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100 Ugliest Cars of All Time



  • jpdanzigjpdanzig Posts: 1
    This is a terrible list. Yes, it includes many of the ugliest cars ever made -- and shame for not showing the lemon-sucking front of the Edsel, which still shocks after all these decades -- but many of these selections seem to have been chosen for stupid marketing/manufacturing decisions, not simply aesthetics.
  • It is apparent that this writer does not like the styling of American cars of the late fifties and early sixties, what does the wriyer actually like? And there isn't any mention of the Smartfortwo?
  • That Packard hawk would look pretty cool if the front didn’t look like a catfish.
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 422
    The 2014 BMW i3 should definitely be on this list. I think it makes the Aztec look handsome.
  • the 2014 Lamborghini Veneno is not ugly
  • yoloswag_123yoloswag_123 Posts: 1
    edited March 2015
    nissan cube, which is 74th ugliest car, should be the ugliest, not 2014 Lamborghini Veneno
  • the person who wrote this article must be blind. Jaguar xjs ugly??????
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,567
    edited April 2015
    I went through them one by one and when I saw the '61 Dart my first thought was what? No '61 Plymouth?! Interestingly, that one came in next!

    I'm surprised the '58 Oldsmobile didn't make the list. I always thought that was GM's low-point in that era. The '58 Buick was really wild and overdone, but somehow, I thought it worked. The Olds just looked heavy-handed, dull, and ugly.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I have stricter standards for "ugly"--one test is to push a baby stroller past the car and if the kid starts crying, that's a tip-off that you might have a good candidate for the list.
  • berriberri Posts: 10,166
    I think a '58 Olds could scare a baby :)

    Andre, the 61 Plymouth was even scary on the inside! I thought the 61 Dodge Dart was uniquely styled, where a buyer would either like it or not, as opposed to ugly. But cars are like the opposite sex; different strokes for different folks. I can have an opinion, but it certainly doesn't invalidate someone else's POV. That's why I find these sort of surveys and opinions interesting reads, but seldom very valid on a larger than one person basis.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,567
    A couple other cars I just thought of...the "Plucked Chicken" '62 Dodge and Plymouth. I think the Dodge is actually kinda cool, in a twisted, off-the-wall sort of way, but I think the Plymouth is just ugly. And yeah, as for the '61 Dart (and larger Polara), I don't think they're that bad looking. Kind of plain up front, and the reverse-slant tailfins are a bit odd. But, there are uglier things out there.

    I once saw a '61 Plymouth, where someone had customized it by grafting on the taillights from a '59 Impala. It was a fairly professional looking job and, believe it or not, it was actually an improvement on that car!
  • berriberri Posts: 10,166
    edited April 2015
    I've always been a fan of mid 50's to mid 60's Mopars, I think primarily because of their design risk taking, and of course their drivetrains. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not. I think Virgil Exner was a top car designer in his days because he took risks. Few bat 100% and those who might usually are "boring". But his styling kept Chrysler from the fate of the independents despite it's much smaller size and scale compared to GM and Ford. I think you have to judge Exner and the 62's by how they would have come across as the full sized models they were drawn and clay modeled to be, not the short lead time crisis downsized result. I've also come to appreciate the 63/64 Chrysler more than I used to. I think Exner was often ahead of his time. If you look at those above vehicles and then look at the rear of say today's Audi or Impala, I think you see some of the same design elements like how the greenhouse overlays and flows into the remainder of the car body. Now I don't want to take away anything from what Elwood Engel accomplished on short lead times and tight budgets after he was brought in from Ford to make Mopar's more traditionally styled. I think the 64 Dodge and Plymouth coupes were very nice and he did an excellent job with the whole 65 lineup. Looking back at that era though, I most appreciate Exner and Bill Mitchell over at GM. I think they really elevated car design and influence while in their respective positions. While I'll give Mitchell the overall baton, and readily admit that Harley Earl deserves the moniker as the grandfather of modern car design, the very best cars in my opinion design wise during that timeframe were the 57 Mopars, particularly the Chrysler and Desoto.
  • jmarcus789jmarcus789 Posts: 1
    Why the hate on the '96 Taurus? I thought it's swoopy styling was attractive. It got the rounded swoop styling down 16 years before the Mercedes Benz CLA lol
  • old_pepaold_pepa Posts: 1
    I think the author should stick to judging dresses, because he knows nothing about cars!
  • tomcat_f14tomcat_f14 Posts: 1
    edited November 2016
    by far, the worst ranking ever made.

    they put the most beautiful car that deserve to be 1st place in better visual ever made, and is in 1st in uglyest cars??

    they lost the mind.

    but where is the loved impala 67? a square car, heis just a box, he can be loved, but still brutally ugly, even against veneno.

    for sure some cars in list are ugly, those shoeboxes with giant ridiculous radiator, but cars with aero design can't be ugly by main body design, they aren't just a egg or a box like some new popular cars or old cars without design (because lack of ways to build cars, we understand).

    this ranking was a fail, and looking to the comments, I have a confirmation, I'm right about it.

    bah... this is a true "professional hating"
  • I did not call the author a bad name because i respect everyones opinion,but i can see that he made a lot of people mad with his lack of knowledge about cars,the year they were made, and what they represented in terms of history,and how they touch the millions of people that owned them.There`s a fine line that divides ugliness and beauty when we see art.AMC pacer and gremlin are the poster boys for ugly but i always found something fascinating and mysterious about them.
    Thanks God he did not include in the list the car that i have an ill fascination for.The car that i love more than my wife of 30 years.
    The 1972 Citroen DC Pallas.
    Who don`t enjoy the citroen on the movie Scarface with Al crazy Pacino? May not be the Pallas but look alike
    Have fun people.Listen to the song CARS by Gary Numan and you will feel better if your feelings were hurt by that Mor.........n
  • Laugh out loud funny descriptions and often uncannily apt!! Good stuff... and some cool cars too...
  • I find it pretty nice too. Maybe each person likes each one differently.
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