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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • xadawgxxadawgx Posts: 2
    Based on my curent and latest quote in san diego through a fleet/internet manager on an 04 CE 5spd w/no additional options I am looking at $12,354.25 (including destination & rebate, before tax and title) Since you are looking for an AT, I think you will likely be over $12,500 as that's a $600 option. My current quote is $200 under invoice as well. You may luck out though, they have more autos so they might have more incentive to move them.

    Also I believe the 750 cashback incentive expires at the same time as the APR. Though it may very well start up again or even get better next month, who knows. My friends purchased a Camry last year and also got the same incentive choices. Just so you know if you don't qualify for the 1.9% APR and take the 750 rebate instead and manage to get a 5% APR, it works out to almost exactly the same as if you qualified for the 1.9% APR.
  • ytbhytbh Posts: 11
    hello, i just graduated from college and have just started a new job. my 91 grandam will die soon and i am starting to look at what to replace it with. i've thought of getting a used camry or corolla around $10K. is this feasible or a good idea? i also thought about getting a hyundai elantra (an 03 model gets a 9 year warranty right). i want something that will last me at least 10 years and so i'm considering a corolla or camry due to their reliability. any advice?
  • 96accord96accord Posts: 20
    I just bought a 2004 Toyota Corrolla CE AT with the floor mats, cargo net $ 13200 OTD.
    The dealer offerred me a LE for $ 14600 OTD.
    I am in southern california and the buyign process was pretty good at Wondries Toyota.

    Anybody need any additional info then please email me.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    About the Hyundai: Youd do better to negotiate a deal on an 04. The Hyundai warranty that is so heavily advertised is NOT transferrable to second owners; only the first owner of the car has that warranty.

    Another item to understand when discussing Toyota selling prices is that rebates and financing incentives are regional, and vary rather widely from region to region. To find out what incentives are offered in your area, go to

  • Just bought an '04 Corolla CE with automatic transmission and floor and trunk mats for $12,197, before $750 cash rebate. After rebate car cost $11,447, plus sales tax and fees. Purchased at Bob Baker Toyota in Lemon Grove(10 miles from San Diego), the out-the-door cost was $12,557.

    While only a few vehicles are made available each week at this price, it seems that Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book need to reassess their so-called "true market value" prices. Their alleged dealer invoice prices make no sense in light of what we paid for this car. No dealer is playing Santa Claus - they sell all their cars for a profit. Any comment from Edmunds?
  • tjno1tjno1 Posts: 4
    Can you tell me which dealer you went to? I am looking for the same car. Haven't find a good price in NYC area.
  • Just bot the 2004 Corolla S Automatic with following features:
    1) Power Package
    2) ABS
    3) Cruise Control
    4) Side Airbags
    5) Cassette/ CD combo with 6 speakers
    Costed me $16582 out of the door incl of tax, new tag and title.
    I am new buyer ...please let me know whether I got a good deal?
  • chibuyachibuya Posts: 3
    at $12,514.00 before tax, license, etc. This maybe be without the power door lock options. No fancy stuff whatsoever.

    Good or bad deal?

    Southern California
  • Hey Chibuya,

    For southern California that isn't a bad deal - IF - this is before the $750 rebate. Here's about what the out-the-door price should be:

    $12,514 (Car price)
    + 875 (approx. sales tax-figure for your area)
    + 160 (approx. state title & fees)
    + 40 (dealer charge if they handle title transfer legwork)
    - 750 (rebate)

    $12,839 Out-the-Door

    Happy Buying!
  • alexmalexm Posts: 1
    Hi everyone -
    I've been trying to get a reasonable price from WA dealers on barebone Corolla CE 5spd. Is seems to be a lost cause. Lowest price I got in march was 14,100 before rebate for AT. Others wanted almost the same for manual ones.
    I'm not a bad negotiator, know the numbers. What's going on ?
    It really seems like a sellers market over here.
    I see GREAT prices on corollas in South California posted. Maybe I should get it there since I'll be in San Diego in May anyway

    DId anyone get a truly good deal in Washington state in last few months?
  • dennis1dennis1 Posts: 4
    My daughter just bought a 2004 Toyota Corolla LE with automatic, cruise control, all weather package and floor mats. She paid $14,600 out the door which included all rebates and taxes, title and license. No other charges. She basically got the car for $625.56 below Edmunds Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value.

