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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • I just bought a 1998 S-10 stepside 4.3 liter vortec. It only had 9,800 mi.
    I though i stold it from them.
    Been driven it to work about 5 weeks now.
    3rd door started sweeking right away though no big deal striker plate adjustment, bin working on cars all my life, finally gave up on door more serious noise coming from driver side fire wall,
    thumping over pot holes. Maybe bad shock? took it to get Inspected after I got my registration
    failed for rear brakes not working, self adjusters not working. My son noticed big spaces at the sides of the head lites could fit your hand in it
    adjusters so far out lite beams actually crossed each other on the road. I cant believe a truck 10k
    has this many problems O Yea I looked at the Vin# and its from LA. did I mention I Live In NJ.
  • I have had since new a 95 gmc snoma. 4x4 extended cab with base 4.3l and a5 speed. my son has a 95 ranger that is almost identically equipped. both have 85-90k miles on them. we both agree that the ranger has been the more reliable vehicle.. i have rplaced alternator, brakes, back up light switch, 4x4 indicator switch and the complete distributor assembly. the ranger has had no problems at all. On the other hand, we also agree that the sonoma is the much more powerful and nicer riding vehicle. the s10/sonoma and tow the ranger in case you have problems.
  • danghtdanght Posts: 3
    Hi all. I have a question I hope someone may have some insight into. I've got a '98 S10 LS Ext Cab (5 spd 4 cyl. 4x2) that doesn't stop worth anything in rain or any inclement weather. I've already got into one accident b/c the truck slid right into the vehicle in front of me and I'm trying to avoid a repeat of this scenario.

    Is there anything I can do to make this thing stop? The brakes "pulsate" (ABS feature?) but lurch the vehicle forward regardless of whether I pump them or stomp them. Can anyone suggest anything I can do to stop this sliding madness? My wife is threatening to make me trade in my "toy" truck if I get in one more accident, regardless of fault.


    BTW, I have stock everything right down to the Tiger Paws tires. Thanks again!
  • donw3donw3 Posts: 6
    Unless I miss my guess, the problem you have is not with the ABS brakes, but with those really crappy Tiger Paw tires. Those things are terrible. ABS can only stop you as well as the tires will grip. In wet conditions, the ABS system keeps the tires from locking up by rapidly pumping the brakes when it senses a lockup situation. If the tires gripped better there would be no lockup situation and ABS would not be activated.

    My '99 S10 is a 4x4 short bed regular cab and it came with Goodyear Wranglers, which seem to be pretty good. My advice is to toss the Tiger Paws and get some better tires with good wet traction ratings.

    Don Williams
  • wtdwtd Posts: 96
    In jan. of 93 I bought a new S-10 4x4 reg cab w/4.3L/auto. I was pretty happy with it, accept for the rough idle, untill about 20,000 when it started using about a quart every 2,000 miles. I was using synthetic oil at this time. at 21,000 I had a tranny recall done on the 4L60E and thats when my tranny problems started. Sluggish and delayed shifting. Dealer said nothing was wrong. At 23,700 drivers window gear stripped out. At 28,800 rear main seal replaced along with cracked belt tensioner. At 31,600 had valve seals replaced because of blue smoke on startup. At 40,100 had tranny replaced under warrenty because of extreme sluggishness and another rear main seal installed because of leakage. At 42,600 SES started coming on on cold driving. Check of codes said it was knock sensor circuit. Replaced knock sensor and checked all wiring and still light comes on. End up replacing computer, prom chip, engine coolant sensor, EGR valve all to no advail. At 50,400 quit using synthetic oil and used 10W-30 conventional and oil usage seemed to stop. At 54,400 I had enough and traded it in on a 98 ext-cab Z-71. I never did get the SES problem fixed and the engine was getting pretty noisy by this time. I was very dissapointed in the reliability of this truck. It was my first new car purshase and I took very good care of it. It still looked brand new in and out when I traded it in and sometimes I even miss it. It was a good looking truck.
  • I have a 99 Chevy S10 4 cyl. and a 5 speed. The transmission makes more noise than an old washing machine. The dealer said this is due to them (GM) using lighter grease. It has 5,000 miles on it, and sounds like 50,000 hard miles. When you let up on the clutch it actually clatters. I had to pad the floor just to keep the noise down. This was bought at Daugherty Chevrolet in Sacramento. I have taken it back twice already and got the "it is normal noise." Anyone else out there with the same problem? Any suggestions?
  • danghtdanght Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice, Donw3!

