get the V4 SE at $21k which I am hoping to get it for in NJ. How about the V6 SE?? Whats the best price has anyone gotten it at in the NJ area?? Im hoping I can just get it at cloth with a moonroof option for about 24k anyone think it maybe possible because I know dealers rarly have the SE V6 packaged with cloth and moonroof.
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    I have done quite a bit of research on the subject of the Genuine Toyota Platinum, 0 deductible, 7yr/75,000 Warranty for the 2007 Toyota Camry. I sifted through a number of threads on this forum and on Prius chat and compiled the following list of competitive dealers. The list price for this Toyota Platinum, 0 deductible, 7/75,000 warranty is $1150 (from the Toyota Financial Services official website). These were the prices I found:
    Midwest Superstores (Kansas, area code 620) $520
    Mechanicsville Toyota (Virginia, area 804)$520(+2.5%VA tax)
    McGeorge Toyota (Virginia, area 804)$520(+2.5% VA tax)
    Stones Toyota (area code 208) $585
    Dan Porter Toyota (area code 701) $590
    Greenfield Toyota (Mass) $635
    Crown Toyota (area 785) $685
    Toyota City (area 763) $835
    GlenBurnie Toyota (area 410) Non Toyota Warranty $877
    ToyotaWarranty.com (recommended in this forum) $825

    I went with Midwest Superstores who gave me a great price without any hassle. I gave him my credit card over the phone, along with my purchase date/VIN number/miles; I had the official Toyota order form in 2 days; and I just received the Toyota Platinum Warranty Contract about 2 weeks later. The person I dealt with said I had gotten some end of month special and he could not guarantee that price being available, but you could always go with either of the two Virginia dealers and pay the the $13 sales tax difference. If you have already purchased this warranty and paid significantly more for it (My San Diego dealers all wanted between $1295 and $1430 for it!!), you have 30 days in which to cancel for no charge, and you can buy it again from one of these guys at the discount price. After 30 days, you can still cancel and get a pro-rated refund and still save money buying elsewhere. Unlike the new car purchase where once you have bought, you are stuck, the Toyota Warranty does give you an opportunity to correct a possible overpayment.

    With all due respect to mitzij and jimbres, I have gotten my moneys worth out of extended service contracts. Last year, I got a remanufactured transmission for my 2001 Toyota Landcruiser with 71,000 miles on it ($3600 repair) and power lumbar support repairs (at about $300 each), and I still have another year and 15,000 miles to go. I have a 2000 BMW 528i that had most of the front end suspension (ball joints, tie rod ends, etc.), 2 thermostats, power steering hoses, other misc engine parts replaced totalling at least $3000. At about $500, I cannot imagine not getting a warranty for your new Camry. Even if you do not plan to keep the car past the original warranty, if you sell the car privately, it is bound to be worth that much more to the prospective buyer (which car would you buy in 2010, the 2007 Camry with Platinum transferable warranty or the one without, all other factors being reasonably comparable). This forum has been enormously helpful to me for not only the purchase of this vehicle but four others in the last 2 years (2 for me and 2 for friends). I know this was a long post, but I felt the information was worth sharing with a website that just saved me $930 on a warranty!
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    I would really try to look for a good deal on the 2007 Camry LE. The 2007 Camry LE, totally restyled/re-engineered lists for about $21,300 with standard side airbags and floormats. In Southern California, it has not been uncommon to see advertised prices of $18,900, and I actually got mine for $18,700 after a bit of competition between 2 dealers here. There are some incentives (see Edmunds.com, New cars, incentives and rebates, to find out exactly how much now), but I think if it only ends up with a $1000 or $2000 difference, you will have a car worth that much more when you go to sell it. In the meantime, you are driving a car that looks like the latest version and not last year's. Just a suggestion (I leased a 1994 BMW 740i when the 1995 restyled models were out, and I soon regretted the decision. Fortunately, it was only a 2 year lease. I also leased a 1999 BMW 740il in the Spring of 1999 when the 2000 models were already out, but they were virtually identical cars, and I was fine with that move)
  • lrwlrw Member Posts: 2
    zaku, The best quotes from NJ are Hudson Toyota in Jersey City. They quoted 500 over invoice for LE's and 1000 over for XLE's. I got to think the SE would be similar range. I did not buy yet, so I don't know if they try to jack up the price with last minute add ons. At least one post a few weeks ago did bought from them and was very happy. Use the search function and search this forum for "Hudson".

