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Mitsubishi Outlander



  • althai2000althai2000 Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2004 OutLander LS. I love it. I have one problem. I have about 500 miles on it. I've noticed steering pull to right side. You must keep your hand on steering at all time. I filed a complaint as #118. I will take it to the dealer soon.

    For those who trying to buy this car, please make sure to have a long test drive.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I am friends with the local Mitsu dealer shop foreman. He told me the 03 Outlander did have some problems with steering drift. He mentioned there is a long procedure of checking things in order to fix the drift so I would think the dealer is being truthful to you, beagledog. It might need to stay there all day if they end up having to try several things to fix the problem. Your car may need just a simple wheel alignment or cross rotation of the front tires. I would give them a chance to fix it before worrying about having a lemon. Good luck! I think the Outlander is the nicest small SUV out there.
  • beagledogbeagledog Posts: 2
    I appreciate the information Tonge! I will definitely take it into the dealer now!
  • pcs15394pcs15394 Posts: 27
    My 03 Outlander also drifts to the left and you definitely cannot relax your grip while driving it. My wife complains that the steering is very loose and sensitive. I agree with her and am planning on taking to the dealer. Steering was always very sensitive but not quite as "loose" as it currently is.
  • I got Outlander04 that having abot 900 miles. My car was pulling to the left side of the road. Mitsu tech. balanced all wheels and did alignment this week. He did adjust the steering also. According to alignment report, it was off spec.

    It is now running a lot better.

    For those who has Outlander, you may need to check if your car is pulling to the left.

    Good luck to you all. Thank you for this dicussion group, it really helps me out
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    S&P downgrades Mitsubishi (The Australian)

    "The agency downgraded Japan's Mitsubishi Motors despite its announcement of additional cost-cutting plans, saying the latest series of vehicle defects called into question the company's viability."

    Steve, Host
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Has anyone investigated the availibility of an after market K&N cone filter type kit for this vehicle? I have replaced the stock airbox on two of my vehicles and it makes a remarkable different in throttle response and low end punch. Its like running a mile trying to breath through a drinking straw, and then suddenly breathing normally.

    Might help with fuel economy also, because you get more performance with less throttle play.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Guess not Jjpeter - try the K&N Air Filters, bolt-on power? discussion.

    In the news, Mitsubishi boss says automaker must reconnect with U.S. consumers (Detroit Free Press)

    Steve, Host
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Steve - thanks for the article. No incentives, fewer models and fleet sales, aging and already outdated lineup and they expect to return to profitability next year based on the increased sales volume? Selling what and to whom exactly?

    I'm waiting for the usual mega rebates to kick in at the end of the year though it might be too late to lift the sales.
  • You can now get instantanious and trip gas milage easily and relatively cheap at that. Two of us were checking out a 2000 Kia Sportage with 100,000 miles I am considering buying. We hooked up a Scanguage to the OBD port. It reads out, among other functions, RPM, MPG, MPH and percent load.The 2L engine with Mt under ideal road conditions showed 60mph=39mpg,70mph=36mpg,75mph=34mpg,and 80mph=31mpg. Several observations were averaged to get the mpg figure. Anyway the point being that speed cost in mpg. The guage really shows cost of what seems to be small inputs to the throttle. I highly recommend this relativly inexpensive electronic gadget. See it at . I need to replace a 78 Dodge Slant 6 van with nearly 300,000 or 400,000 miles on it.The Kia Sportage needs about $1,400.00 worth of parts, tires and labor. If I go new it comes to a decision between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Mitsubishi Outlander simply because they have the better EPA milage ratings. I purchasing a SUV simply for the comfort of the seating position as I am 66 years old and have some arthritis. My only reservation on the Outlander is its lack of a manual transmission. Are they good for 200,000 miles given proper care? How expensive are repairs to it? Are the brake problems reported due to lack of engine compression braking caused by AT upshifting at worst possible moment? Can an old MT guy learn to live with this AT? I would like to hear from dedicated manual gear shifters on how well they like this AT. As it stands now I will most likly get the Santa Fe simply because of the 5 speed trans.Thanks for any and all comments. This is a very informative site.
  • Too bad you are looking for used as the 05 Outlander is scheduled to have a 5spd stick option.

