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Pickup Trucks for Women (Experiences/Opinions)



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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    A reporter with a national newspaper would like to speak with professional women who for the first time are buying a fun car or truck they have been longing to own but were not able to buy before because it wasn’t practical. This vehicle purchase is a splurge. The reporter would like to speak with first time buyers of full-size trucks, convertibles, Miatas, Porsches or Jaguars. If you fit what the reporter is looking for, please email a brief description with contact information to Kirsten Holguin at kholguin@edmunds.com as soon as possible.

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    farmersdaughtrfarmersdaughtr Member Posts: 1
    i am a farmer/dairyman's daughter and have drove hay trucks and pickups on the farm since i was 9 years old, i'm 44 now. let me tell you i would not be caught dead driving everything but a pickup or truck. at this time i own a red and white ford ranger xlt short bed stepside. pickups/trucks are the greatest.
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    mtngalmtngal Member Posts: 1,911
    As far as Wranglers go - the Unlimited with its longer wheelbase is much less bouncy than a SWB Wrangler - you might want to try one if you start getting Wrangler Fever. Even the current SWB TJ Wrangers (since '97) are much more comfortable than the older YJ (pre-1997) models

    We test drove a loaded Chevy 1/2 ton a couple of weeks ago and I didn't like the seats at all - they've made them for someone much taller than I am. I found the edge of the seat hit me below my knees, even with the seat back adjusted as upright as I could stand it. The Ford F150 was much better - I could get the seat adjusted better and the moveable pedals meant that I could stay far enough away from the air bags.
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    nevaneva Member Posts: 1
    I have always loved trucks!!
    15 years ago when I graduated from nursing school I was in the market for a new vehicle (I was driving a 1974 ford LTD at the time) and I wanted a truck or a SUV, my husband at the time (now ex) wante me to get a Taurus (yuck) everyone in his family had them, dependable, affodable, practicle blah, blah, blah...... well I got one much to my dismay, unfortunatley it outlasted our marriage, finally the engine blew!!!! I was so HAPPY, I could finally get my truck!!!!!
    The first one I bought was a Toyota Tundra access cab 2001 cloth seats V-8
    I-force engine thunder grey, loved it so much, we drove it to New Orleans and back up the east coast went 4WD on the Outer Banks in the Carolinas, just beautiful.
    Then last year Toyota had to mess with me and come out with the new 2004 Tundra limited 4 full sized doors, moon roof, full slide down back window, leather heated seats etc.... now its Thunder grey, I plan on having this one for a while and can't imagine driving anything but a truck, when I do get in a car I feel very uncomfortable.
    "I love big trucks & I dont know why"
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    karenbo1969karenbo1969 Member Posts: 1
    I always loved those really old pickups when I was a kid. However, in my youth, "ladies" did not drive pickups. (I was born in 1951.) I got my first pickup in about '95 or so, after REALLY wanting one since about '87, after I wrecked my '68 'Stang... a 1983 Ranger... basic, with NO frills. It was quite a dog until I put a different engine in it. It didn't even have side windows when I bought it! I still have it, but it is not on the road at the moment, sadly. Now I drive a 1984 Bronco II, and I have to say, I love it for some things... it's 4WD and it's a stick, and my dog can ride in the back seat, without risk of jumping out, but I really miss driving my pickup. I went to college in it in the latter half of the 90's, hauling tons of art stuff around, and getting looks from everybody at traffic lights... loved it. It was great!!!
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    mel67mel67 Member Posts: 1
    I am also a truck owner myself. I love having a truck, I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota.It was just a plain jane with a cap on it when I bought it. I have added a lot of extras too it. I too feel safer in my truck, I am higher up and just feel better owning one. I am a single woman and I was tired of having to ask other people to borrow a truck if I needed one. I also own a camper which now I can tow myself. I have a picture of it if I could post it. I would never go back to owning a car again.
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    researchqueenresearchqueen Member Posts: 41
    You women are an inspiration! I have to admit, I've been a city slicker most of my life and never even considered a truck... though looking back, perhap I should have because there were a LOT of times I had to haul stuff and had to rent or borrow. But tricks are much tougher to park in the city, of course.