    I had done quite a bit of local internet pricing and communication for my daughter before narrowing it down to 2 dealers. Bought from Wilde Toyota in West Allis, WI. Salesman was Chris M. Very pleasant experience. Chris went through and explained everything on the car to my daughter before her test drive. He even popped the hood and showed her where everything was located - windshield wash fluid, oil, etc. Not that she will remember but it was thorough and complete - something the other dealer didn't do.

    She also qualified for 3.9% financing through Toyota. She could have had 1.9% for 4 years but she took the $750 rebate instead.

    I think the price was very good and the way we were treated was exceptional.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    is a very bad idea. :)

    You are inviting a ton of spam to be dumped on you. Better to make your address public in your profile so that members who are logged in can find it, but the spam bots can't.

    All of that said, why not post the dealership here? That's the best way to share your experience with our community. Just read the cautions in the header of this discussion to see what information may be posted.

    Congrats and enjoy your new Corolla!
  • chibuyachibuya Posts: 3
    Good point! For some reason, I don't see the edit botton to delete my email... sorry for the posting.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Edit button is only available for about 30 minutes after you post. But you always have a Delete button for your own messages. I deleted it for you. :)
  • Check your newspaper's dealer ads on Sunday and whatever other day they advertise and look for VERY low prices listed on some cars, but with the phrase "only 4 available at this price." You may need to show up at the dealer at 6am to get one of those cars(ask them what time to get there), but you can get a very low price - if they run those ads in Seattle.
  • mdm41mdm41 Posts: 1
    Just purchased '04 LE, hard choice over the 'S'- but did not like all the molding around the car.
    Option: Side Air Bags, Cruise, Auto, CD/Cassette, ABS, All Weather, Mats, Power Package.
    Final Price: $15,995 before $750 rebate

    I have that as $200 over invoice, but dealer also offered 6 yr/100,000 mile powertrain warranty (up from 5yr/60K). I thought that made up for being a bit over invoice. Anyone else hear about the extended powertrain offer??
  • How much did you pay out of the door? (incl of all fees and rebates)
  • coby03coby03 Posts: 55
    I had a deal going for an auto S with ABS/Side Air Bags, power pkg, sport plus, etc., that invoiced at $16,400 (on Edmunds). The salesman tells me he'll sell it to me for about $100 over dealer invoice and says the price is $16,950 (Edmunds TMV is $17,000). When I indicated this is obviously not what I expected $100 over invoice to be, he said it includes a $400 advertising fee that they can't do anything about. Is that legit? It may be, but I didn't like being surprised so I held off. Did I pass up a good deal?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I think what people need to understand about car purchasing is that the individual buyer needs to pay a price that he or she is comfortable with. I never like to say things like "you paid too much" or "you could have haggled more" or anything like that, because there is a point of dimishing marginal returns for all of us. If you were uncomfortable paying a $400 advertising fee, dont second guess your decision. You did what was right for you. This is a Toyota Corolla, for Pete's sake, not a limited edition Maybach. Just go to the next Toyo dealer and see what he/she offers. Actually, why not do it from your home or office by first searching a radius of dealers in your area on, then emailing each dealer, explicitly stating that lowest price for your desired options/color combo wins. If, at that time, nobody can top your very original offer, which included the $400, you can tell that dealer you've reconsidered, and that you were just very skeptical at first and didnt want to get taken. Also, the 2005 slightly revised Corollas are arriving at dealerships in the next week or two, so they should be willing to discount more on 2004s to unload them.

