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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i thought so myself that is why i have made an appointment with a highly recommended garage for them to check it out,i can use that to make a down payment on another car it was a daewoo dealership that gave me that quote and i told them to not touch the air condtioner we just had a compressor installed in another car of ours and it did not cost but alittle over $700 with labor,if i did not owe anything on this daewoo i would sell it,will let you know what this other garage says when i take it next week for them to check it out
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i think i would get rid of that daewoo however i could, my daewoo nubria has been nothing but trouble the last 2 years one thing right after another i bought the car after a woman ran into my daughters car totaling it my daughter was in nursing school at the time and needed a way to get to and from school and it did great the first year we have had to replace the battery,redo the brake systems,the air conditioner has give us a fit for the last 2 years til it finally went out last week when the temp was 100 degrees outside,we had to replace the power window system,nothing has been cheap with this car.the car had not been taken off the car lot we bought it new had 128 miles on it thinking it was a good deal boy was i wrong.
  • esperoespero Posts: 7
    can you help i have a daewoo espero 1.8cdi 8Valve i belive the engine is a holden unit the prob i have is its misfiring. i changed the belt tensioner water pump ht leads the lot and now its misfiring all the work was done as per daewoo spec but its this misfire at idle.
  • The other vehicle's a/c repair cost $700 at the same dealership or a different one?
    I think I would have looked for another dealership that has a mechanic who knows daewoos. Sometimes dealerships who no longer sell daewoos still have mechanics who know how to diagnose and fix daewoos.
  • repair

    This website may really be intended for mechanics (shadetree or certified) and they might not be too happy about addressing a lot of customer questions but maybe it won't hurt for one or two people to ask when all other options are exhausted.">link title
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    this mechanic is at another dealership that came highly recommended by our mechanics we have working on our cars we asked them to work on the daewoo but they said they did not feel comfortable with foreign cars so they told us about these people they said if they cannot fix it it could not be fixed. if and when i get rid of this car i will never buy anything except an american made if there is such a thing anymore
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    1999 Daewoo Leganza. I tried to turn on car and it made a noise like the engine was running and while I was turning the key. (like a grinding noise that happens when car is on and you turn the ignition key) The car will not fire over. Their is power and the serpintine belt turns slightly but it will not fire up. My friend seems to think it could be a fuel pump. I tried cleaning carborator but still nothing. What could it be?
  • jdwisjdwis Posts: 3
    1998 Daewoo Leganza, just bought, conditions is quite ok, when bought 4 days ago, drove 25 miles, everything was working, it has hydraulic clutch, adjusted its settings as per requirement, somehow after that speedometer started playing up, while driving, speedometer stops working and suddenly starts, its an intermittent problem of speedometer, I dont want to open the dashboard to check it but I assume there has to be some loose connection of speedometer cable from somewhere at transaxle... not sure..
    If somebody knows where to check this?
    All help is very much appreciated.
  • dpeatrossdpeatross Posts: 1
    The car shut off one day at a red light. It started up, I drove it the rest of the day and then in the morning it wouldn't start. It was turning over, getting spark, etc., but no fuel. I checked for power at the fuse block etc. and thought it was the fuel pump. I ordered a new pump for $200 and that wasn't it. I worked at a Toyota dealership and one of there mechanics worked on the car. He pulled up the wiring diagram and started the ellimination process. He said there was power at the fuse block and ignition switch, but it also goes through the crank sensor and computer. I replaced the crank sensor first, then the computer.
  • cmatt2cmatt2 Posts: 17
    I had the same problem-for 3 yrs the daewoo dealer played around trying to fix it.Finally the problem was solved.There is a plug in to the speed sensor(located on the tranny)this plug in had lost tension in the pins.Yours may just be loose.In my case I bought a piece ot the wire containing the plug-in and had it spliced into the existing wire.
    The dealer replaced the speedo head,ecu etc over the years all while it was under warranty-milking DAEWOO,but never fixing my problem.The last straw was when they said I needed a new harness,rather then just putting on a new plug-in.I found the part on ebay.
    I hope this solves your problem.
  • cmatt2cmatt2 Posts: 17
    You were exactly right.I had to get the switch on ebay-$21.Sorry it took so long for me to thank you.
  • jdwisjdwis Posts: 3
    thanks cmatt2
    i will just try that first, hope it solves my problem too..
    i have been looking on net for quite some time for a solution but you have given me a right way to go...

    thanks again buddy..
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    the mechanic that is replacing the compressor on my nubria said the expander may be hindering the freon from getting to the compressor and if that is the problem it would be over $500 to replace the expander because it is located in the dashboard and the whole dashboard would have to be taken out to replace the expander but he recommended replacing the compressor first to see that may be your problem the expander the expander will not be but around $100 but the cost of replacing it would be where the cost is
  • sebzysebzy Posts: 1
    Have a nightmare on my hands here.
    Daewoo lanos 2000

    THe follwoing symptoms have been shown
    1. Engine is running rough and causing lots of vibration
    2. Acceleration is solw and requires you to floor it before any reasonable response.
    3. Cut outs while driving and when idle.
    4. Area around the gear box getting very very hot but this maybe transfered from engine.

