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Hyundai Tiburon



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Well, I've passed the 10k mark and so far everything is going good. This car has proved to be better then my former 03 Suzuki Aerio and 00 Accent. No dealer repairs so far and nothing gives me the impression this car can't last the long haul. In fact, this car has required less service then my newer and more expensive 03 Mitsu Diamante. Besides the sometimes odd shifting automatic and harsh ride over bumps, I don't have any complaints. The sound of the engine as it revs above 3k is simply intoxicating. I swear it sounds like a high strung race engine. Kudos to Hyundai for designing an engine that sounds so good despite its modest power output. The car has remained quite solid and rattle free. No small feat considering I live on a rutted bumpy dirt road that flexes the car's structure quite a bit and my daily commute consists of man hole covered city streets. I have noticed the sunglass holder/maplight fixture creaks when the car's body flexes. But this is only in extreme conditions and not a constant annoyance. If anyone has encountered this and found a fix, please let me know. The brakes have gotten considerably stronger as the miles piled on and the engine feels a bit stronger. Fuel economy has stayed steady at about 22-23 mpg in pure city driving (not bad at all for a V6 auto).

    Overall, an excellent car. I'm quite satisfied with its performance, looks, comfort, and reliability. I only wish for a slightly cushier ride and a better automatic.
  • Does anyone know where I can find the production numbers for the 2003 Hyundai Tiburon?
    Also, has anyone change their brakes yet? If so, what was the total cost?

  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    I think it's cutomise Tib. Isaw one ay the mall. Is this a pakage deal?
  • I've read a number of customer reviews on the Tiburon that stated numerous problems they have had with the clutch. However, they were from the 2003 model. Is this still an issue with the 2004, and is it a major problem as well?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Early 03 Tiburons did have a problematic clutch on V6 models. Hyundai supposedly made improvements halfway through the year that got rid of the problem. Those that have had their clutch replaced under warranty have reported no further problems. I think it would be safe to get an 04 Tiburon equipped with a clutch.
  • luxyluxy Posts: 4
    Very interesting observations. I think the difference between American and European way of driving should be observed from two different points: personal driving skill and driving regarding traffic and road conditions (driving culture, laws, road quality). The difference in both of these aspects can be accounted to laws.

    For example, in Europe it is much harder to get driving licence (10 or more hours of theory and 30 or more hours of driving experience). It is forbidden to drive if you're not over 18 (I think it's 16 in the US). So, at the very start you get more older and experienced drivers on the road. You'll agree that you can apply much different regulations to a person who is 18 than that of 16.

    I think US law is much more concentrated on quantity of driving (get everyone on the road- from kids to eldery, because it is a neccesity in the US - Europe has a big and fast railroad network for those who don't drive). Europe's laws are more concentrated on quality of driving - don't allow so many people to get on the road, but those who get on make sure they know what they're doing. So the overall rules of behaviour on the highway are much more strickter. There's no overtaking in left lane on highways - and I mean NEVER. You're driving over 120 miles an hour, no problem as long as you don't endager other participants in traffic. But if you break one of these strict rules like overtaking in left lane, showing finger to someone, blinking, throwing garbage out of your car you better not be there.

    As far as road quality is conserned I can compare highways of Croatia (my country), Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, England etc to those of Pittsburgh, Chicago and New York area. Overall I think American roads are bult to last much longer than those of Europe (concrete highways vs asphalt highways). The drawback of durable concrete highway are those annoying cracks between concrete blocks which enhance roadnoise and decrease speed at which you can travel. Asphalt highways of Europe have to be fixed much more often but give you more smooth ride and better control of your vehicle.

    Dougndo, I don't think European drivers are better than American or vice versa, but it's the difference in these parameters that allows European drivers to use more high velocities that American.

