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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, I was considering getting a TL. Not sure anymore. Oh well. Power of internet huh.
    And Like you, love the PTG. I dont have to go there to put/get things for kids. You want it you get it. Less walk for me.
  • Hey Lovecar4 I too was considering 2008 TL. The deals were too good. The Cali dealers were giving it for 28K

    In the end decided on MDX tech + PTG...
    Have driven ~500 it so far

    I love the PTG & Rear Camera...makes life so much easier
    I beleve they should offer it as a stand alone option, if not standard, one base...

    Sorry dishwash....
  • Hi, anybody knows about the deals on sport with entert. in TX, please help. would like to know what kind of deal they are offering now. thank you
  • New to this for and 08 MDX. Rec'd a written quote for Sport & Ent Packages. MSRP w/ destination is $48755. Sales price is 41,200 plus tax and license. W/o doing a lot of research I dont know if this is fair or not.... help? This is a purchase. The low finance rates are not included. I was quoted 5.75% with my credit score.
  • I found out that the dealers will give you 4000 off of invoice if you are not using there financing, they still make money from dealer hold backs 3% that you can push them as your closing tool if you can get some more from them. but i am trying to find out if anybody got a good deal in Dallas or Houston area or neighbor cities or states.
  • I'm in the Houston area and have been negotiating with surrounding Houston dealerships. The 3% holdback is $1200 plus $4000 rebate so dealer cost is $32,100 for base model. I've gotten a dealer pretty close to the price I'm willing to pay so might be pulling trigger today. I will keep you posted!
  • Did the $36,703 include the destination charge? I am talking to them as well and wanted to make sure that the only addtional costs will be doc fees and TTL. Thanks
  • did you go to the dealership or you are dealing with them on line. i got a deal from one of the dealers, in Houston, but they are not giving me the final price. how did you deal with them, did you get your car?
  • whats the going price for the BASE model in Houston ? I got the BASE in Dallas for 33k but they are saying that I will not qualify for the 2.9% financing :(
  • Anyone????

    Can I get maybe some of the TTL thrown in or financing too?
    It looks like the good deals are in the DC area. How about you guys...has anyone been able to do better there?


  • i think at a minimum you'll have to come up with TTL fees if you went with acura's financing... now if you came in with a blank check from a credit union or capital one or some other outfit that pre-approve you for a certain loan amount, then you can possibly roll in the TTL
  • I am in Houston also and I am looking to lease a base model. Sterling McCall has several 08 base models on their lot. They also have a few 09 models in the back. I drove thru the lot, but I did not stop to talk with anyone. Keep us posted if u find anything.
  • Why wouldn't they give you the D.O. price? That sounds fishy! My husband is a lawyer so we are ready to hold their feet to the fire if they try something sneaky. I'm dealing strictly through email right now. I got a base quote down to $32.5 but haven't purchased yet.
    Are you planning on purchasing in Houston? Hey, we should team up to get the best price. Offering a dealership two MDX sales instead of one will give us more leverage! Our purchase window is flexible so consider the offer and send me an email if interested. ( :)
  • My proposition is that any Houston area buyers should unite together to get a better deal! Contrary to what the salesman are trying to convince us of, this is a buyers market. In today's economy and high gas prices, we are looking to buy an SUV with poor gas mileage plus the dealerships still have a lot of 08s in stock plus all the 09s. They want to make the sale!!

    If Houston area buyers get together and present the dealership with multiple sales instead of just one then they are much more willing to negotiate on the price. They can take more of a loss on our sales so that they meet the monthly sales goal and get the bonuses. The true cost to dealership for the base MDX is $32,074. (3% holdback + 4,000 rebate subtracted from invoice). Gas is going to cost a nice chunk of change so I want to get the best deal possible!

    If anyone is interested in getting together to try and see what deal can be made then please email me. (
  • Opps... the email address is (
  • I am looking for MDX in houston area as well! I am all for teaming up! HOuston dealers are somehow more expensive than others!!
  • will they give you the 2.9% financing with that deal ?
  • I didn't inquire about the financing but my theory is... the more buyers, the more buying power!
  • Hi Norm,

    What is the PP2 include? I think you got a great deal. Probably got your car for only a few hundred over invoice -$4000. Nice job. Hope I can get a deal like that. Can I contact you through email?
  • ok I am in! I hope they can deliver to Dallas,

    I will email you the details.. my dealings with McDavid Acura fell through..
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  • any more MDX purchase experiences ? Thread just got cold after folks tryng to pool with woodland/Jazz ..

    Can anybody got deal 32K on bare-bones MDX ? Tech package close to 35K ? hoping for that ballpack figure ..
  • I just tried to negotiate a price for a 2008 MDX with Tech Package, running bds. and roof rack for my parents in South Florida (I am in NY and was negotiating the deal for them). We agreed on $37,500 cash "out the door." MSRP with options about $46,160. I asked for wire instructions and a breakdown. The dealer included a $699 "Dealer Fee." I let my NY temper lose on the guy and walked (hung-up). Has anyone ever heard of a "dealer fee." I am assuming that this was something he just tacked on to make up for selling the car at or near a loss. Is this fee common in Florida? I negotiated the purchase of a Toyota Sequoia for them last fall and did not encounter this. I am still optimistic that we will do the deal at that price, without the dealer fee.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,685
    Is this fee common in Florida?

    Definitely... Florida and Georgia seem to be the worst..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I am in NJ, and just got few quotes for Tech+PLG yesterday (all before dest): $36687, 35618 and 36450. One noticeable thing is the color choice is limited. Black is available in all 3, but pearl is available in only one dealer.
  • I just got a deal for the 2008 MDX Tech package for 35400 including the destination fee. Is this a good deal? The sales person I am working with is saying that I have to buy before the month ends. Are the incentives going away after September or will there be better bargaining opportunities in October?
    I am so ready to pull the trigger :)
  • I purchased my MDX Tech + PTG earlier this month for 35.8K including destination in South CA...(38.8K OTD with tax and $70 dealer/Doc prep fee)

    My sales person called me last week to see how my MDX is doing... so chatted with him about the incentives and he said that incentive will most probably stay... but the supply with good colors is dwindling. He didnt have any White, Dark Cherry, OR any color with Parchment interior.

    I also asked him that his inventory is showing 70 MDX. His reply his company has 5 dealerships in southern CA and it is the combined inventory.

    So its your an effort to save $500.00 you might be left with color that no one wants.
  • Hi,

    I was offered a base model with sport running boards, side molding and roof rack w/cross bars for $34.5k with either 0.9% financing for 36 months or 2.9% for 60 months which I am considering. I may try and get it for a flat $34k but I am not sure about the financing, while the 0.9% is a great rate the monthly payment is steep for our budget.

    Any thoughts/comments appreciated! Thanks.
  • Just pickup my MDX this morning. $34.9k (dest included). Last tech in the dealer.
  • That's a great price! Looks like I have some more negotiating to do on my base model..thanks.
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