    I'm going to buy a set of Michelin RainForce MX4 for the truck. I hear they are the best tires for what I need because of the deep sipes (did some research on tires on the Net)especially since it rains so much here in Houston.

    Thanks again! Hope this helps dramatically!
  • donw3donw3 Posts: 6

    I describe my truck in post #101. I have 8400 miles on it. Since I drove it over the curb, I have not been back to the dealer. The truck is quiet and powerful. I hope this keeps up. My 4 speed may be a different one from yours, but it shifts smoothly and makes no loud noises. If I were you, I would take my truck to another dealer and ask them to look at it for the same problems you went to your original dealer for. That much noise cannot be right. You might also pull the fill plug yourself and check to make sure there is adequate transmission grease in it. Some of the newer vehicles do have lighter grease in them. I had a '92 Saturn SL2 and a '94 Saturn SC2 which were both 5 speeds and the owners manual specified Dexron II Mercon automatic transmission fluid for them even though they were manual transmissions. Both of those cars were quiet and trouble free in operation. My first reaction to your troubles would be to speculate that youu have some bad bearings or bushings in the transmission. This could be caused by defects from the factory or failure of the service technicians to put the proper amount of lubricant in the transmission. In either case the bushings or bearings will be sick and make a lot of noise quickly. The second problem I would consider is that you have a damaged gear cog in the transmission. However, if the transmission never jumps out of gear by itself, I don't think it is a cog. Either way, the truck is under warranty. Find a dealer who will do something about it and then reward him/her with your business from now on.
  • Have a 95 S-10 with 4cyl and have had dealer replace headgasket twice. Now the thing is leaking coolant at the same place and is in the shop again. I am wondering if anyone is having same problems or knows of an engine defect in this model. The leak is noticeable aft of the oil pan, where the exhaust pipe makes the left to right crossover to the catalytic convertor. Each time I notice a few drops of the pink fluid on the garage floor, and within a few days it gets much worse. The dealer tells me the head gasket has been modified 3 times since 1995 and still has problems. The fix action is to put a new improved gasket on. Within 10-12K miles it leaks again. To my knowledge the head has never been "planed" so I don't know if it is warped or the gasket is defective.
  • I have a 1998 S-10.
    At 95 mph the engine cuts out.
    There does not seem to be anything else wrong, so I am thinking this is the work of a on-board speed limiter (booo!). This is my first American car/truck in a long time, and needless to say I am disappointed. Especially since I had a 3 cylinder Geo Metro that could do 105. Is there an aftermarket chip that will bypass this? Or do I sit it out and wait for motorcycle season to start.
  • my lease is up on my 98 Silverdao and I'm considering downsizing to a S10 v-6 4x4 ext cab. (2 daughters in college is the reason why) After reading most of the comments in here, not so sure its a good Idea --- Does anybody out there own one of these? and if so is anyone happy with it -- y'all got me scared to death. Somebody help me out here. I have to decide in 2 days!!
    By the way I loved the Silverado-- Great truck!!
  • donw3donw3 Posts: 6

    I have a 99 S10 4x4 regular cab with a v6 and a 5 speed. It is a very basic truck. However, I am extremely happy with it. I have only put 8500 miles on it since I bought it on Septermber 1, 1999, but it has performed flawlessly so far. The only thing I have done is change the oil. If you can, avoind the Tiger Paw tires that come on some s10's. They are terrible. Mine came with Goodyear Wranglers and I am very happy with them. As for performance, the v6 pulls very hard. The only small pickup trucks on the street that might give you trouble will be the v8 powered Dodge Dakotas and they are rare. Otherwise, no other small truck and not many of the so called high performance big trucks will give you any trouble if you are competitively inclined. I've had occasion to do that only twice and it was no contest. My truck didn't even work up a sweat. I never had to tach over 4000 RPM to smoke either competitor.

