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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • Sequioasaurus:

    Great Pics - Thanks for taking the time to post them! I think the interior looks terrific. - Although after seeing it I'm starting to get nervous about pricing.

    Did you get any preliminary pricing info on the XLE Limited? (I'm a gadgets guy and love the Xeons on my current vehicle.)

    Also, did they mention if the new NAV system operates as a voice-activated system - like Honda's?

    Where you able to get any new info on the new Odyssey by chance?
  • The third row seats do fold flat provided that the headrests on the third row are all in the down position.

    Sequoiasaurus, those are fantastic shots!...better than any I have seen. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109
    Pardon my excitement, but the last new car I bought was a '91 Previa. It's still in pretty good shape, but my goodness technology has advanced quite a bit and I'd like to be part of it!

    I guess I don't know the business too well, but wonder if they are coming off the assembly line now why won't they be at dealers until mid March?

    Anyhow, this has got to mean that we will see some reviews soon, hopefully by Edmunds, and hear how the engine and tranny perform.
  • Tell me more about Access Toyota pricing...I don't know what that is.
  • When new models begin production, automakers will park huge amounts of the model in a large parking lot at the factory. This way, when the model goes on sale, there can be an adequate supply, albeit not at full levels, but enough to reach dealers across the country.
  • philphil Posts: 5
    Excellent work, Sequoiasaurus!

    Your photos definitely helped fill in the blanks that the pictures from Toyota's pressroom website didn't show, such as the side sunscreens, the roll down windows and the many storage compartments.

    However, I didn't see a good shot of the DVD navigation system. Does it pop out, "toaster-style," like the Infiniti G35's? Also, does anyone know where the passenger's front air bags deploy from? I assumed it was the opening above the large glovebox, but Sequoiasaurus' photos show that it is actually a 2nd smaller glovebox.

    My wife and I went to the LA Auto Show a couple of weekends ago with the hopes of catching a glimpse of the new Sienna. Unfortunately, we were two days too early. We can't make up our minds whether to buy a 2003 Odyssey now or wait until March to compare it objectively with the Sienna.

    It seems that the new Sienna--or Lexus "LV330" as I see it--has surpassed the Odyssey in just about every category. (Where's the 4-wheel independent suspension or 4-wheel disc brakes on non AWD models?) Of course, it's not surprising given the Odyssey has been king of the minivan hill since 1999 and Toyota has had lots of time to analyze it.

    Since some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I would have expected no less from Toyota than to have the best minivan on the market (up to now) in its crosshairs. Any Honda fans out there ready to claim plagerism are ignoring the fact that Honda will undoubtedly do the same, especially since a couple of Honda dealers have told me that their district managers are claiming the next major redesign of the Odyssey will be in 2005, not 2004.

    Given that the best quotes we've gotten in SoCal for an Odyssey right now are $500 below MSRP, I'm sure Honda can continue selling the current Odyssey for a while longer and use that time to dissect and one-up the new Sienna.

    Toyota's press release says that the entry-level CE model is targeted to be $1000 below the current price, but I wonder if that price differential will apply to all other trim levels as well, all the way up to the AWD XLE LTD.

    My excitement for all the new features are tempered by the worry that the out the door price will be in the mid to high $30s. Historically, it seems that Toyota has not been inclined to limit production intentionally as Honda has, which allows its dealer networks to make fat above-MSRP profits.

  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132

    New to the Toyota board here. I'm in the market for a minivan (down to Sienna or Odyssey) and is very excited about the new features of the 2004 Sienna mentioned here. But for me, money is the ultimate deciding factor.

    Contacted the local Toyota dealer about the pricing and he said he's scheduled to get a pricing sheet next week, perhaps as early as Monday, 1/20. And like other dealers, he said people have already signed up to buy the new Sienna. With this type of excitement, he is pricing to sell the 2004 Sienna's at full MSRP price.

    If that's true, I'm afraid we'll be priced out of the Sienna. Looking at fully loaded 2003 XLE with everything we wanted (but no DVD), the MSRP is around $32,200. But our local dealers are discounting it by $3,500 as it's model end and another $2000 Toyota rebate, brings the price tag down to $26,700 or so.

    Assuming for the moment the 2004 is similarly prices as the 2003 (yes, I read that the CE model is supposed to be $1000 less than the older model), this would imply with the no MSRP discounts, the 2004 Sienna is $32K area. And even if we carry the $1,000 off MSRP analogy from the CE model mark down, we're still looking at potential $31K MSRP for the 2004 XLE.

    Whereas the Odyssey EX-L is selling at $28,860 MSRP ($300 off MSRP is best deal I can get from a local dealer here in CA), it's low price of $28,600 compared to the Sienna

    So I would hope after the initial crowd of people snatched up the 2004 Sienna at MSRP or thereabouts, they will start to discount the price down. One can debate how much better the new Sienna will be compared to the Odyssey, but is it a $3000 plus better van?
  • Has anyone even seen a DVD Navigation System on the 2004 Sienna?
    I think Toyota is still working on puting it all together. I guess for now, I'll just have to assume it looks similar to the ones on the Lexus.
  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109

    If you are so concerned about pricing, why do you want the high-end model?

