2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thom07thom07 Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2007 Camry XLE V6 for $26285 before taxes, tags and title. It was the only V6 they had on the lot.

    Here's the sticker:
    Base $27,520
    Options $911
    Manuf. Delv, Proc & Hndlg $635
    Subtotal $29,066
    Documentation Fee $399
    Total $29,465
    Selling Price $28,965

    The only options are Carpet Mats and Trunk mats. This was in Charleston, SC. :P
  • ksharringtonksharrington Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2007 SE 4cyl, Auto, Sport Convenience Package, Rear lip spoiler, floormats.

    $21,600 + $89 doc fee.

  • thatzmagicthatzmagic Member Posts: 4
    I have recieved preliminary quotes from multiple dealers in my area and they have all responded with very similar offerings.

    07 SE 2.4 with the spoiler, floormats, and moonroof package
    about and around $21,800 + ttl
    Also, they claim their invoice to be $21,300

    How much more can I slice off to counter this??
  • bvegabvega Member Posts: 4
    I will be looking for just the basic 07 LE V4 in Dallas Fort Worth area. Can someone please give me some advice on pricing and buying experience in DFW. Thanks.
  • tasaytasay Member Posts: 36
    I am also looking for camry LE but 5sp manual. Toyota hasn't make manual for LE yet....I am also looking at Honda Accord SE manual. Haven't see many people from Dallas Fort Worth on here buying camry yet.
  • ieee_raiderieee_raider Member Posts: 20
    We live 2 hours from Dallas and while in town visiting my parents, we went to the Toyota dealership at NW Hwy and 635. They only had 2 Camrys on the lot, and 1 of those sold while we were there.
    They wanted sticker price CE, LE, XLE, and SE. They wanted 3 grand over sticker on hybrids. Didn't seem to want to bargain.

    Got ours for almost 3 grand under MSRP in Paris, TX where we live.
  • tasaytasay Member Posts: 36
    What Model did you get? LE 4cyclinders or what? Please state what you paid for itemized if possible. Dallas fort worth is quite expensive...can't negotiate much. If needed I might travel out there n get it.
  • rj123456rj123456 Member Posts: 140
    $911 for Carpet & Trunk Mats?? Wow!
  • ieee_raiderieee_raider Member Posts: 20
    Car got here today, will pick up Thursday! Much earlier than they predicted!
    Here's my specs:
    Model 2554 (V6 XLE, Black ext., Bisque int.) with options FE, HD, SK, VS, G0, P4
    * $0 - 50 State Emissions
    * $440 - Heated Seats
    * $450 - Smart Key
    * $650 - Vehicle Stability / Traction
    * $958 - Extra Mile Pkg G (Spoiler, carpet mars, trunk mat, trunk organizer, first aid, ext. tile warranty, more)
    * $349 - Vehicle Shield Package (extra sound insulation, lusterizing sealant, rental car)
    * 1 Year Free Oil Changes

    MSRP: $31,002
    Subtotal (w/o TTL): $28,874
    College grad discount (for wife's masters): -$400
    Total (w/o TTL): $28,474

    Total savings off MSRP: $2,528

    Will soon add $287 for Sirius equipment and installation. The kit isn't available yet, but he's promised this same price when it is available. I've seen some people get charged up around $700, so this seems like a steal.

    You can contact the sales group through their website. Easily found by searching the internet for Toyota of Paris.
  • lahermanolahermano Member Posts: 16

    I just bought a new 2007 Camry LE V6 with CF,FE,RL,SR,EJ
    for $22900 + 5% tax + $85 reg

    What do you guys thing the deal is.
    JBL, sunroof, floormats, rear spoiler options
    Am exploring more about the car

    Do you guys thing i need to get the fabric protection thing that is a one time $299 fee

  • jb_turnerjb_turner Member Posts: 702
    Does anyone have any recommendations or what websites sell Toyota backed warranties for the Camry? I know with Honda there are several websites with very competitive prices for Honda Care warranties much cheaper than what most dealers sell them for.
  • pdp1pdp1 Member Posts: 1
    What's reasonable price for 2007 Toyota Camry SE V6 with Navigation?Need your help guys! I am looking for following car but all dealers are giving me way high price. If you have bought this kind of car please reply how much is reasonable price.

