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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with removing that silencer. It's such a bottle neck (as you all can see). Opening that up is a drastic improvment, and although you might not feel it, it's there. A good replacment filter such as a K&N is a good choice to go along with it if you don't plan on a true intake, but since you are mentioning one, i'd do it. It'll brighten the engine bay up and add a couple ponies.
  • I was wondering when you buy the Mac cold air unit does it come with a Filter? I did replace the Origanal with a K&N the first week i bought it did i waist $50.00 if i go to the Mac unit?
    And if it Does not fit the Mac System I have a 2000 Expedition 5.4 Triton will it fit that? I will have to check a local AutoZone book to see if its the same size,or better yet pull it out and compare! Dahhh.
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35
    Happy New Year everybody!

    For people who installed CAIs on their Stangs, what brand did you get? On one of the Stang sites, alot of people like the Densecharger.

    Congrats Black Pony! Did you get a GT? Five-speed or auto?

    Later - Jeffer2
  • Anyway, MidL there are several other discussions on that forum you can look at. My take is that there may or may not be a small horsepower loss (or gain). But I love the sound, so I am happy. Whatever effect it has had on hp has been small. They also say that shaving the silencer like you did is probably the best option. I think maybe you just have the bug!

    I am very happy with the change because the sound increase that resulted gives the car enough immediacy that I don't feel the need to do the exhaust right away. My pocketbook appreciates not having to sell out $600 for the exhaust just yet :)
  • You will get a K&N cone unit. It'll be very easy to install as I did it on my friends 99 GT. It's definetly arguable wheither or not a CAI works or not (I have one on my 93 that didn't seem to make any difference), and they say you might lose power due to the fact the metal heats up and causes a reverse effect of what it's designed to use, but I didn't notice a loss or a gain either way. My friend with the 99 said there was a gain and I have another friend with an 02 V6 I removed the silencer out of and he said it was noticable with that.

    Either way, the best place to start is to get the thing breathing better, so opening up the intake one way or another is the best place to start. I would then definetly look into a catback and x/h pipe. I would highly reccomend long tube headers with the 4.6 if you plan at all on replacing the stock manifolds as the shorty headers for the 96+ are not hardly effectively noticable to increase power to justify the cost and time to install them. I personally would do the intake, catback, h/x-pipe (I have an offroad X on my 93) and then go with a set of pulley's. You should definetly be very close to the 13 second range with those assuming you can cut good times (like 2.2 60' or better). I would also HIGHLY suggest an after market shifter such as one by Steeda (what I have) or Pro 5.0. Either way, good start with the "mod bug". Mine just cost me $700 bucks as I just purchase a Trick Flow Track Heat intake manifold and Accufab 70mm throttle body, i'm hoping for some AFR 165 heads soon as well. I will be heading for 12's before this next summer is over, oh yes, I will :)
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I removed my silencer about 3 months ago. I drove the car extensively right before removal, and then immediately afterward to try to discern the effects of silencer-ectomy. On my car, I noticed a tad more throatiness at idle and a lot more noise at WOT. Performance wise, I'd say the only noticeable benefit was that the car seems to rev easier.

    I like it, and if worst case I lost a few hp, it's worth it for me for the better 'Flag, I value the "immediacy" over raw performance.

    But I have noticed recently that as my car ages (it's 9 months old), the sound is getting better. Seems more throaty and pronounced. Maybe the mufflers have been breaking in a bit..
  • My experience has been the same,great sound @ WOT.
    I passed my wife and kids last night following them home ,full throttle in 2nd her window was down they said it sounded Awesome! i think that was my 9 year old boys words HaHa. But you are correct it Revs. more effortlessly. I just trimmed mine back so as not to get to much under hood air.I still want more sound. The Xmas bonus will be here in 2 weeks ,i think the Magnaflows are a done deal. I was going to put a Mac COS system on but there are so many pros and cons iut there? Pipe heating up? i am more confused than ever about the induction stuff. So i will do the Exhaust. I will have to look the other way when they cut that 3 month old Stock Polished Beauties off there.

    Any more opinions on the induction... C&l MAF? MAC?
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I'm personally skipping the CAI system...I do have a K&N filter though. I did the same drill when I dropped in the K&N, and noticed another boost in "revability" and throttle response. Also noticed the idle seemed to smooth out a little (I'm still undecided whether I like that or not my 4.6 I do, but I REALLY like the 'lumpy idle' of the 5.0)

    I like the sound of the magnaflows (certainly sound better to me than the magnapacks). I may in a year or so go with the Ford Racing catback, as I want a little increase in sound, but nothing too loud (i.e. no flowmasters). Plus it's all stainless, and about $260.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I also think, but I'm not sure, that the stock system sounds better outside the car than it does inside. As none of my friends can drive a 5-spd, I've never been able to hear what mine sounds like from a "by-stander" pov.

