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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • I have catch-all floormats, they are form fitted for your truck and keep water and other junk from getting on your trucks carpet. ie it wont soak thru.
  • lmoreylmorey Posts: 1
    I'm a true blue Chevy fan that is losing his loyalty. I own a '98 S-10 6cyl with 60,000 mi that is starting to have electric problems. The left turn signal clicks way to fast and doesn't signal on the outside. My trip odometer seems to reset for no appearant reason and radio and instrument cluster flickers. The GM service rep said that his dealership has seen this several times. Anyone have ideas on a possible technical recall that could save me money since my new truck has too many highway miles to be under warrenty?

    I've had a bunch of problems with this truck:
    1) plastic pealing off air bag cover 10,000 mi
    2) leaking shock absorber 10,000 mi
    3) U-joints 30,000 mi
    4) ignition coil burn out (this one stranded me) 31,000 mi
    5) radio short out (had to be replaced) 32,000 mi
    6) leak in cooling system 32,000 mi
    7) paint on roof pealing 45,000mi
    8) U-joints seem to be bad again 60,000mi
    9) electrical system 60,000 mi

    I like this truck but it is starting to get me down.
  • gjenumgjenum Posts: 1
    lmorey, check all the bulbs in your blinker circuit. This happened to me with a Pontiac I had (fast blink on dash but nothing on outside) and all I needed to do was replace a bad bulb. Good luck
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    Hey, congrats on your new S-10! I hope you'll keep us updated with any reliability problems or other comments on your new truck. Also, how's the MPG (city/hwy) on your 4cyl automatic?

    I've got an old Ranger, I'll be trading in for a new S10 or Ranger soon...
  • I have a 98 S-10 SS, Candy Applered with the 4.3 (L35) V6. This truck rocks. When I purchased the truck (in Detroit MI) there were only 4 to choose from between Ohio and Michigan. This truck is fast. Faster than the other S-10's with the same engine. Maybe it's due to the fact of the CPI instead of the TBI. I can enter on-ramps at
    65 m.p.h. when the speed limit is 25 m.p.h. without hesitation due to the ZQ8 suspension. I have driven many ford rangers from 4 cyl to 6 cyl to homemade 8 cyl and have never driven a truck as nice as this one. I have beaten my buddies 5.9 Dakota more than once, which means he holds his head in shame.
    The only aggravating problem the dealer can't fix is the popping noise when I'm going slow in a tight turn or when turning the wheel all the way while sitting still. This has done this since the first day I drove it off the lot. Needless to say I didn't notice it when I test drove it. It was brand new.
    Has anyone else had this problem. It has been lubed and relubed and the bushings have been changed.
    Any help???
  • Wow faster than a Dodge V8! I have a 99 S10 V6 and its pretty quick, I'm very happy with it. Your best bet may be an alignment shop.
  • Purchased a LeBra Tonneau cover for my S10 ($150). I left it in the back of my truck and went with my wife to the grocery store. When I returned home about an hour later my 12 year old son (who will inherit this truck in about 5 years) had the cover assembled and on the truck. Needed no tools, no metal against metal, no problems. I also purchased a rubber bedliner ($30). It required a little trimming in both the front and back but was ready about 10 minutes after pulling it out of the box. I'm still on my first tank of gas at 285 miles so I don't have any MPG's to report. I am following the manual's suggestion of keeping the speed under 55 for the first 500 miles.
  • wright7wright7 Posts: 1
    At one time I was also a Chevy fan, until I bought a 1995 S10. In that time I replaced a wiper motor, power window motor, throttle body and fuel injectors. I was also having problems with the electrical system. I will never own another Chevy again. Next time I'll buy Japanese.
  • I've noticed recently the engine making a rattling (sounds like a diesel) in my 99 blazer 4.3L engine on acceleration. It only happens after the engine warms up, never cold. At first I thought it was the type of gas or injectors or computer was none of that.
    The dealer says GM Tech support knows the problem is coming from the camshaft counter balance, a feature new to the 1999-00 4.3L engine but GM says it does does not have a fix.
    Anyone else ever experience this or have a suggestion? It's only got 18,500 miles.
  • afeyafey Posts: 20
    Hey the wiper motor was recalled they repaired mine for free check up on a refund!!!
  • makkomakko Posts: 1
    I owned a 95 S-10 extended cab, 4 cylinder engine 5 speed manual tranny. Bought new and used to commute to work aprox 110 miles round trip per day. Flat terrain, two traffic lights and three stop signs each way. No towing or heavy loads. Changed oil every 2000 miles. After 129,000 miles I just sold it. The S-10 was the highest maintenance ridden vehicle I have ever owned in 35 years of driving. Brakes, wipers (first time under re-call second time I paid to fix), A/C (failed 3 times)radiator leak, Delco battery positive side terminal fell off resulting in the acid spilling and eating through the positive battery cable. U-joints replaced (twice), severe vibration from somewhere in drive train, bad paint on top of cab, faulty fuel gauge etc. First and last GM product for me.
  • afeyafey Posts: 20
    Makko. Your story sounds funny.
    I also have a chevy 95 like yours. I also commute 98 miles per day. I have logged about 101k miles on my truck. If what you says is true about the stop lights and all that stuff you should not be having trouble with brakes. Every vehicle eventually need new brake pads. I still have the original brake pads. I checked them last week and they are still far from the wear indicator. Your brake pads should last a long time unless you stomp on the brake hard constantly.
    As far as the battery goes. I sounds like the terminals were never scrubbed.
    As far as the suppension. How often did you grease it.
    Bad paint???? What are you talking about????
    I do believe you on the AC minus the 3 times to repair it. It sounds to me like you expected too much from you S10.
  • 4854848548 Posts: 3
    As for me, I had a 96 S-10 rear-ended 3 times, and the only service it required with 86,000 miles, were half a can of 134a freon. New pads front and back and I had the drums and rotors turned. The accidents caused my clutch to go out each time, but that was it. I changed the oil every 3000 miles or sooner if I would go over. It had a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder. Ls shortbed non-extended cab. 5 speed. The tach was nice and it took a beating. Now after it was totalled due to dealer screws up on repairs(I got to keep it for 1800 dollars, what a deal, to bad I can't afford insurance due to age, on two cars), I bought a 2000 S-10 Xtreme in october, it had the L35(4.3), LS extended cab, with three doors and 4L60e transmission and power everything. I also got the locking differnental. The Truck is nice and drives good. Only problems are wheel not centered(Dealer says due to wide wheels, but doesn't pull and some roads it is straight, wheel off to right about an inch). Also I have noticed that now it does make a poping sound when I turn the wheel hard one way or the other. I have 13000 miles on the truck will ask dealer to look into it. But happy with truck and also put in my old Pioneer deh-P85dhr and added a 6 disc premier changer to the stereo looks factory and sounds really nice. The changer was put in, next to the jack cover buy the third door, and is easy to change just by opening the third door. I velcroded to the back wall carpet and to the bottom carpet. Also added a wolf bra(Only have the hood part on for now) and clear turn signal lenses(Didn't want to change the tail lamps), and a K&N filter like the one in my 96 S-10. I did add a street scene grill insert, better than a billet insert in my opinion and truck rocks and looks great, did have to change the speakers and put pioneer premiers in. I did get a bed mat from sumit racing which is 3/8 of an inch thick, but really tuff and strong and thicker than anything else I have seen and wheel well covers for the bed, they stopped all scrapes and scratchs. Love the truck and the ride the ZQ8 suspension is really nice and the truck will smoke any ranger out there. Also love the transmission really smoth shifts, I would like them more firm, but will wait to install a transgo shift kit. I would recommend an S-10 to anyone, I love to know that I will always buy a chevy even if they aren't the best, they have never let me down. If anyone has the same problems with the steering let me know, I read one posting from someone who had the same problem. Also anyone love their Xtreme like me? Let me know, I am thinking about an exhaust kit or maybe a Whipple supercharger(To much money for about 3500$). Also I know that a hypertech programmer will remove the speed limiter on the truck is there any other way, as I don't want to speed 329+ dollars on the programmer just to use it for firmer shifts and the speed limit problem. Let me know if anyone has any questions about either truck.