    Good luck.
  • belembelem Posts: 1
    I'm looking for information on 2004 Toyota Corolla ce purchases in Philadelphia area. Please let me know what you paid for the car and what was included. Rude and aggressive sales persons turn me off. I was offered a 2004 Toyota Corolla CE for $14,050 if purchased by 4/30 - includes a $750 rebate and 1.9% financing.
    The cost quoted is $200 below invoice? Thanks for any info.
  • moonstarmoonstar Posts: 1
    was offered a deal for corolla LE automatic with these options:
    cruise control
    side airbags
    alloy wheels
    rear spoiler (only thing i liked about the "S")
    for a total of 16,500.. good deal or no?
    thanks in advance for helping.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Thats a decent price. Use TMV and to determine if its in the range of what people are actually paying. But overall, not too bad. Be aware that the 2005 Corolla is now available, with a few updgrades, such as side curtains in addition to side airbags, new front and rear styling, upgraded Optitron guages in the LE, available vehicle skid control...

  • cocottecocotte Posts: 6
    Hey guys. Just bought a silver 2004 LE in the western Chicago suburbs:

    All Weather Guard
    CD/Tape/6 speakers
    Power Moonroof
    Floor Mats
    Trunk Mat
    Cargo Net

    MSRP $17,699
    Dealer Invoice $16,110
    I Paid $15,768 + tax and fees, and 1.9% for 60 months.

    I choose the special financing over the $750 rebate (a little cheaper that way) and I didn't qualify for the recent college grad incentive. I'm FOUR months over the cut-off time of 2 years. (aarrrgh)
  • regataregata Posts: 8
    All Weather Guard
    CD/Tape/6 speakers
    Side Air Bags
    Floor Mats
    Trunk Mat
    Cargo Net
    Splash Guards

    I Paid $15,777 + tax and fees, and 0% for 60 months.

    I chose 0% in place of $1000.00 cash back.

    Is this good ? I saw edmunds and KBB and it shows average customer paid about 16k+.
  • wkapriwkapri Posts: 1
    15,125 (includes 750 dealer cash back)
    + tax
    + dmv
    - 1000 graduate discount
    15,616 out the door

    04 manual S with ABS, cruise, power package, sports package, all weather, mats, 6 speaker CD
  • cocottecocotte Posts: 6
    Sorry, actual MSRP is $17,799. I didn't look close enough on the sticker price.
  • new4helpnew4help Posts: 2
    Hi friends, I am new here, please help.

    I have been looking to buy a 2004 CE automatic in North Ohio or South Michigan, I wonder if I can expect to get the similar attractive price range as posted here by people in southern California. I would be happy to buy a automatic CE-04 at around 12,500 to 12,800.

    Please, if anyone had buying experience in Ohio or Michigan, please advise me: is this a realistic expectations ? or why is so much difference in midwest versus California, for example ?

    Thank you,

  • aki2279aki2279 Posts: 1
    Hi all, I am getting scared about a document I signed at the dealership today that looked like a receipt of the car...something that had a price that we agreed on it..and the rebate value..something which looked like an agreement of some sort. I also filled out the credit application for fincncing. They didnt give me an APR quote saying that the toyota financing office is closed now (it was Sat 5:00 pm). Did I make a blunder? Is it normal to sing such a thing when they check the credit? Plx respond
  • phishphish Posts: 1
    2001 corolla ce stripper
    40000 miles
    $7200 from an independent dealer

    fair price? I feel like the car may have been in an accident (maybe a minor one?) because the drivers door is a little sticky, and some other small signs. However the alignment seems fine, no vibrations, it drives good. the carfax is clean.

    would you buy this car? It is the best deal I have found.
  • kdbkdb Posts: 1
    Did you read the doc before signing it? I assume they gave you a copy... Read it now, if you haven't done so.
    Is this the first time you buy a car?
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