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Volkswagen Phaeton



  • I certainly agree; to a point...

    There are very few Arnold commercials that have been home runs...The New(A4 Platform)Jetta Commercial filmed in New Orleans 5 years ago, and most of the New Beetle spots..."Round for a Reason" among others...

    I have been less than politically correct many times before; so when I say that we need to inject a major dose of testosterone into our ads,
    it is something that I have said many times before and not quietly...

    I like the new PHAETON "Warp Speed" for a couple of reasons...First, it reaches outside of the normal demographic...very important in my opinion. Next.. a Father & Son, I like that as well. Some features and then whooooosh...Warp Speed...There is certainly more that can be done,
    but a quantum leap from the crap they put together for the W8...
  • I keep hearing about smokin' lease deals on the Phaeton but my local dealers never seem to offer them up. Anyone recently leased one???
  • I sold my seventh one today, and it was the first cash deal...Lease offers from Volkswagen Credit very attractive...
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Look on for a new Phaeton Lease special!!
  • what are the deals that you have.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    "but a quantum leap from the crap they put together for the W8... "

    Though an R40 version of the W8 might have been enough to sway me - without a commercial of any kind.

    - Ray
    Knowing THAT ain't gonna happen . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    i read a post that the phaeton is a total failure.
    wrong price point for a vw.
    car is heavy.
    car is very very heavy.
    car is difficult to turn at speed........regardless of what you read on the test.
    it oversteers and it is difficult to hold the intended line at speed.

    but,car is great for straight ahead driving at high speeds.............just do not turn.

    i have been posting and knew that prices had to come down.and now that they have i thought why not?

    i do a lot of travel between fla. where i live and conn. where my daughter and grandkids are.would be a great car for this.

    but ,next hurdle...........the idiotic dealers down here....i cannot trust them.and this is in the sales dept.
    in the service dept ???/
    well,i checked other vw owners..........
    they hate the experience..........

    another problem----steep depreciation--this one does not bother me because i keep my cars well over 230,000 miles....but this introduces a new problem............

    service ,breakdown,and costs of repair this overly complex,heavy car or sis it a truck.


    now that prices are good,the other items listed above have made me reconsider........

    by the way,i drove the new BENTLEY CONTINENTAL ,and had a blast.
    if you go take a look at it,(made by vw with vw parts)
    you will recognize many parts in the phaeton are in this car including the steering wheel and the rear arm rests and other.
    great car............this may be what i need for my trips.
    taking it for 2 days next week to see.
  • Better bring your checkbook; you will not want to give it back!!! :)

    Make sure that you get one with the upgraded sound system.
  • I hate to pick a nit, but the Phaeton does not oversteer, it understeers.

    And, this circumstance is somewhat mitigated by inflating the front tires higher than the rear tires.

    Finally, although you are correct if you meant understeer, not oversteer, the Phaeton is hardly "horrible" in this regard unless you are comparing it to some well balanced rear wheel drive cars that, at this moment, will certainly cost a lot more than the Phaeton and will not have the Phaeton's edge in the winter.

    With respect to long term -- well, I certainly would go for the maximum extended warranty you can buy (100,000 miles, I assume). And, know, that any European car will be very expensive to repair 100,000 miles from now.

    The Phaeton, at this point, seems to be "cheap" -- especially if you are leasing. But at 230,000 miles you certainly are not a good candidate for a lease.

    When I see these things in the paper at a lease number that begins with a "5" I know things are not going well in VW - ville for this product.

    But, the thing is, the car is a total unknown.

    Remember when Lexus first came out -- people did claim "no one will buy a Toyota at this price point." Unlike Lexus, which chose to have stand alone dealers, VW has marketed the Phaeton right next to a golf and a jetta -- this should NOT be a problem. But it is for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is the virtual complete lack of an image campaign. Moreover, the dealer body reputation is, by all accounts, merely "fair" and that is being charitable (see the saga on the Passat town hall about the engine replacement).

    Audi to some is still a VW that knows somebody. But, here in River City (Cincinnati) the dealer image at our 2 Audi dealers is undergoing a major makeover ($6,000,000 face lifts!).

    Simultaneously, several of the VW dealers appear to be doing the same thing -- but this shift in image will take time and for the time being I am reminded that "perception is reality!"

    So, what do yo do?

    Buy the cheap Phaeton and love it -- it is a bargain. The worst that will happen is the thing will be worthless from a trade in standpoint not too long in the future. That is why I would at least consider a lease -- they (VW) will insure YOU against a fall in resale value.

