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    The horsepower is a major issue. I can honestly say that if I was told that the Hp of the Tiburon was 170 and not the 181 listed I probably would not have bought the car. Call me crazy, but the choice would of been mine to make knowing fully what exactly I was buying. This issue falls under serious recourse. I didn't buy the car just for the looks, but for what the material facts that were involved, in which a major part is of course the Hp. Your opinion may be different and I respect that, but you didn't buy the 2003 Tiburon under these false pretenses. If you did you would feel the same as my wife an I do, "Cheated".
      You asked why would the extended warranties not be of any use? Well 1) the warranties that come with the car are already great 2) I may not keep the car for 10yrs or even 5yrs 3) I am looking at already at 23300 miles in less than 8 months(May it would be a year) so if you do your calculations and follow the trend in one year I would have 34950 miles(2912.5 mi X 12mos=34950) a three year warranty is up in 36k miles 4) a 10yr 100k miles warranty would be up in 2.9yrs following the trend of 34950miles per year. So you tell me. What use are they?
      On to the tires issue. Well, the tires have been wearing worse on the outside on the front and passenger rear tires. The driver rear tire is the best tire every time. The psi I believe is kept at 30 psi which the manual states to keep them at and are checked as regular as we put gas(it's a habit). My wife and I drive in town mostly so a lot of side streets and so forth so the average speed we drive is maybe 50 mph. When we go on the highway 65-70mph. We don't corner fast at all seeing we drive side streets in town. The tire experts say that this should not be happening even if we were to burn out our tires at every stop light. Especially when using a harder surfaced tire with only 3k miles on it. They stated that the car seems to be dragging the tires instead of rolling on them. The main reason why I've come here is to see if there are anyone else with these problems. I appreciate any suggestions you can give.
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    Not to really aggravate you or anything but I'm trying to understand where you are coming from. I owned a 2000 Hyundai Accent (and almost bought the 03 Tib) which was also affected by the hp snafu, but not as greatly as the Tiburon (it was rated at 92 but it really only had 89), so I was in a similar boat but it honestly didn't tick me off at all. I didn't feel cheated when Hyundai didn't offer extended warranties to me either. What I'm trying to understand is this: When the car was rated at 181 and you were perfectly happy with the way the car performed, how has anything changed? The car is still the same car you drove, liked, and bought, correct? Why does the actual rating of the engine change your perspective of it that badly? If it was a mechanical problem that was strangling the engine of power it should be making and Hyundai was refusing to replace it, than I could see where people would get mad. But since the engine never made the power to begin with and actual performance has not been affected by the change, I just don't understand why you are so upset over it. Again, don't take this the wrong way. I just think you may be letting a printed number get too much in the way of the enjoyment of your car.

    As for the extended warranties, well, if you keep the car for 2 years, the extended warranty could come in handy. What if the sunroof, power accessories, AC, alternator, or similar part went at 65k? Before Hyundai graciously offered the extended warranty, you would have had to pay for the repair out of pocket. But if you chose the extended bumper-to-bumper, than it would be fixed for free. Obviously, it wouldn't help you if you got rid of the car anytime soon, but the added peace of mind is nice considering Hyundais aren't known for their stellar long term reliability yet.

    Hmmm....lots of city driving will wear a tire down quicker but that doesn't explain your problem. If the tires are wearing more on the outside edge on only one side, than something is definitely wrong with the alignment. Either the toe-in is off or the camber. If the car's factory spec suspension calibration was to blame, than both sides of the car would have similar wear patterns, not just the passenger side. 30 psi sounds a tad low for such a heavy car though. I would try increasing the pressure to 32-35 and see if wear decreases some, because low pressure will cause the tires to drag and wear on the outer edges. I ran 30-32 in my little Accent and got excellent wear out of the original tires.
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    No not aggravating me or anything. I understand where you are coming from. You stated that you bought a hyundai accent with also some hp missing than advertised and it doesn't bother you. But you also stated that it was not as much as what was missing in the Tiburon. 1) you bought an Accent which is not a sport car 2) you almost bought a Tiburon doesn't count because you didn't actually buy it, so naturally you would not be affected or "Ticked Off or Feel as cheated" by the missing hp. Because 3) I am more than sure you did not buy the accent because it was competitive in torque, and Horsepower which is a big factor of the performance of a car. Was I happy when I first test drove the car? yes. Was I really able to test the performance of the Tiburon within a 5minutes to maybe 15 minute test drive? NO. Was I really able to test the performance of the car within the first 12k-15k miles of the car? NO. So how would I know that I was paying for something that I was not getting? Other than relying on the ADVERTISED FACTS were in indeed true and tested. Now that I am able to use the car for the performance, yes you can & should tell the difference of 11hp. So you stated that it should not matter because the car never had it in the first place. Well if you bought a computer that you liked and were happy with when you first bought it because of its advertised performance and Megabytes/RAM, and you have not been able to use the total amount of ADVERTISED Megabytes/RAM of the computer and while using it for the moment you still have been happy but had future expectations of it, then all of a sudden just before you were able to use the computer to it's FULL ADVERTISED FACTS, an announcement came out stating that hey sorry but our facts were misrepresented on the Megabytes/RAM and it really doesn't possess the Megabytes/RAM as we stated but here are some extended warranties for you computer in order to make it up to you. Let's just say that there is no way to put the amount or "upgrade" the amount of Megabytes/RAM into the computer permanently w/o spending more of YOUR OWN money to do so, wouldn't this make you feel cheated? Like you bought the computer under FALSE PRETENSE? Like you paid for a good or service that is not going to deliver after you've already spent hard earned money on? Oh, but I forgot, you almost bought this computer, but did not so it would not make a real difference to you nor would you feel as my wife & I do or many other people out there that feel this way. The value of the car has defenitely lessened there to other people who feel the way my wife & I feel.
      The warranties are only temporary unlike the HP. By the time the warranties would be of any worth would be the time I don't have the car any longer and then on top of that I could not include the warranties in the value of the car when and if sold to another person because they don't get the priveledge of that the original owners do.
      Now the tire issue. I didn't say that the passenger side was the only side wearing badly. It is both sides and all four tires. They are all wearing badly, but the best of the bad tires is always on the driverside rear. The psi is whatever the manual states to put. Plus I got professional persons that have delt with my car over this time period(this is not a stab at you or saying you are not a proffessional, but you have not been here to see the physical evidence). Everytime the toe-in has been checked there are no problems with the car per the dealership. Not real sure what the camber is? a little help on that please. : ) But yes the toe-in has been questioned by the pros handling my tire issues.
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    I've read the arguments on this in several forums, and many times I've seen the "if you were happy with it when you bought it, why aren't you happy now?" side of the issue. I still enjoy both of our Hyundais, but I also feel cheated by the whole thing. Yes, just a "little bit" cheated, not ripped off, but cheated just the same.

