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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



  • QualityQuality Posts: 17
    Tup: Yes, I would agree the Matrix XR would probably represent better value. I believe the salesperson stated that would cost $21900.00 with the automatic. There was no XR on the lot so I did not get to see one. The base model was just too plain and did not seem to be worth $21,000.00
    I saw a Vibe on the same day and probably would have bought one if they had not loaded it up with $2,000.00 worth of stuff that I did not want. I think the basic Vibe is a very good looking vehicle. Anyhow,the bottom line is: The Matrix XR with an automatic cost $21,900 and the Aerio GLX cost just over $19,000 and I personally would be satisfied with the equipment for that price. Styling is another issue.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Was the Matrix much quieter than the Aerio or similar? Did the smaller engine feel much less powered or similar? Could you order a Vibe without the extra $2K worth of stuff you don't want? What was that stuff, BTW?
  • QualityQuality Posts: 17
    This is my second attempt to post. Purchased pearl green after much shopping mainly for Matrix and Vibe, which not available in my price range. Aerio cost $18600 on the road (freight included). Hpulley4: the extra stuff is called the "power package" includes remote keyless entry, power door locks, power windows and cruise control. These things are standard with the Aerio GLX You can probably order a base Vibe with auto, but nothing in this price range is currently available in my market. Two will be here soon and they will both be black.
    Will pick up my new unit tomorrow. I like the idea of the 141 HP motor and the green makes the car look completely different and buyable for me. Colour may not be a big issue with the Sedan which looks different. The Matrix is quieter than the Suzuki. But, I kind of like the growl.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Let us know how you like it once you've had it for a little while.

    BTW, your freight is lower than here ($995 here), I assume because the boat from Japan just drops them off in BC while they have a loooong truck drive out to Ontario.

    My local Pontiac dealer finally has a Vibe to test drive. I'll let you know how I think they compare.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    I believe you're the first Suzuki Aerio owner in this discussion! We look forward to hearing all about your delivery experience.... ;-)

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  • rwgreenbergrwgreenberg Posts: 154
    Good luck with your new toy. Give us all of the details after you pick up.
  • howhohowho Posts: 77
    has anyone done any comparisons between these two vehicles?

    i am shopping, and was quoted $975 freight and PDI for the suzuki, and a whopping $1795 for freight and PDI for the hyundai. both cars seem to come to the same cost after you add in all the additional charges. does anyone know how much dealers in canada (edmonton) move on the prices of these vehicles? what would be a good purchase price for each one with an automatic?

    i am torn between the two cars. the elantra gt is your typical, euro-looking vehicle and is quieter. but the aerio is quite different, and in yellow just screams attention. so, it may come down to price and resale as far as which way i go.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    The Aerio has really good intro rates right now, and the price is especially good on the auto GLX (I'd like the stick but for times when my wife might drive it, auto would be better). I am almost tempted by those low rates, even though I thought the car was too noisy for me. The Hyundai rates aren't nearly as good (both lease and finance are higher, at least on the GT). I didn't realize that it might have such high freight (don't know exactly what it is in Ontario). Even without freight, they look similar in cost to me for the SX but the GLX looks cheaper than a GT auto.

    The looks of the Elantra are turning me off too, just personal preference but something about the styling doesn't hit it.

    Finally, sounds like a silly reason, but the Elantra is a bit too long. Our driveway isn't that long and unless I take my wife's advice and get rid of our concrete side steps, replacing my Geo Metro with something a lot bigger is going to make parking our two cars a headache. There IS enough room but if one or both don't park 'perfectly' then it would be tight. The Aerio is 166.5" long while the Elantra is 177" long, which is quite a difference. The Vibe is 172" long, which is better but still quite a bit bigger. My Metro hatch is just 150" long, if you can believe that, so the Elantra is more than 2 feet longer, which might be a tight squeeze.
  • howhohowho Posts: 77
    when i compared the base aerio to the glx, it seemed like quite a price jump to go to the glx for what got added in the glx package. on the other hand, when you look at what you get for what you have to pay to upgrade to the sx, the sx actually looks like you're getting all the additional stuff at a very reasonable rate.

    perhaps the marketing folk are counting on most people buying the mid-tier vehicle (the glx), and so that is where the largest profit is. i don't know what the invoice prices are for the various aerio models and also for the elantra, but it would help. i have a friend who let me use use his car cost canada account to get the invoice prices but they have changed the way you get prices.

    i guess it seems to be a toss up between a "traditional" looking car and a "radical" looking car
  • QualityQuality Posts: 17
    This car was not my first choice but I am glad I bought it. For me it is a courier vehicle and not much more. I need a reliable vehicle that is efficient and reasonable to operate. I have grown quite fond of my dark grey and tan interior. I am very satisfied with this vehicle which is very well equipped for a fair price. Just cracked a 1000km yesterday and the car feels like it is ready to rumble on the hills and the highway. The 141 HP motor is probably a big reason why I bought the car. I was not attracted by the styling of this car, but now I do not mind it at all. Starting to get some compliments (mainly females) about the car. No problems to report at this time and the car feels like it will able to do a days work without complaining too much. Will keep everybody posted if any problems develop. And, thanks for the congrats.
  • TupTup Posts: 200

    According to the freight on a Hyundai Elantra GT is a whopping $375.00. So I would get the quote on paper and then give a little call to Hyundai Canada. That's insane! $1795!!!
  • howhohowho Posts: 77
    Thanks for the info, TUP. I was able to get costs for the elantra on carcostcanada today, and it seems like the dealer is trying to make yet another $1,400 on top of the $1,400 margin on the elantra gt at MSRP.

