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100 Ugliest Cars of All Time Posts: 10,125
edited December 2014 in General
image100 Ugliest Cars of All Time

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we think these cars are just plain ugly. Here is's list of the 100 ugliest cars of all time.

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  • oxmeadoxmead Posts: 79
    No such thing, all cars are cool! I've owned more than a couple of those!
  • agentorangeagentorange Posts: 893
    Some of those in this list are really styling icons. The Buick Electra 225, the Aston Martin Lagonda should not be here. The Ford Anglia was a clever way of creating headroom without making the car longer, and it worked. The 71 Cougar and the 72 Thunderbird will always have a place in my heart as similar to the cars that Frank Cannon and Kojak drove. The 1971 Cricket was not that ugly, it just could not function using a Brit engine strangled by US regs. The 1961 Dodge Dart explains the front of the 1962 Ford Zodiac MkIII in England. Google it.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 12,406
    Hey guys, you've got the Matador coupe and sedan pics flipped. Geez, if you're gonna talk about ugly, at least know what you're talking about!
  • I can agree with many, but the rest just screams "... and my girlfriend dumped me, and I don't have anywhere to go... maybe I'll go to work and take out my frustrations..."

    You feeling ok? Do you need someone to talk to?
  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    For a minute I thought the Juke was not going to be on here - whew. The 1956 Nash and the 1957 Rambler are in their own class, IMO.
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    Just a quick note about the Marlin. It was "inspired" by a show car named the Tarpon, which used the American chassis. For the marketplace, the CEO wanted more room and luxury, so it used the larger Classic intermediate chassis. The ungainly roofline is the result of the CEO wanting sedan-like headroom in the rear seat, which required flattening the roofline. Probably wouldn't have been much better with the original roofline, but still...
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Posts: 143
    To be honest, you'd be hard pressed to point out an attractive domestic car from '58, or '59. Everything ever wrong with automotive styling from Detroit was amplified with excess to the extreme at the end of the fifties. ;)
  • guanoguano Posts: 0
    How could this list not include the Honda Accord Crosstour? Or civic, or element or... sorry any honda sold in the last 5 years?
  • Honestly I think there are some pretty cool cars on this list i wouldnt consider ugly at all, the ferrari california is one of them, how do you call this the ugly ferrari when the FF is in production???? I like the idea of an awd ferrari but comeon that thing looks terrible its like the Panamera its two saving graces are its ferrari Badge and its performance it even has a Chrysler Radio???shame edmunds for not putting that one on here. Wheres the SA
  • You really missed the mark. I can agree with half of your list. The early 50s and 60s cars should not be included. Many on the list were technical or marketing flaws. Your list should include the entire Nissan product line. Now THAT is UGLY with a capital "U". Nissan really screwed up by the way they treated the Z car. It has no essence of the original 240Z. And I'm not saying it has to look retro. The T-Bird is another exampple of taking a great two seater and transforming it to a 4 passenger vehicle. Mistake in my opinion.
    The Checker is ugly but utilitarian as a taxi. Never had a chance as a competing personal automobile.
    I have a hard time understanding why some on the list were mentions since some never were imported to the U.S. I really think you need to revise the list as to what is really ugly and separate from those marketing / technical flaws.
  • mikeb76mikeb76 Posts: 2
    How is the '92 Buick Skylark not on this list? Did I miss it?
  • winch57winch57 Posts: 1
    Once again John Huffman proves in addition to his feeble attempts at humor and sarcasm he knows very little about automobiles.
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Posts: 799
    What's wrong with the Oldsmobile grille?
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Posts: 606
    You're too harsh on designs that sold well in the 70s and early 80s. Those elaborate front bumper & grille designs in the 70s like the Mercury Cougar-- those were common. You'd see one in every second driveway. The big boxy designs of the 80s with partial vinyl roofs-- again, a very common style treatment. Lots of cars were built that way, and lots of people bought 'em. Yes, the styles are out of step with contemporary 21st century tastes, but it's weak to judge 30-40 year old designs by today's aesthetic standards. An "ugliest cars of all time" list should feature cars that looked goofy even when new and didn't improve with age. Only about half the cars on your list fit that definition.
  • kcarr1kcarr1 Posts: 1
    you are totally off base with nearly all of your choices sir are an idiot
  • wyrmdogwyrmdog Posts: 1
    So I find it funny that a lot of the cars on this list are boring or maybe a little awkward rather than ugly. And can anyone explain why the Crosstour is not on this list while the Ferrari California is (sure it's no Ferrari but it seems like a great Maserati)? At least the X6 made the list. I always wonder when passing one if it wasn't designed by blind wombats on Nyquil.
  • Actually Mr. Author, some of the cars you mentioned aren't ugly at all! at best they can be termed as having an "unique style" which may not have gone well with you !! Cya
  • I got a link from another website to see this list. I can you that Edmunds you suck. You as a business and reviewer are terrible and should just shut the door because your "review" of the 100 ugliest cars ignores some facts about the history of why some of these cars were built. Some of them were built cheap to get the populace on the road which ushered in an era of transportation never seen in the world and will most likely never be repeated. For some of those cars it helped them get out from underneath the crappy economy that WWII left them with. An what throwing a car that only has 3 copies of it around the world suppose to cement your claim as the ugliest car. I can't say it enough you guys just suck as a company. Only people with no brains come here and read your garbage.
  • autoboy1autoboy1 Posts: 2
    I can't take any list like this seriously if the Aztek is #5.
  • mr_kqmr_kq Posts: 8
    I agree with autoboy1. Your list has to start with the Aztek at #1 and build from there. Also, how does the Chevy Avalanche escape? It's merely an Aztek with a small pickup bed.
  • tbone85tbone85 Posts: 27
    Included the California and excluded the Crosstour? OK, that's nuts. I know the ZDX is on here, but they are both uniquely ugly enough to merit separate spots.