    When doing the pre-shoppping comparisons, we tended to look at many factors, including HP/torque to eliminate a number of cars because we didn't want to spend weeks going from dealer to dealer to try every single car in order to do a "fair comparison." We relied on reviews, owners' experiences, and published data to help narrow the field. When we drew artificial lines to eliminate vehicles, we depended on the accuracy of published material to help us. If the rear seats didn't fold down, it was off the list. If the HP/torque figures were skewed negatively, it was off the list. And so on.

    Obviously, it's easy to see if a manufacturer made a mistake about folding rear seats. If the published material says "yes" but I get to the dealer and they don't fold down, then I can say, "I want folding seats, so this car is out." I can instantly see whether the competitors have folding seats and react accordingly. Also, I can conclude that the first manufacturer has some communication and credibility problems.

    On the issue of power, however, I can't readily compare published figures to what I perceive in the car, and I can't directly compare them to other vehicles, no matter what any of you say. (If I'm taking care to be kind to the vehicle in its first month of service, I won't really know its full power potential then, either.) In fact, I've probably already eliminated some other cars that might truly have more power than publicized because I believed the specs that their manufacturers put out just as I believed the ones that Hyundai put out. What I can do, however, is say "Crap" when Hyundai tells me its information was incorrect and was incorrect for some time and that it never was checked for accuracy. This wasn't a simple typo in one brochure; it was a systemic and ongoing error that caused me to read false information in every place that I looked and to make prebuying decisions based on a belief that Hyundai was telling the truth.

    Do we still like our Hyundais and consider them terrific cars? Yes. Will we buy from Hyundai again? Maybe. Then what's my point?

    The point is that Hyundai's lack of professionalism and thoroughness created a deceptive picture of its vehicles, that we made prebuying decisions based on that false picture, and that it needs to be responsible in a more tangible way to pay back its loyal customers for its ongoing misinformation. (This would include those who only "lose" 3.9% for example.) Extra roadside assistance or extended warranties may be valuable to some, but they are valueless to others.

    Hyundai needs to do something real.
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    problem. It's the fact that they were "promised" 11hp more. I agree, big deal, but people take a view that it's them(the little guy) vs. "The Giant" (Hyundai)in a deal like this and immediately it's a sue-happy compensate me now mentality they put on. For the price the Tiburon is hard to beat and it's true-the 11 hp is not an issue and shouldn't be with anybody. The new-gen Tiburon is the hottest looking sports car on the market. Period.

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    I wonder...Maybe the European version has the "promised" extra 11 HP? And maybe, our American version was supposed to be available at that HP, but released at only 170? I don't know. But, I do know the European version is a bit more aggressive, with Eibach springs stock, and more.