    Too bad there wasn't any information on the Aerio, though. My experience at the Hyundai dealer regarding the "pricing" has sort of turned me off on going back there to have a closer look.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Most people who buy Suzukis in North America are Canadians, eh?

    I must say, it's Suzuki's best attempt yet to sell a small car in the North American market.

    The Suzuki exhibit was empty this year at the Detroit auto show. I sprawled out on the carpet and took a nice nap there... I didn't see the Aerio there, but I picked up some literature on it.
  • mdyvrmdyvr Posts: 3
    Your right about Suzuki and Canada Mark. Tastes are similar but a bit different to Americans. Comparing the 2, small cars take a bigger piece of the pie in Canada. Oh sure, we have enough minivans to really scare just about anyone, and living in Vancouver there are too many soccar moms in Land Rovers MB, and BMW SUV's, but there are a lot more little cars too. Hell, we used to be able to buy the old Mini in the 70's. The small car market is just bigger up here for some reason. Maybe taxes and overall income levels.... or gas prices, who knows?

  • hiya - I've just bought an Aerio (Pearl green) in a Toronto dealership. I should have it by Saturday (Mar 30th). Will let everyone know how it is!!
    It's replacing my 1991 Chevy Turbo Sprint (a Suzuki 1 litre 3 banger with Turbo!) It has been extremely reliable for me in the last 11 years. IE: I had to finally replace the timing belt at 260 k, new alternator at 250k, new shocks in front 5 or 6 years ago, and not much else except tires and shocks.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your new Aerio! We look forward to hearing all the details.... Happy motoring!

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  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Have you looked at the Corolla, or do you need a hatch. You do have that LW for when you need the extra room. The Corolla sure is refined - since it seems that is what you are looking for, and it will even sip as little fuel as your Metro. Also $2000 rebate on the 2001 prizm. The Golf is also a really nice hatchback - esp with the TDI.

    I much prefer a hatchback to a sedan, but now that I have a minivan - I guess I can look at sedans too. Have you driven the Matrix yet? I don't really like the looks of it (trying too hard to be different) but it seems to be a nice car - wish they had a Corolla wagon/hatch still.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    I haven't driven a Matrix but I drove the Vibe which I found to be quieter than the Aerio, though not as cheap similarly equipped, or as powerful. Makes it difficult to accept the higher price of the Vibe but on the other hand, refinement is hard to price.

    I agree that I could probably get by with just a sedan now, though I do like hatches for times when I need the cargo space and my wife has the wagon (the usual situation).

    Unfortunately, I think the Prizm has been discontinued in Canada for some time so that option isn't there.

    I doubt the Corolla will do quite as well as the Metro on gas, but it may come close. I don't love the look of the Matrix, or the new Corolla or the new Camry for that matter but maybe I could get past the looks. Even the Corolla is kind of expensive next to the Aerio, with the automatic CE with package B about the same price as the Aerio GLX but with the Aerio having a big edge on options (fastback or sedan choice, power windows, cruise control, variable intermittent wipers, etc.) so once again the choice would be down to features vs. refinement for the same money.

    Finally, the Corolla is a bit long. Driveway space is a bit tight with our silly big side steps and the Vibe/Matrix is 6" shorter than the Corolla; the Aerio fastback is almost a foot shorter than the Corolla. 6" doesn't seem like much except when you pull in and realize you have to pull the other car up some to get your trunk off the sidewalk before the parking ticket appears on your windshield. Another reason why I like hatches: they're usually shorter.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    It is 6 inches shorter than a Matrix (165 vs 171)

    Price is $16,900, but that includes A/C, cruise, tilt/telescopic wheel, ABS, seat belt pre-tensioners, side curtain airbags, 4 wheel disc brakes, height adjustable seats, remote locking etc.

    That is for the TDI engine rated at EPA 42/49. It is cheaper w/ the gas engine, but not as stingy w/ fuel. The new TDI is nothing like diesels of the past it is smoother and quieter. Very queit on the freeway because it only turns 2080 rpm @ 60 mph. The engine has so much torque it does fine at low rpm. It actually has the same amount of torque as last years 1.8t (155 lbft).

    Reliability is about average (which is actually pretty good these days as all cars are getting more reliable - I think average now is equel to the best that was available 10-15 years ago) and the diesel engine will last forever.

