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Mitsubishi Outlander



  • You make an interesting point....I too have looked at MANY small SUV/wagon boards and have noticed a plethora of questions, complaints and queries. Now I think the Outlander is low volume so this may be a consideration but I suspect the thing is basically bulletproof and there is little to complain about. I have a '95 Mitsu Expo AWD which is the parent of Outlander. I have been underneath both cars and Outlander is somewhat more HD than the Expo. Even so the Expo has been bulletproof. It's at 130000+(I don't pay attention anymore!) and I have done the front brakes twice and shocks all around. Regular fluid/filter changes and that's it. Rear brakes are original and OK. Oh yeah.. I forgot that set of plug wires and plugs. There is really not much to report. IMHO the key symbol of quality components on the small AWD's is the rear differential case. Is it cast iron or aluminum? Outlander is cast iron. Honda, Vibe etc are aluminum cases and SMALL. Subie is cast iron but small. I have set up rear ends and I do question the ability of aluminum to hold a close tolerance under temperature. The Outlander rear end sizewise looks like something from a pickup truck. I do believe Mitsu engineered these things to last..If my Expo makes it to 200000 I'll bet the Outlander would do 3 if you flushed the tranny yearly...That would be a key procedure in my experience with long term automatics. I sure wish they came with a stick...
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Where is they get that stereo? I looks 10 years old. Has anyone replaced the factory unit with an aftermarket one? Crutchfield has a long list of replacements on their web site. Just wondering if anyone has swapped one out.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I see the local Mitsu lots are filling up with plenty of 04s. Have to test drive the latest Outlander. I want to see if the engine improvements have made this unit a "must buy."

    Anyone have a test drive to describe to us? I'd like to compare notes if you do.

  • There is a review that just came out at
    It describes the acceleration with new engine as

    "Outlander feels a tad peppier for '04, but still isn't that swift for merging or passing, and long grades can be a struggle, especially with a sizable load."
  • The acceleration isn't bad without hills and loads which is how we'll be using it. Look going from an eclipse to this will be a little odd for a while but overall this things handles well for its price point and has the same power as competitors for the price. The AWD system saps some power but come on folks its a 4 cylinder. For 23K I'm glad to be getting the tight if simple interior and glad to get a car quality ride. The body roll is evidnet but our other car is a G35...we'll live. This car is competent for sure and handles bumps and uneven pavement very well. IF we load it to the gills and go to VT we may have to give ourselves some extra time but if we did that more than once a year we would get a bigger truck - outlander or explorer or murano perhaps.
  • Hi,
     I bought a new 2003 Outlander XLS All wheel drive in Sept 03..It's been a great car...Today 12/13 with 6250 miles on it I had problems with the transmission..While trying to park, it would not go into reverse...The gear shifter made a crackling sound while going from D to R...I tried 5 times to go into reverse with no luck..I turned the car off for 20 minutes and tried again and it went into reverse fine..Has anyone else had this problem??? I'm taking it to the dealer Monday
  • 3 year leases rule - warranty should cover this
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    How is service at Mitsu dealers? I've owned a variety of cars over the years, and its generally been my experience that the less you are at a dealership, dealing with car problems, the better your life is. But, its inevitable, especially at the inception of a relationship with a new make (I have not bought a Mitsubishi before) to be at the dealership for this and that...

    So, this is a real quiet board. Hopefully someone will chime in and share their experience(s) with the rest of us on treatment at their local dealership and the competence of the service staff.

  • rnn59rnn59 Posts: 8
    In reply to message No. 166 I bought my car at Howser Mitsubishi of Springfield Mass. The sales staff was very accomodating and answered all of my questions. They were no pushy at all. I did get a great deal on the car since it was a 2003 leftover. So far with all the snow we have been having, the AWD system has provided great traction. As for service, so far so good. A friend of mine owns two Mitsubishi's. For these two (2) cars he has them serviced at Howser. He has found their service department to be very competent over the years that he has used them.
    For my needs, the Outlander gave me the best value for the dollar. The interior is truly well designed. I also do like the idea of having a fullsize spare tire that is located in the wheel well of the trunk. The car just runs smooth. Time will tell.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,328
    I just finished test driving the '04 and then an '03 back to back, and I would concur that the '04 is only a tad peppier, mostly on the low end.

