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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Everyones entitled to their opinion. Yes I like the S10, it has style, its comfortable, the A/C is COLD, and with the V6 it MOVES when I want it to.
    I take care of my vehicles and they last. GM has been good to my family. Maybe you have the "lemon" every manufacturer lets loose....I dont know. Why dont you trade that thing in? If you try to do that and they say something needs to be fixed its still under warranty isnt it?
  • davis23davis23 Posts: 7
    saidly my warranty has run out. I went to go trade it in and they wouldnt give me what I owe on it. So Im stuck with it for another year. Hopefuly not that long.
  • davis23davis23 Posts: 7
    P.S. I did own a 96 S-10 pickup with a 4.3 V6. I did enjoy that one. That truck had power.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Warranty expired on a 98?
  • tnovatnova Posts: 1
    I too had a problem with tiger paws on the s10 slipping, but I found out if I added some weight to the bed the problem disappeared. I have 15500 miles on the truck and have had no problems what so ever. I have the v6 and get about 22 miles to the gallon as I expected. Seems to be a peppy good running truck. By the way the fuel gage can be recalibrated by your dealer. They know there is a problem with it and my dealer fixed it in no time.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Pool player Joe? Good choice of truck! I like my '99. Heres a link with lots of info, even though its for the Xtreme. Mines a 2wd Z85 reg cab V6.
  • 9balljoe9balljoe Posts: 1
    Thanks SuperJim for the link your right alot of good info there. Yea Am a pool player and ride motorcycles, ride a K1200 BMW RS right now that puppy has 130 ponies and uses it well. As for the Borlo Exhaust I was also wondering if you have to loose your sp[are tire to make it fit, like some of the other exhaust systems. Also any other info would be very appreciated.
    =======>-----------------o) Joe
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    i have a 1993 chevy s-10 2wd tahoe package pickup with a five speed and a 2.8 v6. i am installing a tach as an aftermarket add-on. does anyone know
    what the redline is for this particular engine?
    also, what are the torque and horsepower numbers for this truck? i cannot find the numbers anywhere. by the way, i love my chevy and i am getting 27 mpg on the highway with it!!!
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    just wondering...i have heard all sorts of good things about the 4.3 engine, and i am wondering what the concensus is with the 2.8. my mechanic says it is a good engine but his is the only opinion i have gotten. any ideas?
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    My old 83 S10 had the 2.8, it was good. Had 300,000 on it before I sold it. Only thing I didnt like was that mine wasnt fuel injected.

    Make sure you use pellets from GM in your cooling system to keep your intake manifold gaskets from going bad.
  • derekshawnderekshawn Posts: 10
    I just received a letter from GM concerning the 2.2L engines in the 98 and 99 S-10 trucks. I used to own a 98 S-10 but traded it a few months ago because I was experiencing numerous problems, among them was this one:

    the letter reads:
    "This letter is intended to make you aware that some 1998 and 1999 model year S10 trucks, equipped with a 2.2L 4-cylinder engine, may experience illumination of the "Service Engine Soon" light, engine misfire, rough idle and hesitation. These conditions may be due to spark plug wire failure. The cause of this condition may be improperly seated and loose spark plug wire terminals. If this condition occurs on your vehicle with 7 years or 70,000 miles the condition will be repaired for you at no charge."

    Well, that just about sums it up, hope it was of help to some of you. I only hope you catch this problem before I did, I ended up broken down on the way to work and it took three attempts by Chevy to fix the problem (one of the many reasons I no longer own a chevy)
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    Just curious what sort of MPG people get with the old 2.8L V6. Also, towing numbers would be great too.

    I've got an old 1985 2.8L V6 Ranger, I get about 15-16 MPG around town and 19MPG highway (5sp 4x4). It has proven reliable, but I'm thinking of trading it in for a mid-90s Ranger or S10. But I'd definitely like better MPG in my next truck.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  • jayfrogdogjayfrogdog Posts: 15
    I have the Borla exaust on my 98 S-10 SS 2wd. This kit cost me 450.00 expensive yes worht it yes. This kit is guarantted for life, from rust, and going bad. It sounds great too, give it a couple of months to break in and it sounds even better. The power increase is there but it won't make you go nuts about speed. Gas mileage really didn't change for me, and the kit is designed as a 2.5 inlet pipe from the cat, single 2.5 outlet pipe with 3 inch tip. exits out of the passenger side behind the rear tire. 3 inch tip is chrome polished.The spare stays with the truck.

    Install a pair of edelbrock headers also 450.00 and the performance is definatly noticable. Sounds a lot better and it's also quicker. Edelbrock claims up to a full second faster 0-60.(But I think that is for a fullsize truck.)

    Either way they are both an excellent upgrade. But if you get the headers make sure you have and aftermarket exaust.
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    i owned a 1988 ranger xlt and now i have a 1993 s-10. the ranger had the 2.9 v6 and the s-10 has the 2.8. the 2.9 got about 15 mpg and 19 on the highway, and the 2.8 gets 18 in town and 26 on the highway. i dont know how it makes an 8 mpg difference but it does. i dont have the towing numbers but i do know that my ranger made 140hp as opposed to 125 for my s-10 and the ranger had lots more low-end torque but the s-10 has a much better top end when it comes to going from 65 to 90 or so. both trucks are 2wd and the mileage numbers are from normal driving...i dont baby them or anything...i drive them reasonably hard.
    also, i am still wanting any comments about the 2.8 chevy engine and if anyone out there has torque or hp numbers or redline, send em my way, please.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    I'm guessing but a redline of 6k? I towed a uhaul from las vegas (very hot) to Illinois in October 1996 and again another guess, but my stuff at 1500 pounds and the old 2.8 was fine even with @220,000 miles on it. I was getting 20 mpg (83, carb)
  • runninrebrunninreb Posts: 4
    Like with any car/truck, there are lemons and then there are very good cars, sometimes manufactured side-by-side in the same week. It's crapshoot. With GM, though, you have a better chance of rolling craps than with some other makers.