    Good luck.
  • mermmdmermmd Member Posts: 3
    the lowest price quote I got here in houston is from ron carter toyota in alvin $19977. thats for a 2007 camry with floor mats as the only option. if you want to save about a thousand bucks and like to travel , try getting it from charles maund toyota in austin , they offered it to me at 18999 and a drive out price of 20413.
    regarding financing , try online like capital one or eloan or check out auto loan rates here in texas using bankrate.com
  • heathinsdheathinsd Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for that great info!!! I just ordered my TCH from Mossy in PB and the sales person already mentioned getting the extended warranty. I've been doing some reseach but you've done it all for me! :D Thx again!
  • toyotainphillytoyotainphilly Member Posts: 6
    Saturday, I got a new 07 Camry LE (silver), AUTO with mats and first aid kit for 19350 plus tax and tag.
  • smslegendsmslegend Member Posts: 3
    Whats the best price for a Camry SE V6 in the Los Angeles Area? I got an email from the Internet Sales Manager from Power Toyota in Irvine for $100 over invoice. Thats all he said and Im not sure if that only applies to LE or other trims. Thanks
  • littlejohn600littlejohn600 Member Posts: 80
    Saturday, I got a new 07 Camry LE (silver), AUTO with mats and first aid kit for 19350 plus tax and tag.

    Is this the Out-The-Door price including Freight, Documentation Fees, etc? The $19,350 would appear to be at invoice or slightly below.
  • toyotainphillytoyotainphilly Member Posts: 6
    the out of door is about 20600.
  • jdr1jdr1 Member Posts: 2
    I live in upstate NY & the dealers here are telling me that they can't give me any discount off the sticker. They say it's the SE is hard to get, only get 1 or 2 in at a time & they can sell them right away. Any suggestions?
  • jdr1jdr1 Member Posts: 2
    Was that $500 over invoice for a SE? If so could you tell me the dealers/addresses. Thats the best I've heard. Thanks
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Yes, +$500 and you can see the inventory, price, colors and options at fitzmall.com (Fitgerald Auto Malls).

    That's high for my area but good for the East Coast, it seems.

    They have a number of dealerships for various manufacturers with two for Toyotas, Chambersburg, PA and Gaitherburg, MD.

    You'll have to look them up on the web.

    They show 74 Camrys in stock or on the way to them.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Member Posts: 1,405
    I live in upstate NY & the dealers here are telling me that they can't give me any discount off the sticker.

    Unless you're wanting a Hybrid, I'd wait. Camry is and will be America's best selling sedan. They will not be scarce and dealers won't have trouble getting them once the flush desire for the new body style is over. They will be discounted just as in the past soon. The V6 may be hot right now, but Toyota will make one of these for everyone wanting one. Don't be shy about going out of the area to shop if your dealer is gouging you.
  • baccus49baccus49 Member Posts: 60
    Thanks baccus49. What was the out-the-door price? Do you have a breakdown of what charges you paid? Title, license, doc fees, taxes, extra options, ...
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    I ordered an LE V6 and SE V6 today from Caldwell Toyota in West Caldwell, NJ. I worked with the Internet dealer and bought both cars for $50.00 over invoice. They were great to work with and because I ordered two cars, threw in window etching for free. We are probably looking at the end of June or the beginning of July for delivery. I'm very pleased with the dealership and am still having a hard time believing that I bought both of these cars so close to invoice. :)
  • zaku178zaku178 Member Posts: 15
    How much was $50 over invoice and what options did you get concertkey? Im looking to purchase a Camry SE V6 but every dealer I've spoken with in NJ is offering it at MSRP or a couple hundred off MSRP
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Member Posts: 215
    Hi martinf,
    I'm in so cal too, and would like to know what dealerships you were dealing with that you mentioned.
    Congratulations on the new ride!
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Mine was an XLE 4 cyl. - wanted more comforts than any LE can give.

