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  • marek07marek07 Member Posts: 3
    My 07 Tiburon GS model with an automatic came with Hankook H411 tires. I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and was wondering if anyone in the Midwest had any issues in the past using Hankook OEM tires on their Tiburons in general during the winter months. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the Read !
  • rpeckrpeck Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a car for my son who's getting his d.l in a year. But I want to drive it as well. I've heard conflicticting stories about the Tiburon. I'm looking at the 03 and the 04 models. Are they reliable or not??
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    There have been issues with the clutch on the '03 (if I recall correctly) but beyond that the drive train is off the shelf Hyundai and is used elsewhere in their lineup.

    As the father of a 17yo new driver, you might want to check with your insurance agent before you get too far down this road. A 4cyl they might go with, but here in Texas the 6cyl was over the top on rates for a new driver.

    Good luck.
  • tiburonboi25tiburonboi25 Member Posts: 8
    Well i currently drive a 03 GT V6 5Speed, I have close to 115k on her. Somewhere around 30,000 miles, the power window stop working, it was replaced under warrenty and thats it! Never did nothing to hear, just changed the oil and replaced front brakes once, rear brakes twice. Oh-ya and tires! I really wanna trade her in, but she been so damn good to me, it hard to let her go!!
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Sounds like you know how to drive a stick. I have never had premature failure of a clutch either, but have seen some who could kill one in <10K.
  • socrasocra Member Posts: 4
    well... here is a picture of the upcoming tiburon... what do you guys think?

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Anybody else notice the battery charger behind the left front wheel??? I recognized it because I have one just like it. :shades:
  • sthollopsthollop Member Posts: 6
    OMG is that really the tib???? It looks like a cross between a solara and and an altima coupe!! Is hyundai really doing that to my tib? Wow its still not a bad looking car but wow! Anybody else notice anything I missed?
  • salivalsalival Member Posts: 5
    im looking at a 2004 tiburon gt v6 6 speed with about 30,000 miles on it. The person wants 13,500 for the car. I was wondering if that is a good deal or should i offer him a lower price. Any feed back would be much appreciated

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    He is asking top dollar. That is not a good price. 11K to 11.5K should be more in line with a private seller price.

    Dealer price non-certified is only 12.4.

    Methinks he is smoking his wheaties.
  • mdbowers12mdbowers12 Member Posts: 10
    According to Kelly Blue Book the private party value for the Tiburon GT is only $12,400. If the vehicle is stock of course and in good condition. Never look at the excellent condition value, because most showroom cars arent even excellent. But even the excellent value is less than $13,500. Trade in is only $10,500. I feel that an offer above the trade value and below the private party Good condition value would be reasonable. The choice is yours. Also make sure you check the kbb web site for the values in your area as the prices do change. Good luck.
  • salivalsalival Member Posts: 5
    thanks alot, ill make sure to offer him less that 13k
  • salivalsalival Member Posts: 5
    I went and looked at the car and it has alot of little scratches on the outside and the passenger door handle is scratched up. Also in the engine compartment there appears to be a hole that a squire or rodent of some sort is living. I offered him 10500 and he said he will only go as low as 11500. is this a decent deal for the car? Anymore posts will be very appreciated
  • jae5jae5 Member Posts: 1,206
    And you have asked for / reviewed the maintenance records correct?. I would, especially since this is a manual car, as many have had clutch issues. And with the hole you say is in the engine compartment I would ask him if something was living in there. Squirrels and mice love to chew on wires (and the little critter may be what cause all the little scratches). Perhaps you should take it to an independent mechanic or Hyundai dealer to have it checked out. Also, you may want to do a Carfax on it.

    If it all checks out, maybe you can base your price on the repairs you will have to make on the hole & the scratches. ?I think you original price is fair, but in the end it's your decision.

    Don't want to state the obvious or be a nag but I'd rather spend a few bucks on finding out the car's history than be stuck with a multiple thousand-dollar problem.

