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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000 nubira sedan, What size rims do I need. I mean what is the bolt pattern? Size?
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    Should be 14" for a 185/65/14 tire. Go here if you're looking for alternate rim size capability.

  • jodifjodif Posts: 12
    I got my recall notice in the mail yesterday from Daewoo. Bad break hoses. I've also had my timing belt replaced due to severe wear at about 35k miles. Of course, not under warranty.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    ... charge for the timing belt replacement? Did they recommend doing the water pump at the same time? I live in Western PA and am curious of the cost, as I'm getting close to doing the same on my 2000 Nubira.
  • My Chicago Daewoo dealer conducts business as usual. They have many cars on the lot. I just dropped off my Leganza for a warranty timing belt replacement at 48,000 miles. I expected to pay for it, but the service manager said it would be covered under warranty. He promised to check the water pump, too, and replace it if necessary (also under warranty). Most parts are available for Daewoo, with a few exceptions. I need to replace the flex pipe, which includes one muffler and a catalytic converter. I will have to pay for that myself ($700), but the part is difficult to get. I patched the hole in exhaust system and have to wait for the part to come into the dealership. Daewoos are really nice cars, especially for the money. Many people in the automotive industry seem to have been sceptical about Daewoo, but I really, really enjoyed my 4-year term with the car. Only minor problems along the way, but the ride is very comfortable, especially long distances. If Daewoo were getting stronger, I would buy another Leganza in a heartbeat. Did any of you have to replace the exhaust system,yet, and at what milage?
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    My Leganza has 30,000 miles only with no problems as of yet. However I did have to change the timing belt on my wife's Nubira at 53,000 miles.
    It was under warranty. The reason for the failure was the tensioner went bad, so they replaced the tensioner as well, and said the water pump would not make it till the next belt change so they changed that too. All under warranty. Make sure
    when they do the timing belt job that they replace the reason for the early failure which is in most cases the tensioner. If they do not, you could have a real failure shortly afterwards.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    For those considering dumping the Woo because of the GMDAT situation, steer clear of the Isuzu, because I read on another board that they're bowing out of the US too.
  • My dealer wants 240.00 to replace my front brake pads. i can get the two pads at my local autozone for 31.99. How hard is it to do this job myself? Can anyone give me a step by step? Thanks.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Get the $50 Napa pads they are much better.
    Quieter, less brake dust, etc.
    This was from the dealer who tried both aftermarket pads this summer when Daewoo pads were in short supply.

    I ordered the pads from NAPA, had them the next day, took the car into Midas, $97 later they had the new pads installed and a very very small amount of metal off the rotors to make them 100% true again. Total $150 and I did not have to do it myself.
  • Ok, my 2000 nubira,, when I went to start it, twice today, after driving it too and from dallas Texas Saturday and Sunday. It was great I LOVE THE GAS MILEAGE!!! Our old car used a tank of gas going to gainsville, this one used not even a quarter tank, anyway, When I went to start it, after it had been sitting for a while, it sputtered a little then I heard a "gurgle" towards the back of the car, what is that? And after I did start it, I had a "burnt" smell coming from the a/c. Oh yeah I have an extended warranty *non daewoo* that gives me a rental if my car is in the shop more than a tenth of an hour, till its fixed, so I'm good as far as that goes. I'm still happy with the car just curious if its cause it went from mostly city driving to almost 1000 miles in two days at 70+, thanks.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    As a first step, I would replace the fuel filter.
    you might have picked up some bad gas on the way.
    When you start the Nubira it has a system in the rear that sucks the evaporated fuel from the filler tube neck and purges it into a canister under the car from the rear also. You hear a few clicking sounds as that process happens. But I assume that you have heard that before and the 'gurgle' you describe is a different sound and might be related to fuel contaminants blocking your fuel lines.
    You can also try a fuel injector type additive
    just to make sure.
  • I bought a 2001 Daewoo Leganza SE with approximately 11,000 miles for $10,500. Did I pay too much?
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    It all depends on whether you had a trade in and what they say they gave you for it on paper versus the $10,500.
  • I was given $500 for my trade-in and I put another $500 cash down. The total cash price of my 2001 Daewoo Leganza was $11,300 minus my total downpayment of $1,000 meaning I financed the remaining $10,300!
  • Just re-joined the forum after being out for a year.