    I think that what happens on this discussion board, as on many others, is that people who have problesm, (no doubt some do have them) are disproportionately represented when compared to the total population of S10 owners. That is not their fault. They are simply looking for anwers, while those who aren't having any problems are not as vocal.

    Don Williams
  • donw3--- thanks for your input -- I was wondering if anybody out there owned one that ran right -- I'll call the dealer and ask what kind of tires are on the truck--
    Thanks aagin
  • To Wldhair,

    I agree with donw3. I purchased a 2000 S-10 4x4 extended cab V6/Auto/Air/CD in late December, so I've only got about 1,500 miles on it, but haven't had any trouble so far. I've owned a 96 Chevy fullsize extended cab and a 98 Chevy fullsize Crewcab, and I like the S-10 much better than either of them! It's a whole lot faster and easier to park than the Crewcab, and gets a lot better mileage too. I've been averaging 19 mpg driving 90 miles everyday to work and back, with 3/4 of it highway miles. I didn't get the ZR2 package, so it sits taller than a 2WD S-10 but lower than the ZR2. It came with Goodyear Wrangler tires that aren't great, but are better than the Uniroyal Tigerpaws. Good luck in your decision.
  • I think that the s-10 is a great truck. I have a 96 ZR2 and I love it. I have had some minor problems with it, but it also has 80,000 miles on it. This truck will take you anywhere you want to go. And it has power to spare. I was looking at the Toyota vs. ZR2 area and they are stubborn people. My friend has a 2000 Tacoma and I wouldn't even think about trading him. I think my truck is a superior truck.
  • I ordered my new S10 LS 4x4 regular cab at the end of September and finally got it on the 20th of January. I got the truck pretty much fully loaded and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I was driving it the other day and it popped out of 4th gear. It's presently at the garage being looked at. I'm hoping that it's simply a linkage problem since it pops into neutral with the truck just sitting there not even running. I just hope this isn't an omen! The truck only has 200 miles on it. My old truck was an 85 S10 with the V6 and 4 speed manual tranny, and it was great! No major problems in 140,000 miles. Also ... I put in my vote for the Tiger Paw tires being a piece of crap as far as traction goes. I didn't realize how bad they were until I got my new S10 with the Goodyear tires on it. I thought that the poor traction was because of the light truck, but find out that the tires just sucked. One thing I can say good about them, though, is that they lasted forever! I got over 60,000 miles out of each set.
  • I own a 98 GMC Sonoma ext cab with the third door
    I have 39,000 mi on it and haven't had it 1.5 yrs
    I'm wanting to put bigger tires on it....
    It had tiger paw's on it now YUCK
    I love this truck
    It has the sport suspension on it loves the rough road...
  • Hi,

    I got my truck back from the garage and the problem with it shifting out of 4th gear was simply caused by the shifter boot. There's some sort of retainer on it that wasn't properly installed and it was causing limited shifter travel. I was very happy to hear that it wasn't something serious.

  • those tiger paws are junk I replaced mine with michelins....what a difference! I know its a light truck (2wd) with little weight in back but give me a break....the rear end would slide at the hint of rain! get some good tires like michelin-----had good luck with them. replaced mine at 5000 miles, most tire dealers will give you free rotation every 5000 miles also
  • jhg46jhg46 Posts: 2
    I've had my new S10 for just over 3 months now and have 3300 miles on it. I got rid of my '97 Dodge Ram 2WD SB 5.2 just felt too big for driving in heavy traffic in the Bay Area (and it developed too many problems, but that's another story)...guess I'm a little-truck kinda guy, at least for day-to-day driving. Sure is easy to get around in parking lots. So far, so good, with the S10 except for a few things...

