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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Some of you talk like there are still Daewoo dealers out there. Are there?

    A friend of a friend has a Leganza that he bought for next to nothing and he needs a couple of small items for it.

    I thought they were long gone?
  • you can find items on and most buick dealers took over the daewoo cars so check into that they can find the items you need,in the town i live in westcox buick in Burlington,nc look them up on the internet and give them a call they can get the the items and ship them to you
    hope this helps
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Thanks for the info. I will pass that on!
  • try changing your tps sensor on your throtle intake, they cost about $32 @ auto zone
  • There is a Daeweoo dealership in California called Coats Daewoo. You could just google Coats Daewoo and it will be found. Gary is the contact person. He has all parts for Daewoo's and he is cheaper than any other Daewoo Dealership I have dealt with. He also does quick deliveries.
  • Does anyone have a diagram or know where the Thermostat Temperature Gauge Sensor is located? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1999 Daewoo Leganza. My temperature gauge has stoped working and I think it is the sensor
  • There are a couple of temp sensors on the leganza, but the one that controls the instrument panel (called the ECT sensor [engine coolant temp sensor]) is located on the cylinder head under the intake manifold. The sensor you are looking for is NOT the Coolant Temp Sensor (CTS) the resides on the EGR valve mounting adapter. I don't have any diagrams, so I hope this helps. --Aaron
  • I am having problems with the heater in my Leganza. The temperature gauge fluctuates.The heater gets warm and cold off and on. Originally it was low on water, but no longer, and still having problems. The car may be losing water somewhere as it has been low off and on recently. Not sure if it is the thermostat, etc. The car has never overheated. I have had trouble with the hearter core in the past and the mechanic I took it to said the part would be expensive, hard to get and he would have to remove the dashboard to get to he reversed the hoses to run backwards? or something like that. This has worked fairly well thus far. I'm not sure if this would have anything to do with the problem I am having now. I am a female and therefore not savvy on automobile repair. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Could be that air is trapped in the cooling system. This can happen during re-fills. Your mechanic should know how to get the air out, if this is the problem.

    Another possibility is that you have a bad thermostat.

    Both these might cause coolant level to rise and fall and both might cause heat to fluctuate.

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  • I just replaced my coolant tepm sensor located under the spark plug connections. After instalation i tried to start car and power loss evry time I turn key. Any Ideas? Before I installed sensor the only issue I had was temp gaug in car was not working. Does anyone know what would cause this?
  • Alot of problems can be solved at little cost if you go with a dealership that uses reward programs or loyalty cards such as those from
  • Hey Ray,
    My timing belt just went on are 2000 daewoo lanos.I have all the parts to fix it but after reading,I want to make sure the valves are not bent,and do I have to return the cams,and the crank shaft to the right positions,and how do I go about doing this,I can't find any ifo on TDC,first # spark plug,this car is great,except to find info to work on it.Thanks for any help,Dean :confuse: :sick:
  • I've just recently bought a 2000 Daewoo Leganza CDX and up until this first blast of cold weather, i've been very happy with it. But it seems no matter how long i let my car warm up for in the morning or how long i'm driving it for, the heat hardly works or doesn't work at all. has anyone had a problem with this? anyone know how to fix it or whats causing it? thank you

