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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Congrats on your new vehicle. That's a great price!

    Can you confirm if this out of door or was TTL extra on top of this? Also is this with Ent package i.e. sports + ent? I haven't heard that price in entire SOCal (LA & around) area! Can you tell me the contact person with whom you dealt at the dealership? I don't mind driving up north to buy if the prices are that good :)!

    Happy new year to all.
  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20

    Just wanted to post for informational purposes. This forum is great and has been a huge help.

    In Massachusetts I have been able to get several quotes this week for between 41600 and 41700 for a 2009 tech + ent + running boards and roof rails.

    Has anyone done better than this? If so, where?

    Any advice on getting out of a lease early? I still have a few months on an existing lease and was really just looking around until I started seeing great prices.

    Thanks all!
  • AaronAaron Posts: 11
    Check with Donna Telesco at Montclair Acura (NJ)...... they have very aggressive pricing. 38,399 tech+ent. Three other dealers in Jersey would not beat that price.
    Deals are go thru 01/05.
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Just purchased a 2009 MDX Tech today at Ramsey Acura, NJ.. Paid 38,400.
    I contacted DCH for Teck Pack and they quoted 39,200. I am upset if I could have got the ent package for the same price at DCH.
  • What is PTG again? I forgot. Thanks.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    PTG Power Tail Gate
  • dol1dol1 Posts: 8
    I'm ready to buy an 2008 MDX TECH with PTG. how much should I offer? :confuse:
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    I purchased a 2009 MDX with Tech yesterday at Acura of Ramsey NJ for 38,400. Plus tax and Reg fees. I may off been able to shop for a little better deal but was satisfied with 2600 below invoice. I was ready to buy an 08 demo with 10k miles for 35,000. just a month ago. Sales person told me Honda was given dealership 2000. back until 1/5/09.
  • Has anyone gotten better than 36.5K for a 09 mdx base? I am in the boston area. How about on Tech/Ent?
  • I just leased an 09 Base MDX with a negociated price of $34,569; 36mon w/ 15Kmi. in northern NJ.
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Which dealership? I live in Bergen County NJ. Average discount I have been getting off of sticker is 13-15%.
  • DCH Acura (Montclair, NJ). Ask for Donna Telesco, She gave me a rock bottom price up front w/o all the haggeling.

    Good Luck!
  • dom6183dom6183 Posts: 13

    Thanks for your helpful posting.

    Question #1: I assume your sales price of 34,569 did NOT include sales tax or tags, correct?

    Question #2: I assume your 517/mo payment included the sales tax (7% in NJ), correct?

    Question #3: How much cash did you give upfront?

  • dom6183,

    Q1: Yes.
    Q2: Yes.
    Q3: $1720 (1st pymt, TTL, Bank fees)
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    From12/20/2008 to 1/2/2009 the best deals I have read on this site for a MDX including destination +TTL are:

    Base 34,569.
    Tech 38,400.
    Tech + Ent 39.200.
    Sport 40,155.
    Sport + Ent 41,850.

    Are their any updates or corrections?
  • dom6183dom6183 Posts: 13
    Today I visited, in person, two dealers, starting the negotiations the old-fashioned way. Both dealers are in southern New Jersey. For a base 2009 MDX (MSRP 41,750 which includes the destination cost), I proposed a (purchase price) capital cost of 34,569. All the other costs, fees, taxes, etc, would be separate.

    1. Both countered with a higher price - Dealer (A) wanted 36,581 and Dealer (B) wanted 36,382. Earlier today I bought the online Consumer Reports report for this vehicle, which tells me the dealer invoice for this vehicle is 38,012, and that presently, through Jan 5, Acura's dealer incentive is 2,000 and the dealer holdback is 1,230. That brings the Consumer Reports bottom line figure down to 34,782. I left both dealerships with a handshake and a smile but no deal. I'm going to keep hunting until I get someone who will come in under 35,000.

