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Mitsubishi Outlander



  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I have a 2004 2wd. I have noticed exactly the same thing. Other cars I have owned tend to just coast along when you release the accelerator, like when you are in neutral with a manual transmission. But the Outlander "drags" as you have described. As if it had dropped out of overdrive, although there is no overdrive on this transmission. Maybe that's the reason, no overdrive so the engine revs higher when you're on the gas and quickly drops RPMs when you let off the gas. That is the only thing I would change about the Outlander, is the addition of an overdrive gear for better highway fuel economy. But I do ejoy the manumatic transmission, perhaps those are incompatible, so if I had to choose one or the other I suppose I would leave it as is.
  • brbrsksbrbrsks Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies to my questions about the AWD transmission. So ,charley9, do you mean to say that my transmission might act differently if I unhook the battery for a little while and then reconnect it? Is there any reason why I might not want to disconnect the battery? My Outlander was driven for about 200 miles before I bought it and I think the dealer was driving it Very aggressively, at least he did during my first drive with him in it. Anyway, not to change the subject, but I would like to put a cargo carrier on the Outlander. what's the least expensive, and yet sturdy option for me? All suggestions welcome.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    All outlanders, any automatic in the last many years has overdrive, if you notice how many shifts it makes untill overdrive, as My 2004 Galant has this drag to, and has always, Im sure this is normal, but before it does this i know it is in overdrive by the upshifts. Maybe it is an emisssions thing also, since it effects RPM's, It feels like brake assist built into the transmission? Maybe Mitsubishi pioneered this! Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    since i put quite a few miles on my Galant 2.4 mivec, when it hit about 10K miles I had Jiffy lube pull
    the transmission fluid plug and get about 4qts of fresh fluid in, there is a nice size magnet built in the end of the plug,it had quite a bit of dirty fluid on it, though it looked clean on the dipstick, so about 8K miles later I had them do it again, and the magnet was clean as a whistle, I think the tranny "breaking in" like the engine does leave normal sediment in the tranny fluid, Thre really is no Transmission service outlined in the manual on '04 Galant untill 100K, but the magnet did pick up enough to where i did not want it in there for 80K longer, maybe im paranoid, but I seem to have a history of tranny failure on my past vehicles. I am sure the outlander has a simple drain plug on it also, clean fluid will keep the tranny cooler and longer lasting. Do not put any kind of dexron fluid in it, Either Genuine Mitsu Diamond spIII, Or ATF+3 which is approved for Chryler,mitsu,hyndai. Just my 2cents..Sean
  • mmendozammendoza Posts: 1
    My outlander has the two thick bars running along the length of the car....are these functional as is or do I need to purchase additional equipment to be able to carry luggage on top of the car? Is it ok to place a bag or two on top of the roof directly an d strap them to those two bars? Thanks in advance.

  • brbrsksbrbrsks Posts: 3
    It's my understanding that the bars running the length of the Outlander are not enough in themselves to carry anything on the roof. It is not a good idea at all to carry anything on the roof without some kind of "crossmembers" that would lift whatever you are carrying up off the actual roof surface. I know that there are a few different companies that make kits to install cross bars, but I don't know which would be the best and yet reasonably priced. I am hoping that someone reading this will be able to help us out. Sears has a 20cf luggage roof carrier for $164 that does not include any cross bars , but it seems like a decent price for the carrier itself.Thanks.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    Yakima makes the oem kit for Mitsu. You need the late model Lowrider towers and the crossbars. They can be found for about $165 new if you work at it. Better to watch eBay with patience and get some with low hours. Much cheaper! Personally I would be uncomfortable using the rails without some crossbars. I would fear denting the roof. That would be unpleasant!
  • kavanaghkavanagh Posts: 6
    I was looking through the owners handbook and it shows a storage compartment that sits on top of the spare tyre. My xls was built in august 04 and has a full size steel spare but no storage except for the compartments on each side of the spare. I remember looking at other outlanders in the showroom and they didn't have it either. Does anybody else have the storage compartments?Is it only fitted with a space saver wheel?
    Also, my passenger seat has a storage pocket on the back but the drivers seat doesn't, is this right 'cause I thought the zf model was supposed to have map pockets for both seats.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Mine ('04 XLS) has a very shallow storage area when you lift up the rear floor. It's not deep enough to hold grocery bags and stuff, but I can keep plenty of smaller stuff in there (a folded tarp, mini air compressor, bungee cords, towel, flares, etc). Under that is the spare, which I believe is full sized. Also I have just the one map pocket.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    My LS has the storage but does not have the full sized spare. Maybe the full size is one of the XLS perks?
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    has the storage, but a space saver spare as well. I am currently at 23K miles. The only problems to date have been the TSB for the noisy exhaust system (which I mentioned in an earlier post), and when I recently went in for an oil change (my dealer does $12 oil changes), the service advisor said he didn't like the way the CV boot fit around the CV joint, so he replaced it as a warranty item. It wasn't torn or anything, he just said he didn't like the way it looked. The service department at my dealer has been outstanding so far.
  • xe2acxe2ac Posts: 1