    2007 Toyota Camry SE V6
    Cloth Seat
    With Navigation

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Member Posts: 1,405
    I just bought a TCH and expected to pay a high price. However some of the dealers are not offering high discounting on the 07 regular Camry's yet because it's "HOT". Hey this is a car that will sell 400,000 this year. It is not scarce and the lots will be loaded before long. If you simply want a non-hybrid Camry, don't deal until you get the deal you want. They will come down.
  • scotty9scotty9 Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2007 Camry LE 4 cyl(only option was car mats), details as follows,

    Sticker price: $21,335
    Dealers options : $775 (yeah, okay, in their dreams)
    (Window tinting, custom stripe, cargo net, etc)
    Total asking price : $22,110

    Paid : $19,000 (plus TTL)

    Dealership was TexasToyota of Grapevine, best price I could find in the Metroplex
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Member Posts: 139
    I have a V6SE on order - since March. It's scheduled to be built the week of June 5. Price w/ NAV, Leather Pkg, Moonroof Pkg, Traction/Stability Control, Floor Mats, XM, AS (All Season Tires), Spoiler, Freight is $28k. I received blue book value for my trade.

    Keep in mind that prices reported here may not reflect the trade value in the deal. It's easy to say you received a $4k discount off MSRP, while you may have received several thousand under blue book value for your trade. Remember, it's the NET deal that counts.
  • tasaytasay Member Posts: 36
    couple weeks ago I ask for quote at Texas Toyota of Grapevine too. The guy agreed that 500 over invoice. I haven't go in and negotiate further.
  • kim931kim931 Member Posts: 3
    Is this in stock deal? I went the web site of the dealer and they don't have any deal for 2007 camry.
    I know best deal was $18990 from Charles Maund Toyota (MSRP: $21300). But you got $19000 (MSRP: $22100)
    I sent e-mail to the dealer.
    I wish I can get same deal.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,407
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  • shaopengsunshaopengsun Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for your info. It's a good deal. I will try them as well.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Member Posts: 702

    Thank You for the detailed information. I am interested in a 5 or 6/100000 with 0 deductible. I know these prices will help me to ascertain a price for this warranty from my local dealer. If the local dealer does not provide a competitive price I will go to Midwest.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TOYOTA-Extended-Warranty-CAMRY-2005-2007-6-100-00- 0_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ111109QQitemZ4638965960QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

    They were $100 more than I paid for a 84/100,000/0 deductible though so I don't know how good this price is.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Member Posts: 195
    I got my SE V6 w/NAV/XM/Rem. Start/Leather/Sunroof for $600 over invoice.

    I think the same dealer is selling them for about $1000 over invoice now...

  • thatzmagicthatzmagic Member Posts: 4
    What is a good price to start negotiating for the 4cylinder SE (Southern California region)????
    Dealers have offered up to $21,900 with spoilers, mats, and the default sunroof pack to start.
    They claim this is $500 over invoice.
    Any ideas please??
  • kim931kim931 Member Posts: 3
    Could you tell me what was Dealers options?

    Window tinting, custom stripe, cargo net, and?.....
    Currently I contact them.
    I wnat to get same deal
  • scotty9scotty9 Member Posts: 2
    I think I was lucky. It was a Friday evening, there was two 2007 LE's left on the lot. I did have to haggle quite a bit. I think I got a good deal. Good luck in your search.


    I did shop around at all Toyota dealers in DFW area. These guys were the lowest. Toyota Plano was the highest, I wouldn't waste my time with them
  • jswwishjswwish Member Posts: 3
    Finally,I got my 2007 Camry LE

    MSRP: 21,357
    I paid: 19,000 + T(6%)TL(156) = 20297(Out the Door)

    They don't have stock right now
    so, i will pick it up next week.
  • filodfilod Member Posts: 189
    SE V6
    24,315 base
    580 Dest
    186 Carpet
    5,760 Option Combo E
    30,841 Total MSRP
    27,422 Invoice (almost near Edmunds)

    My dealership (I bought my Sienna with them for $500 over invoice, so the internet sales manager already knows what I am looking for in terms of pricing) told me that for XLE and SE V6' they are quoting $1,000 over invoice ($750 for SE V6 quoted to me, the other models will run from $500 to $750 like the 4 cyl LEs). Plus of course registration and sales tax 8.25% in California. I believe him, once the inventory improves (always the case for new models), the 4cyl is an easy $500 over invoice even not through the internet. I am very comfortable with him, we talk like the deal is done all the time, referred to him some friends before and even now.. Quotes from other dealers (internet pricing) $500 - $1000, although the $500 = no stock.

    I do not know if you can find one with NAV and cloth seats. Usually, options for the SE V6 come in combos Option A B C or D. Maybe you can order if you are willing to wait.

    Option Combo E that I was quoted (will be available within the week, and color Black - that is what my wife and son wants. I like the Titanium but well...). I am still thinking whether to buy it this week, or wait because of what I read about the 6 speeds. If I don't buy this, it will take a long wait again if I have to stick with NAV and black.
    NV - Navigation plus the JBL 4Disc
    QC - Leather package (include heated seats)
    RF - Spoiler
    SR - Moonroof
    VS - Stability control with Tractions

    I am disappointed that the homelink is not even available to the most expensive combo! Now I have to use my old controllers. All my cars have one..