    I purchased an 04 Outlander for my wife who uses it in auto mode only. When I drive it in the city I use the shift mode & it is very effective in slowing the vehicle instead of using the brakes. Wish I could give a better long term review but we only have a little over 4000 miles on it so far.

    So with all the neat features on it what does my wife like most? The styling, natch.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The new outlanders will have a 5 speed manual tranny.
  • I now have about 8000 miles on my outlander and it is my first vehicle with an auto. I will always prefer a stick but I am forced to drive an auto since the wife refuses to drive a stick.
    Having the manual-mode is great in the outlander, giving some thrill of a manual, I mostly us it to hold a lower gear when climbing hills or to scrub off speed. I don’t think it improves acceleration much but does give you more control.
    I have had this vehicle since February and have had no problems and last week was amazed when I got 29mpg on a road trip.
  • I drove a 2004 fwd Outlander for about 20 miles today. Did manage to get it up to 50mph on one Boulovard in Tucson. I was most impressed, I will not be able to eliminate the Outlander simply because of the AT.The manual shift mode was really helpfull on a down hill run towards a stop light. I was able to just ease of the gas in 3rd and scrub off enough speed to reach the stop light just after it had changed to green and get back up the speed limit all without touching the brake while keeping rpms in the comfort range.So quiet, so comfortable, so cool in the 100 degree heat, and so responsive in comparison to my 78 Dodge slant 6 van. But then a Yugo would be an upgrade compared to the van. Thanks for the feed back from you MT fanatics. I remember Tom McKahill(?SP) comparing acceleration in a 1948 Buick straight 8 DynaFlow to pushing your foot into a bucket of molasses.Anyway I am getting internet quotes on the Hyundai Santa Fe and Outlander for 2004 end of year stock, base models with no options. I have not driven the Santa Fe yet but at this point I think I would pay up to $800.00 more the Outlander.
  • I have a 2003 AWD with 14500 mi. I average 27-29mpg on trips, and 23-26 going to work on a mix of back roads and city roads (24 mi one way). I asked my service guy about the "tinny sound" the exhaust makes under accelleration. He tells me it is due to an exhaust valve located within the muffler. Anyway, no problems at all with the car yet.
  • For what its worth here are a few thoughts on my "04 Outlander LS AWD. I got the critter at the end of December '03 and parked it until the Winter departed. Since March I have accumulated 7000 miles and it seems like it is broken in. It is a touch smoother than the day I drove it home but no drastic changes. I was looking for a cheap, tough AWD and it was between this and the Forester. The Mitsu had the Forester in price and I feared the Subie flat engine. I used to have VW's and those boxers are difficult to work on. I did like the Forester though. The Outlander also seemed a tad more heavy duty than the Forester. Since I started driving it at the end of March the Outlander has surprised me in a few ways that are positive but it’s not perfect. First the fuel mileage. I drive in rural Western Pa and the thing always seems to average 27.5mpg. I am scientific about the measuring too. Same pump, on the level, approximately the same temperature and I fill until the gas lays in the filler pipe. It has cracked 28 a couple of times but that is rare. I do keep the tires at 36psi and follow the speed limit. This keeps the tach between 2 and 2500 which no doubt helps. Another thing I like is that it uses absolutely no oil. I've had two other Mitsu’s and they would use a pint+ in 2000 miles.
    The Outlander goes down the road well too. I've come to associate a very subtle torque feel with AWD and the Outlander is the most neutral AWD I've ever driven. But then I'm used to lower end AWD....Not BMW class. The brakes are good but I would not say outstanding. I think I detect some fluctuation in pedal position from time to time. It always stops straight and true though with little pedal pressure. I will bleed the lines at some point though just to be sure. The interior materials are on the same level as my other Mitsu products which were durable and that is good enough for me. I would classify them as not the worst and not the best.
    This is my second vehicle with an automatic in 40+ years of driving. It seems to work just fine but I wish it was a stick. The + - thing is kind of amusing to me. Come on..its still not a stick! The paint is nice but they did not do a good job when they cleared the jambs for the trunk lid . It looks grainy and could/should have been done right.
    Now we come to the engine...MIVEC? Kind of a big name for a system that only actuates the intakes? It is still basically the old 2.4 in many ways though. Iron block, caged main caps but a lot of subtle differences. Hopefully it has the reliability of my older 2.4's which were bullet proof. It starts and runs perfectly but I do have one MAJOR complaint. When it is at idle, it makes this annoying rolling noise that I can't pin down. It seems to come from the front (accessory drive) end of the engine. Sounds like boiling water bordering on a tinny rattle? It seems to go away as soon as comes off idle and it has not changed since I first noticed it. I wish I knew what it was and how to make it go away. The dealer says they all sound like that? Anybody else with a 2.4 MIVEC hear anything pesky at idle? Other than that the engine seems fine. It does have mechanical lifters which are adjustable. However, Mitsu makes no mention of maintenance adjustments and I wonder about that. I have never seen mechanical lifters that did not require attention at some point. All in all a good ride for the money. It was $18300 plus tax and did have the appearance package. IMHO, that’s fairly cheap for what you get. Would I do it again? Yes, if I felt confident enough in Mitsu being around for the life of the warranty. At the moment they seem a bit iffy but I think it would huge loss of cultural face if they fail. I believe they will do everything possible to prevent that. Mitsu Heavy is a part of Japanese history and such a loss would hopefully be intolerable.
    Yeah, what the Hell, I do like the old Outlander....If it doesn't kick my butt there will be a bond.
  • I went into a Tucson Mitsubishi to pay cash for a Outlander. I did have an internet quote on a Hyundai Santa Fe and was willing to pay $800.00 more for Outlander. We could not work a deal as the highest I would go was $18,330.00 and their price was some $1,500.00 more, or as I rationalized it, almost a years supply of gas.Thanks to those of you who helped in process of my decision making. This is a very good informative site not filled with whiners and seemingly purposly illinformed complainers so common elsewhere. I'll wave as you pass.
  • I bought a 04 outlander xls and have noticed an annoying high pitched whistle coming from the engine on acceleration, especially at 80 kph. It only occurs when i have my foot on the accelerator. When I release my foot the noise stops. Does anybody else have this problem as the dealer couldn't fault it, but it driving my wife and i crazy. it's the only problem with the car, but we have to turn the stereo up to drown it out & have considered selling the car if we can't fix it.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    There is a TSB out for the '03 Outlander (I didn't check for the '04), that mentions a weird noise during acceleration. The TSB # is 03-15-002. It might be worth asking your service advisor about this.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    It looks like there are some minor changes for 2005. New headlights, taillights, and colors. Nothing major, but enough for the astute Mitsu fan to notice it's a new one. There's an optional manual tranny for the LS. There's a new Limited model, basically an XLS with all the fixin's. Also 17" wheels, where my 2004 only came with 16's. I don't know that it needs bigger wheels, all the reviews praised the ride and handling, but they do look a little flashier. Anything else new for 2005? I believe the engine and everything is unchanged from 2004. Anybody bought one yet?