    Options - Leather, Heated Seats, TC/VSC, Mats (Floor and Trunk), 50 State emissions.

    $27,344 MSRP
    $24,669 Dealer Invoice
    $24,969 Price Paid
    2,272 Sales Tax
    205 License/Doc
    $27,456 Total Out the Door

    I have installed mudguards, am installing dual exhaust now, and will add the SE spoiler on Saturday.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    The cost of the car was $26,838.00. The car lists for $30,308.00 and the invoice I have is $26,787.00. The options are All Season Tires, 50 States Emissions, Sport Leather Package (includes heated seats and outside mirrors), JBL Stereo, VSC, Remote Starter, Wheel Locks, Color-Keyed Spoiler, Floor/Trunk Mats and Moonroof. I didn't want the moonroof or the JBL but was told by two dealers that Toyota wasn't shipping the car without those features into the NY/NJ area. I wasn't planning on spending this much money on the car, but when it was offered so close to invoice, I was suddenly able to justify it! :)
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    On April 10, I bought a 2007 Camry LE, 4cyl., automatic, floormats for $18,700 (List Price $21,279) plus CA sales tax and registration. I went with Mossy Toyota who originally had advertised $18,996, but lowered the price to match a deal from Toyota Carlsbad of $18,700. Kearny Mesa Toyota advertises $18,990, as has Frank Toyota (San Diego)and Bob Baker Toyota (San Diego, El Cajon?). Toyota of Orange was willing to match the $18,700, but Toyota of Cerritos, Hollywood Toyota, and Toyota of North Hollywood were not interested at that price. I was surprised that the L.A. dealers were not more aggressive, but I do recall buying a 2001 LandCruiser for $10,000 off list (advertised price) from this same San Diego location (different dealer owner at the time, Pacific Beach Toyota), and I was surprised to find no other dealer in L.A. or Orange County at that time wanted to even come close to matching that deal either. San Diego may have become more competitive. If you plan to keep the vehicle or, even if you plan on reselling it at some point, I would highly recommend the Toyota Platinum Extended Warranty. I went with the 7yr/75,000 mile warranty which lists for $1150, but can be purchased from Midwest Superstores (Kansas,area code 620), Mechanicsville Toyota (Virginia, area 804), or McGeorge Toyota (Virginia, area 804) for as little as $520. Mossy and the other dealers wanted between $1295 and $1430 for the same coverage. With all due respect to mitzij and jimbres, I was just organizing my service invoices for both my 2001 Landcruiser and my 2000 528i. Although I overpaid for the Toyota Platinum Warranty on the Landcruiser(I was far less internet savvy at the time), I have gotten a $3600 remanufactured transmission, two $300 power lumbar supports, a $200 seatbelt repair, and various and sundry other repairs. Even the BMW has benefited from extensive front end repairs (ball joints, tie rod ends), thermostats, and power head rest repairs which have totalled over $3000. Modern vehicles with multiple power accessories can be expensive to repair. I think $520 is a fair price for the piece of mind and can be a significant positive factor if you sell the vehicle during the warranty period.
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    Check with Toyota of Orange, or if you don't mind the trip south, Mossy Toyota, Kearny Mesa Toyota, Toyota of Carlsbad, Frank Toyota, or Bob Baker Toyota. They have been very aggressively pricing the Camry LE's, but I don't know about the SE. See my previous post regarding my thoughts on the Toyota Platinum Warranty. Good luck! I think it's a great car, in any configuration, and about 30% to 40% less than the equivalent Lexus ES350
  • grphgrph Member Posts: 2
    I just joined the Forum and was trying to get dealer's quotes. I entered my zip code (19204)in SC and was informed there were no dealers in that area. This is in Columbia and I know there are several Toyota dealers there. Where did I go wrong?
  • smslegendsmslegend Member Posts: 3
    I was just at Longo Toyota and was able to test drive one but they didn't have the color that I wanted. I didn't get a quote from the guy because he didn't want to make a deal on a car that I didn't want. The MSRP was $26,234 and he said that he might be able to get it for $500 over invoice if and when the color comes in. I was referred by my insurance agent to talk to someone who sells toyotas' and he turned out the be the Fleet Manager at Longo Toyota. The best price he gave me was $27,800 out the door. 8.25 % tax here in Los Angeles. He said that he couldn't work on the price because of the high demand. Oh Yea, the car didn't have the JBL, Nav, or anything. All it had was a sunroof.
    I'll give those dealers a try. and I'll keep everyone updated.
    BTW, I loved the car after driving it.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Member Posts: 187
    Just looked at your post again. Your zip is probably 29204, not 19204
  • bconnellybconnelly Member Posts: 1
    I am new to this so bare with me. I can buy the car at my local toyota dealership and then call one of the dealerships listed on in your message and order the extended warr.? How long after I buy the car do I have to get the warr.?


