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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • Why would the control panel be bad? It turns the fans on and lights are working. Why would this cause the compressor not to turn on?
  • Try replacing the A/C relay switch. It's in the fusebox under the hood. It is a standard plug-in module found on many Korean makes. We got one from the salvage yard for $3 and it did the trick when our Leganza had the same problem.
  • You can tighten the cable by removing a little plastic cover at the back of the center console. Use a ratchet with an extension to tighten the nut. This puts tension back in the brake lever but we found that the real problem was with the parking brake drums, not the cable. We still have not had it fixed and I'd like to hear how others have adjusted these flimsy little drum brakes.
  • Hello,

    Did you find out were to obtain the timing specs and settings for the cams to refit a new belt? I have a 2001 Daewoo Leganza and need the same information.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I bought my girl a 99 Nubira CDX. 2 weeks after buying the car won't shift out of park. I was told it was the brake light switch. However brake lights still worked. I went and replaced the switch but it still won't shift out of park. Can't figure it out. HELP!
  • The stereo stopped working in my girls 99 Nubirs CDX. I pulled the fuse to check it and it was ok. So after I put it back in the stereo worked fine. Now it happened again but the stereo isn't turning on at all and the fuse is fine. Anybody have a clue on the problem?
  • when i was having problems with my daweoo nubria i contacted the daewoo corp and they told me where to find a daewoo dealership they were specially trained for the daewoo cars, they were the only ones that was able to repair my problem so go on the daewoo website and find a daewoo dealership and in your area and talk to them,they may be alittle more expensive but may find your problem and fix it i am from the state of NC
    sorry i could not be of more help,that problem i have not had
  • I disconnected the battery cable on my Daewoo Leganza and now my stereo won't work because I bought the car used and I don't have the security code. Can you help me find a way to get the code or find a solution to the problem of how I can get my stereo to work again. Thanks.
  • Can anyone help me - my 2002 Lanos 1.6 (only 30,000 miles)has been diagnosed by the local Chevrolet garage (in the UK Chevrolet took over Daewoo) as needing a new ECU, at a cost of £1000 which I can't afford. I don't even believe this is the problem. It was over revving a lot, sometimes the idling revs were up to 2000 and they tried to upgrade the software but said it is all up to date. The only thing they can try now is a new ECU. In the meantime they disconnected the idle valve from the ECU and said this would help for now, but that I may not be able to start up in cold weather. But the car is almost undriveable until it has warmed up a lot. It is stuttering and dying out and kangarooing and basically drives like a car with no choke. So they charged me £300 to do this, and the "diagnosis", but now it is worse than before, and is actually still over revving quite a lot, though maybe a bit less than before. I asked them to undo what they did, but they got really angry and said they wouldn't do anything else unles I agreed to put in a new ECU. Please help, it is making me cry (I am a girl though)!
  • If you could Can I please have copy of that leganza service manual. Im currently changing the head gasket and timeing belt on my '01 leganaza and some insight from the service manual would be great instead of just figuring it out as I go.
  • sometimes after turning the engine off, i can't get the key to turn all the way in order to take it out of the ignition. it's stuck in the "acc" (that allows you to operate the radio). i can move it back to the "on" position or start the engine but can't take it out. only after fidgeting with the key for a minute does it eventually come out. any ideas? do i need to give the key several seconds before i try to take it out?
  • generally when that happens, i just wiggle the steering wheel and turn the key at the same time. working in road service, i find that most vehicles have that problem every once in awhile, and that is a quick solution most of the time.
  • Try pulling the fuse to the ECU....then try to start the car, then replace the fuse ( look in hand book for correct fuse )......I had the same problem with a nubira and now everythings ok....
  • Hi....I've a problem with my station wagon ( estate ) the ABS is kicking in at low speeds.....its fine while stopping from say 30 to stop, but kicks in while move around town 5 to 0.....I've been running it with the fuse pulled for the last few months, but the MOT is now due and it will fail because the warning lights are on.....I've a sneaky suspition its the sensor in the CV joint but to be fair i would be happy just disabing the ABS completly....anyone know how to do this with out the fault lights showing up on the dash....? or can the sensor be replaced / adjusted without too much fuss....? any help would be great.....cheers Richard
  • daughter1 did you get the code for your stereo? I have the same problem and I dont know where to go to get the code.If you have the code can you please help me put? :blush: thank *Nesa213*
  • Thanks. Do you mean take the fuse out then start the car and then replace with the engine running? The car starts okay at the moment, but it just over revs. Will this help do you think? I'm not sure how or why - maybe you could explain a bit more. Also should I reconnect the idle valve, which the garge disconnected from the ECU?
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    Where is it on a 2000 Leganza
  • Hi Guys and Gals,
    my girl has a Nubria CDX 1.8ltr 2003 just out of warranty and we are having the following problems.
    1) the alarm once set with the key fob beeps twice as normal but then a further 5 times in succession and the battery goes flat overnight.
    2) her fuel consumption seems high to average of between 19 and 20 mpg ( I get 25 in my Volvo S80 )
    The dealer has put it on the computer a few times and said there is nothing wrong with it as no codes are being displayed, and as we are now out of warranty we are looking at large bills.
    So would anyone have any clues as to what we should try next.
    cheers in advance.
  • i have a 2001 nubria cdx i got for my daughter we had to have the battery replaced in that car the battery went dead overnight as for the other problem i have no clue maybe someone else can help you with that
  • Thanks for that but this battery is only 3 yrs old and has Never given any probs before this weekend when the alarm started playing up.
  • can someone please tell me what caused this problem because i have the same problem
  • Reference my girls Newbria with the flat battery. It Does seem to be caused by an Alarm Fault. We turned off the alarm system last night and lo and behold the car was fine this morning, started first time as it usually did before this alarm prob arose....hope this helps anyone.
  • It seems the fault lies with one of the internal sensors. to temperory turn off the internal sensors touch the half moon fob to the docking sensor and isolate the units.
    The doors and boot are still alarmed but the interior is not as if you had an animal in your car and didn't want the alarm going off every time it moved.
  • Hi from sunny Florida. I am English living in Florida. We bought a 2001 Nubira new in December 2000 and my daughter still drives it today. It has 54,000 miles on the clock and started shuddering at low speeds a few months back. Concerned about the brakes I took it to two brake shops and both came up with the same opinions\measurements.