    I would not rank the Aztek ahead of the Pacer, Gremlin, Edsel, or even a couple of others on the list. It's all relative--there's a ton of puke inducing design at work on this list.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Posts: 606
    The 2002 BMW 7-series comes in at #10 on your list of all-time ugliest designs? Oh, please. You're going too far in your hatred of Chris Bangle. Yeah, I never liked its style as much as the classic lines of the E38 it replaced, but it's hardly deserves the distinction of 10 worst. It's not even the ugliest BMW. The 5-series GT and X6 are worse -- at least they made your list, though up in the 40s. You made no mention of the 2001-02 M Coupe. Years ago one of my neighbors owned a green one and had the very apropos vanity plate "M FROG".
  • mohatumohatu Posts: 21
    I dunno. No more than 5 cars in here that I would call ugly (like the Cimarron, Saturn, Multipla, Aztec, or the Packard Hawk). The rest of the cars range from anonymous to way cool. Call me a freak, but I especially love the Turnpike Cruiser and the Edsel. Would happily drive either and lots of others from this list - based solely on appearance of course; I understand that most of these older cars must be a reliability disaster from the modern point of view.
  • jmj18462jmj18462 Posts: 1
    I've owned many cars on that list...I've read the article thoroughly, and I've come to the conclusion the author is an imbecile who knows nothing about cars...perhaps he's got a relative who works in the HR department at Edmunds? That seems the only possible explanation.
  • mpohiompohio Posts: 1
    Pontiac aztek should be #1, especialy the baby poop gold color :(
  • Oh, boy! This is really going to cause some stir. Especially from some of us who have owned these cars!

    There's a difference between "homely" and "ugly" although the Aztec seemed to broach that gap.