  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    I got my hypertech reprogrammer for $300 including shipping, from RV performance, it actually shipped from hypertech in tennesee, I dont know what the deal is with that but there are more things you can change with it. I called a few places and the guy at RV said he'd beat anyones price and he did. You can supertune, but you need to use 93 octane, make adjustments for different tires....keep the speedo where it should be. I have a 99 reg cab V6 auto 3.42 posi and its great, I heard '01 is the last year for this body style so I might have to trade mine for a new extracab.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    I've heard that a cat back exhaust is the way to go....frees up alot of HP and a heck of a lot less than a supercharger.
  • 4854848548 Posts: 3
    You are right it does more, but I just want the transmission and speed limiter features, nothing more. How faster your regular cab? As for the body getting changed the GM proving grounds isn't far from where I live and I talked to a friend that works there and he said it was going to change soon also. I like my 2000 xtreme and I found a place that will Dyno your truck and then make custom cat back exhaust and then dyno again and guarantee a certain number of horsepower, I was going to call them up and have them look at my truck. I have the same thing you have, 3.42 gears and the posi.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    I dont know how fast my truck is but going by magazine aticles it should run mid 15's stock. I put Michelins on it and a K&N filter. I'd go with a cat back but I'm waiting on my tax return plus I'm waiting because I might trade it for a new extra cab.

    Let me know if you get the cat back done.
  • nunziopnunziop Posts: 1
    i have a 1994 s-10 most basic truck you can buy.its got 220k miles on same motor.i change oil every 3000 miles.but it needed 2 head gaskets at 100k and at 200k the wiper motor went and i didnt know it was a only problem with it is that it cant get out of its own way.i use it for construction and it has zero payload i had to put air shocks in it.but overall i think i got my moneys worth.......1-10 i give it a six
  • afeyafey Posts: 20
    I am assuming you have the 4 banger. I have one question for you since you have a lot of miles. I have 101K on my95 4 banger. Even though I have used several fuel injector cleaners, I just can not get it to stop knocking. Is this normal?? Did you have this problem?? I have not had the head gasket replaced and I was wondering how you knew it was time to replace it???
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Hows the borla? Put it on yourself? What trans and rear axle in your truck?
  • presidiodmpresidiodm Posts: 1
    Hope this info may help those who may have this problem or are thinking about buying an S-10 with the 4.3L Vortec.

