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Mitsubishi Outlander

carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
Hello, everyone!
I would like to start this forum to discuss the next offering from Mitsubishi, the Airtrek, in the mini-SUV-segment. Introduced already in Asia, and just about to be released in Europe, the Airtrek seems to be a pretty good contender in the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute arena.
Let's rock!


  • On what cost would be in the US, and when they might come out? If I can afford it, it might be worth it for me to wait....I literally have a Mistubishi dealer within walking distance of my apartment...and yes, that is a factor when buying a car, since I only have one and it might need to be worked on.
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    The Outlander (Airtrek) was just introduced at the New York Auto Show this past week. It will start at under $20000 and the front end has been altered from the Japanese version (not sure it's an improvement).

    The vehicle will be introduced here sometime this summer.
  • I think the rear is mor improved than the front...I wonder how much they modified the interior though, because there's hardly any pictures of it. The site is saying late 2002, not this summer. And no prcing info yet. :)
  • No engine data either. I saw that in NZ it uses a 2.0 I4, but this looks like a pretty beefy vehicle...I hope they'll offer a V6 with it. Mitsubishi HAS to notice that 2 of the best selling Mini-SUVs (The Escape/Tribute, and the SantaFe) have V6 engines in them. And I have NO clue how to translate the NZ ratings into horsepower. :)

    By the way, Mitsubishi, Mini-SUV, and SantaFe got flagged by the spellchecker. Now I MIGHT be spelling Mitsubishi wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. :)
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    The auto show press release I saw indicated that this vehicle will be equipped with the 2.4 litre 4 cyl. which I believe produces something like 150-160hp. I drive a Galant V6 which is a great performer but I've also driven the 2.4 Galant and hardly noticed a difference in performance. The 2.4 was also quieter than my V6.

    As for price I saw the sub $20000 price on one of the web sites covering the introduction.

    I have no problem with the 2.4 in this vehicle. I have seen pictures of the interior of the Airtrek on Japanese websites and it is very stylish with two-tone interiors with a number of dash trims including red-orange, shiny black and wood type trim. A real upscale stylish look. I hope these trim options carry over to the U.S. version Outlander.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Says the 2.4 makes only 140hp.
  • Think this should be changed to Mitsubishi Airtrek/Outlander?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    And here's a short blurb from the NYC auto show.

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  • Yeah, saw that blurb. Looks like I'm going to wait for that sucker to come out, since I already test drove the Tracker (seats too narrow) the Escape (Handles nice, but too damn BIG!) and the CR-V (Tall station wagon...kicks bad on bumps, and there's a 2 month waiting list...the added horsies help though). Looks like it's going to either be this Outlander, or the Pontiac VIBE, which I DID like, except for it crapping out on a hill.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Posts: 338
    Looks a lot like the Honda Pilot and thus it is a good looking vehicle, in fact it looks more put together than the Honda.
  • I worry about the size of the engine...this is a fairly large vehicle...larger than a Sportage or Tracker, and their 2.0 liter engines are barely enough to do the job. In the Vibe, the 1.8 liter pretty much ISN'T enough...has anyone been able to find horsepower figures for the Outlander?
  • Ok, this is something that scares me a's some figures I gathered:

    Kia Sportage: 2.0 liter 130 horsepower
    Chevy Tracker Base: 2.0 liter 127 horsepower
    Pontiac Vibe: 1.8 liter 130 horsepower
    Mitsubishi Outlander: 2.0 liter 140 horsepower
    Toyota RAV4: 2.0 liter 148 horsepower

    It's got more than the Tracker and Sportage, but both of these look to be a bit smaller vehicles. The Vibe is a LOT smaller, and it gives out on hills.

    Now, is it just me, or does a 2.0 140 horse I4 seem like not enough for something like the Outlander? Is there anyone on this board from somewhere where the Airtrek/Outlander was released already and has driven it?

    *contines to pray for a 190 horse V6 on the Outlander*
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Checked the Australian website for specs on the Airtrek. The heaviest (4wd) model weighed 1430kg (3150 lb).

    A Toyota RAV4 weighs 2943 lb., and with 148hp, it takes close to 11 seconds to reach 60mph.