  • I received a diagram from Daewoo and they show the sensor located under the spark plug wire harnes as the Coolant Temp Sensor. I replaced and it is a sensor that plugs into the engine where the Coolant is stored. It did not fix the gauge issue. If I replace the sensor you are talking about will this make my Coolant Temp. Gauge work. It stopped working when I had a leak in 1 of the hoses.
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    The motor is considered an interfence type engine meaning that if the timing belt breaks the pistons WILL contact the valves. you need to remove the valve cover and you will find that there is a space between the lobes on the cam shafts and the spacer that sits on top of the valve stems. Normally they should ride right against the lobes. I replaced the valves and the valve seals myself. you will need to remove the head and examine the pistons to make sure it is just minimal contact to them, mine only had slight indentations in them, no cracks. The Cam shafts have a mark on them these marks face each other. the Crank shaft also has a mark on it, this lines up with a mark on the block, basicly it should be straight down. Hope that helps.
  • Where can I get info to work on this engine myself? I thank you all for you info on this car.I need to get a service manual?Where? How? Help Please? Dean :confuse:
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    Go to and search for daewoo. CD's being sold for around 10 dollars for service and repair.
    For people who think their coolant is disappearing, it is a common head gasket issue. coolant seeps slowly into one of the cylinders combustion chamber and burns with the gas.
    easy to check, remove all 4 spark plugs and look for a greenish residue on the electrodes. replacement gaskets are available at ebay or at parts suppliers on the internet if you do not have any dealers close by.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    for the lanos owners, this is the same engine on the Chevy Aveo and Suzuki swift. If you need parts just go to GM
  • Please can someone help I have a daewwo lanos Y reg 50,000 miles on the clock. Was running well until last week filled up with petrol and next day started misfiring garage had a look changed plugs, HT leads and distributor pack thought it was solved but still done it at first from cold and car always starts first time. started to misfire when warm. Vauxhall dealer took it A RUN ONLY PLAYED UP ONCE thought it maybe sticking valves so put some sort of liquid in engine said would clean valves and would be good for another few thousand miles. Next morning got 22 miles to work it stood for 2 hours and after starting again did same again has anyone any ideas as to what it could be Also car ha just stood for 2 days started up fine and run it for 14 miles no problems I am in despair.
  • it sounds like you got bad petrol. perhaps there was some water in the tank. during extreme temperatures condensation can accumulate either in your tank or in the perol delivery system. Since you had no worries until you filled the tank, I am thinking perhaps that is the problem.
    You can clean this up by putting alcohol in the tank or here in the states they sell products to clear the water from the tanks.
    Good luck
  • Thanks for the reply we also thought it maybe water in fuel or tank my son in law is going to have a go at clearing it for me
    Thanks again
  • dper299dper299 Posts: 19
    My Leganza has a automatic trans 50-40LE model.Ok I drained the trans by removing the plug and draining out tranny fluid,Now I have refilled it with Penzoil atf dexIII fluid.My problem still is that when it is cold it will not down shift when I reach 60 mph and about 4000 rpm.I have seen there might be a filter that also needs to be replaced? could anybody tell me where this filter might be?Also the book says 7-8 qts fluid but when i drained it only about 4 qts came out..Any ideas,or tips will help..Thank you
  • On ebay i see once in awhile a repair manual on a cd you have to buy there.
  • nugienugie Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Daewoo Nubira it has about 60,000 miles. 5 months ago it had a leak from the hose that goes to the radiator and cools the transmition oil... I had change that hose and replace the oil with penz oil mercom III and it was running good, but now My car pulls to one side (passenger) when it changes from 1st to 2nd gear about 45 m/h do You think my car needs a new transmition filter??? or this could be something else? any comment will help. Thanks. Nugie :confuse:
  • Problem: Heat not working at adequate level. Radiotor fan's not turning on when at operating temperature. Engine code P0128.

    What I've done: Replaced the thermostat.
    General Info: My car gets to and stays at normal operating temperature in the usual fashion. Once there, the air coming in through the heater is warm enough to get the interior of the car to a near reasonable temperature. When evaluating the cooling system, I notice the upper hose from the thermostat/block to the radiator still isn't heating up, not does it feel like there is fluid in it. The coolant in the reservoir get fairly warm (over 100degrees F). The fans on the radiator never engage and I noticed they didn't this summer either. There is definitely not any obstruction in the lines (when I squeeze the upper or lower hose or hose, the coolant in the reservoir moves up and down).

    I don't know whether to consider this a water pump issue, a ECT sensor issue or something else.

    Anybody have any thoughts?? Many thanks.
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    I had that same error code on my 2000 daewoo lanos and the heat never really got hot inside the car. It did turn out to be the thermostat, are you sure you installed the right one? The one I purchased was already in the plastic housing. I think mine was not fully closing so the water never remained long enough inside the motor to get real hot.
  • :confuse: My Daewoo Leganza inside dome and map lights will not come on, also my trunk light does not work. Anyone know why?
  • With the car now (Leganza), the Engine Light turned itself off (I'm assuming the thermostat was the problem). However, the fluid doesn't seem to be circulating at all. The car heats up, the car gets 'warm' but the fluid level in my reservoir doesn't move no matter how long the engine runs or how hot it gets. I'm thinking the heat is just being conducted through the system and at no point is there an active circulation-- this isn't normal right? If the heat is on, the fluid should circulate right?
  • I recently have had the same problem and have now replaced the timing belt and replaced a bent valve. Now that all of that is done the only problem remaining is that the car wants to stall out when it is idiling. Can anyone suggest something that I might need to check????? runs great out on the road just not good sitting stil.
  • I recently replaced the timing belt on a 2002 Daewoo Lanos and it too runs great on the road but the idle is rough. In addition the check engine light came on and stays on. Any ideas?

    I could not get the water pump off, and one of the bolts for the tensioner was behind the valve sprocket. Totally inaccessible. Changing all those components seems impossible without pulling the engine from the car.
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