    I could understand the (the little guy) vs. "The Giant" (Hyundai) if it were an actual important, substantial thing, something major, not 10 HP. Maybe if they promised 10 year warranty and only gave you 3 years, that I could see. I think the fact that I'm even talking about this is ridiculous!! Like the one post I read, "Did your car perform any different after you bought it and learned of 10 less HP?" I think that says it all. I think it's time to get over it and stop sweating the little details. Unless all you want is bragging rights of 180 HP. And I agree, it is the best looking and performing Hyundai they ever made... But I still love my not so "box stock" 99' Cougar. :)
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    I went to these message boards just to see what people thought of the new Tiburon, because my boyfriend was going to buy one. I cannot believe how you guys are crying over 10, no I'm sorry, 11 horsepower that in reality you wouldn't even feel the difference anyway. We test drove the Tiburon, Eclipse GT-S, 2002 left over Cougar 35th Anniversary, and he owns a Celica GT-S, and the Eclipse sticker is about 26 grand, the Cougar sticker was about 23 grand, and the Celica sticker was 25 grand. What's the Tiburon GT? 20 grand sticker? Hmmm... 1)Tiburon fastest...2)They all handle about the same...3)They all ride about the same...4)Interior is slightly nicer in the others, but the Tiburon has all the same as the others...5)Price - how much do you want to spend for basicly the same car?...6)Warranty, yes it is important, to anyone, unless you want less for your money...7)They all look good.

    So, with this said, do you still feel cheated? I've been into cars all my life and believe me, what they say on paper doesn't mean a thing!! It's how the car performs when you take it out on the pavement.

    If your still so upset about that 10 horsepower, go buy a K&N air filter.
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    I don't see anyone "crying over 10" or 11 hp, 'tho I do see some folks yelling at those who have questions about the issue and how it was handled. I'm not sure why anyone would be so concerned over the free expression of an opinion about an automotive issue in a forum devoted to that automobile. I never saw post 113; must have been a doozy. Unfortunately, I don't know what redcat99 (great handle for a Cougar owner, BTW) said or iluvmysephia1 was responding to.

    So, in the light of two strong disapprovals from posters to this board, I'll restate it's each person's right to be pleased or displeased with his or her vehicle, or to be pleased with some aspects and displeased with others.

    I like both our Hyundais and continue to recommend the brand to others. If I find out Hyundai has been incorrect, inaccurate, or deceptive about something, I'll say so, without putting other people down or trying to discredit their feelings or opinions.

    As owners, I believe that our opinions are valid; perhaps more valid than those who have not taken the responsibility of ownership. After all, we're paying for the car, not anyone else. I certainly believe that redcat99 would have more informed opinions about a Cougar than I would, as would iluvmysephia1 about a Sephia (if he/she owns one), and each would have the right to an opinion based on both experience and ownership responsibility.

    Let's respect each other.
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    My boyfriend and I have been test driving and researching the Tiburon and others for almost 2 months. Yes, I own a Cougar which was off the subject, but that doesn't change the reason for my opinion. My point was, I checked into this forum to see how people like the Tiburon, if they think it's a good car, or not, before we picked one up. I'm not here bashing anyone's opinions or concerns, but I think for what the actual complaint is, you should be out there enjoying the car for what it is not for what you read, for everything looks good on paper. I'm not trying to hurt anyone else's feelings, but, isn't a forum for open discussion? And all I'm trying to do is MAYBE, for the people who aren't so much into mechanics, see just how little the complaint is, that it's not even worth giving it a second thought. Maybe some people think that an extra 10 HP was a major difference? It's not, no matter what car it is. I'm sorry if you think I need the experience as a Hyundai owner to "put my two cents in", or to understand and feel your pain. And I'll tell you this, from all those others I test drove along with the Tiburon, we will be back at the Hyundai dealer...soon! And no offense to the one who posted it, that they never would have bought the car if they knew it had only 170 HP not the claimed 181 HP, that to me IS crying over it. Especialy because at the ONLY 170 HP rating it is still faster than one with 210 HP and about 6 grand less(Eclipse GT-S). Yes, I agree that Hyundai should have got it straight with the HP rating, but like I said before, be happy with your cars performance if you were happy with it before you heard it had less, it's the feel, not the numbers. For you would really be upset if you knew exactly how much horsepower was really getting to the road, not engine rated.
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    I never bashed the guy for his opinion. I was simply asking him to explain further why he felt the way he did, to see if I could understand his view better. And as a former Hyundai owner of a car that was part of the mis-stated hp figures, I think my opinion has a bit more relevance than a non-Hyundai owner.
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    Latinracer you should sue Hyundai. There are always contingency fee lawyers around who will take any case. Good luck.
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    I also checked this board to see how many people liked their new Tiburon. Where are all of the glowing reports? Would all of you buy the 2003 again?
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    Redcat99 you make me laugh. : ) Dougndo, Jocko, Thanks for your opinions as well, Yes you to 1ngtonge.
      Redcat, you now have the choice of being an informed buyer of hopefully all the correct facts. I on the other hand did not have the choice 'til thousand of miles after the fact. Warranties won't help me any, maybe if I had just a few thousand miles on the car then maybe the warranties would be of worth to me. Redcat, sorry if you don't believe me when I say I would not have bought the car if I had all the correct facts. You say get an airfilter, well why doesn't Hyundai get it for me? Oh yes, have we forgotten that they don't make anything for the 2003 Tiburon. I for one would have crossed out the Tiburon off my list just because of the Hp as a prereq., that is one of the reasons why I did not get the celica gt-s. : )
      Redcat, yes you too are entitled to your opinion, but the weight of your opinion is light. Only due to the fact like Dougndo said you did not take the responsibility of ownership and I'll go just a step further. You did not take the responsibility of ownership under false material facts which play a mighty role in buying a car.
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    What a joke... Does it make you feel better to say I make you laugh? You and people as petty as you make me laugh. The reason why? - You have a great car, especially for the money and you cry because they where wrong to rate it at a measly 10 more HP than the actual. Fact is, if I would have bought it at the rated 180, and found out that it's only 170, I wouldn't even care. And that's the gods honest truth. The difference between you and I, I don't need a piece of paper to ensure me how fast my car is, I drive it and others and know, just how good it is, and save lots of money, too while I'm at it. By the way latinracer, FYI you better learn better where to look for products and aftermarket. I've never seen any other car have so many aftermarket parts available for it in such a short time... get with it. Well, I guess all except of this little problem some of you are having with the hp rating, everyone seems to like their Hyundias. And that is the reason for me being here in the first place. We picked up ours today, and well, that's all for me folks... I know some of you will be glad. Hey, in all, enjoy the car. It is a very nice car. Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings... I tend to tell it like it is.
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    Yeah, I know I said I was done. I woke up this morning and had it on my mind that you guys just don't understand my point. Yes, I do understand your point.

