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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • You are very welcome. I'm glad to help. Without this forum my car would be dead and I'd be out a few thousand dollars+. We have to stick together...Daewoo :lemon: took the money and ran. I've done way more repairs than a person should for such a fairly new car, and I hate when mechanics try to take advantage. A daewoo is a car, a flimsy car, but a car. They are essentially all the same. Good luck.

    I'm sorry everyone for the multiple posts. My computer was hung up, I got impatient and hit send a few times.

    --Jim in Massachusetts
  • aroyaroy Posts: 1
    I had to change my battery and when I turned my car on after doing so the radio would not work without a code.
    I am the second owner on my car(1999 Daewoo Leganza)
    and I dont have the code. The delearship is no longer around and I am unsure of where I can find the code. If anyone has any information that may help me I would appreciate it.
  • One more question....I've read all the posts on this forum and it seems like I read somewhere that it's a good idea to replace the water pump when you have the timing belt replaced. I had my timing belt replaced at 60,000 miles but haven't replaced the water pump. Did I get it confused with one of the other Daewood autos or is this true? I now have 91,000 miles on my 2001 Daewoo Leganza and am having no troubles with the water pump.

    Thank you.
    Barbara in Alabama :shades:
  • It is recomended that you replace the water pump when the timing belt is replaced, the timing belt runs the water pump and it is very easy to change while the engine is exposed during the timing belt replacement procedure. You probably won't have a problem with yours, just make sure you have it changed the next time you have the timing belt replaced.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Water pumps, when the cooling system get a bi-annual fluid change, generally last 120K-140K miles before the failure rate starts to go up.

    As long as the timing belt tensioner was replaced with the timing belt (as it should have been) and the weep hole on the water pump does not show any fluid seepage and it turns freely and cleanly and the cooling system was peroply flushed and filled every couple of years, there is no imperative reason to replace it on the first timing belt change.
  • I just bought a used 2000 Nubira CDX. I visualized the following problems.

    1. AC can be switched on but no air coming out from the vent. Is it the fan problem or the ac problem?

    2. Oil outside the gasket. How to fix that?

    3. One passenger window is not working and a side mirror can't be controlled by the operator inside the car.

    Thank you.
  • I have a check engine light that was triggered by two identical p0046? codes. The dealership says my evaporation canister and evap valve need to be replaced. I have found new parts for as cheap as $130 and used for $38.00. I understand the cansiter is located near the rear under the car. Does anyone know if this is an easy proceedure that a mechanically inclined guy could perform in a couple hours? I dont have a manual so i am looking for tips or steps to follow.
  • jjdb29jjdb29 Posts: 1

    I've been studying these boards for about a week. What a a Suprise to find out that so many people have timing belt problems besides me.

    Does anyone have the timing settings for my 2000 Daewoo Nubira. I bought it used & I just ordered the belt, etc. but we don't have the settings to put it back on. If not does anyone know of any resource online that I could get them from?

    Thanks so much. I've learned so much from these boards aren't they great?

  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    alldatadiy is one such online subscription service manual source and they have many of the actual factory diagrams and picture for the important stuff, like timing marks, etc.

    Another option is to order the actual factory service manuals, but it will cost more.
  • hi ? can any one help me out on my 2000 daewoo leganza i had to put a new engine in and now the transaxle wont shift in to gear it will shift but wont move
  • Hi everyone. My wifes Lanos keeps blowing fuse number 5 ( I thi9nk it is number 5). This fuse does not allow the car to turn over when the key is turned to start. This is an intermittant problem and is very frustrating.

    Aussie Paul
  • 1) Ur AC problem is most likely that the system needs to be recharged...keep in mind thet Daewoo used the cheapest parts possible so it will probably be a temporary fix unless you find out where it leaks from.

    2) Oil outside the gasket...tighten bolts a little, if this doesn't work -- replace the gasket. You may want to replace the gasket anyway.

    3) I'll bet the wiring to that door has come disconected somewhere. Pull the door panel off and look. Check switch connections.

    Take your time and look it over.
  • You can go the reference section of most libraries, or try the following website for a timing belt change:

    Good luck!
  • My daughter lost her timing belt at 35,000 miles on her 2000 Daewoo lanos
  • Okay -I pulled the plugged wires on my daughters car and forgot to mark them! Where is the #1 cylinder??? What is the firing order? Is it 1234 or 1342? I am just kicking myself here! HELP!!!!I usually don't mark them because the book tells me- guess what it did not tell me!! :surprise:
  • I don't know what to say...It's not 1-2-3-4...
  • Hi everyone...I'm a first time poster. The wipers work fine, the washer bottle is full, but nothing comes out. This just happened two days ago. I checked the inside fuse box and it shows F12 (fuse 25A) for the wipers. I assume this is the wiper motor and not the washer pump. I can't find any fuses for the washer pump in my manual.

    You can email me.

    Any ideas?
  • Hi again.

    Looks like the ask tray light has jogged loose and is laying under the ash tray holder that also holds the cig lighter. Anyone know how to get the unit out to get access to the light? Taking out the ash tray only doesn't get at it. I guess I need to take the whole unit out?

    Any ideas? You can email me about this and/or the windshield washer problem posted earlier.

    Thanks again.
  • It's either a faulty washer fluid pump, or a clogged line. Check the integrity of the washer fluid lines, just unplug and blow thru them. Then listen or the pump motor when the switch is activated. good luck.

    Jim in MA
  • My Lanos had the same problem, and it was like yours, intermittent. Heads up on these cars: EGR VALVE. Either A) take it apart and clean it out, replace the gaskets when you do this, or B) replace it. usually, the problem will correct itself for a little while, cel goes off, cel flickers or blinks when accelerating (usually on man. trans.) slow-jerky acceleration when trying to get on a highway, etc. Diagnostic usually comes up as "fuel control sensor" or some kind of garbage like that, but, trust me, it's the EGR.
    Only reason I know this: Used to work at the Daewoo dealer service department back home. Good luck!
  • I had the same problem; CEL kept coming on and the dealer replaced one of the fuel injectors every time (it was still under warranty). It did this for 5 times and became suspicious. Asked them to change the fuel filter (it was due anyway) and did not have problems for a while. A year ago or so, the CEL came back on, but this time it was the camshaft sensor, a common problem with Daewoos.

    In summary, the problem could be fuel filter, camshaft sensor or fuel injector(s)
  • fangsfangs Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 Nubira that I have this problem with and have had It at several different line up shops and they all say there is nothing wrong with the car. I would like to know if anyone out there as had this problem and what caused it? I am not sure but I think it could be the rack and pinon steering causing the problem.
  • fangsfangs Posts: 8
    Did this fix the problem and was it really bad in turns.
  • hgudehgude Posts: 2
    i recently just bought a leganze and i hear knocking under the hood and when i turn the air on or the heater it becomes louder does any one know what this is cuased from? i have been wondering for sometime
  • I have an '01 with 32,000 and hear a small ticking noise when I run the heater on a cold winter morning. It eventually goes away after 10-15 minutes.
  • fangsfangs Posts: 8
    If you will Email me you address I will sent you a CD with that information on it.

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