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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello everyone, I have a 2004 LE and I have a problem that there is a hissing noise comming from the window or the siding of the door. It has nothing to do with the engine but I think the weather stripping on the door or the windows lets in a lot of road noise. what can I do about this ?
    Secondly, my gas mileage is not getting the 28 in town. I am only getting 25-26 at time thanks
  • Hi all, I have a 2004 Corolla S with 15,000 miles. Last week I took from LA to Vegas and drove through quite a bit of snow and rain. The brakes were wet, I pumped them, and everything was fine. The other day, I took the car in for an oil change. Today however, I noticed some vibration and noise as I braked with medium pressure on a the freeway. I was NOT going fast (a mile or two) on the onramp. This continued during my commute, but only if I braked with medium pressure, and then a complete stop without letting up on the brake. The vibration and noise seem to be coming from the front left area, directly in front of me. It is not the high-pitched squealing of worn brake pads, but more of a low, rotating/flapping metal sound. At the end of it, I sometimes hear a little squeal from the tires (which may be just the bad tires that came with it). Any advice? I'm wondering if it's the ABS, something left loose from the oil change, or a real brake problem. Thanks in advance.
  • Vibration can be caused by many things, I would have it checked by your mechanic. The only thing I can think of is warped rotors or irregular break wear. I find it hard to believe anything could've happend during the oil change. Are you using a Toyota mechanic?

    Though the lowe miliage makes the warped rotor thing suspicious, as its pretty low mileage for breaks to be wearing out. I"m not a mechanic so this is just my 2cents.

    MM :) let us know what you find out :)
  • I was considering a 99 or 00Corolla, but Edmunds listed the ground clearance as 4.7", same as they list for your '01. I was about to eliminate the Corolla for that reason, but TercelTom says the lowest thing on the car is actually 6.5" from the ground.
     Anyone, please tell me any more info you have on the clearance.
  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    I also would like to say thank you very much. I saw the notification just today. Went to my dealer today, and they told me Toyota had NOT issued a TSB, and that if they did they would notify all owners when it was issued. I have came home and printed this bulletin, and will present the bulletin to my dealer. Can't wait to see his reaction. Does the dealer possibly not know about this bulletin? Thanks very much.
  • Thanks for the advice, modestmouse! I have checked around here with some of the local Corolla owners and they all say it's odd but doesn't sound/feel serious at all so I should just wait for my next recommended full maintenance check at 20,000 miles. Which in my case, is just 3 months.

    My mechanic is actually quite good, my family has been going to him for the past 10 years if we don't go to one of the two local Toyota dealerships. He has never ripped us off, and always uses genuine parts and even shows us how he works on our cars throughout the whole process. The dealership closest to my home - the repair guys crashed my dad's Avalon in their parking lot and wouldn't fess up. My dad dared them to show him the security video in the lot to prove they hadn't done it. Let's just say they fixed his original problem and the dent for free. The second dealership is where I bought my Corolla, and went in there a month after I bought it to try and fix the "rattle in the dashboard near the CD player." Not only did they NOT fix it, there are toolmarks in my dash where they ripped it out and the rattle returned 3 days later. They did say if the foam padding they added didn't work, that there wasn't much else they could do. After that, I did an internet search and found these excellent forums :) Um, so that's why I'm a bit reluctant to go to the dealership.

    By the way, for the folks with the gas mileage question above, I average 28mpg in most horrible, stop-and-go freeway traffic. I think one thing that might give me more mpg is the fact that I don't have anything in my trunk, and rarely carry passengers. Perhaps that lack of extra weight helps? One week for some unknown reason, I dropped down to 20mpg and ran out of gas because I didn't believe the gauge would be on empty that early. I never did figure out why...maybe the switch to summer gasoline?

  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Whoever you talked to was confused between a service campaign and a service bulletin. I ran into the same thing and had the girl who answers the phone at service tell me she checked the VIN and there was no "campaign". It took patient and laborious explanation to teach her the difference. I was turned over to a more with-it rep who ran my VIN and confirmed my car was eligble for service under the TSB. At Watertown Toyota, Watertown MA where I bought the car (actually two cars 04 Sienna and 04 corrola) I was unable to get the low grade morons to get the point at all. So I went to a third dealership where it took only minor explanation (Wellesley Toyota). I just had the catylyst replaced and they Flashed the ECU - I was getting really bad city miles before. Though it is too early to tell if my mileage will improve, I can tell you the tach is now setting down to 500 rpm as opposed to the 1100 it used to idle at.
  • I have a Corolla which I bought new in 1997. Since then I've had to replace the windshield three times, which to me seems a bit much. I seem to recall signing some piece of paper when I bought the car having to do with the windshield, but I don't think I ever got or kept that paper, so I can't recall what exactly the document was for. Has anyone noticed or heard of defective windshields with Corollas, from '97 or any other year? Does anyone know what that windshield document could have been? Thanks
  • mkngmkng Posts: 1
    I just bought a 95 corolla wagon with 5spd transmission.
    When speedo shows 70mph, tach is on 3000rpm.
    I think this rpm is too high for that speed. Can anyone tell me what kind of rpm/speed values they are getting with their similar corollas?
    Thank you.
  • sdesde Posts: 42
    My brand-new '05 Corolla seems to have a (relatively) minor issue already. I believe that I'm supposed to be able to disable the trunk release lever by turning the master key in the trunk lock counter-clockwise (the point being that I would then leave the valet key with a garage attendant, who wouldn't be able to get into the trunk).

