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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • I had a similar issue where it would start fine, but it wouldn't turn off past the ACC position, it just stuck there. Typically turning it back to ON (not starting it) and forth a few times and it worked. Took it to dealer, they pulled lock cylinder out and tried to re-lubricate it to no avail, so they replaced it, so far so good - set me back about $148 parts/labor which is highway robbery, but it's working now.
  • I had the same problem happen to me yesterday. I was driving my 2000 Leganza and it just died on me. I had a quarter of a tank and put more gas but nothing. Did you ever find out what the problem was?

  • Any information on this?

    I have a 1999 Daewoo Leganza and I just replaced a couple of hoses for my radiator. I replaced a bypass hose and the hose that goes into the water pump. After I did this my temperatur gauge does not move at all. It does not move off of the C symbol for Cold. I thought it might be my Thermostat being stuck open but this has happened before but it just took awhile for the teperatur gauge to move. Now it does not move off of the cold mark. Can someone help me with this issue?
  • Thanks for the heads up. I relented and got my car towed today. 45$ for the tow, 110$ for the new ignition cylinder. As a side note, a couple months back the tip of my key broke off inside the ignition! 120$ to have a locksmith come and yank a piece out from inside the ignition. I think its time for a new car... :)
  • I just replaced the battery on my 2000 Daewoo Nubira wagon... will these codes work for my wagon as well? :confuse:

  • Only one way to find out.. try them all. If not, call Daewoo customer service with your VIN.. follow that post.
  • Does anyone know where the Coolant Thermostat Sensor is located in a 1999 Daewoo Leganza? Any diagrams or pictures would be appreciated...
  • pdyepdye Posts: 1
    My lanos is blowing smoke and losing coolant when I add coolant the car sputters but doesnt smoke when it gets low it smokes but runs fine. There arent any signs of water in the oil so I dont think it is the head. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    It is the head gasket. The coolant is not leaking into the oil but is leaking into one of the cylinders and getting burnt with the gas, hence the smoke. You can prove by pulling out the spark plugs. One of them will have green/grayish burned residue from the coolant. Engine and head are ok. just need to replace the head gasket.
  • I know nothing about Daewoo but that sounds like a bad throttle position sensor to me.
  • I found that the " hot wire" from the control panel goes out sometimes. I remedied that by installing a toggle switch inside my wife's 2001 Nubira. When she wants A/C she just flips the switch. It's the same as turning on the regular switch (supplied power to compressor). Glad to be of help.
  • I found that the " hot wire" from the control panel goes out sometimes. I remedied that by installing a toggle switch inside my wife's 2001 Nubira. When she wants A/C she just flips the switch. It's the same as turning on the regular switch (supplied power to compressor). Glad to be of help.
  • I have a 1999 Daewoo Leganza and my oil filler cap's O-ring broke and it leaked oil into my spark plugs. All 4 spark plugs are halfway covered by oil. I just replaced the O-ring on the filler cap and no more oil leaks. How can I get the oil out of the spark plugs holes. I would like to change the spark plugs and wires but I am worried about taking out the spark plug and all the oil in the holes. Any suggestions are welcome.....
  • Hello

    The climate selector knob on my 2002 Lanos 4 door seems to have broken. I can turn it, it stops at the positions and feels like it works, but no matter the other settings air only comes out the front vents, and I need my front defroster right now. All I know about the cause of the problem is that it's not ice related, we haven't had a big enough frost yet.

    I'm an engineer and the only thing keeping me from digging into this is that I can't find a do it yourself guide for my Daewoo. I had to get behind the dash of a Ford Taurus once, and I would rate that as absolutely impossible without a good guide with lots of pictures.

    Any help is greatly appriciated. This is the only problem I've had with the car, and not something I'll take it to the shop over.