    If I had the money that VW probably has to blow on marketing, I would hire the company that did the Lexus roll out years ago and just say "make it like that." Of course, I just can't see a lot of VW dealers willing to put out "AUDI" money for a new dealership -- and make no mistake about it, the dealers have to cough up the dough for the new corporate look and the substance to provide the service behind the facade.

    Maybe VW needs to talk to the folks at VWGUILD's company about how to pull this off.

    What a world, what a world.
  • Congratulations!!! And Welcome to the Volkswagen Family!!!

    Let me assure you that with each passing day, you will enjoy your PHAETON more & more...
  • tariktarik Posts: 344 like so many others out there - empty. Plus, in light of guild's reference to the "father and son" display, the agency (and ultimately VW of NA) should have taken a closer look at the height at which the safety belt passes the young passenger's neck and carotid artery. Unfortunately, and that has nothing to do with VW or the Phaeton at all, shortcomings like this are apparently not even noticed. The people who produce, film, and approve automotive-related clips like this, should know better. And that's just MHO...
  • Trying to understand, even abstractly, where you are going with this comment about the passenger seat belt position...

    When this young man is sitting back in the seat the belt seems to be at a rather normal 45 degree
    angle...And, in the event of an accident, that is exactly where he would be; pre-tensioning retractors are standard on all VWs...

    And this reference to the Carotid Artery...what is that? All arteries, as opposed to veins, are rather deep within the body...the only exception being the popliteal, which is right behind the knee...

    Your point is???
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    All I am saying is that the boy in the front seat is too short to properly be restrained as suggested in the commercial, he should still have a booster under him. As I am sure you know, the lowest position of the seat belt does only fit humans of certain upper body height, and the young passenger in the clip does not fall into this category yet. At his body height, he should actually still ride in the back seat anyways, but THAT wouldn't jive with the "dad and son" theme. Review the commercial here.

    As to the carotid artery, seat belts, if not adjusted for height correctly, are known to cause dissections of the carotid artery in traffic accidents, as the passenger could receive the majority of decelerative force on his neck by the restraining belt.

    Hope to have made my point a little clearer.
  • As a Licensed California Paramedic(Ret.)And having spent 5 years on the mean streets of Salinas...running hundreds of calls on the "Blood Alley" section of Highway 101 in North Monterey County...I have never encountered the situation that you describe...

    Back on point...I just hope that Q4 brings more Advertising & Marketing for the PHAETON...
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    ...never seen a gas station blow up because of someone smoking while they filled up (not an unusual here in SC, by the way), but that doesn't mean it does not happen...

    Back to the regular program.
  • First Post. (I actually posted message 1009, but it was pulled when I asked to change my forum name.)

    Just received a Phaeton that was ordered in April. I requested the 4-seat option which is produced in lower quantities, so I had to wait. As it turns out, that pushed my car into the 2005 group, so the wait was probably a good thing. I like the new wheel design.

    To respond to an earlier question regarding leases. VW owns their own leasing company. One way to discount the cost of the car without lowering the purchase price is to give you credit for a high trade-in value when calculating the lease cost. Even if the interest rates are at market levels, if they allow a 60% trade-in value after 3 years, or 52% trade-in value after 4 years, they are probably allowing more than the actual market will pay down the road. Third-party leasing companies were quoting me residual values more than 10% less.

    My reason for posting is actually to address the comments regarding the target customer and VW strategy, which seems to be a divided subject on this forum. I am not qualified to critique the VW strategy, but I can post my "profile" and reasons for buying the car.

    I have driven Mercedes S-Class and SELs for 23 years now. When I was younger, the image was fun, but as I age (47 at the moment), the image becames less fun. Mercedes engineering also changed. They stopped making rebuild kits, and started carrying replacement modules. More efficient for them. More expensive for me. The frequency of repair was the real problem. Other cars may be experiencing the same issues for all I know, but my attitude about Mercedes went from respect to indifference. I was willing to pay for higher quality, but I was only getting average quality. I realize that repair costs can be avoided by turning in a car at the end of a warrantee period, on any brand car, but for me the damage is done.

    In my opinion, because the prestige of the badge is of less value, VW offers a better car for a better price. For me, the separated big back seats are a huge plus. I like the light steering response. For others, Mercedes' heavier steering is more comfortable. For others, BMW's tighter suspension is a priority. For others, Audi's A8L retractable command center screen is refreshing. I personally like the Phaeton, I like the design, I like the VW image.

    The dealer experience was also night and day. The VW dealer was happy to let my teenage son test drive the cars with me. My Mercedes dealer was worried my son would smudge the paint on the showroom car, and made a point of criticizing the competition.

