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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • But I am asking about brake shudder not A\C
  • My A/C has stopped blowing. When I turn the A/C on I feel the car lose a little power like the compressor came on but no A/C blowing out. When I turned the a/c on I smelled like burning plastic and some white smoke emerged from vents. Does anyone know why this would happen? And what can I do to fix?
  • What is the torque and seq. for tighting the head bolts on a 2.2l Daewoo Leganza?
  • My wifes 2002 Nubira's low beams stopped working. I checked/replaced all fuses, bulbs, relays, and replaced the complete turn signal stalk. The high beams still work, any thoughts?

    If anyone has any answers would you please email me? Thanks.
  • My 2000 Lanos (1)will start and Idle after three or four tries without foot on accelerator.
    (2) If you try to accelerate it stalls.
    (3) If you put it in gear AUTOMATIC it stalls.
    (4) If you play with it long enough you can get it to go with your foot to the floor Max Speed 10 MPH.
    (5) with car in neutral you can play with the gas pedal to get the engine to rev but if you put your foot to the floor it will die ,If you back your foot off it will rev up.
    IS the exhaust plugged up? Is the cam or crank sensors at fault? Is it the EGR? THE oil pressure and water temps are good. it just doesn't want to go Varoom -Varoom. What is the Problem?
  • I own a 2004 Sazuki Forenza (AKA Deawoo Lacetti). I had to take the car to the dealer shop where he entered three sets of four digit codes. I was told he could not give out the code and technically they are suppose to charge $45 to do this. :surprise: Fortunately I was not charged. :D I'm checking into replacing the system, because I'm not paying $45 on top of the price for a new battery! :mad:
  • right now mine is doing ok since we replaced battery and spent alittle over $1000 getting the air to work but as soon as it is paid off it is going somewhere hope you get your car figured out looking at all the post on this website these cars are very complex don't ever want another one
    good luck
  • cbtcbt Posts: 1
    My 98 Leganza auto wont idle after a hot start?? Having to
    brake with left foot & rev with right foot!! Any ideas
    anyone my car is in the garage even they dont know. Only owned it for 1 week
  • I recently replaced the battery and now the radio is prompting for a code before I can listen to it. I don't have an owner's manual, does anyone know a way to crack the code? I am going nuts not listening to anything for the commute to and from work!!!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    the dealer is about the only one that can help you on this.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    I went to start my 2000 Daewoo Lanos one day and it sounded the same way, like the starter was turning but not engaging anything. Man was I wrong. The Teeth had stripped off the timing belt aroung the crank shaft and what I heard was the starter turning the crankshaft after all four pistons had contacted the valves and bent them, there is no compression once that happens so the motor spins free.
    Have someone turn the key while you look in through the Oil cap at the cam shaft, chances are you wont see it spinning. I had read about the timing belts on the Daewoos but did not act fast enough, mine was at about 75000.
    I found the valves, valve seals, timing belt, tensioner, idler pulley, and gasket set all genuine daewoo parts, on EBAY for under $300.00. Did all the work myself, and the car is running fine. Hopefully it truly is just a broken starter, I was hoping the same thing. and by the way the daewoo lanos starter is completly buried behind the motor under the intake manifold, what a nightmare.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions should you need to replace the valves and timing belt.
  • I just telephoned a dealership. Here is what they said.

    Totally remove the radio. On the back or side there is a 10 digit number. The dealership needs that 10 digit number in order to provide you with the correct code.

    Yeah... Like I am going to remove my radio... how much does THAT cost? (I have no dealership near me, and I have no skills at removing the radio... and that isn't just because I am a girl.) So... I'll listen to the motor for a while.
  • it is a 4 digit code i called dealer here and they wanted 100 us dollars to give it to me after i pulled out the radio my self so i sat in my car a couple of weeks and just tried a bunch of numbers in order =. it is a try ;)
  • :blush: my car also was stalling at idle thought it was the fuel filter if you gave it gas or once it got over 10mph it would not so i took it to the shop not the dealer and they found out it was a mass airflow sensor that was corroded and the plugs were no longer working so i ordered an new one if you need parts auto zone now carries most of them :surprise:
  • I have a 99 Daewoo Leganza and my coolant just leaks completely out after filling Overflow resuvior. I was driving and noticed my car starting to overheat. I checked my coolant and nothing in resuvior. I added coolant and it just leaks or dumps out the bottom of engine/under the Throtle body closer to the ground. Does anyone know if this is my water pump or what the issue could be?
  • well did you check the thermostat housing mine had a small crack and burned through anti freeze for a month and then burst it was on the underside of it so i could not see the leak
  • Easy fix! This happened to my mom's car after she had to get a jump on her battery. Try 2152. I'll repost later with some other codes which my dad found for FREE
  • I assume you mean the cabin/AC air filter. It is on the firewall in the engine compartment on the far left (passenger side). It is behind a black plastic panel that's held on by one screw on the right side, has a wire or two coming out of hte middle. Remove this screw, and the panel will slide to the right and off. The air filter is located behind it - just pull it firmly out to remove, and insert the new one. Simple as that. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • I tried that code and 2152 did not work. Please post others to try and I will try those as well.