    Good luck
  • mdbowers12mdbowers12 Member Posts: 10
    I have to agree with the Carfax idea and having the vehicle checked at a dealer. The clutch issue is a very costly repair, if done at a dealer. They have to take out the engine to do it and the hourly rate is stupid. The Hyundai dealer I worked for had one in the shop for a new clutch and instead of fixing it, the owner let it go back to the bank.
  • salivalsalival Member Posts: 5
    If i bring the car to a mechanic can they tell if the clutch is bad? Also i was wondering how much a new clutch would run?
  • mdbowers12mdbowers12 Member Posts: 10
    Not sure the exact cost, but it will be a bit expensive. They have a dual friction clutch standard.
  • rwmalchowrwmalchow Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone else have clearcoat on a 2007 model Tiburon already cracking? We have taken the car to a automotive paint shop and they used a magnifying glass to show us the spider web cracking of the clearcoat. We then went to the dealership in Southern California where we purchased the car, and they said that it was fly droppings destroying the paint. Automotive insurance now involved, sending us to another body shop, which asked us to check web sites to see if this is a common problem. I can find all kinds of stuff on 2004 and before Hyundai Tiburons, but nothing on brand new ones.
  • rahul3rahul3 Member Posts: 1
    just wanted to know are the airbags on the 2003 tiburon same as that of any other make for eg 2001
    or if they are different will the 2001 or for that matter any other year fit the 2003 model somehow?
  • nado2036nado2036 Member Posts: 2
    HYUNDAI WILL NOT BACK THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1rose11rose1 Member Posts: 3
    2003 tiburon. over heated and dealer says engine may be shot. says it was caused by the thermastate sticking, which is no longer covered by the warranty,which means the engine is not covered. has 72000 miles. question if i have to buy a engine. what hyundai engines fit this car so i can shop junk yards. it a 4 cycl. automatic.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Call Hyundai directly. The engine has a 10year, 100K mile warranty for the original owner (are you the original owner?)

    Otherwise, 5 years, 60K.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    The Tiburon 4cyl is your only real choice. The V6 drivetrain will fit, but would require a LOT of rework for the fuel delivery and electronics.
  • 1rose11rose1 Member Posts: 3
    its my daughters car. she is the original owner. they charger $500 just to see what the problem is. they are still looking at it. they say if it needs a new engine, which they think it does, that a used one will be about 3000 installed. I called the division of consumer services here in fla. they said get a lawyer. they are no help at all. I pay a lawyer and lose i am really in the hole. even if i win i will have to pay. Just letting people know , what they might be in for.thanks for taking the trouble to reply.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Something isn't adding up here. According to my dealer, the thermostat is covered under the powertrain warranty, 10yrs, 100K, and as such the engine is warranteed. I have personally seen an '03 Elantra in there shop where the exact issue you are describing occured; stuck thermostat, engine cooked. The engine was replaced under warranty.

    I still remember the conversation I had with the shop foreman on this, because I was surprised they didn't ding the owner for at least part of the damages for not pulling the car over when it starting overheating, but he said nope, warranteed part failed, taking out the engine.

    It would be so easy to program the ECM to shut down cylinders and enter limp mode when the engine got too hot, but I don't know that any manufacturer has done this for heat issues. I know GM does for certain engine conditions, but not certain about overheating.

    Have you spoken to Hyundai directly about this?
  • 1rose11rose1 Member Posts: 3
    i wish we had that dealer. since i started reserching this, i have found 3 posts that people had the same problem. and the dealers told them tough luck. the warranty does not cover it. they want $2700 to fix it. i am starting to see how they play games with the warrenty and if there is any way to get out of it they will. the simple fact is what can you do. to hire a att. cost more then the case is worth, I did talk to one att. and he said there is really nothing you can do.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    You can take it to small claims court. The reason the dealer is pushing back is that the reimbursement rate for warranty work is less than what you will be charged. Under warranty, the engine is supplied and thus the dealer gets no markup. Also, the labor rate under warranty is less than the retail rate.