    I do try to listen to other Mustangs, but it's frequently hard to tell if it's stock or not... But the Bullitts do sound *amazing* straight from the factory. Distinctive, but not too loud.
  • I just want a little more sound ,not to much after all i'm supposed to be 40yrs old. I met a guy with a Bullitt and he had just put the Magnaflows on ,and at idle not much change from stock real nice @ WOT. I was really impressed with the H.P. gains on the Magnaflows ive seen on various test. It makes me believe i could just do cat backs and get the same gains as some people doing x pipes Headers and the hole nine Yards? i think it was 19 H.P.,24 TQ. $450.00 installed all stainless.
  • Just think if you did an h/x pipe with that catback, all the better power, and if you get a pipe with the cats, you'll not be too much louder.
  • I just put 2 chamber flows and a mac offrad H-pipe and man it is loud and rude but i love it!
    Picked up a little more power too.
  • Ford I am sure you read my posts. Yes, I will be sending in my resume to your company.

    But in the meantime, I have a suggestion. The Bullitt wheels are some of the best looking wheels out there. Yes, the owners of the original Bullitt editions whine because they are now generally distributed, but who cares? What are they gonna do, trade in their Bullitt edition? I don't think so, they know they got it made with that car.

    Anyway, my idea is to keep the design of the Bullitt wheels, but make the interiors black like on the original 68 Mustang wheels. The black wheels look great and really stand out from all the chrome wheels which have proliferated these days (I did't say rice). The look of the black wheels is less flashy, and more low key and basic. Also, it will introduce some variety in the wheel design so that Ford will be less likely just to stop offering the Bullitt style wheels.

    I know black Bullitt wheels are offered on the aftermarket, but I think they would look great on new Mustangs too :)

    "Everything Old is New Again"
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Hey 'Flag, in case you're interested...they already exist, as a genuine Ford part.

    Check out page XII of the 2002 Ford Racing Parts catalogue: "2001 Special Edition Charcoal Mustang GT Wheel (part M-1007-J178) retail price $165 each

    These are exactly what you're taking about I think, and I agree they look sharp.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    My son lives in L.A. and recently purchased a low-mileage 2001 GT. Now he has acquired a set of H&R springs, CC plates, and better shocks (forgotten the brand) to all be installed at the same time.

    Here's the problem - he's having a hard time finding a knowledgable installation place within the greater Los Angeles area. Sure, lots of tire places that do springs, shocks, alignments etc but he'd like to find a place that has a few Stangs on the lot - all he finds are Asian performance places because that's where the $$$ is today.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He found one place in San Diego but that's a couple of 300 mile roundtrips.
  • car there was available a greater option list? (Like in the old days, I know, I am nostalgic.) But it would be great to have more options at time of purchase, oh well, the black Bullitt wheels are awesome, I would love to actually see them on a Mustang. If you watch Bullitt, the wheels on his Mustang are actually black (not even gray) inside. Also, I noticed that the rear of the 68 Mustang had a chrome lining defining the outline (do you know what I mean?), this was a great touch and something Ford should maybe consider for the 2005. Especially given all the consternation about the new rear end on the new Mustang thread. Ford!!??? Do you hear me??
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all the message board peeps who've been so cool over the last few months of this post. I'm learning a lot about my car from real road experience and from reading up here. *warm and fuzzy* Just wanted to say thanks.

    '02 GT w/21k miles EEK!
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    Are u sure the new Stang will debut as a 04 model ?? I keep hearing 05 will be the yr, which means the current model has yet another yr left.
  • a new thread, the 2005 Mustang? Or can they rename this one? Or should we just not worry about it and soldier on gallantly?
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 268
    The NEW Body style Mustang will probably go into production in the late fall of 2004 and it will be called a 2005 model.

    As for the 2004 model year, from say the fall of 2004 up to and including the end of the summer of 2004, Ford will keep building the current body style Mustang. We will see the BOSS Mustang in the current body style in the end of the summer or fall of 2003 and it will probably be called a 2004 BOSS Mustang. I hope that this information helps you here.
  • So, here's the new Mustang -- opinions?


    More images at

  • Have not read anything from Zues lately? I just wanted to thank him again for his expert advise. It was probably a month ago we had a discussion on Waxes. He recommended the Maquires Mirror Glaze (in the tan bottle)Great stuff ,it was 70deg. yesterday so i waxed the True Blue Stang up "Again" and that mirror glaze is the best shine i have ever had with no build up or dust!!
    You guys were right again!
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    Don't like it. Can't stand the interior, the front end seems to replace the best of the Mustang with the worst of the departing Cougar, although the rear isn't too bad.

    Hmm. Sorry, I just don't like it.
  • I like the gas cap though, and the blinker lights on the hood. It also has too much of a Ford Thunderbird look and feel.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    That's not the new Mustang, its a concept. Apparently the production car is significantly different, especially the rear end, and the people I've talked to at Ford say they like the production a lot more than the concept.
  • Well, I have to agree with the consensus. I think this design is very bad. When I first saw the front end, I thought they had mixed up the Mustang with some sort of truck/convertible crossover vehicle.

    If this is just a concept, then I hope the production vehicles is more like the semi-retro concept pics from the magazines. I usually don't like "retro", but I thought the earlier Mustang concept looked pretty sharp...
  • I sure hope the production model looks better then what I'm seeing.
  • and I think you all are crazy:)
  • And I'll fight to the death you're right to have freedom of speech (or is it freedom of thought?), but it doesn't mean that we're crazy.
  • your opinion on the link I posted under the Mazda 6 vs Mustang debate thread, for newcomers I post it here: I think all will agree (except our friend Wishnhigh) that this is a beautiful design;)
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