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Volkswagen TDI Models



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085 - - - - ck_SUV_5W-40.asp

    Notice the "CH-4" rating and 5W40 and TBN 0f 12? This is perhaps one of the best oils available for the TDI. My sources say that it will be available soon in a WallyMart near you. YAY!
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    The good news:1. is that this is repackaged Mobil Delvac One 2. it will be more widely available!

    For my .02 cents, this is one of the best group IV synthetic oil on the market. I currently use it. (Delvac One 5w-40) I am hoping since it will be more widely available that the price will go south of 5 dollars per quart! :)
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    It only meets requirements for pre-2004 TDI.
  • jaijayjaijay Posts: 162
    moparbad, what are the oil ratings for 2004-TDI and what current oil meets this requirement?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    I am not Moparbad, but the specification is for VW 505.01. While there are a lot of Euro oils that are certified for this specification, two that are almost marginally available that I know of are the Motul and the Castrol. Castrol is the one that is available at VW dealers for (I have heard) up to 12 dollars a qt. On another web site there is an interesting "virgin" oil analysis of the VW recommended Castrol (or at least that is the brand sold at most VW dealerships) When you put it side by side with "virgin" Mobil One Delvac, Castrol is not even marginally better!??? As you know however the very strongly worded OEM cautions can put the kybosch on things.
  • tpalutpalu Posts: 2
    I am taking delivery of 04 jetta tdi wagon tomorrow, feb 21 from kansas city dealer and will be immediately driving to st. louis. I will read the manual, and intend to vary speeds on the 250 mile drive, but was wondering if any experienced tdi drivers had info re how to best break in new car-motor for best life.

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    From what I've gathered over the years, what the manual says has a lot of merit. The more varied the better, but even if you just keep your highway speeds varied it should be fine. Or you could take a back road home and enjoy the drive:)

    I just would not set the cruise on 70 and drive the entire 250 miles. Run 65 for awhile, maybe 60 here and there if traffic permits. Take it up higher every now and then. Basically just drive like every other idiot on the highway that doesn't know how to drive at a set speed;)
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    One of the things in the new car category you want to break in at a very easy pace is how the movable parts mesh or react to each other.

    So some stuff that comes to mind are very easy and under 60-65 mph for the tires. 1. How gentle you are with tires during this time will affect effect the longevity. It also needs to "seat" so to speak. 2. Brakes again, first 200 miles are pretty critical, also for the same reasons as tires. 3. The varied rpm's are important again same reason The TDI engine doesnt fully break in for app 60k miles not keep one speed but vary it. 5 a separate but intergral part is to keep the turbo spooling correctly. 6. transmission the same way. 7 When you are coming off freeway speeds and rpms, it is also important to not shut down the engine before 1-2 min of lower rpms (what you are preventing is heat soak) So an example is you bomb along the freeway at say 80 mph for 2 hrs and you pull off at a fuel station if you go at stop and go rpms for 1-2 min you can shut down your engine almost right away. But if you do not then it is best to idle the engine 1-2 min stopped.
  • We ordered an 04' Jetta GLS PD TDI from Manchester VW. We took delivery in late January. The Jetta is certainly a great value for the price. Our order includes the leather, heated seats, ESP, 5 speed tiptronic, moon roof, alloy wheels, etc (GLS grade). We ordered the TDI for the economy. The Jetta is getting 40+ MPG consistently.

    The annoyances with the vehicle are the required use of VW spec 505.01 engine oil (MUST USE 505.01 in PD engines) which is not available anywhere but at the dealer (read about 505.01 oil requirement at The other annoyance is the Jetta does not produce heat in the cabin for a long time on cold days. Despite these annoyances, we really like(d) our Jetta TDI. It is fun to drive.

    Unfortunately, when we took delivery of our Jetta, the windshield had scratches from the factory or from transportation. On delivery Manchester VW placed a warranty claim for a new windshield. We drove the Jetta for a couple of weeks returning to have the windshield replaced. Manchester VW sublet the work to Glass America. The dealership had the glass ordered and delivered for our 04' Jetta. Glass America replaced the windshield with their own glass (communication breakdown there). The windshield Glass American installed was the wrong glass (too big), but they installed it anyway. The "A" pillar rubber seals were sticking up like fins on a fish. Geesh! While installing the glass, Glass America severely scratched the hood in numerous places with a couple of large gouges in the paint (I have photos!). They also got road sand on the hood (how can this happen) which probably caused most of the scratches. The interior had dust and dirt in the seats. When we saw the vehicle, we were appalled by the condition of our brand new Jetta. The rubber seals sticking up, the sand on the hood and the scratches turned our stomach. We stood around while the service personnel informed management that after we viewed the vehicle, we were not happy. No one in the dealership really indicated what they would do. We took our plates and left the Jetta there.