    And why does the U.S. get the uglier (IMO) version? Check out the Japanese and Australian AirTrek. Looks like a small Lexus LX470.
  • Ouch...lighter, and it's got 8 more horses? So the Outlander is gonna be REALLY underpowered...this is not good.

    Actually, I think the US version looks better, except for maybe the front grill..that's the only thing I'd change to the Aussie Airtrek design.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    The last generation Honda CR-V got by fine with "only" 140hp, also.
  • Then why'd they kick up the horsepower in the CR-V this year? Even the DEALER I went to says they were underpowered until they got the HP boost.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    The Outlander motor is a 2.4 litre engine, like the Galant has. The torque rating is at 157 lb-ft @ 2500 RPM. This is were you will find the power. Most vehicles do not reach there peak torque until 3500+ RPM.

    I think this is going to have more power than people think. Just need to try it when it comes out. People who have bought the Lancer with only 120 HP seem to happy with the power. So who knows until it is here and proven.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    One other plus and minus for the Outlander.

    Plus: 4-speed Sportronic transmission.

    Minus: No 5-speed manual offered.
  • It's got that Shiftronic type thing that lets you shift the automatic like a manual. Probably not as good as a manual, but it beats auto-only.
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    The curb weight on a 2.4, 140hp Galant is 3075lb. I own the V6 Galant but have driven the 4 cyl. and have to tell you that the engine is quieter and smoother than the V6 and performance was almost identical. Therefore, I don't think perfomance will be any problem at all on the Outlander. Personally I'm not interested in the AWD and would get front wheel drive if I considered this vehicle which probably would save about 150lb. in curb weight.

    Looking forward to some road tests and other information. I'm hoping the interior is similar to the Japanese version which has multiple dash and seat trim treatments.
  • zircon2zircon2 Posts: 94
    I had a 93 Eagle Summit (Mitsu Expo) with a 2.4 L 5 speed, 130 hp. It was fast, powerful and excellent gas milage. I bet it is the same engine. Weight is greater in this vehicle, and 4-speed auto is questionable. The engine I had could scratch in 2 gears.

    Had a 2000 CR-V. Ecellent build but total dog on power (auto tranny). Now wife has new CR-V with a 5 speed. Much faster, just like I remember the old Eagle. If Mitsu came out with this a year ago, we would have bought it. Ours had 130,000 miles when we dumped it; never spent more than 300 to fix anythting (I think we had to get a new disk brake). Great car. It weighteed about 4-600 lb less than this though.

    Saw this thinf at auto show in Detroit. Really attractive IMO.
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    I have to say that I'm not very found of the front end changes for the US version of the Airtrek (Outlander).

    The Japanese home version front end is far more attractive. It's some kind of macho thing trying to give the US version a rough and rugged appearance with the thick vertical front. Maybe in person it will look more tolerable. Should be at dealers in August. My Galant lease is up in November though right now I'm looking at buying it off lease. I guess I must be pretty satisfied with it.
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Mitsubishi give some more information and specs on their webpage:

    You can register to get more info when available.
  • jaijacjaijac Posts: 1
    Hiya, folks. I'm reading about your concerns regarding the Outlander's power. I currently drive a '94 Mitsubishi Expo (anyone remember those?) that is slightly bigger than the Outlander and has a 2.4L Automatic, the same engine that was in my '93 Galant, and it has great pickup. It's been terrific for mountain driving as well as accelerating *fast* on the highway. One hopes the Outlander will perform as well.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Mitsubishi is giving a free $15 Gas card and a CD for test driving.

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  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Thanks Steve. I could use a free car.
  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    I read in the Chicago Tribune that there is a car based SUV that Mitsu is going to build on the Galant sedan platform. It's supposed to be built in Normal IL and released in early 2003 as a 2004 model. Does anyone know how this model will differ from the Outlander? Does this model exist now in Japan or Europe?
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    There was a spy photo of this vehicle in the Detroit News auto section. Not much clarity on the appearance as it appeared to be disguised.

    This is a new model not sold elswhere and is specifically for the US market. As a Galant owner who is very satisfied with his vehicle I would think this may be a very nice product.
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Cay is right. So far the Endavour will be an US-product. Sorry, no spy-pictures yet.

    The Outlander gets reviews in all magazines right now. Today's AutoWeek has a little article, as well as the September issues of Motortrend and Car and Driver.
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