    Several thousand miles ago (odometer about 55k) I had the car looked at for a strange noise coming from the engine. The dealership replaced the timing belt tensioner, saying it had bad bearings. They also replaced the water pump under warranty citing "impending failure". They did charge me for the timing belt... $60, but not the labor to put it on since they were in the area anyway.

    Since I've been away, I've had one accident that put a $1,800 crease down the passenger side rear fender and I rock chip-turned-crack in the windsheild. A new set up tires at 45k miles (stuck with Hankook... great tires!). The car itself is still running great and were it not for the financial situation of Daewoo America I'd eagerly buy another one!

  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    In most areas where the Daewoo dealer is closing up, they are selling the new 2002 Leganza SE for around 65% of MSRP.

    In those other areas where the Dealer is still in business and performing warranty repairs and doing every thing they can to keep a customer, the new discounts are much less and the used retail is a bit higher.

    Here locally a 2001 SE sold for $9995 with 18K on it about two months ago uses. So if the dealer you purchased it from will do all repairs and maintenance, you did not get taken to the cleaners. You also did not steal the car from the dealer either.

    Yes, you did pay full retail used price if you just bought the car. On its own merits the car is not a bad car. They do have some special maintenance issues that you want to keep on top of to prevent more expensive failures. i.e. Timing belt replacement earlier than recommended, yearly 4 wheel alignment. But check all the groups on the web for maintenance suggestions.

    The other question is, was your trade in really worth $500 to the dealer? In other words what would the dealer actually get at auction for the car.

    Finally, if you were able to get financing on the balance amount, obviously the lender seemed to think the car was worth lending you the money based on your credit.
  • I have found a 2000 Leganza CDX with 33,000 miles on it. It is a repo vehicle in great condition, as far as I can tell. The asking price is $7500.00. Is this a good price. Is anyone having trouble getting parts and/or service?
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    When I was down in Florida in September, 2000 Leganza CDX was selling at $6000 as advertised by dealer, so you should be able to get it for less than $7500. From my own experience with this vehicle it is magnificent even at its original price. The parts crunch seems to have been relieved in the US now that the GM deal has been finalized.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    In areas of the country where the nearest dealer that is still in business doing warranty repairs and in good standing with DMA, $7500 is about average as long as the dealer selling it is the same Daewoo dealer.

    In other areas where you may not have a dealer to do any kind of service, $6000 is more the normal price.

    Look at it more this way:
    What other car can you get for around $7000?
    What kind of service after you buy the car can you expect and what kind of service level are you willing to live with should things go sour in your area?
    If you plan on traveling with the car, make sure you plan the possible repair depots along the way before you start the trip. AAA is always a good help when traveling by car.
  • My Leganza has almost 70,000mi on it. The question is the timing belt. My manual shows the California models good for 102,500mi and less elsewhere. Does this have something to do with the "California Happy Cow" cheese or something? Do you think I'm walking one thin ice? Maybe I'd better change it out for reasons of sanity.
    Recently I got a check engine light, I ran a code extracted a EVAP malfuntion code. So far I noticed the pressure line to the ODBII solenoid came unhooked (the wire tie broke and it vibrated out). I hooked it back up, but the light is still one. Does anybody know how to reset the computer?
    Besides this, still running great, even with the bluff at the wheel!
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    I asked my local dealer about the timing belt when checking on the parts they ordered last week for service tomorrow. They have had ONLY ONE early timing belt failure on a Leganza and it was at 64K miles. They suggested no matter what the manual says, Nubira,Leganza,etc to have it replaced at 60K miles.