    My point is if Hyundai could take all the people that bought the Tiburon and when they brought their car in for service modify the car to have the rated 180 horsepower, guess what, you would be driving that car out of the dealer saying, "I don't feel any difference."

    Like I said before, yes I understand the point of Hyundai should have had it right with the correct rating, but the complaint is about that wouldn't effect you anyway(in reality). You would never notice, so why should it matter so much? Like I also said before, I could see if it was something that effects you, like hey, the car you bought "supposed" to have ABS and doesn't. Then I would say, hey I agree, there's a problem.

    The whole deal here is, well Hyundai wasn't completely truthful. In reality, hey it doesn't effect people anyway, but they feel they were they were cheated. Like ilovemysephia1 put it, and I agree, "In a deal like this and immediately it's a sue-happy compensate me now mentality they put on." SAD... Very SAD!!

    And yes, this is the last post for me, we are going to be out there enjoying our newest addition. Enjoy yours all!! "The Tib is a sweet ride." :)

    And I must say, we already have a 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S, 1999 Mercury Cougar CE, and a 2003 Mitsibishi Eclipse GT-S in our driveway and for the price, I can't believe how good the Tiburon is. It's in a class with all the other cars and a sticker of about 5 grand less. MUCH better warranty, too! :)
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    here focus on what they think... instead of exasperating over other people's opinions. In other word, please leave out the personal comments/jabs (posts 122, 123).

    Also, perhaps it's time for some of you to just agree to disagree on certain issues (i.e. Hp). Let's not forget that people like/buy cars for different reasons; and berating people for their opinions will usually not change their attitude... or create any sort of understanding.

    Lastly, just a reminder that this discussion was set up primarily for Tiburon owners to share their experiences and news. Please respect their space.

    If you any question/comments regarding this matter, please send me an email. And let's get back to the subject of Hyundai Tiburon Owner Experiences & News! Thanks!

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    this: ENJOY YOUR SWEET NEW RIDE! It's nice to see people who can just realize a good deal when they see one and flick this "I'm gonna sue" BS that permeates this money-grubbing society we live in in America. The new-gen Tiburon is the coolest looking car on the road and the price-point is great. Early indications from owners after having them on American roads for a little over a year now are that the car is holding up very well in the long run. Biggest concerns from people on the Internet car chat sites with this beautiful new car: chipping paint by the spoiler and door sill(the driver's side door has more complaints than the passenger)and the moonroof getting stuck. Yes, the Long-Haul is taking care of people with these issues. I hope to own a new-generation Tiburon in the future. In the meantime I'm loving my 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4(the '99 Sephia I coined my nickname from is gone-it did it's job though)and I am so thankful for the recent influx of South Korean cars into the U.S. Great styling and reliable transportation with a killer warranty. Did I mention great low prices? Oh, resale value. Yes, resale value lags with these cars. Still. Oh well, I'll just have to go outside and shine up me Sporty-the Pepper Red is beautiful when the sport-ute is clean. Not a bad rig to be stuck with. Built like a tank but amazingly quiet ride. Believe me these South Korean cars are a great deal. What's so cool is the South Koreans style their cars in a way that makes me reminisce the Chevy Nova SS's of the early 60's or Ford Mustang of the mid 60's or the Chevy Chevelle of the mid-to-late 60's. No kidding. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