    While the '03 and '04 aren't powerhouses, I find that if you use the manual-shift properly, the Outlander is fine for 99% of all situations. Going up a mountain pass at 10,000 feet, no, you aren't going to be whizzing past everyone at 80 mph, but you'll keep up with most traffic.

    The long long grades are not a leap and a bound, but the car holds its own. Short of a V-6, I can't say most of the mini-SUVs are dramatically better.

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  • Has been very very good. No pressure. Told them it was less car than we wanted and thought of it only as a way to get out of a crappy spyder 7 months early (at the perfect time no less). So they gave us an offer which we rejected; we countered and got exactly what we wanted no haggle and drove a showroom model around for 500 miles while they located one GF liked with leather and lux packs. They will be coming to her office to have her sign and swap cars today...very pleasant experience for some hard core people (us). This experience was very surprising and very nice to say the least. I was as impressed as I was with Infiniti.

    Never thought we'd get Mistsu but the car is a true find in terms of value. With everything this thing is still barely 22k! And no it's not going to impress with power and some of the engine sounds are hard to listen to but - this thing is a dream to drive and I agree with Shifty, this is no class of speed demons and Outlander does what the others do well or better.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Great reviews and recommendations lately! Thanks for sharing and everyone have a wonderful Christmas and safe New Year.

  • Visited two PA Mitsu dealers last week... Both told me there was a $1000 rebate on the Outlander.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Anyone knows if Mitsu offers a dealer-installed alarm system?

    Also, has anyone driven an '04 Outlander and CR-V back-to-back and could offer a power/acceleration comparison?
  • I've been getting about 16-18mpg on my 2003 Outlander. It has 20,000 mile son it and the milage keeps getting worse. The dealer says the car is fine and it's not a problem. Their currently checking with the distric manger to see what cna be done. Mitsubishi Tech line says there are no adjustments either. Anyone here have this problem and gotten it fixed? Any ideas? We've checked tire pressure and air filter. No computer error codes are present and the dealer did a full diagnostic test to check for errors. They are claiming it's due to gas or altitude, we're at 5,500ft. But I doubt that 7mpgs of the advertised could be due to anything other then a mechanical/technical problem since my 97 Subaru is getting around 26-30mpg. Any help would be great. You can email me at ..........Thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You can email me at ...

    That kind of defeats the purpose of a message board and would deprive the rest of us of useful information. Stick around!

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  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Has anything changed about your driving habits, or who is at the wheel? I'd be interested to know why your milage is so off. Am considering buying an 04 and lousy gas milage is a turn-off.

    Has anyone else on this board who owns an Outlander experienced similar poor gas milage?

  • I've had my 2wd XLS Outlander for about 8 months now and average between 20 and 22 MPG. This is in mixed driving. I think you can expect a little less with the AWD but 16-18 does sound a little low.
  • The car has been driven the same, by the same people, since day one. My wife and I drive it and 90% or more is highway driving. Rated for the AWD is 25mpg, we're off by around 7mpg. Usually the rating is lower then what you actually get on the highway, at least with my previous vehicles. Maybe Mitsu is using the marketing system of measurement instead of reality?
  • rnn59rnn59 Posts: 8
    In regard to the poor gas milage that is reported on this board, I find that I am averaging between 22 to 24 miles per gallon with my 2003 AWD Outlander. So far, knock on wood the car has been great. It has been completely trouble free. I have about 5,000 miles on it. If I had to do it over again, I would certainly buy the same car again. On another note,I find that the AWD has been very helpfull navigating through the snow we have had here in Mass. during this past Christmas holiday.
  • rnn59rnn59 Posts: 8
    So far in Massachusetts we have had this past winter two (2) bad snowstorms (12 in +). My AWD Outlander has performed extremely well. I have a steep driveway and was able to get the car in the garage without any problems.