    Also, I got a crack in my windshield and the glass shop says they can only order a replacement through Mitsubishi. I hope that doesn't make it much more expensive. I'm enjoying the "free" scheduled maintenance, but otherwise my dealer's service has been less than impresive, so I'll let everyone know how it goes with this windshield issue.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I just had my Windshield replaced on my "04 Galant and as far as i know, no car companies actuallly make there own glass? my damaged windshield did have the Mitsu diamond logo on it, and my new one does not, instead it says 'PPG', other than that you cant tell the difference,,dont know about $ cost, I let my Ins company take care of it..I learned that Comp claims are not chargeable items because they have no indication of drivers fault or skill (or lack of) so it should have no bearing on rates, But you can never seem to get a straight answer from ins agents anyways..Later Sean
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Well, the glass company I spoke to (Binswanger Glass) apparently didn't know what they were talking about, or doesn't have a very good supplier. The dealer said they had never been told that they had to order new glass. So I called Safelite Auto Glass and they had the windshield in stock and installed (at my house) the next day. $223 plus tax. I don't have glass coverage, it would have just fallen under my $500 deductible, so I didn't involve the insurance company. Guess it could have been worse.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    would have cost me over $400 out of pocket

    I thinkon my car new moldings are required any time the window is removed, and that had to be oredered thru Mitsubishi directly which was probably $100 or so for the moldings alone..My lesson and advice is to get the windshield fixed before it comes unrepairable..I could have I just waited to long Sean
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "The U.S. will also get a new Eclipse Spyder in that time frame and a replacement Outlander SUV, a concept of which was shown last week."