    I've checked all the sparks and replaced the ignition leads which where decayed.

    Any ideas ?
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Any ideas? You had a passenger spill a soft drink on the engine computers wiring.
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    My 1999 Daewoo Leganza has an A/C issue. It only blows out the vents on the highest level (4) The air would blow only on 4th level. What would cause this? Also the air is now not blowing cold but still blows on 4th level. Any suggestions please?
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    the mechanic said my problem was the compressor it was blowing out air but it was hot air and it had plenty of freon in it maybe that is your problem, my compressor is going to be alittle over $500 unless you find a compressor online, parts for a daewoo is hard to find
  • Well, I would definitely try this website and see if anyone has an idea. Pain in the rear having to re-state the problem and details but somebody might know.
    auto repair
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i agree 100 % i am going to order the compressor today and hope and pray this will take care of the problem, with themp. being in the mid 90's with the heat index being over 100 degrees need to get it fixed will keep you informed.
  • pantera1pantera1 Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 leganza sx, i was driving it exiting the highway when the engine died, i thought i have ran out of gas there was a quarter of a tank left, i was lucky to make it to the gas station going down the exit ramp, i filled up the tank to three quaters and it sounded like if it was going to start again but it never did, does anybody have any ideas of what could be wrong the car has only 71k miles.
  • But it almost sounds like there's a lot of crud in your fuel filter. Fuel pumps/filters have gone out a lot in previous cars I've owned and the scenario sounds a bit familiar.
    Could be completely wrong, though. You may have a spark plug blizting in and out, a loose wire or any number of things.

    Try the forum that I linked to ("auto repair") in post #668.
    Seems like one of the most helpful places I've seen on the net as far as mechanically-oriented people answering questions. Cars are tricky though. :(
  • ehamilto55ehamilto55 Posts: 57
    Does anyone know where I could find 1999 Daewoo Leganza Axle seals that go into transmission?
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i get my parts from west cox buick in Burlington,nc tele. phone # 336-228-0141 they can still get parts for daewoo cars, not cheap though they may can ship the parts to you
    hope this helps
  • The motor of my 2002 nubira is acting up. I changed timing belt and tune up in November. Also changed 02 sensors, filters, etc. However the motor is "choking" at low rpm's as if it's not getting gas..but it is consuming gas like crazy. I'm afraid this car is dying on me...(61K!) :confuse:
  • I'm selling my 2002 Nubira Wagon. I was a good car for us in the first three years but since last November it started breaking and I'm really tired of throwing money at the motor and breaks with no real solution in sight. :(
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    i am going to do the same thing just bought a air compressor which was alittle over $500 and really do not know if it will fix it the mechanic said it may be the expander as well we have been having problems with the 2001 nubria, nice car but somethings keeps going wrong with this car all the time not easy to find parts nor is it easy to find someone to work on it,have a 2001 nubira with 46,000 miles on it
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    Can anyone that is familiar with replacing the head on a 2000 Daewoo Lanos 1.6L, tell me whether the head gasket goes on dry or with sealer, and if so what type?

    Also what is the proper torque for the head bolts?

    Ray. (Victim of a timing belt failure and 16 bent valves)
  • pjsalmonpjsalmon Posts: 1
    Hi Please help, I seem to be one of the dwindling owners of a Daewoo!

    I have a 1997 Nubira 1.6 lit that has an issue with the oil pressure light coming on, it still drives (I know, I'm a mechanic of old and had to get home) but the cam starts to rattle, the light comes on and off.

    Has anyone had the same problem? Is it the oil Pump? Where is the oil pump can you get to it by dropping the sump? Could it be a blockage in the head gasket as the bottom end has not siezed up?

    Will have a go myself if I have some info rather than spend loads of $'s.
  • dmr1214dmr1214 Posts: 4
    I am having the same problem and I had it diagnosed and the dealer said the same thing...that I needed a new a/c. This was about a year and a half ago they diagnosed it. However, I don't think its the compressor in my case...I think its a short somewhere in the wiring. In a span of a just a year my back speaker shorted out, my keyless entry/alarm no longer works (batt. in key is fine), my a/c stopped blowing cold air (I used to be able to bang on the dash and it would kick in, but that was only short term), the lights on the a/c control panel flicker on and off as I drive, and I've gone through four starters. Anyone else having this problem???

    PS...FYI you can buy parts online direct from Daewoo now.
  • ewebster1ewebster1 Posts: 37
    the mechanic also told me it was the expander and that would cost over $500 just for the cost of the labor because you have to tear everything out of the dashboard,but he also said it is more common for the compressor to go bad and if it was him he would replace the compressor first to see if that would solve the problem but he could not gaurrentee that is what it is, your car sounds like mine,we had the battery replaced in the key,battery replaced in the car,brake lights we could not keep working for any length of time,the air went out about a year before this and we had the mechanic to check it out and he thought it was the wiring as well but finally he put a new control panel on it and the air worked for another year and now this it seems like every time it is something and it is not cheap to keep this car running either.
    thanks for the tip i will check to see what the dryer for my compressor cost we had to order the dryer for the compressor as well it should be in today or monday then we will know for sure rather the air will work.
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