    One of my buddies said that with the VW badge and relative obscurity of the new car, no one would recognize that I am driving a luxury car. Great. I will know. In fact, obscurity would be a bonus. He turned out to be wrong, however, this car is attracting more attention that I suspected - maybe just a new thing. I have met several other Pheaton owners through this process of buying a car. Every one is an ex-Mercedes, BMW, Lexus owner. The first-time luxury car buyer is apparently not buying a Pheaton locally. Oh well.

    This is a very fun car.
  • And, once again...Congratulations!!! Welcome to the Volkswagen Family...
  • i understand how mb might be a little worried that your son might not be the best driver out there, but don't you think if your son is good enough at driving for you, he is good enough for mb? What kind of service is that? At least VW hasn't got their heads up their butt and started acting all arrogant since they have a nice car as well.

    P.S. Great decision on your Phaeton!!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Funny how things are relative. When I was I kid, a friend and I stopped at a dealership when we saw a Ferrari being unloaded. We were just watching it being unloaded, and the Ferrari salesman came out and started yelling at us because he did not want it touched. The Mercedes salesman felt bad and invited us to come in and sit in his cars and not to worry about touching them, take your time etc.

    The friend eventually bought a Mercedes.

    Being treated right by the dealer makes a big difference. My father, who is retired, still can't understand why car salesman 40 years his junior insist on calling him by his first name (or buddy etc.) like they are old friends. Mr. _______ goes a long way for some people.
  • Car dealer experiences are really fun to toss around. I remember going into a Mercedes dealer with my parents when I was a kid. My parents were quite well off, but, to put it mildly, "dressed down" on the weekends. Well, the salesperson didn't really give us the time of day until it came out that my dad was a doctor, etc., and then attitudes changed.

    I finished the "dealing" on my Phaeton having just come from the gym; perhaps not the typical appearance of a Phaeton buyer! However, in 2004, I think that the dealers know not to "judge a book by its cover" and treat everyone with respect.

    I've been impressed recently in my car buying purchases, as the majority of salespeople know something about the vehicles. I have had the experience in the past of knowing way more about the nuts and bolts of a car than the salesperson; recently that's not been the case.
  • VWguild2 and other owners,

    I was told during the sales process that when I took a Phaeton in for repair I would drive away in another Phaeton while repairs were being made. If none were available, they would send me out with a Touareg.

    Is this a dealer offer, or a VW policy in general? My car is in for repair today (and yesterday). I am driving the old Benz that I thought was retiring. I chose that option over being driven to the nearest Enterprise car rental location. I haven't asked the dealer for an explanation yet.
  • Never mind. The dealer just called and apologized for the misunderstanding and inconvenience. They are bending over backwards to get a car to me. I suppose it is notable that they figured out the mistake before I called to ask about it. Just a new service person I suppose.
  • Loaner policy is pretty much as you stated...PHAETON or T-Reg...Glad they got it straight for you...
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    Didn't happen in my case:~(
  • what car did you get?
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    On my Phaeton 5k servie I got the old style Audi A4 with 50k miles and a huge dent on the front. No big deal other than they didn't deliver on the promise. Next time I'm going to schedule my appointment with with the 1-877-Pha-eton number. Because my other complaint was getting a hold of the specialist, always got caught up in voicemail hell.
  • they gave you a used audi with 50K miles and a big scratch??? Thats pathetic. But anyway, hope you get your problems solved
  • I have had my 2005 Phaeton ( 270 watt stereo is the only option I wanted) now for about one month. I just hit the 1000 mile mark and recently, after taking it easy for the first 7-800 miles, I have really started driving the car harder. I honestly find that I like this car the more I drive it. The stereo is beyond belief, it is one of the most comfortable riding cars I have ever driven, and like most Phaeton owners, I have owned many of the competitors. Despite what I have read here, I think the car tracks great at speed and the weight of the car reminds me, in all of the positive ways, of the E and S classes from two generations ago. The interior is stunning and the exterior with the new grill/wheels is awesome. I am constantly getting compliments here in West Los Angeles. Sure, the navigation is a waste, the trunk is too hard to close and the steering is just a tiny bit too light, but overall, I love this car. I crank up the stereo and with how well insulated a driver is with the windows up, the hellish traffic here in town is actually tolerable. Anyway, I could go on and on. For anyone out there on the fence and turned off by the badge, this is the real deal. If you want beauty, performance, quality and comfort at a bargain price, there really is no other choice in this class. If you are just all about prestige, this car will have to earn it. However, the valet at a downtown hotel last week put it front and center without even being asked....and he pronounced the car correctly as he was telling me how much he liked it....
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    Valets typically have two emotions. When you pull they take your keys and give you a card. When they bring the car back, they can't stop talking about it.
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