    2. For the other fees, both dealers included in their counter-offers a "luxury tax" - dealer (A) said it was related to gas mileage and 'estimated' the tax to be from $100-200. I asked what this was for, was it a federal or a state tax, and the salesman didn't know; I let it go because we were so far off on the basic sales price. Dealer (B) quoted a specific figure of 146.32 for this luxury tax, and I didn't bother to argue it because negotiations never got off the ground. Has anybody else encountered this? Is it legitimate? If legit, is it federal or state?
  • dom6183,

    I too went to a couple of local dealers in central-Jersey and got similar offers as you did. Then someone on this forum posted about 2 weeks ago, a great deal they got on a 09 Base MDX lease w/o all the nonsense @ DCH Acura. I called the dealer and spoke to their internet sales mgr and got the same offer w/o ever stepping into the showroom. I'm happy to say that I picked up the car yesterday and am very satisfied.

    All the dealers I spoke to mentioned the luxury tax so I didn't bother to bicker over it since I was very satisfied with the deal I got.
  • dom6183dom6183 Posts: 13

    Thanks, I was using your figures and hoping that I could get a closer dealer to match it. I guess I'll try DCH Acura, though it's 100 miles from home.

    I also found the answer to the luxury tax question - it's a New Jersey thing (we have lots of those 'things' about taxes in NJ, don' we?). It's a tax on vehicles with an average EPA mileage estimate less than 19 (eg, 15 city + 20 highway = 17.5 average). The tax is 0.004 of the selling price. See NJ DMV web site at
  • i was told today that the current $2000 incentive and low rate financing will end 1/5. anyone knows what might happen next?

    Separately, i got a quote of 39.5K plus 0.9% 36 mo financing for a 09 MDX with tech package. Good deal?
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    No, 39,500. is high. I paid 38,400. plus TTL and dealer fees.
  • dom6183dom6183 Posts: 13
    Re: i was told today that the current $2000 incentive and low rate financing will end 1/5. anyone knows what might happen next?

    Unless someone who posts on these boards has an inside track to Acura corporate, I doubt that anyone knows for sure. In my humble experience, sales people are NOT told what's coming so as not to mess up any pending deals. I'm not sure even sales managers know. There was a posting a week or so ago that speculated incentives might increase and rates might go down because December sales will be so weak, but I think that's speculative. Whether or not you rush into something to take advantage of the current offers kind of depends on your risk tolerance. What would you do if the incentives went away? Do you have alternatives in mind? Give yourself alternatives - other vehicles, etc - because without alternatives you have no bargaining power.

    Re: Separately, i got a quote of 39.5K plus 0.9% 36 mo financing for a 09 MDX with tech package. Good deal?

    If you buy the online Consumer Reports price services, they'll tell you the regular, pre-incentive invoice figure for a Tech Package unit is $41,684. They'll also tell you that with the current dealer incentive of $2,000, and an additional dealer holdback of $1,320, the Tech Package unit should run at $38,333. So your figure would not appear to include the holdback, which probably means the dealer wants it for themselves. I think you have more room to negotiate - I'd counteroffer to $38.3k and explain these are the CR numbers. If they say there is no holdback, you have to decide if you believe them. Some people on these boards seem to be getting pricing consistent with the incentive plus holdback. I'm experiencing some dealers not willing to include both. I guess they're willing to wait for someone willing to pay more, that's their perogative.
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    You are correct. I went into dealership knowing invoice cost, dealer incentive, plus holdback and offered dealership 38,000. and they came back with 38,400. take it or no deal. I new this was probably as low as they would go.

    I also agree that their may be a better incentive or financing over the next few months, but I can not look into the future and did not want to take the chance and closed this deal.

    I also had an internet price list with the lowest prices found for accesories and the dealership honored the internet price.
  • ejoyce423ejoyce423 Toms River, NJPosts: 40
    Could you list what the other models list for on the Consumer Reports price service? I am curious what it lists the 09 tech/ent for.

    We received a quote from DCH Montclair for $38,399 but this price was without destination. So, that brings it up to $39159. I had assumed when others posted their quoted price on this forum that it was with the destination.