    I bought my '95 S-10 new in 1994. It's a 4.3L auto that currently has 53k miles. It rides great, has a ton of power, and has spent very little time in the service dept. Only problem was a fuel pump replacement (under warranty) at 25k miles.

    Only time it was ever towed was when I left the dome light on overnight and ran out the battery. I turned off the light and played dumb like I didn't know what was wrong. GM Roadside Assistance towed it in to the dealer and they replaced the battery under warranty.

    It's paid for, it looks good, and I plan to keep it for at least another 5 years. Knowing how badly many GM cars/trucks are built, I consider myself lucky.
  • jayfrogdogjayfrogdog Posts: 15
    Anyone having problems taking off in the snow. If you have an automatic you can put in 2nd and take off in that gear. Rpm's will raise until takeoff.
    This is a second gear start. Of course the truck will act better in the snow with weight in the back, but this is just an additive that a lot of people don't know about.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Did you get the transgo shift kit yet? I decided to use the firm shift from the HPP and it works a heck of alot better than stock. Plus you can make the trans shift at higher rpm but I havent done that yet.

    I think I'll get the new K&N intake (think its called gen III, anyway its a snorkel) or something similiar, I've heard the stock airbox is very restrictive, and I'll be able to put it back to stock because the chances are very good that I'll order a '01 S10 with the options I have now.

    Keep us informed on your truck and the mods you made.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    The HPP firmer shifts make a difference, I wish I did it sooner. I have a friend who races, he has a 900 HP car before nitrous!! And he said porting and polishing the heads will give you 50 HP on the 4.3.

    I think he's right, this engine likes to run.

    I lit em up for longer than 15 feet! The traffic wasnt moving, and I was first at the light. It turned green ...........heavy right foot, 3.42 posi... I was sideways for half a block, never did that before!
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    The only reason I took my foot off the gas was the oncoming traffic.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    Does the 2.8L V6 in the old S10s have OHC? The Ranger 2.8L, 2.9L, and current 3.0L are all OHV designs. This might explain the better top-end performance and better highway MPG.

    I've got an old 2.8L Ranger and I get about 15mpg around town and 19mpg highway as well. I might trade in for a new 4cyl Ranger (there's a new OHC 2.3L 4cyl coming this fall) or save a few bucks and pick up a mid-90s S10 or Ranger. Sounds like the Chevy 2.8L isn't a bad engine; 26MPG on the highway isn't bad at all.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    According to Carpoint, the 1989 2.8L V6 has 125hp and 160ft-lb torque. It is rated 17/22 MPG (4x4 automatic). See

    Hope that helps.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Is ohv. The 2.8 is good, I had one that went 300,000 before I sold it. Drive a 4.3, its a better engine with more power but you wont get the mileage of the 2.8.
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    I had a '87 S10 ext. cab 4x4 auto with this engine. I went over 100,000 mi before I went to
    '91 S10 Blazer 4.3 The '87 was very reliable, best trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. I only performed minor tune-ups, plugs, disc pads...
    It was a great off roader, BUT THE 2.8L IS VERY VERY GUTLESS ON LONG STEEP GRADES like the infamous GRAPEVINE hill in So. California. The
    proper engine replacement would be a GM 3.4 V6
    from Chev Lumnina. It is a shoe in. The '91 S10
    Blazer was a horrific LEMON, full of defects and
    problems. I got rid of it after 80,000 mi. Have
    a '00 S10 Xtreme with vortec engine. Bought it
    in Jan and currently have 12,000 trouble free miles. Hope Chevy has finally got their act together.
  • jayfrogdogjayfrogdog Posts: 15
    I know what your talking about when it comes to the throttle. I don't know about the standard s-10's but with the SS suspension, in the back of the truck there is a shock on each side that runs parallel with the truck instead of up and down.
    I was told that this was to help keep the trucks straight during hard acceleration, but I still fishtail. Keep on truckin bud. Chevy for life..
  • tomnkattomnkat Posts: 1
    i am interested in buying a 91 s-10 blazer with 94k mi,and would like to know of any stories good or bad about has the 4.3 V-6.
  • dwillfcdwillfc Posts: 2
    what problems have people had with their fuel gauges;mine turns on the low fuel light with 5-6 gallons left.My dealer seems to think that is normal but I don't think that's acceptable.What fixes have other dealers used-thanks.
  • woody2269woody2269 Posts: 52
    For the 4.3 V6 in the S-10 (blazer or p/u) they have MANY MANY MANY problems with the fuel system....especially the ones with the VIN letter W vs. Z. I have gone through 3 fuel pumps/sensors (unfortunately, in the W's they are 1 part), and 1 fuel pressure regulator....just thought that I'd let you all know!!
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Dont forget to tell everyone you bought your truck used, that makes a difference!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mark194mark194 Posts: 15
    Bought a used 97-S10 Short bed 2.2 5 speed in Feb 2000. I just love it, my gas mileage is about 26 and on a trip with my daughter I got over 30. The tires are crap (Uniroyals), but I can live with them and the dealer will probably never see this truck again since I have a good mechanic on the side. I have had no problems with the vehicle since purchase and I interested to see if I should expect any (bought with 26000 on it and now have 31000 on it). Thanks in advance for any input anyone would have.
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