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New RAM 1500 Quality

bc01clsbc01cls Posts: 44
edited March 2014 in Dodge
Just wondering how other RAM buyers are doing with their purchase, quality wise. My selling dealer offered a 30 day "check up" to fix any problems on my new RAM but there haven't been any. First time I've had a new vehicle with nothing wrong that I can remember. I am impressed!


  • jneffjneff Posts: 9
    I have 4000 miles on my Ram 1500 Quad 4 by 2.No problems,no squeeks. Its perfect
  • Perfect. LOVE IT!!
  • Made it through the first 1000 miles without any problems or squeeks and lovin it so far! This truck is truly the "Mayor of Truckville"

    Ram 1500 Quad, 4x4, 4.7 liter, Automatic
  • yank2yank2 Posts: 49
    This Ram is 100% better then my 2000 Dakota I just love the truck nothing wrong yet.
  • Has anyone noticed their front passanger window operates slower than the drivers and the rear windows?

    I'm wondering if I'm being anal, but it seems strange that this is the case? Surely they would use the same motors on the passanger and rear windows, but yet it still works, so is this a problem or just fact-of-life.

    Apart from this - great! Even had a guy walk up to me at Home Depot and say "Great Truck"!!!
  • mine over and did not notice a difference, but going to see if wife can see a difference in the speed of them.
  • It's the darndest things - I didn't notice it at all in all the test drives I did, it was my wife who has the eagle eyes. I'm not worried about it unless it becomes a problem but then I feel comfortable going back to the dealer to get it fixed on the warranty.
  • saltysacksaltysack Posts: 12
    Have had my new Dodge 1500 Quad Cab for 2200 miles and almost three months and not one single thing needs fixing. I am amazed. But, we'll see how the transmission does over time. Early returns are very good. My truck was built in Warren, Michigan plant last October.
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    I have had mine for 6 months and have just over 4000 miles on it. So far the drivers seat is sliding back and forth (about a half inch or so)as I come to a stop or take off. Also, my rear door locks do not want to unlock all the way when it is cold outside. I haven't noticed the window speed difference, but will pay close attention next time.
  • I'm a Dodge guy that traded my perfectly good 97 1500 for a S-10 crew cab, what was I thinking? After 8 months I could write a book on the poor quality and bad service (12 pages to chevy but they don't care). 1 month ago I bit the bullet and traded that for a silver 02 1500 quad 2 wheel dr w/trailer pkg and seat upgrade. I'm home again, what a wonderful truck. I hand wash once a week in a well lighted garage and to date have found only 1 very minor speck of something in the paint (no one else will ever find it). This includes inside the door jams and box! Mine was made in Mexico but after my last American made truck (s-10) I don't care, I went from the absolute worst quality I ever owned to the best. I'm fussy about my vehicle and this is the most perfect truck I've ever had period, thanks Dodge.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    I was curious if anyone has a truck built in the Fenton Missouri plant. I know someone who is connected with the plant as an outside contractor and he stated that they had some weld problems on the rear axles, and headlight assembly problems. Does anyone know if the quality is less from this plant?
  • gottscdjgottscdj Posts: 17
    You join many of us that are thrilled with our Ram purchase. I was not a dodge person in the past. As a matter of fact, the only other dodge I have ever owned was a caravan. It took me a while to warm up to the dominant grill on the new Ram but now I love it. The body style is great and the interior is as good as my mercedes that I traded it. It does get me to the gas pump more often than my mercedes did. Has anyone put nerf bars on the Ram and are they not compatable with mud flaps? I would love to see some photos.
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    I think mine was built at that plant. It was built in the St. Louis area. I'll have to check for sure. Can you tell me more about the problems?
  • fastappyfastappy Posts: 6
    My truck (1500 QC SLT Sport 4x4) was assemble at that plant and I have not experienced any problems. In fact I'm very pleased by the quality and engineering.

    Weld problems? What exactly is the supposed defect(s)? Just sounds like a rumor at this point. Let us know if you have any solid information.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    The welds were breaking on the rear differential and being repaired by an outside company ( sorting company ). The company takes care of some of the quality problems, this reduces cost because the workers are not union. The parts and or trucks are taken off site and inspected, I don't know who did the actual repair. I got this information from a quality engineer who works for the outside contractor.
  • satyr66satyr66 Posts: 11
    gottscdj . e-mail me at and I will send you pics with nerf bars and mudflaps. They work great together.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    We looked at a new RAM 1500 today. I couldn't see a weld bead on the rear axle assembly. There are some casting marks, but no visible signs of welding anywhere.