    Anyway, I did turn the key counter-clockwise, but the trunk release lever continues to open the trunk. I'm curious to know if anyone else has experienced this problem. Thanks.

  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    I think I got my dealer to see the light today. The first man I spoke with today again said he had not heard of a TSB for the Corolla odor.

    When I showed him the TSB I had printed out, he said "hmm, this must be new." I didn't point out the May 2004 date. His manager then pulled it up on his computer screen.

    Then he said the VIN number on the TSB was not the VIN on my car. I pointed out that the notice said all cars made before the VIN on the TSB are eligible for the fix.

    He then asked if my 2 year old car had less than 80,000 miles, a warranty requirement. I told him it had 21,000 miles.

    Then he said that he would plug my car up to evaluate my engine. I told him there wasn't much to car stinks and it needs the PCM flashed or replaced, and a new converter as the TSB directs.

    I finally ended up with them ordering a new converter that is due in Wednesday and the work will hopefully be done at that time.

    It was like pulling teeth, but if I didn't have the TSB printed out I don't think I would have ever gotten to this point at this dealer.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Well all right! Boy it sounded like pulling teeth. I hate when they pull "the hook it up to the computer" crap. Its just a way passing the buck to a supposedly infallible machine. But, the part about it not being the identical vin, wow thats over the top. What were they suggesting, that there was a TSB for ONE specific individual car with a certain vin? Glad you won out.
  • Just found that my new corolla LE05 rattles a little while I brake for the lights. I went to the dealer that sold me the car, and they said this should disappear after 500 miles break-in period, as the engine is learning to adjust to my driving habits. Well, it now already has 200 miles on it. This is my first new car. Does anybody have similar experience? Any comments? Thanks.
  • My 05 LE doesn't have any rattles, but then again it's a "J" vin ... ha!
  • The Mazda salesman told me that the 3's tranny "learn" your driving style and develops shift patterns.
  • Now there are 500 miles on the car, and the rattle is still there. Will talk to the dealer about that. I will keep you guys posted. I didn't see mopar67's message. Was it deleted?
  • behhppbehhpp Posts: 51
    The catalytic converter was a hard to find part, but it came in this week. They said this part is in high demand.


    It is installed, and they reflashed my PCM. My car no longer has the smell anymore. I recommend this fix to any other Corolla owner who has been smelling sulfur.
  • Can anyone give me details about this model, as to how to go about checking it for preparation due it has been standing for the past 4 years. The engine hasn't been cranked during this time, the battery has since died, and needs to be replaced..


    It belongs to a friend whom once had a second hand car sales lot, and this vehicle was a re-possession. Therefore no keys are available, I don't want to go out and replace all the locks as that would be very costly.


    Due to this vehicle standing for such a long time, does it mean that I'll have to remove the head an all ? The engine has 112000k on it, and I'm not sure what size the engine is, all I know is it's a straight inline 4 cylinder, front wheel drive.


    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092 might want to post this in the "Quick Technical Question" topic in Maintenance & Repair. A lot of the resident gear guys hang out there.

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  • I have a 95 sedan manual and I get anywhere from 3000 to 3200 driving on the interstate from 75 to 85. I have to get up to 95 to hit 4000 though. It's been that way since I bought it in 95.


  • raorao Posts: 1
    In which place you installed this alarm. Is ther any website for this Checkmate' ?
  • box75box75 Posts: 1
    Did you figure out how to turn the light off? I was looking all through the manual and did not see it.
  • fgf001fgf001 Posts: 98
    Even though the fan says off it is still pushing air through the cabin. The purpose is to constantly exchange the cabin air.
  • 2005ce2005ce Posts: 3
    The corolla engine is not known to sludge. What oil do you use? How many miles are on the engine? Do you make a lot of short trips?


    You could try Auto RX


    People have had success with this product. It works gently over time.
  • fgf001fgf001 Posts: 98
    Upon close delivery inspection of our 03 Corolla LE I noticed a greasy fingerprint beneath the clearcoat on the hood. The dealer, which has its own body shop, made an appointment to repaint the entire hood. The warranty is the same as the original paint and you cannot tell ANY difference, the match is perfect.


    My point is there are good and bad dealers. If the one you purchased from doesn't satisfy you try another. Glob on a dot of paint indeed, good grief.

    It's amazing what they will try and get away with!
  • Am I going crazy, or is there really no way to pause a CD on the OEM stereo in the 2002 Corolla model?
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    You can pause it by hitting the AM/FM button and putting the radio back on. Hitting the CD button again will let you continue where you left off. I think if you turn the power off you can also resume where you left off. Why don't you try it out?
  • I have the same problem on my LE05. It happens when I press the brake pedal half-way and I'm driving slowly. My car has 700 miles. I'm waiting for it to reach a 1000 miles before I take it to the dealer. Is your car made in Canada? Maybe a certain lot from a certain plant has this problem.
  • Same problem with my LE05. A slight cranking sound emanates from the dashboard when you depress the brake pedal slightly. I will take it to the dealer at 1000 miles. Let me know if your dealer is able to fix the problem. Thanks!
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