    I wonder if anyone has replaced his stock
    halogen H1 low light with HID units?

    My '05 model has daylight driving lights
    using the same low beams (probably using a lower voltage on this mode).

    My concern is if I go and replace the halogen bulbs with the HID system, the ballasts may have problems when fed by the low voltage mode.

    I appreciate any feedback
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    If you make the change and there is a problem at some point I would not count on any warranty coverage on issues related to the change..........?
  • mizzou1mizzou1 Posts: 2
    I am considering purchasing a 2003 Outlander. The vehicle has an emblem that says V6/24 Valve along with a Ralliart emblem on the rear door. Everything I have read goes on and on about the 4 cylinder engine. Any idea about the origins and particulars of this model?
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    Wow! If whats under the hood matches the badges I would buy it! It must be a non-US model cause I think(?) all the US models were 4 cylinder engines. Ralliart to boot? Buy it!!
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Pop the hood and see for yourself, but I am willing to bet someone put those emblems on just to look cool. I would worry about the driving habits of some little poser who puts fake Ralliart emblems on his car... The car has probably been abused.
  • mizzou1mizzou1 Posts: 2
    Hightower- You called that one. I went back to the dealership to close the deal and popped the hood for one last look. Upon closer review I discovered that it was a 16 valve/4 cylinder engine. There was a data sheet in the glove box from a previous dealer that had the accurate info. The dealer pleaded ignorance and claimed they were duped. We walked due to trust issues. I had forgotten how slimy people can be. Thanks again!
  • travelgurutravelguru Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a site I can go to for external accessories for an Outlander? Besides going through the dealership. :D
  • bricknordbricknord Posts: 85
    Anyone drive an Outlander with a stick shift? Noticed that my dealer has a couple. Finally! Was ready to cross Mitsu off my shopping list ( would buy Lancer ES but no ABS, wanted a Sportback but no stick ). I guess I could live with the fact that although I would happily pay for ABS as a standalone option, Mitsu has decided I don't need it on an Outlander. Anyway, maybe I can suck it up and get one without ABS. Opinions on the manual? Incentives seem light on the Outlander to me as well. May just wait and see if 06 brings wider ABS availability and/or incentives end of 05 year. Insight on any of these topics appreciated! Thanks Matt
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I've never driven an Outlander with a manual. Too bad they only offer it on LS, but not XLS or Limited. Let us know how you like it after test driving.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    Alas....Mitsu....I have driven their products since the late 80's and they have been bulletproof . I have an Outlander now and God I wish it was a stick!!! It drives nice good MPG...Good overall but not 80's Mitsu quality. I suspect a lot of outsourcing is going on. Maybe they need to be more Japanese at this point? The next option I see for myself is this upcoming Dodge Caliber. Mitsu Lancer platform, Mitsu 2.4...hopefully stick and AWD. Very similiar to Outlander but with a local dealer!! God yes! LOCAL DEALER!.....Check out the Caliber and post your thoughts on how it might compare.... I'm looking for excuses to stray from the fold......
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Well, you can walk to your local dodge dealer maybe, but I guarantee they won't give you the warranty that Mitsu now has. Of course, you will get that newly discovered,ummm...famous daimler quality.

    My wife has an 04 Outlander & would shoot me if I tried to take it away. You know you can get a stick now, right?