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    I will once again reiterate my posting (#98 in this forum) statements. I love my new Tiburon GT-V6. As for the HP miscalculations, I have to somewhat agree with redcat... when I bought it I thought it had 181 HP, but when I received the mailing telling me otherwise I was just surprised, not in a good or bad way, just surprised. I don't know who had a hand in testing the HP over there in Korea, but I am sure that whoever was messing up the ratings still has a footprint on their backside from getting booted out of the door. I was happy to take the extension of the bumper-to-bumper warranty from 5 to six years.
    My friend has a Mercury Cougar (2.5L V6) and we both think that my car feels faster. His car is a bit lighter, but the torque is what you really "feel" pushing you back in your seat. Since the Tib's 181 ft/lbs of torque is much more than the Cougar's 165 ft/lbs it seems to pull harder and push you back to your seat more.
    The real difference (11 HP) is negligible anyways as this is just the flywheel rating. US specs are quoted at the flywheel, not the tires. This means that most cars make less "actual" horsepwer than advertised anyway. Drivetrain losses are what attribute to this happening.
    This goes with exception of a few vehicles that are either turbo or supercharged. Manufacturers sometimes rate these at the lowest engine output (when the engine is very hot causing the forced-induction air to be hotter). The new Dodge Neon SRT-4 is a perfect example of this. Dodge claims 225 HP at the flywheel, while it is actually much higher. The Neon puts out 223 HP at the wheels! This information can be found on the Sport Compact Car Magazine website( This magazine dynos most of the cars it tests. This method directly calculates how much a car puts out at the wheels (which is where the power is actually put down).
    If you would like to see the dyno results of the Tiburon from an acutal test done by Sport Compact Car Mag then go to the following link .html
    This puts the actual output of the engine at 148 peak HP and the torque peaks at 161 ft/lbs. None of this really matters to me because I love this car the way it is. I might eventually put some simple mods on just to increase throttle response (K&N air filter, a more freely flowing exhaust), but these aren't even necessary as the car performs the way I expected, whether the HP is 181 (first claimed), 170 (now claimed), or 148 (actual HP at wheels). Hope this helps everyone.
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    11 horsepower at the flywheel, assuming a 15% loss through the drivetrain is about 9 horsepower to the wheels...or wheel lol. If it were just peak horsepower you would probably not really notice it. If it were an average increase of 9 horsepower throughout the power band, then you would notice it.

    Anywho...when the numbers were orignally published, they were listed as 181 hp and 171 lb-ft. of torque. It seems as if the numbers were just transposed.
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    and nothing else. I gotta get a new Tib! That car is so cool looking I can't believe it! 171hp or 181hp or whatever. Who cares! Not I said the fly.

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    I have been working on the Tiburon's (delta V-6) for racing and believe I have found out why the stated horse power went from 181 to 170. First to those of you that feel you were cheated. You were because you were told 181 and now are told its 170. I feel Hyundai got caught in there little lie. This engine has casting and material design problems. How do I know this because I have destroyed three v-6 engines trying to tune them. Grant you I put quite a bit more stress on these engines then most of you will ever do. I feel these engines were suppose to be capable of more hp but were purposely detuned because the engine can not withstand the stress. Particularly the engine bearing caps which have torn out of the engine on me. This happens because they casted this engine wrong and it would have cost too much to go back and do it right. So they have this engine running at 170 to prevent these problems. They also have the idle speed at start up set high. This is why your engine revs so high in the morning when you get in. This is to heat up the aluminum block and prevent any damage. Still love this car just don't modify the v-6!!! They can't take it. If you must play do it with the 4.
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    of enthusiasts probably have not read it yet. Just what you have described has been laid out in detail in numerous articles. No doubt if you're really interested in this beautiful sports car you already have found this information out. The only tunable 2003 Tiburon is the 2.0L 16 valve DOHC 4 cyl. Your post is a good reminder, though and good information that hopefully people will see and follow.

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    When I stated in my post that "latinracer" should get with a contingency fee lawyer and sue Hyundai I was being sarcastic.

    I believe his whole argument is petty and plain silly.
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    Thanks for everyone's enlightening and interesting discussion; it has really helped me make my final decision to buy a Tiburon GT-V6 6 speed. I do have a couple of questions. Is it possible to order the GT-V6 package 17 without the high spoiler? I prefer the looks of the low spoiler. Also, is it true that you do not have to pay sales tax on out-of-state purchases? How about internet car purchases?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,615
    that you don't want the high spoiler and they ought to accommodate you. You may have to come back and have the service department switch them out for you. I would think some GT V6's would come from the factory with the low spoiler. As for your question about buying out-of-state and not having to pay sales tax: GOOD QUESTION! It probably varies from state to state whether or not they'll let an out-of-state buyer buy w/o paying sales tax. I'll refer that one to the viewing audience........and the one about paying tax or not on Internet car purchases.

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    I have the base GT-V6, no options except the sunroof. Mine has the low spoiler (which I liked better as well) and the 17" wheels. If you don't mind the 5-speed and no ABS then go with that. I am totally happy and don't miss the extra cog of the 6-speed. I mean the car comes loaded anyway. Most options are purely just cosmetic. The way I see it is, the only option I would have wanted at all (besides the sunroof) is ABS. If you have to go all out with the boy-racer package to get it I will pass it up (or take the sprint package, which gives you cloth seats (not bad) but the silly pedals). It isn't worth the extra money for the high spoiler, 6-speed, and metal pedals just to get ABS. I will just drive something else in the winter if need be.
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    GT V6? I started out liking the base 2.0L DOHC 16-valve 4cyl engine '03 Tib but as I continue to look at pictures of Tibby's I'm starting to prefer the GT V6. If the gas mileage is decent I might start concentrating on the GT V6 as a possible next car. What a beautiful sports car and a great value for the money paid. Have you had any problems with yours yet?