  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20

    39159 still looks to be a good price for tech/ent. The CR's #'s are:
    msrp - 47550
    dealer invoice - 43271 including 760 destination charge
    subtract 2000 dealer incentive and 1404 dealer hold back
    CR bottom line price 39867.

    CR then suggests that after negotiation a price of 4 to 8% higher than their bottom line price is reasonable. Obviously that doesn't account for these economic times but I'd say that 700 below rock bottom looks pretty good.
  • dom6183dom6183 Posts: 13

    I concur with gco13's numbers from CR, and I agree that your figure of $700 below CR "bottom line" price is very attractive. I'm having a difficult time in the Southern NJ/Philly area getting dealers to come near the CR "bottom line" price, and you seem to have a price below it. I think we'd all be grateful to hear what happens in your case - if the dealer honors that price without any other surprise nonsense costs tacked on.
  • ejoyce423ejoyce423 Toms River, NJPosts: 40
    Thanks for the CR numbers gco13 and dom6183. Sounds like invoice is pretty close to Edmunds. Do you know if the advertising holdback is figured into the CR holdback number?

    Donna at DCH Montclair gave us an out the door price of $42667.27 which included the $760 destination, $249 doc fee, $2741.13 NJ 7% sales tax, $156.64 NJ 0.4% luxury tax, $354 motor vehicle, $7.50 tire tax.

    I am starting to think Acura corporate released another $1000 incentive early to the dealers before the end of the month to boost their year-end numbers. It appears the deals got really good in the last two weeks of December. Based on my speculation, they would still be making $300 profit on this deal.

    It is still a pretty good deal but we are holding out for higher incentives and 0% for 60 months. We have until February on our current lease and DCH is not willing to eat our last payment. I read in the paper this morning year end sales figures are to be released on Monday. Not like our economy is turning around anytime soon.
  • ihaveihave Posts: 5
    Denver Colorado for an 09 MDX /w tech/ ent is 41,500 + tax + dest + was the best I could get.

    I left.. I'm going to check out Littleton before the 5th..
  • dom6183dom6183 Posts: 13

    I learned some more things today that may be of use.

    The CR figures cite $2k incentive - several dealers have told me that is only for purchase, and for leases the incentive is $1.5k. Multiple concurrences cause me to believe this is true through Jan 5, 2009.

    The CR holdback figure isn't clear if advertising is in that figure. I had one dealer (in DE) tell me he wouldn't give any of the holdback - he said it's the only thing keeping him in business. I just had another dealer on the phone tell me they're willing to discuss it for final negotiations, but only in person (but I am not swayed in person either, no emotional decisions for me!). If I had to predict, I think that dealer (in Phila PA area) would give in around $500 at most. The only dealer in NJ - tristate area that posters are indicating will give on the holdback is DCH in Verona NJ; maybe they're making their money elsewhere. Six other dealers I've spoken or emailed - from DE to East Brunswick - weren't giving up any of the holdback in their first offer.

    So the question becomes for me: hold out for January 6 or not? I may try to figure out what the import competition is doing - eg, Mercedes, Lexus, etc - and are their deals getting better or not in January? The trend may be represented in the actions of others. Logical thinking about economic conditions and high inventories would suggest even more incentives, etc, but logic doesn't always prevail. If Acura came out with 0% for 60 months, I'd probably change from lease to buy!
  • klenjklenj Posts: 23
    Purchased from Acura of Ramsey, NJ on 12/31/08. I beleive this is as close as you can get to bottom line price. After 1/5/09 it is anyones quess.

    MDX with Tech MSRP 45,800.
    Invoice 41,684.
    Dealer Incentice 2,000.
    Dealer holdback 1,320. (?)
    Best Deal 38,364.

    I paid with Destin 38,400.
    Doc Prep Charge 199.
    NJ Sales Tax 2,720.
    Registration Fee 359.
    Title Lein Fee 3.
    NJ Tire Fee 8.
    NJ Supppl. Fee 155.

    Out the Door 41,844. with 2.9% for 60 mo.
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