    And about those crashes that look like airplane crashes - you are absolutely right - I always drive more careful (for a while) when I see one of those.
  • i was told by a korean friend who actually works for hyundai motor company. At that time it was time for me to get a new car (i have 98 Civic si). I was thinking of buying rx8 but then my friend says to wait 2 more years. b/c 06' model will change "everything". but this time it will be costly...he showed me the new specs for 06' model tiburon GT (turbo) lineup: 18' alloy, supercharged Delta engine apprx. 250 horses (wow! hyundai can do that?), RWD, and the amazing thing is that it is a two seater!!(Is it a Hyundai?). But don't rely on this info too might change...o yea it is from the HCD-8 concept. but they changed FWD to RWD...
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    While the next Tiburon may have those features, don't expect it as early as 06. Going with Hyundai's typical 5 year redesign schedule, the next Tiburon isn't due until 2008. The above stats sound interesting, but I think it would be a shame to lose the rear seat and 18" wheels should be optional, not standard. I'm one who thinks that wheel sizes are getting out of hand. 16" is plenty big for me. I don't know about everyone else, but I can't afford the extremely high prices and short lifespan of tires bigger then 16".
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    It was great to see that Hyundai tied with Honda for 2nd place in the JD Power Initial Quality survey. I can also report that my sons 2000 Tiburon with 45k miles has just had its first repair under warranty. The axle seal at the transmission had a leak and the right front wheel bearing was shot. My 2003 GT V6 Tiburon now has 7k miles on it and has been mechanically trouble free. I do have the transmission gremlins that others in the forum have spoken about, which may have to be addressed in the future. However I do have some very annoying interior buzzes and rattles. The worst seems to be located behind the rear speaker grills. Overall a fantastic car. Just those damn rattles!
  • rwms3rwms3 Posts: 7
    I, too, have a few squeaks and a buzzing sound on rough pavement, but not bad enuf to force me to seriously check out where it is coming from on my 03 GT V6 5M. I think the seal on the hatch might be rubbing; maybe some WD 40. . . If your rattles are driving you nuts, srz948, you should take it to the dealer and demand they fix it under the warranty. Seriously. If it's a bad, annoying and frequent rattle, they should find and fix it.

    As for my car otherwise, I really like it, tho it could use a supercharger. BUT. . . what I have noticed is that after 7800 miles, my front tires are worn, more on the inside than the outside, and the right front is nearly bald. Now, I live in the foothills, with lots of twisty roads, but still, not even to 8 grand yet and I need to replace the tires? I think not.

     I had mentioned a slight pull to the right. Now I know there must be a problem. And it's not like the dealer ever denied it; they just couldn't figure it out. But now there is simply no denying there is a problem. Now they will have to. Just call me when it's done, dealer, I'll be the one driving around in a rental at your expense!