    I had always been intimidated by the size, weight, and power of trucks, but today's trucks are so much easier to drive, that I'd actually enjoy it. (I liked the Frontier and the Ridgeline; haven't graduated to the big trucks yet.) Though with two young kids, it's still easier for me to do my normal errands, loading and unloading in the back with a minivan or SUV. I'd have to cap a truck in order to protect all the stuff I put in the back, and for me that kinda ruins the look of a pickup, you know?

    We recently came very close to buying a Tacoma quad cab long bed for my husband, because he hauls about 1,000 pounds of gear around for work (taking up 6 ft of space), and I wanted him to be able to carry children as well, and this was the smallest vehicle we could find that could do that job adequately. But although the Tacoma's a great truck, we still didn't feel comfortable driving it -- difficult to see where the car ended, would be really tough to park and maneuver in the city, etc. So we ended up buying him a used cargo van and getting a mid-sized SUV as well (Toyota). Now, embarassingly, we have three cars, but they all do the jobs they were designed for.
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    mtngalmtngal Member Posts: 1,911
    I personally don't like the seats in the Tacoma, but that's just me. My favorite pickup was a '76 Chevy - I had 2 of them at different times, and both were great trucks. I never had any problems telling where the front or the back were - I do much better with trucks than I do with cars. Though I have noticed that as the seating on full sized pickups get designed more for bigger people and get lower, I have more trouble seeing over the dash.

    I've had a shell on the last couple of pickups we've owned. There have been times when I wish I didn't have it on, for the most part I was always happy with it. It's a good way to go if you travel with a dog in the back. And it also makes a place one can sleep in a pinch.
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    goldendalegoldendale Member Posts: 2
    What an inspiration you women are! At 57 years of age I just bought a 2005 Tacoma doublecab and would sell my house before selling this truck! I have a Golden Retriever who loves to swim and I got turned off by putting a smelly, wet Golden in the back of my SUV - plus, she did not have much room. The Tacoma (with the cap) is great for her. After she has been in the back I just have to hose it down. She now goes everywhere with me and my 88 year old mother and we both feel safer bringing our dog wherever we go (Thelma and Louise). I have to admit that I put up with a lot of "raised eyebrows" from a lot of people. People thought I was more the Lexus type - which is the one of the biggest insults I have ever experienced. Because I work in Manhattan does not mean I can't drive a pickup. Anyway, I just decided that if I can pay a mortgage, I can drive whatever I please. As a matter of fact, am shopping for a travel trailer to tow. Would appreciate any input with respect to popups, etc. It has given me a new lease on life! In researching trucks, I found out that auto manufacturers are hiring more female engineers to design trucks for the new breed of women truck drivers. Trucks are much more practical than any other vehicle and I think truck drivers drive more safely. You don't have the maneuverability to weave in and out of traffic like those annoying kids in smaller cars (getting old). Anyway, I look forward to driving every day. So glad I found this website!
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    mtngalmtngal Member Posts: 1,911
    Can I ever relate to the wet, muddy Golden in the back of a Tacoma - mine (who sadly passed away 2 years ago) loved hiking and playing in streams.

