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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • jbaker2237jbaker2237 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Lanos that up until yesterday was running excellent. It has only 50,000 miles. The pressure in the crankcase is forcing oil out from under the oil cap. I'm wondering if it's a compression ring breakdown or something less benign. I bought this for my son for college just two months ago. Is this still under warrenty?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,375
    You could check for a defective crancase ventilation valve (PCV valve), also for oil overfill, and last of all (gulp) a cylinder leakdown test to check for engine wear.

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  • eo19xxeo19xx Posts: 4
  • For a couple of days my Nubira is taking 2-4 tries before starting in the morning. I also noticed that when I floor the gas pedal the motor revs up and down repeatedly. I suspected problems with gas pressure/ fuel pump. Checked the pressure when opening the gas cap and found little sound. I wanted to check the forum opinion before buying a new gas pump (aprox $200) Thanks for your help
  • fedupdaewoofedupdaewoo Posts: 11
    yes i have the lanos, and the first time (factory engine) the belt just stripped a few teeth off at 65000 miles the second belt (2nd engine that i put in used) just shredded apart. this was a new belt that i put on the used engine so the belt had about 15k miles on it when it broke. i am now on the third engine but its running fine at the moment, i will not put another engine in this car if it goes again do you want to buy a parts car? lol by the way its good to replace the belt every 50k miles whether its broken or not.
  • fedupdaewoofedupdaewoo Posts: 11
    not under warranty as it only has a 3 year 36,000 mile factory warrenty and daewoo did not offer an extended powertrain warranty. but it sounds like just a stopped up pcv problem

    p.s pcv is the crankcase ventilation try replacing the pcv valve.
  • bybyemmabybyemma Posts: 2
    Hi guys, i have had my lanos a year now, the engine while the car is static runs beautifully, no problems what so ever. The problem im having is that when driving the car which is a manual, it makes a nasty noise when i put my foot the the floor while the engine is going between 2000-3000 revs. I took it to the garage and they replaced the clutch. I got my car back and its still making the same noise, the garage are baffled and im not happy having just spent a fortune getting my clutch replaced to solve this problem. Its obviously a problem between the engine and the tyres and it isnt the clutch. any idea's???? All i can think is that its a belt slipping or something along those lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • fedupdaewoofedupdaewoo Posts: 11
    well the reving up and down is called a rev limiter it is supposed to do that. and if its cooler weather and a fuller tank you wont have much back pressure in your tank, it has vents for the pressure to escape.
  • fedupdaewoofedupdaewoo Posts: 11
    well what kind of noise is it? it may be your belt slipping(a chirping or squealing sound) or it could be the rev limiter that keeps you from over reving the engine. how many miles or km is on the car?
  • donkey1donkey1 Posts: 2
    Hi all,just found this site,very helpful!.I have recently purchased a Lanos 1998.I have just replaced the H T leads but the engine seems to be missing,silly question here,but what is the order for connecting the leads at both ends,im no mechanic as you can tell,thanks!
  • fangsfangs Posts: 8
    have the problem fixed it was the lower control bushings both side where bad.

  • line3line3 Posts: 9
    My 99 Leganza CDX's A/C display went out a few days ago. Nothing comes on the screen (like the temperature, etc), and when pressing any of the buttons (like fan speed, defroster) there is no response.

    So checked the fuses and they were all fine. Also other electrical components in the car ok. Any ideas what is wrong and how small/big a problem this may be?

    Also, need to get a tune up.. is there anything special i should know about a leganza tune up? thanks.