    I have a 1999 S-10 4x4 and it's been nothing but a nightmare. The biggest problem is this engine noise it's had since day one. Kind of sounds like a loose rocker arm on the older small blocks. First GM said it was normal, due to the new design of the engine; NOT. They then replaced the lifters, which only fixed the problem for two weeks. After several phone calls and some research, I found this is not an isolated problem, in fact GM is aware of it, but they do not have a fix at this time. My vehicle was in the shop for a week this last time and I was told all they could do was soak the top end in engine cleaner, that is was a carbon build-up problem. So if any of you believe that, you'll need to bring your trucks in every 10000 miles for it's quarterly cleaning. Oh yea, engine still has the problem. I'm trying another dealer this week. Just thought this info might be helpfull to some.
  • flahardyflahardy Posts: 1
    HELP!! This thing is running very rich. I'm getting a code #45 (oxygen senser) reading, changed the senser. No change in running. Getting no other codes. Reading are 880 and above, should be 200 to 400. Engine will surge when cold, idle rough when warm. Runs good at speed, but still rich. Has anyone had this problem? and What is the fix?
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    My neighbor replaced the O2 sensor on his friends S10 blazer only to find out that there are 2 of em, think he said one before and after the cat and the wiring to one was burned by the exhaust pipes.
    hope this helps.
  • jayfrogdogjayfrogdog Posts: 15
    The borla is great. It offers 2.5 inlet and a 2.5 outlet, with a 3 inch tip. It sounds better after a couple of months once it's broken in. I have a standard cab with the shortbed, and borla only offered an extendcab kit, so I had a shop cut the pipe to fit. (The extend cab kit works great for eliminating the catalatic converter on std cab trucks.) The kit is easy to install if you have an extendcab.
    I have the stock 4 speed auto. and the stock 3.42 gear ratio. (I thought about getting the kit that allows the F-body rearend to bolt up to handle the extra power that I will be adding.)
  • woody2269woody2269 Posts: 52
    Well, this is what I was told....I have been having similar problems with my truck, and in Jan I took it in because the SES light kept coming on, especially after I took the truck out of 4wd back to 2. The first time I took it in, they told me that nothing was wrong. Second time, they did a diag. and got code #1406, so they cleaned the carbon intake. STILL kept happening, and what you were saying about the enging surging when cold was happening to me too. (I was also having problems with it slipping in reverse.) They told me that it was the tranny, and replaced that ($1800 + labor....ouch!!). They also told me that regarding my SES light, there was a cracked valve, and that that should take care of that. Well, since they have done all of that, they have also replaced the rear U-joint, the fuel sensor (the truck was telling me that it was full even though I had driven 200+ miles on the same gallon....?!) and I can't even think about what else, besides normal maintenance. Have you thought about the
    fuel injectors?
    Also, does anyone have any idea how to find out if a vehicle was involved in any natural disasters? (aka The floods that happened in northwestern Minnesota/eastern North and South Dakota?
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Sounds good, I also have a reg cab short box same engine and trans and LS. I'm gonna try to get a '01 S10 so I wont get too crazy with this one but its great. GM has traditionally given last year models a HP boost and might have to with the new 205 HP ranger for '01. Even if they don't I'll have a truck thats 2 years newer and the extra cab will be nice.
  • davis23davis23 Posts: 7
    Iv'e been having problems with my 98 S10, Maybe one of you have been having the same difficulties.the first problem was my clutch was making a squeaking sound. Soon after that my front drivers side spring was riding two inches lower than it was supposed to. And just resaintly I just replaced my U-joint. I've got standard transmission and when I hit high RPM's , theres a quit noticeable sound that comes from where the shifter is.I don't know about any of you guys, but I have just about had with chevy products and there service.If any of you get a chance which I'm sure you do, look in service department and see how many S-series trucks you see in there, theres quit a few. I rest my case.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Made a delivery yesterday at the Chevy dealer in Morris IL, one S10 in the 20 bays.
  • davis23davis23 Posts: 7
    I take it your a S10 lover. Thats ok, everybody has the right to there own opnion.But from my experience the S-series are frequently visiting the service department. I have three other friends who own S-series trucks and they all have come to know the name to all the service departments representatives. We have a come to the conclusion that we will never buy the S-series junk again. Braeger Chevrolet, Milwaukee Wisconsin. "The dealer where I purchased my 98 S10"
  • davis23davis23 Posts: 7
    Sorry about the Chevy bashing, Its just that Im losing money on this truck. Its kinda said, my father works for GM. Other than my truck, Chevy has been pretty good to us.
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