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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience

canadaodyownercanadaodyowner Posts: 16
edited April 2014 in Toyota
(including 15% taxes) for 2003 Corolla CE with package 'B', block heater and vin etching is Can$21,900.


  • For Matrix XRS Auto

    Nav system
    Side Air bags
    Seat Back storage
    Floor mats
    cargo mat
    bumper protector
    All weather guard

    $20,851 (USD) before taxes
  • I got a Radiant Red XR Auto with:
    - All Weather Guard package
    - ABS
    - Cruise
    - 6 disc CD changer
    - Sport Plus package
    - Floor Mats
    - Cargo Mat
    - Rear bumper protector
    - 17 inch wheels

    MSRP - $19,345
    Paid - $18,848

    Because this is a first-year model, I also bought the 7 year/75,000 mile Toyota Platinum extended warranty for $899.

    Bought the car at Laurel Toyota Carmax, and I highly recommend them. Ask for Joel Vittori.
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96
    Did not pay it yet but agreed to the following:

    I got a Titanium Silver XR 5spd with:

    - 5Spd

    MSRP - 21900.00
    Paid - 21900.00 (However trade-in value is still under negotiation)

    In Canada we have no individual options, only dealer installed options. From the dealer I am getting:

    - Mini-Receiver hitch
    - 15" black steel wheels from a 2002 Corolla (for the winter, will buy tires later)
    - Bumper protector
  • TupTup Posts: 200
    Well, I think I have the Granddaddy of Matrixes....Took delivery on Feb 7 of a Black Base Canadian 5 speed Matrix with the "B" option package....A/c, power locks, keyless entry, alloy wheels. We paid $600 under MSRP or $18,700 plus freight and tax. We ordered this vehicle (our second car next to a Subaru Forester) before the pricing was announced. If I was to do it again I probably would have paid the extra to get the XR but when we ordered we just wanted AC and keyless entry for our second car.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Matrix XRS 6-speed
    Indigo Ink Pearl
    Charcoal interior

    Nav System
    All Weather Package
    17" Wheels
    Side Airbags

    Alloy Wheel Locks
    Rear Bumper Protector
    VIP 3200 Security System
    Floor Mats
    Rear Cargo Mat
    Auto Dimming Mirror

    MSRP $22,259.00

    Agreed price $20,639.00

    It will be a while before I see mine....May hopefully
  • Matrix XR 5 Speed
    Lunar Mist

    ABS Brakes
    Sport Plus Package
    Side Airbags
    16 inch AL wheels
    VIP Alarm System

    MSRP: 18,204
    Agreed Price: 17,144
    Out the door Price: 19,201

    Dealer says the order will take from 3-5 months.
  • I have an Indigo blue XR auto. Paid cash and he still wouldn't budge. Taxes liscence and all in on the road was

    $26500 cdn
  • Matrix XR 2wd auto, Super White, stone interior.
    AB Anti-lock brakes
    BE Side Airbags
    EJ AM/FM/6-disc CD
    UP Sport Package
    SP Sport Package

    Car and options, plus $477 destination charge: $19,677

    Actual price paid:

    Add Floor mats - no charge
    Doc fee, $175
    Hawaii gross excise tax, $788.42
    License & registration, 104.11

    Total out-the-door, $19,817.53
  • gcboyd1gcboyd1 Posts: 11
    2003 Corolla CE, black sand pearl, stone interior, all weather guard package (w/power locks), floor mats, cargo net. Paid $15,000 usd. Probably a little high (I'm guessing about $500), but I wanted it NOW and I'm the first one on my block to have one.
  • XRS Auto - Indigo Ink
    Floor Mats
    All Weather Guard
    6 CD Changer
    Side Airbags


    In Columbus, OH. Dealer found it for me and delivered it in about four days.
  • brs12brs12 Posts: 3
    I wanted to know when will be the Invoice for 2003 corolla be available.
    I recently checked out the invoice for corolla S 2003 with the options I want at and they said a price of abt $15200 including the destination charge, but the dealer says an invoice of about $15700 for the same car with the same options.

    Also the dealers are not ready to negotiate much since it is a new car. When would the price for this car go down ....
    I dont think I would like to pay so much for a Corolla.