    Anyone else have undue and uneven tire wear?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    No unusual tire wear here (03 GT automatic). I have 11400 miles and the front tires have been on the front for at least 9k. The tires appear to have a good 25k left on them. You definitely have a problem somewhere.
  • donniedonnie Posts: 24
    I recently purchased a 2000 Tiburon, pretty much loaded including the best factory AM/FM--cassette/CD player radio. The AM band is impossible--with static and whirring noises when the engine is on. When the engine is off, no problema! I had an '86 Honda CRX with a Radio Shack cheapo AM/FM and never had a problem like this! What might be causing this interference? Has anyone else experienced this? If the radio acted this way when it was new, I can't believe anyone would buy the car. HELP!
      Don R.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The engine's electrical system is likely causing the interference. The only thing you can do is add an electronic filter that will tone down the interference some. These can be bought at Radio Shack I believe. To be honest though, so few people listen to AM that probably no one would notice a problem like that. I've never used the AM on any stereo of mine.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Make sure the correct type of spark plugs and wires are installed as that is where most of this type of problem comes from. If they're correct, then the spark plug cables should be replaced with low noise cables.
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    I too had the problem with static on AM in my 2000 Tiburon. The inteference seemed to be tied into the heater/ac fan motor. As you increase the fan speed the noise gets louder. Anyway, my son replaced the radio with a Sony am/fm/cd/mp3 player. Not only has the inteference disappeared but the sound through the standard Hyundai speakers is fantastic.
  • claireclaire Posts: 3
    I have had my Tiburon since January of this year. It's a 2003 bought new. I had a problem with it pulling to the left upon hard braking. I took it in and they had to grind the rotors as they were uneven. Since they did this there's no further problem
  • IS my dream car... I never was into cars that much before seeing one of these in action. Alas, i am but a HS student and lack the means of purchase. 'Tis a shame... So.. if anyone has, you know, 18K or so laying around...;-) But anyhoo I'm not sure... right now i own a POS 94 sentra and am looking to ameliorate my automotive status in the future... JW if the Tiburon is a good idea. Whereabouts should the prices stand on a (used) 2004 model in the next couple of years?
  • donniedonnie Posts: 24
    I thought the headlights were not aimed properly, so I took my beautiful yellow Tib to a local dealer (sob!). They charged me $43 to aim them but when I took it out that night all that I noticed is that the outboard hi/low bulb was out and the aim was no better than before! Then I noticed the hi beam inboard was out. In trying to put a new bulb in the inboard, the clamp that holds the bulb sprung out and when down into "never-never" land, under the radiator(?). Can't find it (Murphy wins again!). Went back to dealer, asked to buy a new clamp (looks like a paper clip), was told can't get clamp, only come in conjuntion with a new headlight assembly. For a mere $350+ I can get my hi beam headlight working again! Are they kidding? Does anyone know if it is possible to get just the clamp for a few bucks? Also, can the high beams be adjusted(owner's manual sez the lows can be adjusted but the highs have to be done at dealer's). Why? Love the car but......
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    For $44.00 the dealer service probably looked at your pattern and said close enough.

    The spring clip that you lost:

    1) You can copy the clip on the other headlight and make your own. You wont be able to use spring steel like the manufacter did but stiff wire.

    2) You can look for a spare headlight on Ebay. I bought two for my Elantra GT for $85 each.

    3) Hyundai has a geat site called Webtech that lists the alighnment instructions for your car.

      Applies to: Tiburon 1998-2000
    Body Electrical System Exterior Lamps


    Before performing aiming adjustment, make sure of the following.

    Keep all tires inflated to the correct pressure.

    Place the vehicle on level ground and press the front bumper & rear bumper down several times.

    See that the vehicle is unloaded (except for full levels of coolant, engine oil and fuel, and spare tire, jack and tools).

    Clean the head lights lens and turn on the headlight (Lower beam).

    Open the hood.

    Adjust the vertical indicator by turning the adjusting bolt with a Phillips screwdriver.

    The bubble in the gauge should be in line with the reference line.

    Adjust the horizontal indicator by turning the adjusting gear with a Phillips screwdriver.

    The indicator should be in line with the "O" line.


    If the vehicle has had front body repair and the headlight assembly has been replaced, the headlight aiming should be checked using the timing chart as shown in the illustration. Turn on the headlight switch (Low Beam Position).

    Adjust headlights so that main axis of light is parallel to center line of the body and is aligned with point P shown in the illustration.

    Dotted lines in the illustration show center of headlights.

    "H" : Horizontal center line of headlights from ground. 23.3 in (593 mm : With driver)

    "W" : Distance between each headlight center. 42.1 in (1070 mm)

    "L" : Distance between the headlights and the wall that the lights are tested against. 118.11 in (3,000 mm)