  • ehamilto55 i also have a 99 leganza and iam having a problem that you had in the past. my trans is not starting off in 1st gear and i have to manually shift it into low every time i start from a dead stop can you please tell me what you did to fix this problem i was told to change the computer and idid and that didnt work iam thinking maybe its the tcm please if you can email me at i also had oil in my plugs and when i changed the valve cover gasket it went away
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    Had the same thing happen to my lanos. It would seem to be a poor design, the clear plastic bracing that holds the end of the cable in place at the back of the selector knob breaks and allow the entire cable end to move freely. It eventually happened to all three control knobs. I was able to fix it with a thin piece of wire, twisted tight around the cable and then to clear plastic, tightening it down in its original position. Fixed all three that way and they have been working like that for over a year.
  • It is your transmission. I had to replace the Transmission. I bought from junkyard for $300-350 with 12,000 Miles on it. no problems since then
  • "To remove the CMP, remove the sensor retaining bolt (it's a torx) and LOOSEN the stud bolt."

    deadwoo2 (or anyone else who recently removed the camshaft position sensor on a nubira):

    Do you recall what size torx socket needed?

  • Thanks raywoo

    I tackled this today after getting a set of shop manuals off ebay. Getting the control panel off was quite easy. Just remove the radio and that will expose the two more screws to remove. It sounds like my 2002 Lanos is a bit different from yours. I only had two control cables back there, the fan speed was just an all electrical set up.

    For anyone else with this problem the cables we're talking about are very similar to bicycle cables, a metal cable in a plastic housing with molded in place metal ends. My problem wasn't behind the control panel, but the cable atachment there isn't the best design. My problem ended up being at the other end of the vent selector cable, which is right above the gas and brake pedals, no parts removal needed to check this, or fix it. the cable end was an even poorer design there. I fixed it with some wire and JB Weld, plus some cloth tape to use as a dam. If you're having trouble spotting it, just reach up and turn the knob, the cable is used to turn a big white 1/3 of a circle plastic lever.

    I hope this helps out anyone who should have this problem in the future.
  • My 1999 Leganza has the same problem, did you find the cause of the problem?
  • I had the same problem and replace the brake switch and it is working fine now. Check the switch again and be sure it is moving in and out all the way.
  • I don't know what other ppl have said, BUT if all you have is oil in the sparkplug sockets. Just remove the plugs and let it go into the cylinders, it wont harm the engine. Cleen the plugs replace and start, it will burn off the oil....or even just put a cloth or paper towel over the holes and spin the engine the compression will blow the oil out. just keep the HT leads away from earth cos they will spark..
    hope this sorts it out.
  • Mine- 130k miles 2000 Leganza

    It needs some real work done to it but I cannot find a repair manual or even afford the parts to fix it! It runs fine but the cam sensor is bad, and fuel consumption is getting worse on it. Oh well, I'll fix it when I can.
  • Anyone have any ideas on how to tighten the trunk lever wire. I can't use the lever anymore to unlatch the trunk (I can hear it trying to). Thanks in advance.
  • We lost the transmitter to operate the security alarm. We have a spare key. We can get into the vehicle but cant start the car because we cant switch the security alarm off. Is there a manual way to switch this feature off? Any input helps...hmmmm
  • Ok, I bought the manual and it shows Bosch FR8LDC4 as the correct plug. I've searched online and no one has this exact plug and I can't even cross reference it with other Bosch plugs.

    Dealer wants $25.55. I want to buy something a little more affordable that works as well.

    Has anyone had success with a different plugs? If so, which ones did you use and how long have you been using them? I plan on changing them this weekend so a quick reply would be nice :shades:

    Thank you in advance,
  • Any ideas why the idle speed is so high? It is revving at just under 3,000 rpm :confuse:
    The throttle cable returns ok, so thats not sticking.
  • Hey,
    I couldn't find those plugs either, but I did find some plugs on ebay that say they are compatable with the daewoo leganza (years 99-02). You can find them at this link: dZViewItemQQcategoryZ35595QQihZ002QQitemZ4633383510QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V

    or if that link isn't working, you can go to and type the item number 4633383510 in the search field. Hope this helps --Aaron
  • Hey,
    I found a manual you can access online that has schematics and procedures for pretty much everything on the vehicle. Once your assigned a login name and password it gives you access to Daewoo Leganza, Nubira, and Lanos repair manuals (all 98-01). To get a username and password for the site send an inquiry to Chris at It only costs $8 and he accepts paypal or checks.

    Hope this helps,
  • Oh and by the way, if you are having a problem with your cam sensor you should know that Daewoo issued a recall on a lot of their cam sensors. You can see if your vehicle was affected by the recall by registering (for free) at the daewoo website

    Hope this helps,
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