    The biggest thing about buying a trailer is to check the loaded weight against the vehicle's towing capacity. The old 4 banger Tacoma I had couldn't tow a full sized trailer, just one of the lighter pop-ups (some of the bigger pop-ups are not light!). I don't know if the newer (and larger) Tacomas have more towing ability. I've thought that a hard-sided pop-up might be the way to go since it has a lower profile but would stand up to the blowing sand of a windy beach. There's an A-frame hard sided pop-up trailer (made by Aliner) that intrigued me but looked in the photos like it would be a bit cramped for my husband. I'd have to see one in person - it might be fine for you.
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    goldendalegoldendale Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your prompt response. I lost my Golden three years ago after twelve years of companionship. She was a bit more mellow than this one - this one is tough. Nothing cuter than a Golden in the back of a pickup though. Looked into the Aliner and am really researching my options. Don't need real big; something light. Even though I have a greater towing capacity it does not mean I have to use it. Like the Casitas, but hard to find a 13' unless I buy new - not ready just yet. In time. The old Tacomas inspired me to buy this one. They run forever.
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    sheepywallowsheepywallow Member Posts: 1
    I'm ready to trade my '95 Tacoma used for my truck-type needs and my '00 4Runner used to pull my trailer in on a truck that can pull the trailer. I've looked at the Toyota Tundra (which has only fair towing capability) and Ford F-150 (which is rated with poor reliability by Consumer Reports) and have been reading about the Nissan Titan (which sounds like it has major brake problems). I definitely want something that can tow at least 6000 lbs, is comfortable for a long trip (and I'm only 5'2"), and is 4x4 or it will never get up my driveway in the winter. Any recommendations? Reliability is important to me. Also, any recommendations about gas vs. diesel? What's the long term cost difference? Thanks for any input you may have. :)
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    mtngalmtngal Member Posts: 1,911
    This is just my opinion and is based on past experience/ownership and some recent test drives. At the moment we only own Wranglers (which the Army always considered a truck).

    I loved an old 3/4 ton Chevy pick-up - it hauled a 4-horse trailer with ease all over Texas. However, we recently test drove a loaded half ton Chevy (right after trying a Ford F150) and I had a problem getting the seat comfortable. I'm only 5'1" and find many of the modern vehicles designed with seats that are too long in the leg - the seat bottom edge hits me below the knees.

    However, I drove a friend's 2 year old 3/4 ton Chevy diesel from Idaho to Las Vegas and had no problems at all. I would definitely look at the Chevy/GMC heavy pick-ups more seriously.

    Just my opinion, but all vehicle manufacturers make some excellent vehicles and all make lemons. Considering how many happy Ford F150 owners there are out there (and I know a few of them), I would still consider buying a Ford (on the back-to-back test drive, I found the Ford's seats easier to adjust to my comfort).

    My friend who let me drive her Chevy pick-up had previously owned another diesel Chevy for something like 20 years. It was still running with several hundred thousand miles on it before she traded it in for the new truck several years ago.

    Finally, the gas vs. diesel debate can go on and on. They both have advantages and disadvantages. The people I've known with diesels love them, and they do seem to last forever. My firend always said that she got much better gas mileage with the diesel, though I've never actually seen the figures (if anyone knows where to see some comparison, let me know). If all this is true, then long term the diesel would be cost effective. However, there are so many variables and if diesel continues to be so much more than regular, then it you'd never re-coup the difference in initial cost. I'd look at both and then decide which one (diesel or gas) that meets your towing needs.
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    81trekker81trekker Member Posts: 51
    Re: Titan, Nissan should have fixed the brake problem on the later build 05 models. There's a sticker on the driver's door frame that gives the build date. If not fixed, they do have a service advisory about making the repair if the customer has the symptom.

    We have an 04 Armada, the SUV that's based on the Titan. It's had the brake judder problem a couple times, dealer adjusts it, and it goes away. The judder has NOTHING to do with safety. I drove my 4Runner with a brake judder for a year or more before fixing it.

    The Titan is a great truck for towing and I'd have one today except my wife wanted the Armada. Didn't like the idea of driving a pickup. Biggests issue with the Titan is the mpg, but it's the case with any large pickup or SUV.

    Recently purchased a Nissan Frontier Nismo and my wife made the same comment as she did regarding the TItan. Then, she drove it. She loves it since it's much easier to drive and park than the Armada and reminds her of the Xterra she had a few years ago.
    Dealer added the side rails so she can get in easier.

    If interested in my experience with the 2005 Nismo, look under posts for that truck.

    81 Trekker
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