    Even if the horizontal indicator does not align with the reference line or the vertical indicator bubble is not centered in the reference line after aiming by the chart, it is acceptable if they are within the O.K. ranges.
  • donniedonnie Posts: 24
    Thanks loads for the suggestions! I'll try the adjustments...but I don't see any leveling bubbles. Donnie
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    to level with, that has these leveling bubbles on it. I'm picturing a level used in construction that has the bubbles that you look to get in the center by moving the piece of wood to the correct level before nailing it in place...maybe there's one built in but it sounds like he'll need a leveling instrument. Post any find on this issue back here, OK? I spose it's possible that Hyundai has built the leveling bubbles into the side trim piece of the headlight cluster somewhere, and it's hidden normally, dunno. Would be interesting to know the result of this problem.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • How many miles do you expect out of a Tiburon? How many miles have you guys had on your car? How many more do you expect?
  • donniedonnie Posts: 24
    Took my 2000 Tiburon to a newly-opened local repair shop. In 10 minutes an ace mechanic fabricated a clip so that the inboard headlight works like a charm shelling out mucho $$$ to a Hyundai dealer! Another puzzle I hope someone will comment on. The outboard headlights have a 2 filament halogen bulb, right? Then how come the high beams don't come on with the inboard high beams when the switch is bumped to "high"? Maybe I should go back to a Honda!
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    On the Tiburon, if the inboard highbeams came on with the outboard what would you use to flash-to-pass at that point?

     I wont touch the Honda comment.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My 03 Tiburon is the same way. My car has 4 "eyes" and the outboard lights stay on at low power when I switch to high beams. Switching to high beams just turns on the inboard lights. There is nothing wrong with the car; that's the way it was designed. I don't think the low beam has 2 filaments anyway.
  • I'm looking at a Tiburon GT, V6 special edition and am wondering how in runs in the snow. I live in NE Indiana and we have snow. Anybody know how well it does in the snow. Also, is it a gas hog?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I've got 13k now on my 03 Tiburon GT. I've owned it for 1.5 years. No real problems. It had a slight pull to the right which the dealer corrected by cross rotating the tires. This is the only time my car has been in for warranty work. The power windows stopped working on a couple of occassions but the problem mysteriously rectified itself (knock on wood). I notice a very slight pulsation from the front rotors but it doesn't seem to be getting worse, so I'll let it ride. Other then that, its been a great car. I'm thoroughly pleased with the high build quality and would recommend the Tiburon to anyone who wants a reasonably priced good performing sports coupe. The only thing that annoys me is the jittery ride over bad city streets. I've noticed that if you add about 100# to the cargo area, the ride smooths out a lot.

    As for fuel economy, I normally average 21-22mpg in 100% city driving (I have an automatic). However, it has dipped as low as 18. On the highway, it averages 26mpg but it did get 27 one time. I use 87 octane gas with no ill effects.
  • My neighbor recently bought an 03 Tibby and it is Silver and beautiful. I love it and so did they at first but now dont want to talk about. it. They bought it used and I think they have had some problems. I discovered there have been 8 Recalls and 60 Technical Service Bulletins. WOW that shocks me or is that information hopefully an error.??? That is a shocking number for a car that has been out a few years.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The recalls aren't as widespread as it sounds. My car was a relatively early build (11/2002) and only 1 recall has been applied to my car. Not a big deal at all. There are 2 main safety related recalls. The other recalls affect a very small number of cars.

    As for the TSBs, a large number of those means nothing. A lot of them are simply procedure or repair manual updates and sometimes more then one TSB is issued for the same thing. Only a few pertain to common problems that may be encountered by Tiburon owners.
  • My shifter stop going into gear. The clutch goes in and out ok, and shortly before it happened it was getting harder to shift. I had roadside assistance tow it to a local dealer. I spoke to someone over the phone who suggested it may not be a warranty issue!!!! The car is one year old with less than 17k miles. I am the only one driving it, and I've been driving manual for 30 years. The car has been there five days and they are still telling me they are trying to get the transmission off. I fear the worst. If anybody out ther has any info, I could really use some help. This is the upteenth time my car has been in the shop. It took three trips just to get the power windows to work! I will never buy a Hyundai again!!!!!!!!!

    Scared Straight
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