    6 cyl. 7 seat option coming for 07 also.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    I know.....Mine is an '04. I was kicking myself for days when the '05 manual was announced. I talked to the Mitsu place about a trade and it just was not a good move frinancially. I like my Outlander but it is not the car my old Expo is. Interior material quality is not as good. Engine is noiser. Mitsu has replaced the timing case components and the oil pump which helped. The excessive piston clearance is a problem that I would rather not have them get into....I agree about the warranty but wonder how long it will be before I have to drive several hours to find a dealer. Mitsu places seem to be subsistence shops surviving on used car sales. Worrisome at best. I figure that little Dodge will be good enough to satiate my Mitsu obsession without worrying about finding a dealer that is not over a 100 mile drive...I feel bad about Mitsu. They have built some amazing machines.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Even a 5-speed auto or an overdrive gear would be helpful for fuel economy. Someone said before that the 4-speed auto has overdrive, but I don't think that is true. You cannot feel another shift or see the rpms drop. And when you slide over from D to "sportshift", the thing is in gear 4. Maybe 4th IS the OD? I'd like another top gear though, if it would rev a few hundred lower on the freeway I'd be doing better mpg. 26-27 is not bad for an SUV, but we could top 30. Oh well, maybe I'm used to bigger V6 engines that rev lower, and just and need to get used to the rev-happy 4. The fuel econ rating with the 5-speed manual is only one mpg higher, so the gears are probably spaced pretty close. But EPA testing keeps the speeds lower, I bet there would be more of a difference in the real world at 70 mph plus. It is an excellent engine and transmission, responsive and fun to drive. I just think it could be improved with a lower cruising rpm.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    You are correct. There is no OD. Outlander is a straight 4 speed automatic. And the "Sportshift" thing could have been shelved as far as I'm concerned. I have played with it and fail to see a benefit unless you want told hold it in a gear and waste fuel. It still downshifts automatically in that mode. Outlander is kind of fun to drive. It goes down the road straight and is responsive. Mine gets about 27-28 on Summer gas. My driving is 99% highway. My problem with the auto is just problem. This is the second auto I've owned in 45 years of driving and my hand won't stay away from that lever! Next car will be a stick........
  • carolhcarolh Posts: 8
    People have been telling me that mitsubishi is very soft right now and they may go under. I just bought an 04 outlander last summer and this has me worried about my warranty and resale value if they go belly up (especially since I am financing this car). Has anyone else heard anything about this happening?
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    I have a nagging feeeling that "soft" does not even get close to where they are. The US operations seem to be more like a disaster. I don't think Mitsu Motors will go under but the US branch is a real question. There were denied rumors about MM looking for a buyer for the US operations. The rapid denial makes me think it is true. I would almost bet Daimler Chrysler will end up with it if it goes. DC is heavily into Mitsu for platforms and engines so when it is just about to tumble they might well buy it cheap. Might be a good deal for them? Might be a good thing for us? Personally I don't worry much about the warranty. I would be surprised if Mitsu does not have some insurance company backing the paper and one would hope we would get some after market policy if they sell out. I would think the lawsuits would be such that it might be cheaper for them to pony up rather than fight......But who knows??
  • carolhcarolh Posts: 8
    I am debating on whether I should dump my new 04 oulander and take a hit now
    or wait it out? I am afraid that if I do not sell and take a $3000 loss now, that in a year from now that $3000 will be $10,000 due to the company going under. Due you think that they will close up shop this year? Where are you getting your info
    from because I have been looking on-line and have come up dry.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    I have no special sources or info. I have been following the published stories on Mitsu closely since the mess started to surface and the picture at least to me is regrettably bleak...Sites like Autoweek, Car Connection and the Detroit Free Press usually have all the press on car company fiascos. The press on Mitsu over the past year certainly paints a depressing picture of the US operations. They do seem to do better in Europe and some of the other overseas markets. Sounds like your about to panic......Be careful. Rash actions might lead to a bigger loss than staying the course.....But I could well be wrong?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You are panicking and this will only lead to bad decisions and huge losses of money. To sell your car simply because you are worried about a company's future is silly. Your car isn't a stock. You would lose more money trying to sell it as a 1 year old car then you would as a 3 year old orphan car. Mitsu resale has always been bad so it can't go much lower.

    Mitsu is under a lot of stress now, there is no denying that. However, they do have plans in motion to rebuild and restructure. There is no guarantee it will work but their sales are starting to improve and they still are selling over 120,000 cars a year, which is quite respectable. Keep this in mind: It took Daewoo 5 years to go bankrupt and pull out of the US market and that was an unknown Korean automaker that never sold over 60,000 cars a year. Mitsu is an established automaker that has been selling here for years. They have made some bad decisions when it comes to their financing branch but I'm confident they can pull out of it. It will take them a few years to get back on their feet though. The answer to your main question is: No, Mitsu will not be closing down this year and there is a very good chance it won't happen for the next 2 years if it even happens at all.
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