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    In addition to iluvmysephia's questions, it would nice to see some detailed vehicle reports/updates in this discussion.

    Anyone interested in participating? You can list your total miles to date, mpg (include driving habits), additional accessories/mods, maintenance to date, wash/wax tips, trips or cargo experiences, and overall impressions (pros/cons) of your Hyundai Tiburon....

    I'm sure others passing through there would find he information quite helpful. Also, you can report back every 3k -5k, or so, to update again.

    Thanks for sharing your Hyundai Tiburon experience!

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    Well, since I filled up last night.. I know my gas mileage for my last tank was just under 21 mpg. This isn't a great figure, it was under my usual average per tank of somewhere between 22 and 23. I do mixed driving. I have two jobs, one takes me on all city streets (stop & go), and the other job takes me on the thruway. Also, I just pulled my car out from the winter, so everything might be settling back into place too. I usually don't drive too aggressively, shifting before 3500 rpm usually. The EPA estimates are 19 and 26 with the 5-speed.. so I guess I am getting pretty close to what is claimed. Good luck with whatever you pick; the GT's tuning is very nice (I didn't drive a base 4-banger), but is a little rough over the pock-marked streets of upstate NY after a long winter.. but I LOVE IT!
    BTW, the 5-speed's OD gear (5th) isn't very nice to high speed driving milage either. When I am cruising at like 70 the rpm's read about 3k... my father's V6 Malibu (2002) on the other hand is in the low 2k's @70mph.. however this does allow the Tiburon nice passing power or acceleration without downshifting... I don't know what the 6-speed or automatic's RPMs would be like at 70..
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    Revka et. al~
    I will be more than happy to give a report soon on my 2003 Tib. This sounds like a good idea, and I hope to see more owners posting messages here. As stated in my previous post I just took my car out of the garage (the snow is FINALLY melting), so I will send an update in soon. Most likely I will post after I take it in for my next scheduled maintenance service. Happy driving to all!

    If you want to see my other comments (from last driving season) check out my other posts in this forum (#s 98, 105, 127, 135, 138)
  • buttercup902buttercup902 Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone..I am interested in the Tiburon 03. I have some concerns though. 1) I live in the wintery wonderlands of Michigan, does it perform well in snow? Or are you owner putting it away for the winter?
    Also, what kind of deals are you all getting for it. Money is an issue for me and I would like to know how far I can talk them down before I go into this....any other feed back would be great too! Thanks
  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Member Posts: 18
    2003 Tiburon GT V-6 Automatic Transmission

    Gas Mileage Observed: On a 600 mile trip over mostly flat terrain. 26-28 mpg.

    Note: This was doing about 55 miles an hour at night with the a/c off.

    Gas Mileage Observed: When doing day to day driving around town. 21-22 mpg.

    Note: This was observed with out any modifications done to the car.

    Gas Mileage Observed: When doing day to day driving after installing a K&N air filter. 23-25 mpg.

    Note: When I installed the new filter I also unplugged the battery for about 15 minutes to reset the air flow sensor.
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    I live in Western New York and the winters here are probably similar to yours. We get all the lake effect snow from the Great Lakes (especially Lake Erie). I stored my Tiburon for the winter because I have the 17" rims with the Michelin Pilot Sport tires (summer only). I don't know how the the 16" rims that come on the 4-cylinder model perform, but mine were not good at all. I drove my car a few times over the winter (so that I didn't have to winterize my car for storage) and the few times that I went on roads that weren't plowed it was horrible. I was spinning my tires with every shift and the tires were struggling to grip when turning at a low speed. I opted to store my car for the winter because I had a great winter car (my previous car) to drive. However, I have decided that next winter I will probably buy a set of steel wheels and snow tires to put on. My only concern is that I didn't opt for ABS, so I might find another junker to drive for the winter if the price is right.

    Pricing is another issue that is heavily dealt with on this site. The Edmunds TMV is pretty realistic for basing your buying decisions on. If you want more info, including what I got mine for, check out my previous posts (#s 98, 105, 127, 135, 138, 139 in this forum).

    What I can tell you (again, if you haven't read my previous posts) is that I love the car and think it is an amazing value. You get decent power and TONS of standard equipment for a great price. Another thing that I can tell you is that with the GT-V6 (which is tuned a little more tightly than the base 4-cylinder) you have to be careful of potholes and large cracks, which I am sure you see just as much as I do. Any other concerns just put a post up and I will be happy to respond. Hope you have a good decision making process. By the way, what other cars are you considering?
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    Hey.. I was just wondering what kind of improvements (if any) you felt or noticed after putting in the drop-in K&N filter? I see that your fuel economy seems to have improved, but were there any other gains (i.e. throttle response, quickened revving, etc.)? Thanks for your response...
  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Member Posts: 18
    Stshane, I use too live in Western New York too (Hamburg), glad to hear your garaging the car salt and snow will ruin it.

    They say that your suppose to feel better throttle response and all that is associated with it quicker revving etc..

    I have put K&N filters in a lot of cars. I have noticed a difference with each one. Depending on what kind of car you feel something different.