    Thanks in advance for any insight ....
  • sar4sar4 Posts: 4
    For XR_Matrix: Good idea to get 15" steel rims for winter (especially in salty N.S.). What size of tire are you going to put on them?
  • nvcolornvcolor Posts: 9
    Paid $15,608 today for LE Auto with following options: Guard Pkg (CK), Cruise (CL), Radio Upgrade (EJ), Mats (CF). Dealer advertised invoice + $300 in today's newspaper. They told me they had 6 in stock and expected all to sell today. I also paid a $249 advertising charge as well as $180 document processing fee, which are included in the $15,608. Sticker for mine (not including advertising or processing) was $16,557. I am in the Kansas City area. Pretty painless process - I am happy with the deal I got. I do a lot of long distance freeway driving - 35M miles per year - and feel this car will serve me well. I had tested Focus, Sentra, Protege, and Civic. Thought about Lancer, but have seen mixed reviews. Jetta I liked, but I wasn't sold on long term durability, not to mention much higher sticker. I liked the Focus, lots of features for the money, but unsure about durability and quality. All others felt cramped compared to Corolla. I felt the Corolla offered the best value. Another selling point was that it has a timing chain rather than a timing belt. FWIW, I purchased a 2002 Camry LE 4C Auto for my wife yesterday, ABS, keyless, power seats, floor mats for $19,300, just about Edmunds invoice. While Edmunds doesn't have the info yet, Kelley Blue Book does have invoice prices for the Corolla at their site. I am hoping these cars will last us for 6-8 years.
  • I wonder if anyone has any advice on "dealing" with dealers in Southeast region. I have heard that there is something peculiar about this geographic region. I did my research and decided that 2003 corolla CE is a good replacement for my old Mazda protégé. I printed a decent offer from (250$ below MSRP) and I am planning to ask the dealer to at least match it. Unfortunately, all cars on the lot have worthless options (including $610 Toyo Guard). I guess I will have to ask for factory order or similar to get my options. It sounds like some dealers request a deposit for such an order. Is it reasonable to object to this deposit? Also, how long it takes to get delivery. Thanks,
  • BTW, does anyone have any experience with ordering through
    I used once and was moderately pleased but it does not exist anymore (I think).
  • I'll probably get flamed by Scott (Southeast salesguy) but my advice is go somewhere else if you can. Alot of that added stuff the dealers don't have any choice about, it's added at the port. And I think some of the additions are done rather unethically. For instance on the Matrix XRS, Toyota has a 17" wheel option for $150 MSRP. But if you buy from Southeast they don't put the Toyota 17s they put another brand, for $1199. They also put on a different rear bumper protector that they are charging MORE for.
  • 03 le ,With cruise control, 5 sp, Silver. It had what they call the extra mile pakage they try and get around 900.oo for it, I did not pay for it but I did get it. it consist of the mats, pinstrip window etching, roadside asst. for 3 yrs a trunk mat
    15,495.00 car
    968.43 tax
    33.81 dealer inventory tax
    50.00 doc fee
    109.55 License ,inspection, title
    16,606.79 total
    I paid cash and they never gave me my change so I paid 16,620.00
    It was the only LE on the lot
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96
    sar4...please see my post in "accessories and modifications"
  • tomkisttomkist Posts: 6
    Matrix XR, Indigo Ink
    Sport Package (Moonroof, AL wheels)
    Sports Plus (Fog Lamps, Spoilers)
    Floor Mats, Cargo Mat, Cargo Nets

    MSRP: $19,642
    Price: $18,641

    Highly recommend Geweke Toyota in Lodi, much friendly and better deals than any other place we found in the Bay Area. Also, stay away from Palo Alto Toyota as they were totally unhonest in the bargaining.
  • Silver Matrix XR,

    Sport package
    Sport package plus
    6CD audio
    Floor mats, cargo mats, cargo nets

    Paid: 18,700.

    Tomkist, looks like we got pretty much the same price point from different dealers. I went to Melody toyota in San Bruno.

    BTW, for the rest of the matrix owners here, are you guys sick of hearing people referencing the car model to the movie?

    Typical converstaion:
    "I heard you bought a new car...whatcha get?"
    "Oh, I bought a 2003 Toyota Matrix."
    "A 'Matrix'...? You mean like the movie?"
    " *Sigh*....Yes, like the movie..."
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    owned for 1 year - paid $14,250 before tax, title, license and processing fee:

    has: 4 speed auto
    cruise control
    extra value #1 & #2
    all weather guard pkg
    4 piece floor mats

    been a very good car so far
  • Just bought a :
    XR 5 Speed
    Lunar Mist Metallic

    AL 17" Aluminum Wheels
    CK All Weather Guard Package
    AB Anti-Lock Braking System
    CL Cruise Control
    EJ Premium In-Dash 6-CD Changer
    SP Sport Plus Package
    CF Carpet Floor Mats
    EF Rear Bumper Protector
    C1 Cargo Mat

    MSRP $18,545
    Invoice $16.909
    Paid $17,366
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    I bought mine through my credit union's buying service-- no dealerships, no salesmen!

    MSRP for base model + auto [no power package]= $16,155
    invoice: ~$15,483
    price paid: $15,783
    out the door [taxes, fees, tag & title]= $17,044

    One or two dealerships had base models at this price; others were slapping on the ToyoGuard paint protection [for an extra $600] and really jacking up the price.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Good deal, but the car still had to have been purchased through a dealer, the CU just paved the way for you.
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    Yes, it did come from a dealer, but I didn't have to experience "the treatment", which suited me just fine!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Good work. Sounds like you got the kind of shopping experience some Toyota buyers only dream of.
  • phankanephankane Posts: 57
    XR auto
    White (too clean!!)
    Sport package(Roof+Alloy wheels)
    + $385 processing fee
    I will join Costco on my next buy.
    Continental tires seem too hard.
  • ok. i got an XRS with 17inch wheels. Now from my searches at the toyota web site they should be an additional $150. An article on the car in my local paper also had that option listed at $150. The sticker on my car alos said $150. The article in the motor trend (may 2002) (great article you all should get it matrix vs protege and subaru wrx, sorry about the digression) has the option at $150. my dealer told me $450. he said it was a misprint. does anyone know exactly or how i can find out from toyota what they cost???

    Heres what i paid US Dollars:

    sticker: 20,269
    plus $300 more for 17 inch rims on top of sticker now 20,569
    alarm - about $500
    extended warranty: about $900
    tax $1900

    TOTAL: $24236.08
  • Your dealer is lying to you. The 17" wheels are 150 MSRP, even Toyota's own website says that. The ONLY difference is if you're in the southeast distributorship where they're not putting Toyota 17" wheels on, instead they're using Enike (sp?) and they're charging 1200 for that. I would suggest IMMEDIATELY calling Toyota and the Better Business Bearu in your area. 450 is a blatent lie. In fact since you've already paid I would suggest getting an attorney if the dealer doesn't refund you the money immediately.
  • An XRS with just alarm and 17" wheels should be 20,274 MSRP and 18,282 Invoice before the extended warrenty and tax. If you got any more options than that post them and I'll calculate what the MSRP should be. Or you can go to Kelley's, Edmunds calculator is good but on the matrix it doesn't include some of the accesories like seat back storage.
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