    It looks like the options are similar to what blindmantoo ordered - although he got it for $172 less. With these two pricing, you should have a good idea of how much you can buy the car for. For me, the $200 difference will not let me stop the deal. What color are you getting blindmantoo?

    For trade in be prepared that you be offered the poor condition based on the Kelly Blue Book. If you have time start selling it yourself.

    Do it through the internet. Most dealers have a good internet sales set up and are straightforward. There are still those dealers who want you to come and talk to them (still the old way). I never even entertain them anymore. Good Luck!

  • mermmdmermmd Member Posts: 3
    What's reasonable price for 2007 Toyota Camry LE with 4 cycl AT with just floor mat as option here in Houston? I know that the MSRP for this is $21334 . Any dealar you can recommend? Thanks
  • filodfilod Member Posts: 189
    I am not in the Houston area so I cannot recommend any dealers. Anyway, if you go back to post #2977, I think jswwish got a very good price for his LE for $19k.

    If you were to ask me, $500 - $750 over invoice is reasonable. The $750 only because it is a new model and inventory are just coming in (not so many yet on the lot). If you do not know the invoice, you can use Edmunds as a guide for the invoice. Usually it is about .8891 of MSRP (guesstimate if you cannot find the invoice).

    If you are one who looks into the last $, then don't be surprise about what goes in the invoice price that the dealer will show you (assuming you are allowed to see).

    If you are one who just doesn’t want to pay MSRP or the price with the HUGE dealer add-ons you see on the window of the car, the $500-$750 over is a reasonable one, at least to me who is also a potential buyer for the 2007 Camry.

    Hope someone in the Houston area can extend a helping hand to our friend here.

  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    I had my dealer add on an electrochromatic mirror w/Homelink and compass to my LE. It wasn't originally ordered that way, they added it at the dealership. Unless there is something so unique about an SE, I would think you should be able to add the same thing.
  • singplumbsingplumb Member Posts: 2
    On 4-29-06 we bought an 07 Camry SE 4 cylinder with 6 Disc JBL 440 Watts with bluetooth,Spoiler, and mat set. They claimed it was 1% over invoice for $21,605. Plus 6% tax and $147 for paper work. We love the car.
  • filodfilod Member Posts: 189
    Thank you kiawah...I will ask the dealer. It is a V6 SE. I think the XLE's have the homelink.

  • filodfilod Member Posts: 189
    I am just guesstimating and using Edmunds, it is close with the paper work = $757 over invoice. That is a good price for me $500 - $750.

    Edmunds Invoice is $20995 and you paid $21605 (with the paper work).

    For the one asking for a good price the $500 - $750 over invoice I am talking about should include the paper work etc... Good buying!

  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Good price.

    $200-300 over dealer invoice (not Edmunds invoice).
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Member Posts: 139
    "It looks like the options are similar to what blindmantoo ordered - although he got it for $172 less. With these two pricing, you should have a good idea of how much you can buy the car for. For me, the $200 difference will not let me stop the deal. What color are you getting blindmantoo?"

    It'll be my wife's car - Black w/ Charcoal Leather. We've actually been trying to eliminate the Stability & Spoiler since late March - So far it's still on the build sheet - our fault for putting them on the original order. We think it looks better w/o the spoiler after seeing Black w & w/o it.

    If anyone wants a SEV6 w/ NAV, don't pass one up if you see it. Ours is taking 12 weeks from when we ordered it to when we should get it.
  • toyotainphillytoyotainphilly Member Posts: 6
    Hi, jswwish:

    I am in philadelphia and I am also looking for a 2007 toyota Camry LE. From which dealer you got the car? And what's the detail equipment of your car?

  • mermmdmermmd Member Posts: 3
    thanks a lot, really a big help .
    internet manager here are giving me almost about $1500-2000 above invoice.
  • rollymollyrollymolly Member Posts: 7
    Well! Its been 2 weeks since I bought my Camry LE. I am so happy with it so far. My parents love how much room it has and I love that I'm saving a ton on gas. Overall I recommend this car(for the price). But since I've only had it for 2 weeks it remains to to seen. I will keep everyone posted.
  • littlejohn600littlejohn600 Member Posts: 80
    You received a very good price on your 2007 Camry LE Auto.
    According INVOICE prices posted on the net by Washington,DC dealers, you bought this $21,357 car for about $400 below invoice. Is this correct?
  • jshtickjshtick Member Posts: 7
    I'm getting a 07 Camry LE Auto with mats and stability control for $21,500 with TTL included.
    Without TTL, the price is ~$20,000.