    In addition he recommended checking the bottom of the timing belt cover for signs of any coolant from the water pump every time the car would come in for an oil change and be lifted up. (simple free check)

    The EVAP code is usually due to a loose gas cap. It should go off after four times of restarting up the car. If not there may be another problem and needs checked out.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Long time since your last post bluff, glad to see you are still driving the legser. I do believe that Leganzas have a better timing belt life than Nubiras for some reason, but 70K is quite a lot bluff and you should not wait till you get a timing belt problem. If you do not want to change it yet, you could always do a thorough inspection.
    When doing a timing belt service it is best to replace all the components that will fail eventually in that area due to wear and tear and these are
    1. timing belt
    2. belt tensioner, as this is a common failure and the belt gets loose and starts making noise at slow speed and will cause belt damage.
    3. water pump. If this fails, then it will damage the belt as well, it is better to replace it with the timing belt than taking the chance it will last till the next belt change.

    If you are not hearing any noises from the timing belt, especially at slow speed, then it is probably still ok. It is still a good idea to inspect it just to make sure and also check for any coolant leak from the water pump.

    BTW, 99 Leganza is 3.5 years old with zero problems to date. Not even a light bulb has went out. I think the 99 Leganzas are the best since they were built before Daewoo was forced by the banks to cut parts cost to secure additional funding.
  • jsiesjsies Posts: 26
    This came directly off Daewoo's dealer message system about 11/27/02...
    We are pleased to announce that Daewoo Motor America has entered into a parts distribution agreement with General Motors Daewoo Auto & Technology Company, the new company, which has acquired certain assets of DMA. As a result, DMA will continue to be the exclusive distributor of parts for Daewoo vehicles in the US, subject to the limitations provided in the agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, our dealers and customers will be able to obtain a supply of Daewoo parts long-term. The agreement further represents a commitment by the parties to help ensure that a sufficient supply of Daewoo parts is available to support the existing Daewoo vehicle population in the US market.

    Also DMA has entered into a separate agreement with a third party administrator who has been appointed by GMDAT to administer a global warranty service program for Daewoo vehicles. The warranty administrtion agreement that DMA has signed will allow DMA and its delaers to continuously provide basic manufacturers warranty service to Daewoo customers in the US without any interruption as funding has been arranged in the asset purchase transaction between GMDAT and DWMC.

    These agreements will become effective upon our obtaining a court order, which is projected to occur early next year. Until court approval is obtained, DMA will continue to provide the manufacturer's warranty services and parts supply under the existing arrangment.
    Also, the following opinion was added by the dealer:

    "Bottom Line... In my opinion, in the short term it does not change anything, but in the next couple of months once the court order is obtained you should see an improvement in the availability of parts. Warranties should be paid, roadside assistance though, I highly doubt will ever return. Hope this calms some fears."
  • Just Purchased a 1999 Laganza CDX in Atlanta area today. I could not believe the "Car for the money"
    Paid $5000.00 drive out at dealer. The car still had the plastic protective covering under the floormats. My question is on the timing belt. The car has 67,000 miles and runs great from the short time I have driven it. Should the timing belt be changed and what other Maintainence issues on the 99 have you experienced that are common. Thanks
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Congrats on your leganza. The 99 model I believe is still the best one yet since they built those cars before the cost cutting on parts was forced on Daewoo Motor by its creditor banks as a prerequisite to securing new loans. My 99 Legser
    has been trouble free.
    Regarding timing belt, yes it needs replacement.
    Maybe that has been done already since you have 67,000 miles on the vehicle. It does not hurt to check. Make sure you replace the belt, belt tensioner, and water pump at the same time.
  • Thanks for the response on my posting of Dec 3. I have done much additional research on my 1999 Laganza CDX and Daewoo in North America. I spoke with the owner of a local Daewoo dealership for 30 minutes the other day and he was very helpful with information regarding the cars and the future of the company. He told me that there are 160,000 Daewoo cars sold in the US and that there has been an agreement for Daewoo to form a seperate company to distribute parts. In researching for my own parts for the timing belt change it took me across the country. Water pump out of California, Tensioner out of Augusta Ga. and the timing belt and drive belts locally at NAPA. Getting the entire job done by a local establishment for $400.00 includes parts. The mechanic is from South Africa where he worked on the cars there and is very familiar. So it looks like I got lucky. Also charging me wholesale for the parts and not the usual mark up saved alot. I was also told that the transmission on the Laganza was a Saab by the owner of this dealership. Do you think this is true? Hope the parts supply get better for future repairs and service. The car does need a V6 motor and more power and torgue. A turbo with intercooler would be the perfect answer for the car. Do you know of any performance sites for the cars? Thanks
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    The transmission on the Leganza is not a Saab. It is a Japanese Aisin Warner 50-40LE tranny. Aisin warner provides transmissions for companies like Toyota and many Euro brands. This tranny is very reliable. The easiest to maintain. It has no oil pan, or oil filter. The way you change the tranny oil is simple. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the tranny. Get your mechanic to show you the plug. All you have to do is remove the drain plug, and drain the fluid and then refill.
    The drain plug is also concave on its tip and has a magnet inside it to trap the particles. After you remove the plug make sure you clean it thoroughly from its tip and remove all the particles that have accumulated. Once it is clean you can see the magnet inside it. There you go, I saved you another $100 on a tranny service.
    The tranny does have an emission control feature that causes some people who are not familiar with how it works to complain about it. Basically if you drive the car cold, it will not shift into 4th gear until the temp guage reaches near the quarter mark. This was done as a means to keep the revs up so the car warms up quicker and reduces emmisions. I am used to warming up my car for a couple of minutes at least before driving off, so I really do not mind. I guess you will notice it more if you live right next to a freeway on ramp and you are used to starting up the car cold and getting on the freeway right away.
    Regarding enhancing performance, these cars can be fitted with Opel Superchargers. The engines are afterall an Opel sourced technology built by Holden of Australia.
    I am going to try something else I saw on TV called the Tornado fuel saver which promises to increase HP and save fuel through better air fuel mixture.
  • Vehicle: 1999 Leganza CDX (one of the first sold in US).
    Miles: 49,000
    - A/C stopped working (freon gone), not yet fixed.
    - Both the rear muffler and flex pipe burned through. I replaced the muffler for $150, but to replace the flex pipe (attached to catalytic converter) would have been $800, so I went to a local muffler shop and had a new flex pipe welded in place of the old one for $99.

    Otherwise the vehicle has been a blast to drive and own. My wife and I really enjoy it.

    Just to stay on the safe side, I had the timing belt and tensioner replaced at 48,000 under warranty. I still need to replace the engine drive belt (it's cracked) and do wheel alignment.
    Where's a good place to align the wheels? My dealer doesn't do it and my local Sears says I need to go the the deal - vicious circle.
  • Thanks for the information on the transmission. Glad to hear that it is not a Saab and is a Japanese transmission. Daewoo seems to have purchased the best they could to put the car together. ie, trans, engine, suspension, body design. Interested to hear that the engine is an Opel(Holden) and that you can add a supercharger. Do you have any information on cost etc. Also HP rating with supercharger. Thanks.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Car99CDX you just defined what a Leganza is in your post above. It is not just another Korean car. Its engineering and design credentials would beat any economy car on the market. FYI, This car was originally designed by Giorgetto Guigaro as the next small Jaguar, but Jaguar turned the design down because it was too small for a Jaguar.Nevertheless you could still see some resemblance. Daewoo stepped in and bought the design for 6 million dollars. This car was designed in 1994 and released in Korea in 1996/1997. Considering that it still looks fresher than any new car released as a 2003, you can see how the Italians set the styling standards.

    Regarding the supercharger, Anything that fits

    a Holden or Opel Vectra will fit a Leganza or Nubira. Here is a link for a Vectra 2.0L which you will notice from the engine photo it is identical to our Daewoo engines except for the color of the cam cover which the owner has painted red. He used an Eaton M45 blower.

    From past links I have seen, the Nubira 2.0L DOHC which turns out 129 HP, jumps to 205 HP when it is supercharged. The numbers in this link I just found are in kilowatts.

    Since these engines are Aussie built in Melbourne, you could research Australian websites for all kinds of performance mods on the Holden 2.0L and 2.2L engines. and considering the currency exchange rate of about 50 US cents to the Aussie dollar, you will get items at half price. :)
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