    1) Those factory Tiger Paws (DOT Traction rating "B") break loose any time the streets are wet. It's very hard not to get some rear wheel spin, especially when accelerating around a right hand turn. I wonder if a Posi unit would help? I can't help but wonder when I'm going to experience some hydroplaning with those darn things. I have had other Tiger Paws on an '85 GMC S15 and an '87 S10 Blazer and have had no such trouble, but the DOT Traction rating on those tires is an "A". Guess that might be the difference. The tread patterns appear somewhat different between the "A" rated and "B" rated tires. It's hard to believe that Chevy would put such crummy tires on new trucks when they boast about how safe their vehicles are. I put Michelin RainForce on the rear of the S15 (2WD SB 2.8 Auto) and they seem to be VERY good in the rain (they're rated "A" for Traction).

    2) The second problem is an oil leak at one of the engine oil cooler lines where it connects to the oil filter adapter. I'll take it in to the dealer in a week or so...I think they should be able to fix it.

    3) My truck cuts-out at 95 mph, too, and I don't know why, either. I also thought that it might have some sort of rev or speed limiter. Anyone know about that? By the way, the little truck is mighty eager and gets to 95 mph just about as fast as that '97 Ram 5.2. In fact, I can't help but wonder if it might have beat it there!

    4) I agree that it seems more folks talk about their truck's problems here rather that the good things about their S10s. Whatever. We all need to vent. I do know that I love my ol' '85 S15, and still drive 'er once in a while even though she's getting a bit long in the tooth at 205,000 miles (yes, I had to put in a new factory 2.8 at 67,000--but since then, not a single problem other than regular maintenance). And I'm really liking the new S10--the 4.3 Auto is the way to go, especially in traffic. Good luck to all S10-ers!
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    Just bought a 2000 Extreme w/2.2 Vortec 4 banger and 5 Speed. Truck has 800 trouble free miles,
    all freeway. Limiter cuts in at 93 mph. My ole
    '95 Ranger 2.3L ext. cab with 5 sp tranny could
    do 112 mph. Any info on disabling the limiter?
    Truck gets great mileage and quite responsive
    around town for a four banger...Am happy I don't
    have to replace timing belt and 8 sparking plugs,
    2.2L is chain driven cam drive and 4 plugs...good
    for 100,000 miles not 60K as on Ranger
  • wldhair! I have owned my 1993 s-10 4wd with a 4.3 litre v-6 since it was new it has a 4L60E tranny, I have 162,476 miles on it. The only thing i have ever had to do to my truck is routine mntnce, o/2 sensor at 145,000 and replace the prom chip at 112,000 I get 20mpg local and 26mpg on the highway. I have hauled up to 2300pds in desperate times {not advised} my truck does not use a drop of oil{q/s 10-30} and approximately 1 month ago I ran a compression test on the engine and it read 125pds about 98% of the 132pds when new. I am now running FALKEN 205/75R14 tires on it, they are the best I have found for snow,ice,mud,and water.In my opinion as an ex-ford lover s-10's are the best running,and more power than th ford ranger v-6 on the road today. I am getting ready to buy a new one, but will definately keep this one for a runaround. S-10's rule!!!!!!
  • It just turned 10,000 on Sunday. TIGER PAWS are crap! I was wondering if anybody with the 4cyl manual has had poor gas mileage like mine. I would say that 85-90% of my miles are on the flattest of FLAT Illinois highways (55-65 MPH). I have kept track since mile #7. I have averaged 21.23 MPG. I took a non-stop trip to Ohio and calculated the MPG to be 23.2 (with tailgate down). The sticker said 24-29 MPH average on highways. I don't even come close. I don't punch it at lights/tolls etc. I baby the thing a bit. It is starting to drive me nuts. Is there a way to improve the MPG more? Do I have the wrong size (crappy) tires?

    Also, I can hear crackeling in the cab when it is cold. I suspect it is the insulation/plastic in the cab making the noise when it warms up.