    I'm very concerned about price as well as I'm usually quite frugal. We could instead buy from the big 3 and get 0.0% financing. That is very attractive. I don't doubt I'd like one of those vans and we'd save money and get more on it, however, it wouldn't have the best configuration, most room, best engine or transmission, up-to-date features, etc. I don't know what to do, but I do know that without a doubt I'll really enjoy the new Toyota and keep it a long time. I've kept this Previa 13 yrs.

    Would I do the same with the GM or Chrysler? I doubt it. It would likely cost more, in the long run.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    Great shots. The best i have seen so far.

    Pricing the sienna is going to be tricky as there are 4 models with option bundles thrown in. But it has the best of all the vans to offer. Chk out post 542 where it outlines the features grabbed from other vans. The crowning glory has to be the split foldaway 3rd row seat.

    also chk out the warranty on the honda. I have "heard" its only 3 yrs but i may be wrong.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132

    In addition to being cheap, I'm also greedy. I just want the most for my money.

    The wife wants all kinds of goodies in the van, I'm just trying to get the most/best van for less than $30K before taxes. licenses, etc.

    For me, if the two vans are comparably equipped, loaded with everything and the kitchen sink, I would buy the 2004 Sienna based on what I read right now. The premium I'd pay for the new Sienna over the Odyssey is probably around $1,000 (maybe more if I see it in person). I doubt I'd fork over $3K in order to get the newest and greatest van.

    I, too, have no interest in the big 3 and 0% financing from those guys. It's either the 2003 Odyssey or 2004 Sienna for me. I currently own a 93 Civic and have no plans to stop using that even after getting the new van.

    For years people (like myself) have complained the greedy Honda dealers for charging MSRP or higher on the Odyssey. Now it seems Toyota dealers wants to follow that path as they know this is a hot van. I'm just hoping for the initial rush to die down on the 2004 Sienna by June and then dealers start to discount the vans so it'll affordable for me.

    Just because I'm willing to pay more for various options shouldn't necessarily imply I don't care to get the biggest bang for the buck.

  • Let's keep in mind that Toyota will be producing MANY more Siennas than they do now. That's only because of the low demand currently but I would highly doubt Toyota has the intention to do what Honda does with MSRPs. Toyota may do this at first given the demand but I doubt it will last.
  • You probably want to wait and compare apples to apples. IMO, Toyotas generally cost around $1K more than comparably equipped Hondas due to their way of bundling features. However, people bought Odysseys paying $3K more than MSRP once, so if Sienna is all that it is hyped up to be,
    expect to pay more than MSRP at least for a while.
  • philphil Posts: 5
    I'm excited to know that the new Sienna will have side curtain airbags for all three rows of passengers.

    We all know by now that children under 12 are at risk for serious bodily injury from airbags and should not sit in the front seat. Since I have two little ones, I'm wondering if there is more data in regards to children and air bags in rear seating configurations.

    Does anyone want to weigh in on this topic?
  • Ha! I have no idea but hurry up and tell because I can't wait to know.
  • DVD Navi system was not on display but is shown throughout the big video screen behind the Sienna. I never saw it last night but did today. It fits right above the ac vents on the center pod where the radio and ac controls are. It does not pop up or out. It is NOT voice activated but touch screen. Voice activated is saved for Lexus models according to rep.

    A few other tid bit of info I found out.

    1. 0-60 in 8.4 seconds
    2. 2nd row seats slide forward and back
    3. RCA input jacks for DVD entertainment system on C pillar drivers side
    4. Wiper "dethawer" built in
    5. Chief Engineer of Sienna personally drive the new Sienna over 50,000 miles coast to coast on every terrain.
    6. HID's are standard on XLE Ltd

    Don't know how true #5 is but that's what I was told by rep.

    Comparison's to Quest are almost impossible b/c Nissan's turntable was broke and power to the new Quest was none. They could only open doors and fold seats. The were no spot lights either. Apparently last weekend the table broke and caused quite a scare. Or at least that's what they are saying. Maybe they got scared of the new Sienna after seeing it! :)

    Also, no mention of new Honda Ody at the honda stand. No one knew anything.

    I'm still impressed with the Sienna and have now concluded that the XLE Limited models is just a rebadged Lexus.

    I almost certain that I will order one for the Jun/July timeframe.
  • Everybody but Chrylser was saying that! And maybe even Chrysler was saying that.

    However, I have a sneaky feeling that a AWD XLE Ltd Sienna will cost close to $40,000. I may be wrong and hope I am but I wouldn't be surprised knowing Toyota's past history with pricing.
  • esswebessweb Posts: 51
    Bob Lutz, in his OWN WORD.