    The next day we had to call Manhester VW to find out what they would do. We asked for Manchester VW to give us a new Jetta. They refused unless we were willing to pay more money. We called VW of America for help. VW of America stated is was not their issue and it was a dealer issue. We got no support from VW of America. After 5 days without our Jetta, Manchester VW replaced the windshield again with the correct glass. They replaced the hood with one from a new car on the lot (big no no in the state of NH). While fixing the windshield and replacing the hood, Manchester VW scratched our front bumper and sometime during its stay with the dealer, they added a nice paint chip (green car paint) in the drivers door.

    After being treated so poorly by VW of America and Manchester VW, we decided that VW of America did not want our future business. We will NEVER buy from Manchester VW or another Volkswagen. Although our experience sounds pretty dramatic, every ounce of our experience is true.

    DO NOT BUY a VW from Manchester VW (NH). DO NOT HAVE GLASS AMERICA do the work. Another dealer we work with told us they use to used Glass America until they scratched the hoods on several new cars. Although our VW has a new hood and the correct glass installed, we are done with VW and will buy our new vehicles from reputable companies who support their customers with their dealer network. Our TDI is for sale.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Sounds like a bum deal. VW dealers are among the worst IMHO, with Toyota trailing a close second. Your situation is almost identical to the one I had when buying my last Camry. We picked it up on a very cold morning, and we quickly discovered the terrible prep job they had given it. It only had about 2 miles on it when we pulled into a parking lot down the road and when we crossed the transition from road to lot (slight curb) we heard a loud "pop". Didn't take long to figure out what it was because a crack appeared in the windshield that started under the seal. We took it back to the dealer who absolutely refused to have anything to do with it. Stated it had to have been a rock that hit the windshield (under the seal!!) they said it shouldn't be a big deal because "your insurance will cover it". I certainly realized my insurance probably would pay for it, but that wasn't the point. Called Toyota customer service and they said there was no way to prove the windshield was their fault once I left the dealership so I'd be best to have my insurance fix it. 4 mile old vehicle with an aftermarket windshield, excellent!

    We also found grease on the rear seats which the dealer refused to accept blame for. Then when we started nibbing around the trunk we found it had no spare. After bringing this to the dealers attention and them refusing to accept blame I spoke to the service manager about getting a new spare and he admitted to stealing one from new inventory and forgot to replace it. That would have been nice to find on a rainy night with a flat! Nevermind the many other problems that junky car had. I certainly avoided that dealer when my daughter decided on a new Celica GTS. Lesson learned, don't leave the dealer without going over the car with a magnifying glass and a salesman standing by.

    The point? Beyond some luxury brands I'm not impressed with any dealers and typically buy the car from the cheapest I can find and then go try to find the best place for service. Not many provide both.

    If you don't have a VW dealer near you, you've only got four choices: Don't buy a VW, drive to one that has a decent service shop, find a good VW independant mechanic, or do all the maintenance yourself. So far I've been able to do everything myself for 70k miles. I've also found a highly recommended independant to try if I ever get into a project that's over my head.

    The only reason I have the TDI is because I drive 40k miles per year and it's the only small econimcal car I can stomach driving. I drove mid-size V6's for years until I drove this car and was impressed with it. I'm still very impressed with it and have had very few problems (much less than my last camry!) so I have no reason to ditch it.

    As for your heating issue, you can buy a heater for it and plug the car in. I have mine on a timer and it comes on 2 hours before I'm leaving and the car starts up like it's 90F instead of zeroF. Heat begins almost immediately.
  • Sebring95,

    Wow, I am surprised about the Toyota experience. I always heard Toyota has a relatively good customer service record. I assume the experience varies by dealer. Our experience is certainly emotionally upsetting.

    Our concern with the VW is the lack of support by VW of America and the fact that Manchester VW did not take the customer service relationship seriously. Customer service after the sale is what keeps customers coming back and supports the referral service from happy owners. We are sure that you and others can only imagine that we will share our experience with everyone we meet. We would do the same if the experience was a positive experience.