    I had the rotars replaced, brake pads replaced and braking system flushed and fluids replaced. Picked the car up last night and the shuddering is identical to before having all the work done.

    So ... I have the same problem as you. Does anyone out there know what causes this? Contact me at please.
  • We bought a 2001 Nubira new in December 2000 - so we have owned and maintained it since new.

    It has 54,000 miles on the clock and started shuddering at low speeds a few months back. Concerned about the brakes I took it to two brake shops and both came up with the same opinions\measurements.

    They told me to have the rotars replaced, brake pads replaced and braking system flushed and fluids replaced. Several hundred dollars later I picked the car up last night and the shuddering is identical to before having all the work done.

    So ... I have the same problem as you. Does anyone out there know what causes this? Contact me at please.
  • Is you ABS light comeing on at all. as this could be a problem with the ABS pump. On my Volvo after changing the brake pads with NON VOLVO parts the same happened then my ABS light came on and the shuddering stopped. I am due to change the pads again but this time to VOLVO originals and hopefully cure the problem.
  • I've a problem with the A/C of my car. It has 63K miles on it. This is how it works.

    Sometimes it works the first time.

    Some other time, the A/c lights in control panel doesn't light evenif the switch is on & the a/c doesn't give cool air. But when i press the control panel hard, the lights comes on and it starts working.

    Sometimes i need to keep pressing the hotspots i identified in control panel to keep it working !!!

    It totally depends on my luck whether it will work or not.

    Anybody had such problems? How many $ would it need to fix this? Any idea?
  • Any idea when is a major service to be done on a 2001 Daewoo Nubira? I've one of them with 63K miles on it. Which are the parts recommended for a change? Since I am the third owner of this car, I don't have an user's manual with me. Neither i could get this information from www. Could you please help?
  • you are having exactly the same probelm we had with our 2001 nurbia,the mechanic replaced the control panel that seemed to take care of the problem with it for about 1 summer then the air went out again blowing warm air when the heat index of 114 outside all of a sudden we had it checked out that time they said it was the air compressor and the expander with the cost of parts and labor would be $1600 i told him the car was not worth $1600 so i took it to another mechanic and he replaced the air compressor and it works now it costed me $800 for the compressor and $300 for the cost of labor it has lasted all summer this time air compressor may be your problem either the control panel that would the cheaper way out but we had a time pinpointing the problem with these cars nothing is simple,
    good luck
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