    My biggest concern is the "noise" when shifting say from a 5th into 4th or 3rd (at low rpms) around turns/curves. I think it comes from the driveshaft/rear end u-joint. Anybody else hear it?

    Other than that, I have no complaints yet. OH wait, the FM reception is pretty lousy too. If I am 30-40 miles from the Sears Tower (where many FM's are transmitted from), the reception starts to go. Other cars can pick it up much farther than mine.

    I almost forgot about the condensation on the indside of the headlight lenses after I give it a bath.

    I think I covered all of them. I am rather satisfied with it.

    any suggestions? my email:
  • Just wantd to let everyone know that the repair cost I was quoted for this motor change is.......
    2984.00 parts
    1265.00 labor
    261.00 tax
    80.00 tow
    4590.00 TOTAL- sounds like GM is making a killing on us poor fools huh?? Keep up the defective parts GM, we love getting stabbed in the back..
  • Hi,

    I agree with "jhg46's" comment about people only writing about the bad stuff about their S10's. Here are some of the things that I love about my new truck ... with the 4.3 V6, the beast has all sorts of power. I've read some reviews about the seat position being too low. I'm 5'8" and haven't noticed any problems at all with the position. Seems very normal to me. I've also read reviews about the interior being 'cheap' looking. Again, I have the LS trim package, and I think it looks pretty nice inside. I happen to really like the automatic headlights. Haven't had to mess with the headlights since I bought the truck! With the Goodyear tires, it gets great traction ... please note that I got the limited slip diff., so that helps too, I'm sure. I -love- all the gauges and the way everything is visible and easy to reach. I've noticed that a lot of cars have a steering wheel that blocks some of the instruments, cruise control stuff and that sort of thing ... not so with the S10. I like the rotary switches for the fan and heater.
    I like the great visibility. The only problem is when you try to look straight back due to the tall seats, but even that is't a major problem. There's enough room to see around them or you can use the huge mirrors for backing up. I like the automatic volume control on the radio that increases the volume the faster the truck goes. (this feature can be disabled if you don't like it) All in all, I think it's a great little truck. So far there hasn't been a thing that I really don't like about it. A couple of things I'd like to see added as options would be the automatic dimming rear view mirror, compass, and thermometer, and a leather interior. I'm sure that some people would say that these aren't 'truck' features, but I use my truck as my every day vehicle. As a matter of fact, the only new cars I've ever owned have been trucks! (80 GMC,
    85 S10, and my new 2000 S10)

  • the $1250 rebate is extended til april, enough time to order one. love my 99 but with the rebate I might have to get a 2000. BTW had good luck with S10's my 83 had over 300,000 on it. love the 4.3's power!
  • I don't know why, but I've had very little problems with my Tiger Paws. I really don't mash the gas and have only broken the tires loose on 3-4 occasions accidentally. I have been really happy with the truck, other than the fact that the 2200 has little power. But hey, that's my fault for not getting the 4.3. It still has enough oomph to get me where I need to go. I haven't been stuck yet (knock on wood) in either snow or mud, but I know that this is no 4X4 and try to stay out of those situations. I made the mistake of leasing the truck, but when my lease is up I will probably buy a brand new S-10 4X4 with all the options I want.
  • How long is your lease?
    You must not drive very far....
    I can't lease a truck !!!
    I have a 98 GMC Sonoma that has 40,000
    on it and I haven't had it 2 years
    but when you drive around 70 mi a day
    it doesn't take long
    What kind of gas mileage are you getting??
    I getting aroung 24-26 mpg
  • Stupid me leased it for 5 years. I only HAVE to drive it about 4 miles round trip to work and back. In town I get about 22-24. I don't recommend the lease unless you intend to "throw away" the truck when you are done. You don't have anything to show for it. The only reason that I leased this one is because it would have cost me about $100 more a month to buy. Besides that, there is a 15,000 mile limit per year, and if you go over that you are paying out the nose. You would most definitely be paying out the nose driving that many miles!!

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