    Even after they replaced the hood and glass on our *new* Jetta, they did not take the extra care avoiding additional damage. If a customer had the experience we had in my own business, I would do the right thing and accommodate the customer. We had a new car. All we needed the dealership to do is give us back a new car. Although they attempted to correct their error(s), we were without our vehicle for 5 days and they still scratched the bumper and chipped the drivers door.

    We realize our vehicles will see daily environmental damage. But, we would like to think it would not happen at the dealership to the magnitude experienced with Manchester VW.

    VW of America has lost a customer forever. As mentioned in our initial post, the VW is for sale and we will purchase from a reputable dealership with the manufacturer that supports their customers leaning on the dealer network to do the right thing.

    We had a similar experience with Mercedes Benz a few years ago. The dealer got us a new car in one week. They purchased the original Benz back from us and provided us with the exact replacement. We have been Mercedes fans ever since. The Mercedes corporate philosophy is customer service "to the extreme". We will return to our roots and be treated with respect. If MB only had a diesel that got 40+ MPG. Maybe fuel economy is not all it's cracked up to be. Thanks for the reply and the support.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    It's hard to get much service at the lower priced manufacturers. Some are great, some are really bad. I could go on and on about my dissastisfaction with my last Camry and the way the dealer and Toyta of American handled it. But really it's not worth losing sleep over. My experience with Audi dealers (a division of VW) has be excellent with over-the-top service. I too would likely sign-on if they would bring one of their numerous tdi's that are sold in Europe.

    Mercedes does have a new diesel coming later this year. E320 with a CDI diesel that Car and Driver tested last month. Awesome car both performance (0-60mph in 6 seconds) and economy. They were getting upwards of 40 some mpg on the highway and I think they averaged 30mpg for their tests which are usually similar to city epa ratings. I will consider one when they're released, although it's still hard to justify putting 40k miles per year on a luxury car. That's why I liked the Camrys, cheap to buy and resale was usually good even with high miles. My first two were very reliable, the last was very disappointing and it was clear Toyota dumped a lot of quality over the years.
  • tpalutpalu Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info re brake in on drive from kc to stl in 04 jetta tdi wagon. Everything was fine, but a few more in what type of oil to use. I will do my own basic maintenance and the manual refers to 505.01 oil, web sites talk about using rotella synthetic or castrol. What oil to use????


  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (tpalu) The oil for the 2004 TDI engine is ONLY available at VW dealerships.

    Do not use an oil that was suitable for the previous-generation TDI engine.

    Even the coveted Mobil Delvac1 is not labelled to meet the 2004 TDI requirements.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Anyone with a 2004 TDI should be on this petition.... heck even folks with older TDIs can sign it too 8-)
  • jaijayjaijay Posts: 162
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. My wife and I just bought a 2004 Jetta GLS TDI from Tulley in Nashua NH. So far, so good. Although I did get the follow up phone call from VW, I never got one from the dealer. However I would rate the purchase experience much better than Toyota but not as friendly as Saturn as I have purchased both in the past.

    As for the car iteslf, I am certainly pleased. Both my wife and I often fight over who gets to drive it.

    I am scouting around for areas that carry oil. A friend mentioned that he has purchased Motul locally for his motor bike. Motul is one of two oils that I know that are a certified VW oil. I wonder if they carry the synthetic stuff that the 2004 TDI-PD requires.

    Good luck.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    Actually, Mobil offers the 505.01 for the TDI, however it is a product that is available in the Euro logistical pipeline and not the USA one!
  • Has anyone tried to use jet fuel in a tdi? Some of the old timers where I used to work said they used it all the time in the older diesel rabbits. Any info would be great. I can get jet fuel for about .80 a gallon from an aviation friend. Jet A fuel is very similair to kerosene.
  • jaijayjaijay Posts: 162
    jshack07, I would think the use of jetfuel would be questionable as it may not supply the lubrication needed for the TDI's fuel system.
  • You can order the Motul VW 505.01 spec motor oil directly from Motul ( Motul is one of the recommended choices for the new PD TDI's. There is a listing (by region) of all the retail stores that carry the Motul VW 505.01 oil.

    Thanks for the vote of support. Since we have strong convictions for doing (not doing) business with crappy outfits, we have informed VW of our dissatisfaction with their support and will refuse to do business with anyone associated with VW. My 04 Jetta PD is going away. We have a deposit on a C-class Mercedes which will replace the Jetta. Mercedes bends over backwards to keep their customers happy. We are returning to the brand. You can visit me in the Mercedes Benz forums in the next few days.

