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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    There may be a law against doing this.
  • Yes, there may be a law against it but do you know how to do it (strictly for informational purposes only...)?
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Sorry, I don't.
  • kblackkblack Posts: 1
    I accidentally busted my windshield wipers, by turning it on as it was covered in ice.
    I know it’s not the motor cause I can still here it running when I try to turn it on. So, from my reading I'm thinking its worm gear.
    I was wondering if I could replace that myself or would I have to take it in. If this can be done as a home job can someone explain it to me?
  • Could anyone tell me how to extend the tracks in my 2005 Corolla to move the driver's seat further back 2 to 3 inches? The passenger seat goes back another couple of inches, but there are stoppers intentionally put in on the driver's side. I think this is related to the hydraulic seat adjuster to make sure you don't tip too far back. I need to have this adjusted or will have to get rid of the car( which I don't want to do!) I am starting to have hip problems from longer than average legs.

    Thanks, NE
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    hey gang, does anybody have an idea of what a catalytic converter should cost for an '03 Corolla? My uncle's had to go in for some servicing/brakes/etc, and the dreaded check engine light came on. It's the catalytic converter.

    I've been handling it for my uncle because he works long hours out on a construction site, so it's not convenient for him to deal with it. I got a message on the answering machine last nite from the service guy, and I knew it was going to be bad. The guy was actually stumbling over his words and pausing just a little too long in places as he was trying to get out what was wrong! So I KNEW it was going to hurt!

    Well, I talk to the guy today, and he says $1500!! :surprise: Now the labor isn't all that much, but supposedly the part itself is like $1300+.

    Does that sound right? The car has 103,000 miles on it, so unfortunately the warranty is a distant memory...
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Unless it was damaged while driving, this seems a little unusual for 2003 vehicle. This "emissions" part even has an extended warranty (at least in Canada). Maybe should get a second opinion. Good luck.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Unless it was damaged while driving, this seems a little unusual for 2003 vehicle. This "emissions" part even has an extended warranty (at least in Canada). Maybe should get a second opinion. Good luck.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Unless it was damaged while driving, this seems a little unusual for 2003 vehicle. This "emissions" part even has an extended warranty (at least in Canada). Maybe should get a second opinion. Good luck.
  • i turn the key and it tries to but it wont start at all, i think theres no gas getting to the engine. or maybe a dead spark plug. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME? its an automatic.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Has any one else had this experience? Coming to a stop - took my foot OFF the gas and the applied brakes. The Corrola decelerated almost to a stop - Then began to accelerate on its own. My first reaction was to glance at my foot to make sure it was on the brake not the gas. IT WAS ON THE BRAKE, but the car revved up on its own. I had to really stomp the brake down to keep from hitting the car in front of me while the Corrolla pulled itself forward. Then after what were some very long seconds it dropped down. It has never done it before or since. I posted on the NHSA web and found half a dozen complaints of the exact same problem. Also someone there mentioned that Camrys have been known to do it too. Any input would be appreciated.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    well, I went yesterday and "rescued" my uncle's Corolla from the Toyota dealer and brought it home. One of my friends has a code reader, and we hooked it into it and reset the codes. The check engine light didn't come back on, so I'm guessing that it's an intermitent problem? If it was constant, wouldn't the check engine light have come back on immediately?

    Anyway, it seems to be running fine. As for the warranty, I believe the emissions controls are warrantied for something like 8 years/80,000 miles, but unfortunately, my uncle is already past the 103,000 mile mark. :cry: He can't remember when it's due for emissions testing, but we're going to wait until then and see if it passes or not, and then just go from there.

    As for the sudden acceleration problem, interesting that it got brought up. I just noticed for the first time last night now close the brake and gas pedal are together on this car, and how they're almost at the same plane. I was thinking that it's suprising that more people haven't accidentally hit the brake and the gas pedal at the same time. It seems very easy to do.

    On older cars, often a stuck cable, spring, or whatever could cause sudden acceleration, but I dunno about these newer ones. I guess the computer could get confused and go into fast idle mode when it's not supposed to, or do something else to make it surge even faster?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I assume that the 1,000 idle speed is when the engine is still cold. Normal idle speed should be about 600-700. Anyway, this is just like any other car with a manual tranny. Reverse is the lowest gear ratio, lower than first. You have to partly release the clutch (only briefly), then push back in and coast back, then if you need to, release again, etc. Is the 1,000 idle speed when the engine completely is warmed up? Is this your first stick? :confuse:
  • "Dr. Sugar",

    This venue doesn't work very well with "won't start" conditions, since most people can't wait for an answer.

    I assume, since you're saying it "tries to" start, that the engine cranks when the key is turned. Can you smell gas after several unsuccessful cranks?

    If you can't, it's a sure bet the engine isn't getting fuel. One possible problem is the fuse that governs the fuel pump. It could also be a loose or corroded connection to the fuel pump.

    Corollas don't often have bad fuel pumps, but of course, this is also a possibility.