    New to the forum, so here's more info on my car if anyone interested..60,000 miles, no major problems, but lesser problems have included power windows, tranny (when engine is cold, tranny stays stuck in 3rd gear.. only after 5 minutes does it shift to 4), cd changer broke. hope to drive it for 4 more years..maybe 25,000 more miles..
  • fedupdaewoofedupdaewoo Posts: 11
    hi line 3
    sounds like your lcd display is bad in your a/c control head, you need to replace the a/c control head. :lemon: :cry:
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    Have you had a timimg belt done on the car if so did you have the 2 black roller tensioners replaced that are plastic my car was doing the same thing and i replace my spark plugs,spark plug wires,ignition coil and the car was still misfiring.I found out the hard way i was on my way to work going up a hill and i heard a loud pop and the car cut off had it towed to the shop pulled it apart on of the tensioner broke and all my valves were bent it cost me 725.00 to replace everything but thats only because i did my own work but first make sure your spark plug wires match up with the old ones because i bought some from the dealer and as soon as i put them on my car was misfiring put the old ones back on and it worked fine it was a small difference in the two but i showed the dealer my old ones and they gave me the correct ones the electrical problem is something seperate if you could give me some more detail i will try to help i have been working on daewoos for 6 years i know alot about these cars most of my experience comes from trial and error i have not had to take my car to a shop in 2 years
  • pbroughpbrough Posts: 1
    Hello: My daughter just bought a 2001 Lanos with only 34,000 miles on it and it seems to be in great shape. It is an automatic. The only concern is that when I rev the engine slightly while in park or neutral, the engine hesitates or "races". (A vrooom, vrooom, vrooom sound repeatedly.) The car runs fine out on the road. Might this be the normal sound of a rev limiter? Does anyone have any idea what might cause this sound or how serious it might be if not a normal sound? Thanks. Peter
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    i have a 99 Daewoo Nubira i bought it brand new with 13 miles and now i have 145,000 miles my car use to do that. i don't know if your car has an idle adjust screw on your gas pedal if you do adjust it to were your tach. reads 900 to 1000 rpms then rev up your engine and see if that works it worked for mine :)
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    your probably going to have to replace the headlight assembly. As for the fuel gauge i have'nt seen this bulletin but if you want to get fuel pump all you have to do is pop up your rear bench seat no tools required :)
  • cmatt2cmatt2 Posts: 17
    My wife parked the car one evening and when she went to start it the following morning the shifter would not go into drive(or any other gear).I used the unlock slot and it shifted ok.When I placed it back in park it locked up again.Any ideas?
  • horndawg54horndawg54 Posts: 9
    i just had this happen a couple of weeks ago. Your brake light switch (stop light) is probably broken. In order to move the car from Park you need to have your foot on the break. Just check your brake light ( I bet there i actually pick it up at autozone. Make sure you give them all you info, like cruise, because there are several diferent. The are very.
  • OK. Thanks. I changed the 02 sensor and the car got better for a couple or days but it went back into the same 4- 5 tries mode before starting. Something helps: spraying starting fluid in the air filter, but I only do it after the third time...Is there anything that can be done to fix the starting problem?
  • marc17marc17 Posts: 1
    My left hand turn signal stays on all the time, even when the car is turned off. Have checked relays after putting them back one relay is shorting out my radio. Needless to say no one here doesnt have an answer. do you guys have one
  • gpl71_azgpl71_az Posts: 2
    Here's my current issues on my 99 Leganza SE with 78,500 miles:

    1. Tinging noise coming from the rear end, sounds like inside the muffler when I give it gas in 1st gear and then goes away. Dealer says I need a new muffler. What do you think?

    2. Dash pad. The sun dried up my dash pad and now it looks like a sharks mouth. Anyone else experience this? Was it a bad bacth of dashs in 99?

    3. 5 speed is very noisy. Debating on replacing the gearbox and clutch.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated on these items.
  • cmatt2cmatt2 Posts: 17
    Thanks for your answer.Where is the switch located and how do I check it out.
  • donkey1donkey1 Posts: 2
    So no-one knows the answer to this,cheers!
  • It is near the brake pedal. As you depress the brake it releases the switch that turns on the brake lights, stops the cruise control and allow the shift to be moved. It has on nut or screw (I forget which) holidng it in place, plus a wiring harness. Mind did not need it, but there is and adjustment to ensure that the brake hits it properly when it returns. It is a simple job, 5 minutes 10 tops, but its location is a back breaker.

    It is really not to bad, and again I got mine at an autozone, they had it moved from a different store to mine. It was even in a GM bag.

    Good luck
  • The dashbord in my daughter's woo was coming undone. I used clear silcone chaulk and squeazed it in. The I clamped it where I could with small plastic spring loaded clamps and in other areas I had these lattice wood strips that I cut to size a little longer than the windshield to the dashboard distance. That extra length allows a little spring action to hold it in place. So on mine I had clamps on the left side, and 3 or 4 wood strips on the right side.

    Remember to procted the vinyl so that the clamps and wood do not tear the dashboard. Then before you quit remove the excess silicone.

    I let mine sit for two fulls day before I removed my clamps.

    Good luck
  • nagpienagpie Posts: 1
    i have a 1998 Leganza (manual drive), i can no longer get the gears on it, clutch cylinder appears to be working but seems to not activate the flywheel (no real pressure on clutch pedal at the moment), if i start in gear the car will drive but cannot change gear, i have replaced the clutch but it is still the same. wife had just been shopping & everything worked fine & it just went like this whle being parked (picking daughter up from school). There was no warning sounds or anything!
    Can anyone help?
  • brittaneybrittaney Posts: 1
    i drove my car over to a friends house and everything seemed fine but when i got into the car to leave, the shift wouldnt move out of the park position. So i turned off the car, but my key wouldnt turn the car all the way off and its stuck in the ignition. Also, when i turn on the lights, everything else that lights up in my car (clock, air conditioner, radio, cigarette lighter) goes dim or turns completely off. im not sure what to do.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Sounds like a dead battery or ground wire problem.
    Could be a dead battery from a bad brake light switch.

    Call a service shop or knowledgeable car mechanic to have a look at your car.
  • loswaldloswald Posts: 3
    My Leganza (123,000 miles) has been bucking and sputtering on and off for about the last 60,000 miles. I've changed the plugs, wires, valve cover gasket (to keep oil from dripping around the plugs), and fuel filter. Still the car hesitates and bucks at medium acceleration. If I give it full throttle it will usually clear up within a few seconds, but it is still annoying. I've read on here that I should try cleaning the egr but it's not obvious to me where it's located?

    Since this is my first post I'll add that my first timing belt failed at 59,000 miles and the second one 51,000 after that. The only thing I was impressed with was the original tires, They passed NJ inspection until they had 105,000 miles on them.

    Anyway, thanks for the help!
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