    Have you spoken to Hyundai directly?
  • jeffb1019jeffb1019 Member Posts: 2
    When I originally bought this car I couldn't say enough good things about it.
    I love the growl it makes when you start it up and it handles really well.
    I have the GT maodel with a V6 207 litre engine.
    A few months ago the car refused to start, I had it flat bedded to my dealer using their towing service. They determined the problem to be a bad starter due to motor oil getting on it from an oil change performed by a Jiffy Lube type of place.
    I paid the $300 for a new starter and my wife drove the car home only to complain that the radio is not working. It plays but only at a whisper and the display is blank.
    Hyundai denies they had anything to do with it and my warranty was 4 months and 1,000 miles past coverage. We are talking about their very expensive Infinity System.
    After arguing with the dealer until I was angry I called Hyundai America.
    They seemed much more understanding and offered me a hardship case where they had the dealer remove the radio and send it to be repaired.
    One month later my dealer called to say the radio was back, I made an appointment and had it reinstalled. It still doesn't work and they sent it out to be repaired again. Hyundai pretends they know nothing about similar radio problems but I have seen a few involving leaks from the sunroof and other issues with other Hyundai models. I am beginning to think I am being lied to and being taken for big bucks. I will not pay Hyundai for a new radio and will not purchase another Hyundai if this does not get resolved soon. I would like to hear from anyone else with Hyundai Radio problems especially the Infinity system with single CD and Tape Cassette deck. I had a feeling that something was wrong when a 2005 car still had a Cassette deck when my 2002 Nissan Xterra had a 6 disc changer in the dash.
  • mb417mb417 Member Posts: 1
    My soon is looking at a 2000 tiburon with 107K. 5 speed manual. We have driven it and it seems to drive well, will take it in for a ppi before purchase. Are there any specific problems I should look for or are there concerns from this year or mileage. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.
  • jeffb1019jeffb1019 Member Posts: 2
    I am not familiar with the 2000 model Tiburon, I have a 2005 Tiburon GT with V6 and automatic transmission with about 38k miles on it. The car is fun to drive but difficult to see what is going on around you (blind spots). You need to be cautious before making any quick lane changes.
    The ride is stiff and sporty and handles well.
  • paulybpaulyb Member Posts: 1
    I found a solid flywheel and clutch to replace the defective dual mass flywheel and clutch. Its made by Valeo and I got it at It lasted 3 years and then I had to replace the clutch again. Better than the original for sure!
  • subzero2subzero2 Member Posts: 1
    Question from sunny Texas:

    Out the door price for 2008 Tib GS (4 cyl auto) quoted at $17,140.00 (TTL included in quote) No cruise control or sunroof on this model, but as long as it has auto tranny, i am happy. Good deal or keep looking?
  • sam141sam141 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased this vehicle new in 06, returned for service 2 weeks after purchase for a steering problem. It took Hyundai 2 1/2 years and minimum 14 trips to dealership to repair because they couldn't "hear" it. Summer 2008 ac/heat began not working properly. 18 degrees difference between middle and lower vents. Was told nothing was wrong. Steering is horrible. Hit a bump/seam and the steering wheel is pulled from my hands. Have recently began hearing a banging metallic sound from under rear of car,when driving over seams in the road (not speed bumps) and a popping in the rear frame of the car. Deformed (Hyundai's word-not mine) rear sway bars were replaced with no improvement. After 2 meetings with the District Parts Mgr. for my area and the local Service Mgr., was told the car is 100% mechanically sound and everything is normal for this vehicle. Had Hyundai brake service(at my own expense) and the rotors are now warped. Vehicle was in for oil change yesterday and I requested that the rear end be checked again. The technician and I went for a test drive. He heard the popping and I thought we were finally close to a diagnosis. Imagine my surprise when he came to checkout and told the lady there to call the local mgr before checking me out. I asked him why, his reply was that he was just a techinician so I asked the lady, she told me that the LPM wanted the service record to say there was nothing wrong with the vehicle, it was operating as designed. I spoke with him as I left and asked if he had personally driven the car that day. He said no but he had driven it several months ago (when diagnosing the ac/heat issue). Everyone other than Hyundai, including an independent inspection at another non Hyundai garage, have heard the same things I have. The warranty seems great but if they can't "hear" the problem, there is nothing to be fixed. I can't determine if the problems with the neverending issues of getting repairs done is a local dealership issue or a Hyundai issue. Any suggestions for a resolution would be appreciated.
  • andrew1627andrew1627 Member Posts: 1
    My routine service at this dealership is stellar along with their fine customer service. Service meaning oil changes, tune-ups, etc. However, they have not been able to determine why the heating/cooling system seems to be inconsistent, not warm enough until you turn it up to about 80 degrees etc.
    They also have not been able to replace the second sun visor that has gone out unless we pay out of pocket because it now has over 50,000 miles. The sun visors (they admit) are a poor design and, after
    a while, they flop and won't stay up. This replacement costs $125.00.
  • srz948srz948 Member Posts: 74
    Can anybody suggest a good radio replacement for a 2003 Tiburon GT? Thanks
  • ycharmedycharmed Member Posts: 1
    i have a tiburon that wont start broke down n my brake petal n clutch petal are stiff too hard to push down we replaced master cylinder n clutch n still wont turn on...we dont know what else to look for for we are trying to repaired ourselves n looking for ideas to what to look for
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