    And he is the one who supposed to have saved Chrysler!
  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    From the Pictures that Sequoiasaurus posted. I can assume that there will not be an 8-way Power Seat. Does anyone have any information on this topic.
  • (my apologies to those who have read this before). We have it here in BC and I believe it is throughout Canada. Toyota car salemen are now called product advisors. It doesn't matter which dealer you go to, you supposedly get the same price so it is kind of like Saturn's no dicker policy. From what I can tell, Toyota dealers here have been very firm with the Access Toyota pricing system. They have been running lots of Access Toyota pricing commercials. Usually it is supposed to be lower than MSRP but with the new 2004 Sienna, I expect it to sell at MSRP or very close to it for the first several months.

    Before finding about the new Sienna, I also was going to buy an Odyssey next month. Now, I am leaning towards buying the Sienna. Sienna has some of the features I am looking for, namely the 8 pass seating, 60/40 3 rd split, & 2nd roll down windows. From what I have read and I have read a lot, the 2004 Sienna is a much better minivan than the current Odyssey.

    My only major concern, other than pricing, is Sienna's quality in the first yr of production, which in my case would be even worse as my Sienna will be produced in the first few months of production.

    The new Sienna should be at the Toronto auto show next month.
  • I'm glad you mentioned that. I forgot to post earlier about what I found out about this. I noticed no power seat controls on 8-way power seat and the passenger gets only manual controls. And this was on the XLE Ltd too. I was surprised at this. Especially since my Seq Ltd has 4 way power passenger. Back then I was disappointed in the lack of memory seats; which is still not available on the Sequoia. Now I'm really wondering why power is not available at all on the Sienna passenger seat. Very unusual. I guess so far this is my only gripe with it.

    I just came back from my last visit to the show. After being shocked more times than I can remember (humidity is very low here), I'm sad to leave. I don't plan to go back in the morning as I've spent nearly 12 hours there over two days. Going to take it easy in the morning before my mid-day flight home. Can't wait to see the kids. :)

    Anyway, I met 3 show specialist (1 male [jerk], 2 female) over the course of two days and all three seem to agree that the XLE Limited will come in between $35K - $40K. The don't know for sure but have been with Toyota for some time and in their experience this is their guess.

    I've also added a few more pictures to the photo album for your viewing pleasure.

    Now a question for you all. What is the difference between Xenons and HID's? My wife's ML320 has Bi-Xenons and I love them.
  • Go to the Nissan Quest photo album I created and look at the first photo. The sliding door is touching the side of the minivan.
  • leknlekn Posts: 78
    sequoiasaurus wrote:
    >Now a question for you all. What is the difference between Xenons and HID's?

    There is no difference. HID is High Intensity Discharge headlight, which means the same thing as Xenon.
  • leknlekn Posts: 78
    Here is a short video of the Sienna in Detroit Auto Show. And it demonstrated how the 3rd row folded flat into the floor. For some reason, the high bandwidth version does not work (audio, no video); this low bandwidth version works fine: o/03naias_video_sienna_low.xml
  • kmzg8kmzg8 Posts: 3
    when people buying a vehicle, their #1 concern is, I think, reliability. when they're buying a van, the next thing they'll want is space, then convenience. The Odyssey is/was about the only thing in town. Hence, Honda can create this above MSRP game to strengthen its brand name. Now by the spec. of 04 sienna, the new sienna is catching up w/ the current Odyssey and finally become competitive. By considering that Honda is expected to greatly increase Odyssey's production this year and begain the end of model sales, and that Toyota is trying to beat Odyssey's sales number, I really doubt Toyota will want to jack up the new sienna's sales price above MSRP since it'll only hurt its own profit and limit its sales number.
  • esswebessweb Posts: 51
    Partly because of the Sienna, Odyssey has pushed back production for 12 months.
  • unc8185unc8185 Posts: 33
    I just can't understand why Toyota would not include semi-luxury items such as a power passenger seat. Our current 2000 XLE lacks such a seat as well. There is no reason for such an omission in the top-end line.

    There is a market for a TRUE luxury minivan. I had hoped that this new Sienna would get close to that mark. A Lexus version of this Sienna is desperately needed.

    If Toyota is trying to meet certain price targets, it should concentrate on the lower models. They should let the high-end models be TRULY high-end. A power passenger seat option wouldn't cost that much.

    Mercedes was planning a luxury minivan prior to the Chrysler merger. Unfortunately it was dropped due to Chrysler's focus on minivans. Lexus should pick up the ball and build such a van.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The 4-Runner is a vehicle that you can use as a reference to this, but I would assume that the passenger side front airbag will not have a seperate opening in the dash. The new 4Runner has its passenger airbag deploy right through the dash.

    Hope this helps.

  • I thought that the upper glove compartment was the airbag opening. I can't even begin to see where the airbag would deploy.

    I agree that it's odd that even the XLE Limited wouldn't have a power passenger seat. But I can take a good guess as to why Toyota doesn't do that. I'd say Toyota wants to increase carrying capacity to do that, the passenger seat back cushion must fold flat onto the seat cushion. I would think Toyota could engineer a way to have a power seat that has a lever to manually flip it down. Oh well. (If you'll be the predominant driver of the new Sienna, don't worry! :-D )
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