    Mitsubishi Announces Future U.S. Product Plans (Inside Line)


    Steve, Host
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Looks like it wants to be a Nissan. I guess I'm biased, but I think the current Outlander is the most interesting design in the category. Some say it looks weird, i.e., the front end, but it has nice proportions, expensive looking details like the headlights and taillights (mine's been mistaked for a Lexus RX more than once). I don't think the design is what lost sales, I have never seen decent marketing for the Outlander. Sure "excellent" cars sell themselves on the merits, but a lot of the perception begins with good solid advertising.


    In fact, I've been scratching my head for a year wondering why more people don't buy them. Anyone else wonder why Outies are so under-appreciated? The ONLY complaint I ever read from professional reviewers was lack of power (2003 model, and that was addressed for 2004 with 20 hp increase). Positives were the design and quality, automanual transmission, ride and handling, and now the amazing warranty. I honestly believe more Honda, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, and Subaru people would choose the Outlander if they had a test drive. Jeep, too. It's a different category than Jeep as it's not a "real" off-roader, but 99% of those chicks in Liberties (and they are almost all women around here) ever go off road anyway. The "crossover" type really is more suited to the vast majority of buyers who ought to appreciate great handling and fuel economy.


    I guess we'll just have to enjoy being unique.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    ...a high price, Mitsu's terrible reputation, small vehicle selection, and (almost) no dealer coverage?


    I think there are more Isuzu dealers now than Mitsubishi's in my area (btw, I have both)
  • did anyone installed cross bars on the massive roof rack rails?

    This will make this thing usable for skies and snowboards.

    I did not see any cross bars on Outlanders roof racks. Waste of money and aluminum for an useless trim.

    Thanks for any input,

  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I have a set of Yakima mounts and cross-bars for mine. I actually ordered them through my Mitsubishi dealer. They were the same cost through my Mitsubishi dealer that they were going directly through Yakima. I was charged for 4 mounts, 2 cross bars, and a set of 4 lock cores for the mounts. I don't recall exactly what the total was, but the system works great with the existing roof rails. You can go to Yakima's web site, or call your dealer for more information.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I personally really like the Outlander. It's sportier looking then the CRV (along with a classier looking interior), roomier then the RAV4 and Liberty, and a better value then all of these considering the long warranty and constant rebates. The only one that gives it a run for the money is the new Tucson, but I think the Outlander has a much more responsive automatic then that car and the four cylinder is much more powerful. The Outlander is very underappreciated for its great combo of spunky performance, good fuel economy, classy and roomy interior, comfortable ride, good handling, and reliability. The only complaint I have with it is Mitsu's odd restriction of safety features in the 05 model to the Limited model. If you don't want leather and AWD, you can't get ABS or side airbags. ABS should be standard on the XLS and optional on the LS and side airbags should be an option throughout all the models. The dealers also seem to carry very few Outlanders, making finding the one you want very difficult.


    If it wasn't for the lack of availability, I would probably be driving an XLS front drive model right now. Instead, I bought the Outlander's sportier and slightly less practical sister, an 04 Lancer Sportback Ralliart. Same engine, better handling, slightly better fuel economy, almost the same amount of cargo room, cheaper price, not as stylish and upscale on the outside although the tailights remind of a Volvo, and standard ABS and side airbags. This car was another one that was seriously underappreciated. Mitsu decided to kill it after only one year of sales :(
  • Thank you for the tip.

    I am planning to buy a used 2004 XLS, but I need a complete roof rack for the winter sports gears.

    Did not see any OUTL on the roads having cross bars on the roof rack, and this was the only inconvenient I had about this car. Otherwise it perfectly fits my needs.

    I will look for the Yakima's.

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