    Can't hurt to try one.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    First, don't love the looks of the Golf. 2nd, it really isn't that cheap. In Canada, the Aerio GLX fastback is ~$19500 including freight which gives you 4-door hatch with 4-speed automatic, AC. The Golf TDI with 4-doors, automatic and AC is ~$24500 including freight. That's a fair chunk of change for a more refined interior and ride with a much less powerful engine.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Check out Edmunds' First Drive: 2002 Suzuki Aerio, by John DiPietro. Pretty good report, imo. What do you think?


    Thanks for your comments!

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  • howhohowho Posts: 77
    has anyone been able to get the canadian invoice price for an aerio sx automatic. i checked the "car cost canada" site a few days ago, and still nothing on the aerio.
  • bsme1991bsme1991 Posts: 23
    Carr Suzuki in west Portland, Oregon has the new Aerio SX for $3500 under MSRP. The car is the 4 door civic HB i was waiting all these years to replace my aging '92 CX.
    2 liter engine with DOHC, timing chain, direct ignition, AC, PB, PW, PS, CC, AM/FM CD, 15" aluminum wheels, fog lights, this thing is loaded! how does Suzuki expect to make any money?
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Paul, could you please let me know where you found this info? I'm in Portland, and am VERY
    interested in the Aerio SX. Thanks!

  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Based on looking at an ad, and email from Carr Suzuki,
    looks like the $3500 number was for Grand Vitaras, not the Aerio. The Aerio was (is?)
    $1500 off MSRP (still a good deal in my book).

  • bsme1991bsme1991 Posts: 23
    I went to the dealer hoping to see if they had a yellow SX... the inexperienced salesman must've mistaken the discount. Thanks for the updated information.
  • lespacelespace Posts: 9
    The Aerio is really a mixed bag at best. There are a few unforgivable problems that spoil an otherwise handy wagon (5-door hatchback, really). There was only an automatic at the Classic Suzuki dealership in Atlanta (I prefer manual).

    I'll start with the good news. The seating position is high with a great amount of headroom. In fact, the wagon is very tall in general.
    The rear visibility was better than expected. The engine tuning is nice in that torque is generated at considerably lower RPM than most other engines around this size. The ride is firm and quiet enough. Steering is very light but has adequate feedback. The cargo area has an assortment of little compartments that are often wasted space on other cars.

    The bad news begins with the console. Who thought digital instruments were a good idea? The cowl covers a very slim strip of orange LED instruments - a 2 digit number for the speedo and a graph for the tach. These are a bit difficult to see and require more than a glance to read. The plastics are sub-econo and were clashing warm and cool greys. I'm usually not so finicky, but these were bad enough to complain about.

    More problems with the interior include the poor fabrics. The seats have a very snag-catching perforated football jersey fabric surrounded by a fabric best described as flannel! This is even
    worse than typical econo velour. The rear arm rest is released by pulling a nylon strap that sticks out through a button-hole type seam. The football jersey is also on the upper door panels where I typically rest my arm while driving. It would have been smarter for this to be plastic or vinyl. There is not front center arm rest.

    The cargo area is wall to wall felt. Being sporty and all, you'd think Suzuki would've clad the seat backs and cargo floor in plastic (like the Matrix). The back seats fold semi-flat after tugging nylon straps on the seat bottoms and removing the headrests from the seat backs.

    The spoiler certainly does spoil things if you look too closely. It is crudely fastened on by 2 large plastic rivets. The spoiler doesn't
    fit or contour well into the body at all. Other exterior appearance problems include less-than-smooth paint and wheels that are IMO too small and out of proportion.

    This is a pity, really. I was looking forward to the Aerio as a replacement for my Metro. Despite how spartan my Metro is, it was designed and assembled with greater care than the Aerio. The Aerio was pleasant enough to drive, but you'd be crazy to buy one when there are better choices for the same money. Suzuki is cutting corners and it shows throughout. Spend the same and get an Elantra GT or spend a little more and get the handsome, competent and ultimately better Protege5.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    It is funny that you also have a Metro and were hoping the Aerio would be better. I have the same thoughts as you: I thought the Aerio would be a step up but getting back into my Metro after the test drive, the only thing I thought was better about the Aerio was the engine power. By driving my Metro like I stole it (revving the snot out of it) I find it has enough power. The cheap interior and digital gauges just killed the Suzuki for me. I kept wanting to like the Aerio but the cheapness of the barely operable tilt steering, the out of alignment steering column of the GLX I tried, etc. made me say no. I've been hanging around here still hoping I would get over the interior but I've finally decided against it so I'll probably sign off with this message.

    I've test driven the Vibe which I like much better than the Aerio even though I'd get less features for the same money; too bad they are so hard to come by and going for MSRP right now. I wasn't loving the styling of the Elantra GT but I saw one in black the other day that looks very nice so I really should test drive one. The P5 looks worse than the Vibe IMO and is more expensive here similarly equipped than either the Vibe or the Elantra but I may still give one a drive just for completeness.
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