    There are styles that look timeless and styles that were good for their times. OK, there were some on the list that were truly ugly; so bad that no one even took pictures of them and had to be represented by old ads.
  • prodriveprodrive Posts: 6
    The Chevrolet Lumina minivan has to be in the top 10 !! The "Dust Buster" It Looked bad & drove like crap as well...
  • wizard__wizard__ Posts: 10
    How on earth did the Hyundai Veloster avoid being on this list
  • I know lists like this are great for driving traffic (no pun intended) to your website, but I can't take it too seriously. The BMW 7-series and the Ferrari California are the cars automotive journalists love to pick on to fit in with their peers, and yet consumers have no problem with them. Really, 10th ugliest car of all time? And a Lamborghini just revealed #1 of all time? I can hear you saying "Worst. Design. Ever." behind your keyboard. You also seem to have a grudge against rebadging in the 70s/80s, and downsized luxury cars in general. If you're going for world's ugliest, there are plenty of Japan-only and Easter Bloc cars you've missed. I also noticed the list is mostly devoid of vans, minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Unless you really meant "cars", more of those deserve notice.. the Lumina APV mentioned above, for example.

    Of course, some people will take offense with cars they fondly remember.. but everybody sees some cars with rose-colored glasses.
  • glhotrodglhotrod Posts: 0
    You should get your facts straight before you make a list of what you believe are ugly cars.
  • I sat here and read each one and laughed until i cried-I only wish a picture had been along each write up - especially the Pontiac Aztek. Not that I even knew anyone who owned one but God they were the ugliest things ever manufactured by mankind. John D in VA Beach, VA
  • Almost looks like 100 random cars is listed.
    Of course some of them are someone.
  • fader37fader37 Posts: 1
    lol, did someone refuse to give you one exemplar of veneno?
  • This list only show how little the author knows about car styling as it only deals with cars from the 50's up and many of them were sucessful cars.
    the number one ugly car is still the AMC Pacer few others come close
  • Didn't think the 2000 Monte Carlo could be considered one of the ugliest cars ever made...
  • How did the Mitsuoka-Orochi not make the list??
  • I'm surprised that the entire Infiniti lineup didn't make it this list. If it was me, I would also put some more BMWs on it. ZDX higher than the Aztek... Love it!
  • I'm surprised that the entire Infiniti lineup didn't make it this list. If it was me, I would also put some more BMWs on it. ZDX higher than the Aztek... Love it!
  • No Honda Crosstour? My eyes hurt for half an hour after seeing one of those.
  • Also, where is the Hummer H2?
  • rmzhrmzh Posts: 3
    Mr. Huffman,

    Could you please share some of the drugs you were smoking when you wrote this article?

    Acura ZDX as #3.. worse than the universally accepted ugliest car ever.. the Pontiac Aztec???

    Ferrari California??? SC-430??? Thunderbird?

    Please. let the adults with knowledge write...
  • dacritdacrit Posts: 1
    edited December 2014
    Seriously?!!! Multipla looks better than Veneno?!!! Are you [non-permissible content removed] blind?! In addition to a lot of the other cars that look a whole lot worse?!
  • azure13azure13 Posts: 1
    i hate you dare you say veneno is the first ugliest car..they sacrifice their time to design this and make it..they worked hard and how about you? *sarcasm*
  • mickael1mickael1 Posts: 1
    on en a oublier une je pense et pas des moindre !!! la renault vel satis ou avantime c'est les 2 voiture les plus moche de la création automobile une HONTE a la france
  • Veneo ugly? Lincoln Versailles ugly?
    how is the fiat multipla not #1?
    this is a BS list
  • wales2wales2 Posts: 1
    You put a Ferrari California on the same list as a Fiat Multipla? A list of ugly cars /actually/ features a Ferrari California? Is this author blind, daft, and dumb? I was able to look past the BMW's and Lexus, Hell I was even able to look past the Rolls Royce and the Lamborghini... but the Ferrari California? The California, along with the Italia, are probably the most beautiful Ferrari's in the lineup. Honestly from this article your 'satire' just comes off as mean and it shows how little you know about both cars and humor. You're simply a terrible author with no credibility whatsoever.
  • How did the Ford Focus (any year) NOT make this list?!
  • Whoever made this list probably have [non-permissible content removed] injected into their little brain and enjoy watching inbred porn. Putting classic cars on "top 100 ugly cars" list is really not a smart idea. You have just proven you have [non-permissible content removed] taste in automobiles and knows nothing of beauty. Moron
  • no idea on cars, so many of these cars look good, get someone else to do these reviews please
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