    On another topic, this past weekend a Viper 160XV deluxe remote car starter was installed. So far so good. No problems encountered.
  • Got a chance to test drive the Forester, CR-V and Outlander 03 and 04 on last Saturday. Outland definitely rode slightly better than CR-V and Forester. Outland 04 can go faster than CR-V. Forester definitely has more power. I was quite impressed by the Outlander until I looked into Mitsubishi pricing structure. To get ABS, I must upgrade to the more expensive model and get a whole bunch of other add-ons that I don't really want. This would be around $3,500 more.This added expenses put it in the same price range of the CR-V.
    Without the add-ons, the base Outlander would be selling around $15,500-$16,000. Some dealer might even give another $1,000 for current Mitsubishi owner as loyalty rebate.
  • chrisbothchrisboth Posts: 493
    We just got ours and put 275 miles on her. We filled her up new and drove 200 miles before the thing was almost on E. Thats sucky - not sure but I estimate about 17 in around town driving not beating on it. You do have to wind it to get it to move and the AWD xls should be a little heavier and harder on gas with this drivetrain but wow...hope it gets better.

    The #1 issue would be lack of torque and the new motor in the 04 is prob using more gas to make up for it with higher end HP. Great car but its a good thing we dont go far.
  • I probably should not jump in on the mileage thread just yet but I have a hint of how things might go and I'm not disappointed....Yet. Bought a new Outlander a couple of weeks ago...'04 LS AWD with the appearance package. Was not really ready to buy but the thing was just too cheap to pass up. Especially with the 10yrs on the PT. Anyway when I picked it up the tank was full...I figured a "dealer fill" which is always shy..LOL!..Drove it 75 mi home and put it in the garage and forgot about it. When I saw all the bad mileage comments I got concerned and went out to see how much gas I had used on the drive home. For what its worth (maybe nothing) the needle is still on the full mark. So far this is just like my old Expo. Comes off the full at 100mi. The Expo gets about 210mi at the 1/2 and averages out about 27-28MPG in mainly country highway driving. I think a big thing is tire pressure? I always run 36PSI. I checked the Outlander and it had 35PSI from the factory/dealer. Also I watch the tach. Keep it under 2500RPM and use the cruise...I would almost bet I can best the Gov't number of 26MPG by 1MPG. I won't know until Spring though cause it will sit in the garage until Winter departs. I test drove a Forester too but it just did not feel as solid as the OL. Power felt about the same. OL was a better buy @ $1000 less OTD..Plus it had auto (+-?) and a MUCH better warranty. In the meantime the Expo lives on!
  • chrisbothchrisboth Posts: 493
    "Also I watch the tach. Keep it under 2500RPM"

    Thats the issue right there...the thing is not very powerful anywhere but over 4k. Not many places in the burbs even allow the luxury of 30 seconds to get to speed. I think a v-6 is what the dr ordered - the 240 hp one they use in japan please. In the meanwhile, all else is fine so not to worry. Break in milage is the worst usually - hoping that those experiencing worse mileage after break in are an anomoly.
  • I talked to the dealer who contacted a district Mgr who also drives an 03 Outlndr. He's getting about 22hwy and 15cty. Apparently it seems nobody at Mitsubishi is concerned that their advertising 20/26 and almost nobody is getting that. If they can't remedy my 17mpg on the hwy issue then I don't think I have much choice but to seek a lawyer? Anyone know what happens when a manufacturer says one mileage and nobody gets that? I have 20k on my 03, almost 90% hwy mileage and 95% cruise control on during that time. Regular oil changes and all that stuff too. I guess this could be a class action type suite if enough owners have the same problems.
  • I guess the thing that I would want to ascertain is the author of the figures.....I could be wrong but I think those mileage numbers are generated/compiled by the US Department of Energy not the manufacturers??
  • to a SUV pig on gas? My VW TDI is getting 45-50. It will be a sad day I tell you...
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Get a GMC Envoy XUV or something if this little 4 banger cannot muster better then the teens in MPG around town. At least you can expect gas milage like that in a V6 or V8 SUV and have something more substantial around you with much more utility to boot.

    I'd like to see Toyota put their hybid technology to work in an SUV. Saw the Prius (sp?) at the San Jose auto show. Thing gets 50 highway, 60 city! Amazing technology.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Toyota is doing a hybrid engine in the Highlander for 2005. The Lexus RS is suppose to get it this year. And rumors are that the New Tundra will have one offered in 2006-07.
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