    In the Tiburon it makes the exhaust sound a little louder and yes the throttle revs quicker.

    But the biggest difference is the sound.

    If you are thinking of buying one I bought mine online and paid about $35 for mine plus free shipping.

    Careful about going to the auto stores they tried to give me the filter for the 2002 Tiburon, and no it doesn’t fit. Here is the part number 33-2201

    Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for the info. I have now just ordered my K&N off the net. It should arrive within a week. I can't wait to pop it in and test out the sound/performance gains myself. I hope to see you cruising around in your Tib. Where did you get yours? I got mine at Towne; right down by you. Happy cruising..
  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Member Posts: 18
    I bought mine in South Carolina because of the tax break.

    I use to live in Hamburg. Actually the first time I saw a new Tiburon was at the Hyundai dealer on Southwestern Blvd.

    I now live in Florida. But I was wondering how it handles the snow and bumpy roads up there?

    Let me know how you like the K&N.

    FYI: Unplug your battery for about 15 minutes after you put in the new filter this resets the air flow sensor. This helps because it adjusts the fuel air mixture (more power). If you have an automatic this will also reset the shifting computer too, I believe. So she might shift hard for the first couple of shifts.

    Good luck
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    Bob... Florida must be great for the Tib. I would love to be cruising around there on a nice night. The air would be dry and about 60 degrees. The engine would be sucking in some nice cool air for a good charge for fuel mixture..... but that is me dreaming.

    Up here isn't horrible. I just have to watch VERY carefully for potholes (especially with the $250 Pilot Sports and 17" low profile rims). Especially right now when the thaw has just started. I saw them patching some up the other day actually.. so that is a good thing. Plus they finally fixed up the 190 and stuff.. so the highways are actually pretty nice. I just need to find some nice smooth curves to wring it around. I just got an e-mail today about my K&N... it is on backorder! But I should get it within a 2 weeks. I will be sure to disconnect the battery. But I won't be able to enjoy it too long, because right after I am going on Spring Break.. and not taking it down. Will let you know more as things happen.. keep me posted on your cruising.
  • benebsmbenebsm Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone heard any rumors about a Tiburon convertable being in the works?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,615
    convertible Tiburon on other Tibby chatsites but as yet Hyundai has not released to the public plans to build a Tiburon convertible. What a knockout if they do...stay tuned! I'll certainly post it if I find out they're going to. I'm strongly considering either a 4cyl base model or a GT V6 Tiburon for my next car so I'm constantly looking for new-gen Tiburon news. FYI-check out the current and past issues of Import Racer magazine. They're tuning a silver GT V6 2003 Tib step-by-step in the monthly magazine. It's really interesting and fun to follow and see what the tuning possibilities are for this handsome little sports car.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • kestrel02kestrel02 Member Posts: 26
    How available (like on the lot) are some of the Tiburon packages going to be? I'm looking at a 2003 GT V6 with the Sprint package, because I really want ABS and I'd rather not have black leather which is a nightmare here in the South during the hot months. Is this something I'm likely to find on a lot? I admit, I find the Hyundai dealers search options very uninformative, because it shows what they have on the lot, but not really much information about each car.
  • stshanestshane Member Posts: 15
    Hyundai is not a large-scale company yet where they can do factory orders (at least this is what I have been told). Usually a dealership will have to do a dealer trade to get a specific car that you want. I don't know what the size of the dealer is that you are looking at so it is hard to say what you will find. When I was shopping for mine (I wanted the base Tiburon GT, as I thought the high spoiler and metal pedals were unnecessary) I had a problem finding my car as well. I was cross-shoping the two large Hyundai dealers that are parts of huge conglomerates. Of course the dealers were trying to get me into a package, but I told them that I wanted the base GT only. They started talking about dealer trades, but I really didn't need the car that second, so I told them to see what they got in on their next shipment (which was that week). Low and behold my car showed up (in one of my specified colors) on that shipment.

    Car buying is all about timing; and unless you need a car right away or are going to miss out on a rebate it is probably best to wait until the car YOU WANT comes in or they can get it on a dealer trade without gouging you on the price you feel you should pay. Happy buying!

    Own- 2003 Super Silver Tiburon GT-V6 5-speed, 17" rims (6800 miles)
    posts (in this forum): #s 98, 105, 127, 135, 138, 139, 142
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    When I was actively searching for a Tiburon back in August, I never did see the V6 Sprint package. In fact, I couldn't find any 4 cylinder versions either. Based on casual looking since than, the supply hasn't changed much. Finding the Sprint package will be very difficult I think.
  • skuuterskuuter Member Posts: 144
    I accidentally ran across one of the new Tiburons while checking out a Mazda 626 and debating about giving a Sonata a chance. Once I drove the Tiburon, I had to have it! The car exceeded my expectations in every way. And the price was more than reasonable.

    Due to my daily commute, I opted for the Shiftronic automatic version, so you'll have to take that into account. I'm 46 so my legs just don't care to be shifting all the time anymore.