  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    was it on a truck manufactured in St. Louis, MO.?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I don't know. This was one of the new RAMs in the company parking lot. It just happened to be the closest one to us. I looked at another one this morning. The rear axle assemblies are cast iron units with the typically pressed in cast iron axle tubes. Where would there be a weld on a cast iron housing?

    This one isn't making any sense to me.

  • pushplaypushplay Posts: 52
    any vehicle besides a GM before either, but after the the 2000 Silverado I had I knew it was time for me to look else where. So after selling my Silverado I was in no hurry to replace it at the time I had no idea Dodge was going to build a new truck. I had heard from a friend that they were going to so I kept an eye out for it. When I first seen it I liked the looks of it, but after driving it I knew what I was going to buy. I love this truck more every time I drive it. It is simpley the best truck I have owned period for the same reasons that all new Ram owners know period. Even if I was to have a problem our two, but I don't think I will.

    P.S. My truck was also made in Satillo Mexico.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    OK I have the scoop on the weld problem I inquired about the other day. I just got off of the phone with the engineer that was in charge of this and he told me the concern was a weld that connected the flange to the housing. the best I can tell it is where the axle goes into the differential there must me some sort of sleeve that is welded to the differential housing. Anyway he said to the best of his knowledge, and going by memory the affected trucks had a VIN between 112,000 and 124,000. This took place last fall or early winter and my friend said he thought there was a lot of hoopla over nothing. Sorry if I upset anyone or caused any panic. From what he said there is really nothing to worry about. By the way he is ordering a new RAM 1500 so it must be a good truck. Also I am getting ready to buy a new RAM1500 4.7L Quad.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Because you used the word "flange," I now suspect that it is on the end of the axle tube where the backing plate would mount. Usually, the axle tubes are pressed into the differential carrier housing, or sometimes threaded. I've never known one to be welded there. The axle flanges may be welded, I guess. I've either never noticed or have forgotten.

    My local Dodge dealer says they haven't heard of any problems.........anywhere on the truck.

  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    Satyr66- Can you send your pics to

    If anyone else out there has pics to share I would love to see them.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    I am on my way out the door to have my driver's side mirror re-attached. It fell off while driving the other day. I was on the freeway when I noticed my mirror wasn't adjusted right. I moved it into place ( I do not have power mirrors)and about a mile down the road it was loose again. I adjusted it again when it came off. I was able to hang onto it before it hit the road. This is the first problem so far in 3300 miles.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    Spent nearly 2 hours at the dealer, just to have them tell me they will have to order the part. Service writer said someone must have hit the mirror, although they are willing to cover it under warranty. Met with my salesman while I was waiting and he told me they are having a problem with the side view mirrors becoming loose.
  • penrose,
    When I bought my truck both the outside mirrors were broken. After three weeks of them telling me they were still on backorder I raised hell and they took some off another truck and put them on mine. You should inquire the parts department to make sure they are no longer part of the Chrysler national backorder problem. Also it's true about them having trouble those outside mirrors and most of the dealers are aware of the problem.
  • newramfannewramfan Posts: 22
    My QC has over 4000 miles, and I have had no issues with the side mirrors. Unfortunately, since I have not had the opportunity to add on to my garage yet (soon though), I must fold in the drivers side mirror in order to park. With all of this folding and unfolding, surely there would be a mirror problem, but nothing as of yet. I will keep an eye out for this issue, which will hopefully never develop. Thanks for the post.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    There appear to be two different styles of side mirrors used on the RAM 1500. Which one's are people having trouble with?

  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    Just to clarify. The salesman I was talking to said that the side mirrors are designed to bend backwards and not break, (i.e. you are pulling out of your garage an accidently hit the mirror) but he said that there is a flaw in the design and that many are breaking. I do not ever remember hitting my mirror in such a manner. And I forgot to mention that the service department said that there were 80 mirrors on back order for the southwest area so plan on at least a three week wait. I wonder why there would be 80 mirrors on back order? Still love this truck!
  • saltysacksaltysack Posts: 12
    Have to agree with all of you. This is one very nice truck. Have really enjoyed driving it and the only problem is about 500 miles ago it developed a sqeak in area of right front. Happens on dips in the road. Sounds like a rubbing vibe support.
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