    Good luck with the 04' PD TDI.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Here is an interesting artical about the PD TDI oil requirements. It is the Magnuson Moss Act that allows us to service our new vehicles WITHOUT the dealer and still maintain warantee.,aCnsqj- y
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    As stated in post 987, there are other oils available for the 2004 TDI other than the dealer only oil. No violation of MM exists here.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Does the manual say you must use the Volkswagen Oil only or does it say it must meet the specification? If it requires that you must use the Volkswagen only, and as we know there is an alternative then why wouldn't that violate the MM?
  • Hello every body! I just purchased an '03 Jetti TDi black and manual transmission with the monsoon stereo. I believe I got a tremendous bargain!It is in mint condition inside and out, but it has 43k miles on it. the previous owner must have been a salesman. Anyway, my best friend is a car wholesaler and he came across this car and called me immediately. Apparently, the dealership had a customer trade it in and the dealership didn't want to sell a diesel car so they unloaded to my friend. I paid $11,200 for it!
         I immediately changed the oil and filter. I knew to be careful about the type of oil, but I don't think I was careful enough. I put Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w 30. It said on the label it was safe for diesel engines. When I went on this forum, I noticed about the limited selection of oils and that mobil delvac is what I should of used. My 2 questions are: Should I change the oil immediately, or am I going to be ok? and did I get a good deal on my TDi?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    That is a super good price! Also as you might know the engine at 43k miles is not even really broken in! You have 17k more miles till you get full seat in :)

    In so far as your Mobil One 5w-30, it does NOT meet the CI-4/CF4 standards. Mobil Delvac 5w40 does and is also SL/SJ backward compatible. So you can use Mobil Delvac One in both diesel and gasser. While you are not in immediate danger using Mobil One 5w30, keep in mind the diesel engine emits soot back into the oil and Mobil One 5w30 while it can handle a certain amount, is not designed/blended with that in mind. Mobil Delvac One 5w40 among other things is. So ok with Mobil One is relative to when do you plan to switch to a diesel rated oil?

    Welcome to the club and also the thread!
  • Thank you ruking1. As for oil change...can I wait for 5k more miles or am I endangering the engine?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,337
    Well, the funny thing is really we are playing a numbers game. The problem is that we really don't have Real Time access to the numbers. So even if you take an oil analysis sample, you have to send away for it to be done and wait for the mailed results.

    I have INXS of 650k miles with Mobil One (on different vehicles). So if I had to guess, I'd say you'd be ok.

    The best is to go to the specified product as soon as possible.

    The OEM doesn't make it any easier and indeed there are huge differences in opinions on oil issues.

    My read is Mobil Delvac One, but in truth that is only my .02 cents, but is what I am betting on. Luck and 550,000 miles will really tell :)

    I have taken gassers to app 250k with conventional oil as well as 15k interval Mobil One synthetic. There is even some controversy if synthetic oil is really required. In fact there are some conventional as well as synthetic blends that do just fine! Viscosity, by owners manual, is also all over the map.
  • I'm sorry to say I'm thinking about selling my Jetta. I like it, it has been a great car, but I really miss having a pickup truck so I'm looking at selling the Jetta and buying a Nissan Frontier. The problem is that I can't figure out what is a fair asking price. I have the 2003 VW Jetta Wagon GLS TDI, 5 spd. manual transmission, leather, monsoon, and heated seats & mirror in baltic green, with about 19k miles. I have looked at several places for comparison, but there aren't enough of them to really get a good idea. There are lots of Jettas, and lots of TDI's for sale, but few if any TDI wagons. This makes me wonder how Edmunds is coming up with their used price for this car. Any advice that you can give me will be greatly apreciated.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Automatic or manual?
  • If you are considering using jet fuel in your TDI make absolutely sure that it is indeed jet fuel, and not aviation gasoline as these are two completely different products. Jet fuel is kerosene that has gone through a special filtering process, and it includes some jet specific additives such as bacterial growth inhibitors. Aviation gasoline is high octane gasoline and using it would ruin your engine. In cold areas oil companies often mix kerosene with diesel to give it better resistance to clouding, that is, basically turning to jello in the fuel lines. So using it in the TDI is probably fine, but you may want to do some more research first. If kerosene is OK, then jet fuel (officially kerosene type jet fuel) will be ok also. Although you may want to mix it up and alternate to make sure you are getting the appropriate lubricants and cleaning additives.
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