  • I have a 99 model Nubira sedan with about 180k on the speedo. It actually hasn't been too much of a drama to own, certainly commutes well (despite having the A/C problem with the compressor that I recognised from previous posts on the website). But this problem I have now is causing no end of grief.

    The engine warning light started coming on at around 150k. I took it to a friend I knew who owned one (as I mentioned it to a mechanic previously about the light, but the computer didn't bring up any codes and it didn't come on when they were looking at it), and he pointed out the idle regulator/motor as being the culprit. He took it out of the manifold and cleaned it up a bit, and it was fine for a while. I think the part's proper name is the Idle Air Control Valve? It's a small black plastic cylinder with a tap-like end that's held into the manifold by two allen screws (excuse my poor mechanic-ism).

    A few thousand kms later it came back on. It only does it in traffic after the engine has been warmed up and I've been driving for about 15 mins or so (in warm temperatures). The idle sits up around 1200 - 1300. Another mechanic actually thought it was a problem with the part itself (the idle motor) and replaced it at considerable cost. This lasted about 5000km - no light, everything fine. Then it came on again, the engine started idling higher. The mechanic replaced the part again (no cost this time, assuming it might have been the part), but another 5000 or so kms later... it's baaack! The mechanic's next line of attack is to replaced the ECU with a reconditioned one ($600) - but I don't believe that will fix the problem. He rebooted the ECU when he replaced it before. And it's certainly not a problem with the part.

    Any suggestions please? Any help will help me save what's left of my hair (and my wallet).

  • The car started fine this morning before I went to work. Went to start the car after lunch and it won't start. It appears as if there is no gas. Have full electical and engine cranks away.

    Called the local mechanic and he came out to look. He ran a OBD check and said the crank shaft sensor has failed and needs to be replaced. He has towed my car to his shop to work on.

    My Leganza has 81,400 miles. I had the timing belt and cam shaft sensor replaced at 59K. From time to time the car has given me a problem starting. Put the key in the ingintion and turn it and nothing. Take key out and put in ingnition again and it will then start. It's been a random issue happening more frquesntly this year.

    Anybody have this problem with their Leganza?
  • I have a 99 Leganza SX, 59k miles. I've had issues recently with it not starting, but the car would not even crank. It'd just sit and make a faint high pitched whine. Took it into the dealer, they checked the starter and other systems and they were fine, although they did trace it to the battery cables that had come a bit loose. Tightened them up and haven't seen the problem since. I had the battery replaced in 2002 at Sears, they recently tested it again and it was fine. Another thing to be aware of is the spark plugs are not platinum tipped, so they need to be replaced every 30k miles or so.
  • I have a 1999 Daewoo Leganza and I just replaced a couple of hoses for my radiator. I replaced a bypass hose and the hose that goes into the water pump. After I did this my temperatur gauge does not move at all. It does not move off of the C symbol for Cold. I thought it might be my Thermostat being stuck open but this has happened before but it just took awhile for the teperatur gauge to move. Now it does not move off of the cold mark. Can someone help me with this issue?
  • FREE CODES FOR EVERYONE! (and yes, this post introduction did deserve capslock)
    Quoting Customer Service @ Daewoo US:
    "Following are ten individual, 4 digit codes:
    4316, 2152, 4513, 4362, 1156, 2145, 3451, 6361, 5624, 5241

    As you input each of these individual 4-digit security codes into your audio unit one at a time, using the station preset buttons, one of the codes should work for you.

    IF NONE OF THESE SECURITY CODES WORK FOR YOUR AUDIO UNIT, you will need to do the following:
    1. Using a suitable trim removal tool, carefully remove the frame/trimplate that surrounds the audio unit.
    2. Remove the audio unit retaining screws.
    3. Slide the audio unit forward and look on top of the unit in the lower right hand corner. There, you will see a label with 10 numbers on it.
    4. E-mail us with this number and we will provide your code.

    Also, please visit our web site at After a short registration process, you will be able to order Genuine Daewoo Parts from us, check recall status specific to your vehicle, take advantage of Daewoo special promotions, etc.

    Daewoo Customer Relations"

    Hope it helps! (And no, I don't work for Daewoo)
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    Just did a timing belt replacement on my 2000 daewoo lanos. the two overhead cam gears each have a timing mark on them, these must face one another. The crank shaft has a timing mark on it, it lines up with a mark in the oil pan flange, basically that mark is straight down. All of my valves were bent, make sure you check this, if the belt broke or was stripped, you have bent valves, theres no doubt.
    Email me if you have anymore questions on it.
  • Hello, I have a 2001 Nubira with a bad engine. I know of a 2003 Nubira with a good engine that was totalled. Will the engine from the 2003 fit into my 2001? Thanks in advance. I am very happy to find this forum.

  • replacing timing bely myself need torque specs on head and rods and mains
  • replacing timing bely myself need torque specs on head and rods and mains for 2000 leganza
  • I've been having problems past month or so simply turning the key in the ignition, but up until today jiggling the key and reinserting the key continuously would eventually let me turn it. Perhaps all that was voodoo, i don't know. Today I sat on my driveway for 30 minutes just trying to turn the damn key with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to get my car towed over something so seemingly stupid. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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