    The following is my rundown of what I've experienced over 29,000 miles:


    24-26 mpg doing my commute (mostly freeway, but lots of traffic jams)

    As high as 29 mpg on a 600 mile trip averaging 80MPH! Most trips I get 27 mpg.


    Very reliable, so far.
    Plenty of low end grunt and very acceptable acceleration for passing. I recommend downshifting manually to experience the best response (the auto tranny is a little hesitant to do so at times).
    I like the stares and all the people asking what kind of car it is!

    Very comfortable, yet firm, seats on long trips.

    Lots of luggage room.

    Very good stereo system, in my opinion.


    With the right tires, and some experience behind the wheel of this car, it does very well. While not as nimble as some higher end cars, it's shortcomings are easily compensated for.

    Steering is slightly numb, but predictable.

    Ride is a bit too firm, but steering response benefits from this. I hate potholes!!!

    Body roll becomes an issue on long sweeps, but in the twisties it's not a problem as long as you set up your entry/exit properly. Lower the car a little and add a strut bar to eliminate most of this. The car is a lot of fun on well paved winding roads!

    Brakes are excellent, even without ABS. I have yet to lock up even on emergency type stops. Slight fade on roads requiring a lot of braking and downshifting.

    Paint chipping on rocker panels - re-painted under warranty.

    Noisy idler pulley when new - replaced under warranty.


    I wish the dash console and steering wheel were integrated so they'd tilt simultaneously.

    Need more cupholders.

    Tail lamps and headlights could be easier to service for bulb replacement.

    I don't like the Mercedes style cruise control stalk. I'd prefer buttons on the dash or steering wheel.

    Too much black on the dash and too many blank option buttons. I wish they'd added a bit more aluminum colored trim, but this is all available on the aftermarket now.


    A great car! If it was wearing a different logo, you'd never guess it was a Hyundai. Most people don't anyway :)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Thanks for the in depth report! It's nice to finally hear from someone who has put some mileage on the 03 Tib. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. How quiet is the car on the highway? Do the tires make a lot of noise? What about wind noise? Has the firm ride caused any annoying squeaks or rattles? The rock hard ride was one of the main reasons I didn't buy one, but I'm thinking of overlooking it when I'm ready to buy in a year's time as long as it isn't leading to annoying interior noises. Any input is appreciated!
  • cfbd372cfbd372 Member Posts: 3
    skuuter what kind of noise did the pulley make?

    My car makes a ticking noise when I first start it.

    I can't think of it being anything but maybe the valves are knocking. Thanks
  • skuuterskuuter Member Posts: 144
    Glad to give the report!

    As for how quiet the car is? On the highway, with windows up, the car is very quiet, in my opinion. No wind buffeting noises or whistling and the engine only announces itself when you floor it. There is a fair amount of road noise from the tires, more so from the new Toyos I put on, but it's definitely reasonable. Turn up the tunes and what little noise there is becomes irrelevant.

    I have, on occasion, thought the car was developing rattles, but discovered other causes, like my sunglasses in the overhead weren't sitting on the rubber liner, seat belt not fully retracted, a lunch box left in the back and a loose jack handle in the spare well.

    The firm ride can be a problem on bad roads. I cringe every time I don't spot a manhole cover or utility cover in time to avoid them on the roads here in the Portland area (I still want to know why manholes can't be placed in the turn lanes, bike lanes and/or on sidewalks instead of thru traffic lanes!!?). Anyway, on city streets or rotten freeways like I-205, the rough pavement and potholes can make for a rough and sometimes irritating ride! However!!! on nice interstates and winding back roads like we have out in the high desert, the car is nothing but fun to drive, so it makes up for the hassles of city driving.

    Crank pulley: made a loud chattering noise. The ticking you hear is normal until the engine warms up. I believe the hydraulic lifters make the ticking until the oil warms up.
  • cfbd372cfbd372 Member Posts: 3
    I have been working with a lot of delta v-6's over the past year but never heard the sound mine is making. Probably cause there brand new engines I guess.

    But you’re right it's probably the valve lifters because the sound goes away in about 10 seconds.

    Thanks for the help.
  • caleb2001rcaleb2001r Member Posts: 6
    I'm just about to purchase my Tiburon and have been quoted a price of $18,531 for the 03' Tiburon w/ Ultrasports 3 package (6-speed, spoiler, sunroof). Did anyone get anything cheaper than this?

    By the way, there is a slight possibility that I may have to postpone buying my new car, due to the unusual difficulties I'm having selling my current car. Does anyone know how often Hyundai has this $1000 cash back sale? Was it active last month? I know this one currently ends on 4/30, and I just don't want to miss out.

    Steve (Future Tiburon Owner)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I'd say you are doing pretty darn good, with a price right around invoice if not less! I was offered this weekend to pay 20673 (sticker price) for an 03 Tiburon automatic with sunroof with 10600 given for my trade (a still brand new 03 Suzuki Aerio SX with only 9400 miles). I of course balked at that ridiculous price and the sales manager didn't even try to deal with me. I couldn't believe he didn't want to make $1000 on the sale of that car! There is no guaranty the rebate will continue but since the new car market is in a slump over the economy and war, I would say it will probably be renewed. Good luck!
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