    A failed spark plug seems *very* unlikely, since not only is this unusual, but you could probably still start with three good ones.
  • i have a 2002 toyota corolla. last week the radio and clock
    display are out of power. i thought it maybe some fuses problem. but i checked all three fuses box in front. nothing wrong. anyone can help me where is the radio fuse locate? or what else could be wrong?
  • brb972brb972 Posts: 7
    When you push the button on the remote does the car make a beeping noise or do the lights just flash.
  • no beeps, just flashing lights (i wish it did beep, cus that adds a level of coolness to it).. if you want noise, hit the Panic button :D
  • Both my low-beams went out at the same time. High beams all fine. I checked all the fuses: the 40 amp master, the two 10 amps for each low-beam plus the one inside the cabin for the DRL system. All are fine. I doubt both bulbs blew at the same time. Could it be the DRL sensor?
  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    I have an '03 Corolla LE and lately the heater/AC blower motor doesn't always come on when I start the car. When it does fail to come on, cycling the ignition switch a couple of times may help or sometimes it will come on after a few minutes of driving and then works fine. Any ideas what may be the most likely culprit?
  • since the corolla and the matrix are suppose to have the same engines do they both have the same problems when it comes to starting ? i f i am buying a new car i don;t want that problem , and they can;t find an answer to the problem .
  • CAN ANYONE TELL ME ON THE 2005-OR2006 does your AC get cold enough? i hope the AC works better in the corolla then the matrix
  • My 03 corolla headlights come on in the middle of cold nights running down the battery. Any solutions? :confuse:
  • I have the exact same car with the exact same problem. I have found that the motor in the sunroof is broken due to a few of the teeth chipping off (plastic gear). I am looking for a new motor, but a dealer wants over 200 bucks for this motor!! Anyone know where I can find another motor, other than a junkyard?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341

    did you try googling it? perhaps an online parts supplier or used parts outfit.
  • My 2004 corolla runs about 32 MPG (get about 350 miles before I refuel 11 gallons). Typically I get about 200 miles when the meter hits Half Full, but then begins to rapidly fall and in another 130 miles the gas light comes on. Anyone else noticed this? I don't know if there is something faulty with my gauge or if this is normal for the way the system is calibrated. :confuse:
  • I brough a New Corolla 05 Le model with options package, it is less than 4000 miles.
    I wash the wheel because it covered by dirt and saw the both front alloy wheel's paint seem melt off and the dirt on it; it won't wash away, I bring to service dept and ask it will be cover by the warranty, the service guy told me - because front wheels close by the brake so always happen like that; and he told me to buy a wheel cleaner and a brush to wash it; then it should go away. Do you thinks that is true?
    I like the Alloy wheel because it look nice and easy to clean, I saw other cars with alloy wheels doesn't have this problem on their alloy wheels. Anyone have an information for me?
  • The gas gauge measures the height of the gas in the tank, and the tank is usually narrower at the bottom, so the upper part of the gas tank usually has more volume than the lower part, depending on the shape of the gas tank. My gauge in an '04 Camry LE behaves similarly, your gauge is probably functioning normally.
  • I bought a new 2006 Corolla S, Feb 1st, brought it home for ONE week and it will be in the shop longer than that in another day. It was leaking oil, upon further investigation and returning it to the dealer. They have now all but welded the gasket to the oil pan, to find out that now... it is the "rear main seal" that will take a few more days to repair! At this rate they should have thrown the extended warranty in for FREE! I wondered why they were so open to talk about the lemon law during the sale. They even sent me a letter to introduce me to the service department on the 21st of Feb. I already know the service department on a first name basis after day #7 of ownership. Isn't a new car suppose to run longer? I sold a SUV for a road sniffer... WHY? Does anyone else have these problems this early on? Think I didn't ask the dealership for a different "new" car, think again! They said "NO". Toyota is a toy that breaks, and this one will be for sale shortly! Peg in Carlisle PA">link title
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Sorry, but it sounds like you are the victim of someone on the assembly line making an error!! It could happen to ANY car, or car maker. Toyota is the most reliable make, so the chances of this happening are EXTREMELY small. When there is a human involved, things can go wrong. No dealer or maker would give you a different car. I am truly sorry to hear about your bad luck, but I know you will not find a better maker than Toyota. We all make mistakes, even the assembly line workers! I have not ever heard of this happening to a Corolla, but again, the human being makes mistakes.
    I would try to get the extended warranty thrown in for free for your suffering. If no luck at the dealer, contact Toyota directly. If they do the repair right, you will have nothing to worry about.
  • This is a update to my 743 miles. I was notified last week that the car will now need and Whole ENGINE! I make a car payment Tuesday on a brand car this month that I drove 1 week that has the transmission torn out and now a new engine! Where I don't fall under the lemon law is they never gave me back the car for the first 4 things they fixed and the engine makes #5. The car MUST go in three seperate times for the fix, doesn't matter if they fixed 5 different things already! How do ya like that!
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