    What do you guys think about this deal? I'm in Milwaukee.
  • just1guyjust1guy Member Posts: 19
    07 Camry LE auto , nothing else , $19200 plus TTL in Chicago.

    #2989 of 2989 good deal? by jshtick May 12, 2006 (4:25 pm)
    I'm getting a 07 Camry LE Auto with mats and stability control for $21,500 with TTL included.
    Without TTL, the price is ~$20,000.

    What do you guys think about this deal? I'm in Milwaukee.
  • sunny12sunny12 Member Posts: 9
    I am in Columbus Ohio and I am looking for a 2007 toyota Camry LE. any dealers you recommend?

  • tweliyingtweliying Member Posts: 23
    No JBL option on your quote?

    #2972 of 2991 07 Camry SE 4cyl Price Help Plz?? by thatzmagic May 11, 2006 (11:31 am)
    What is a good price to start negotiating for the 4cylinder SE (Southern California region)????
    Dealers have offered up to $21,900 with spoilers, mats, and the default sunroof pack to start.
    They claim this is $500 over invoice.
    Any ideas please??
  • archon2archon2 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Guys,

    I live in Atlanta, this is my first time buying a car. I need some advice. I looked at a silver 2006 Camery LE today with moonroof, side airbags, and JBL radio, the dealer gave me an offer of $21,325. The following is the breakdown price:

    selling price: $16888
    PDI: $289.5
    Accessories: $2144
    Doc fee: $589.5
    Taxable amount: $19911
    Sale tax: $1393.77 (7% tax rate)
    fee/title: $21
    Total: $21325.77

    Accessories include:
    Appearance akg: $125
    Mats: $139
    Side airbags: $650
    Moonroof: $900
    JBL Radio: $330
    Total: $2144

    I did some research on the car with those options on edmund.com, the invoice is $20,341(TMV: $19743) which is actually higher than the invoice from the dealer $19,637. The dealer told me that they are trying to get rid of the 2006 model, they included discounts and incentives in the price. Is this a reasonable price? If not, what would be a fair one? Thank you for your help in advance.
  • littlejohn600littlejohn600 Member Posts: 80
    I think that this price is high for a 2006 LE.
    1. Check out the Rebates & Incentives----in some parts of the country Toyota has a $500 Customer Rebate and a $1000 Incentive that goes directly to the dealer.
    2. The DOC Fee of $589 is way out of line, $100 is reasonable. This is just a profit padding thing they use.
    Shop around, seems to me you should get this car for at least $500 below Edmunds' Invoice (including the DOC Fee).
    3. The Tax,Title & License(TTL) should only be involved in your dealing after reaching an agreement on the Out-The-Door price.
  • jshtickjshtick Member Posts: 7
    Hmm..then it seems there isn't a whole lot of difference between chicago and milwaukee. Since if I take out the stability control and those pricey mats, I can probably get the car for ~ 19,400.
  • njnotsunjnotsu Member Posts: 5
    I'm thinking about purchasing 07 Camry XLE (I'm in NJ), and today I visited one of the Toyota dealers nearby for the first time after I contacted them on the Internet. For XLE, the quote I relieved was $28,488 + TTL for MSRP of $30,854.

    Included are the following options and accessories:
    - Navigation
    - Smart key system (SK)
    - Traction Control (VS)
    - Floor mats (CF)
    - VIP Glass Breakage Sendor (V2)
    - Remote Engine Start (V4)

    Including TTL, out of pocket price will come to a little less than $31,000. I thought this deal was not bad, although with the accessories above I'm not sure if MSRP really is less than $31,000. On Toyota's Web site, with Navigation package and other accessories added, the total MSRP should come to more than $31,000. Maybe specification the dealer is talking about is slightly different. In either case, I told them that I did not want to make any decisions today as I've been contacting a couple of other Toyota dealers in my area. Please someone let me know what you think of this deal? Any advice would be helpful!!
    Thanks and regards!!
  • ieee_raiderieee_raider Member Posts: 20
    Sounds about right for a 4-cylinder.

    MSRP on a V6 with those options should be a bit more, I think... but maybe not. Looks like the only factory option you don't have is heated seats.
  • njnotsunjnotsu Member Posts: 5
    Thanks! You actually brought up a great point. In my mind, I was always thinking about XLE V-6, but maybe I forgot to mention that to the salesman (bummer!). I'm going to call them on Monday to find out whether the quote was based on V-6 or 4-cylinder. When I initially contacted the dealer via Internet, I spelled out that I was interested in XLE V-6, but someone who replied to me by e-mail was different from the actual salesman who I spoke to in the dealer. And I know this salesman didn't have any information I gave them by e-mail.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Sounds screwed up because Smart Key not available on the 4-cyl in the US.
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