  • sunny30sunny30 Member Posts: 2
    Here is what I paid for my new LE V6 w/ RS, CF, A1.
    $ 22,777. (w/o TTL)
    Manufacture's sugg retail price was $24,738.
    Tax here in San Antonio TX is 6.25 %
    All other fee was around $ 280.
    I also bought extended protection plan for $899. (5 yr/75000 miles)

    How does this deal looks?

  • bobddbobdd Member Posts: 1
    07 camry LE 4cyl
    Estimated Pricing*
    Base $19,320.00
    Options $199.00
    Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg $635.00
    Fuel Surcharge $23.35
    Total $20,177.35

    The discount price is $19,795.00. The options include "Carpet Mats and Trunk Mats". I am just curious if anyone have paid 'Trunk Mats'
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Extended Warranty High.
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    Actually, this was a new concept to me as well that I learned from this and some other internet searching. You do not have to buy the extended warranty from the selling dealer of the vehicle and you do not have to buy it at the time of purchase of the vehicle. Both with my 2001 Landcruiser and my 2001 Mercedes CL500, the dealer gave me the impression that I would get the best deal if I bought it at the time of the vehicle purchase. I know now that you have until almost the end of the original new car warranty. I do believe that it must be by 35 months and 35,000 miles, but you can check the Toyota Financial Services website for the exact details. Bottom line - You can buy the warranty from any Toyota dealership and there is no great rush. I just decided to go for it on the 2007 Camry because I was concerned that the great prices I was getting might not be there in two or three years. I contacted a dealer that a member posted a year ago that was selling the warranty for about $500 and now that particular dealership wanted $700. The scenario that I described with Midwest Superstores Toyota in Kansas was exactly, step by step, all that I had to do. Good luck with your new vehicle and do not let your selling dealer intimidate you! If you already bought the warranty, Toyota Financial services gives a 30 day, non-prorated grace period to get your money back.
  • thomasj2thomasj2 Member Posts: 12
    I too just purchased an LE 4cyl with just floor mats. After much website searching for prices from area dealers in the DFW metro, the one listed in Grapevine was the cheapest. They gave the best internet deal with the same price shown in the post above. The biggest problem I had with them was with my trade in. All info was over the phone, and the person I dealt with wanted to give me $6000 for my trade in, which was $1800 short of what the blue book said it was worth. She wouldn't budge on that.

    I contacted the dealership in Paris Tx, same over the phone info, and said he could probably give me blue book or higher. I drove the 97 miles up there and they gave me $200 above blue book and came off the MSRP about a grand.

    Now if you want to travel a little further, like down to Austin, they had the best deal. Same car for $18,999, until the end of the month.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Member Posts: 1,405
    I'm curious as to what everyone is calling "Blue Book". In your case is it Kelly Blue Book trade in price? Is that with an "excellent", "good" or "fair" condition rating?

    (Or have some of you been able to get KBB Private party Price with "good" condition rating)
  • bobubobu Member Posts: 1
    I am a new engineering grad and I just got a job out in San Jose and I am from Indiana. Would like to get the forums advice on buying a new car.

    1) Should I buy in Indiana or California?
    Sales tax is significantly lower here in indy but if I buy a new car in Indiana then register it in California will I have to pay any additional tax?

    2) Will prices in bay area be more competitive than in cities in Indiana?

    3) Is it a bad idea to drive a car cross country a few weeks after buying it?

    Thanks alot for your help.. hopefully will have a new 07 camry by early june :P
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