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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • First, let me say that I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you on this topic. I'm holding a pair of wireless headphones here that were ordered from my parts department. They look like they should fit children from about the age of 5 up to adult with the adjustments they have. They run on 2 AAA batteries that go into the left earpiece. That same side has the push-button on/off button. On the right earpiece is the volume control and power indicator. There is no auto on/of actuator that I can tell looking at it. You do need to make sure that the rear seat audio/entertainment system is on before they will work, however.

    As for towing, at least on Toyota vehicles that I have seen, the Transmission is the strongest part of the whole vehicle next to the engine. The weakest link I've found is the suspension. So as long as you're within the limits, and from the amount of towing that you're talking about, it should not be a big problem for you.

    As for the likelihood of the dealers keeping one or more in stock, that is each dealer's decision. Some will likely do so, while others very well may not. At least initially, it is highly unlikely that they will have multiple trim levels to look at just because of the limited allocations going to dealers and expecially the limited number of some trim levels being produced.

    Hope this helps.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Since there is an interest in what Honda may/may not be planning for the Odyssey, I have created a discussion specifically for that topic.

    Honda Odyssey Owners: Future Models

    Please go there to offer comments/observations about Odyssey's future.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program....

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  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    I had to have an appendectomy Sunday and I missed 132 posts! Ya think folks are gettin' a little giddy?

    But I digress - we are all in the same "hurry up and wait" mode. Remember the simple facts:
    • Only the BASE PRICE OF THE BASE MODEL has been released
    • What is in the brochures can be changed at any time
    • Sequoiasaurus and Toyotaken are the best!

    Relax and wait... BTW - I have gotten a call back from a Honda dealer that wants to talk about an Ody LX?!?! I wish I looked forward to buying a car like I look forward to football season!
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  • Does anybody know the size of the factory installed dvd screen? I am trying to decide getting a factory installed dvd system vs an after market dvd entertainment system.
  • FYI, and FWIW: The headphones that were in my van at time of purchase did have auto on/off actuators built in to one earpiece. One pair was broken on delivery, and the replacement from the parts dept has no actuator. The actuator doesn't work so well on little heads - another reason we often end up listening to Aladdin on the JBL 47 times in an 800 mile trip. Ever so slight exaggeration, but you parents of 3 and 4 year-olds understand :-)

    Larry R
    2002 Sienna XLE
  • Thanks for the note about #891. I realize now that I must have missed about 10 posts that day and didn't catch that one.

    Busy now but will return later on that subject.


    Bowellville Garage
    Toyota Minisite
  • Talked to a dealer in the mid-atlantic region today. He said that they received their 2004 Sienna allocation list today for March and it
    consisted of several LE models and XLE models. I don't know how reliable this information is.

    - Kevin
  • Could anyone explain the tray vs. console in between the 2 front seats? It seems like the CE, LE and XLE Limited have the tray that folds down while the XLE has a console. Not sure but something like that, but it did not make a lot of sense. I like the idea of the drop down tray like the older models and Kia have for easy access to the back seats. I also thought about putting the video on it if I do not get the built in.

    I am still hopeful that Toyota does not take lessons from Honda on the mark up from MSRP. I understand Supply/Demand very well. However that is why many of us could not swallow the Oddusee last year. Out of 5 Honda dealers I would only consider buying from one. On the other hand I bought a Tundra in 2002 and there was only one dealer that made my skin crawl. The Honda dealer who told me the EX was "safer" because the alloy wheel had a "lip" that kept the tire from coming off with a still calling me. What about "no way" does he not understand?

    It has been a long time since I have waited for any vehicle to hit the market with this much anticipation. Maybe never! I just hope it is now "a good value". Toyota is usually true.

    Please Be Cheep!
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    The centre tray was basically an idea introduced by Honda (CR-v and odyssey) and is on the lower end models. It gives you the convenience of having it upright or folding it down to allow for passage to the rear.

    On higher end models the tray is repalced by a console which probably has more space to store stuff without it being exposed. This console can be removed and installed between the second row seats as well.

    The last month or so has seen some incredible amount of info being posted and shared. nearly 9 months ago i had the honour of posting the first message and what we knew back then is more or less bang on. This is also message # 1000. wow. Keep up the great work especially Jack & Ken
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    does anyone know if the AWD versions will have traction control and stability control or are these available only on the front wheel drive versions. My x-type has AWD and the difference on hard pack snow and ice is huge with the traction control/stability control on versus off
  • wardewarde Posts: 26
    Okay I know that this is completely off the subject, just find is amusing. I have been checking the other boards on future mini vans to see what is new. I know that the sienna is close to making its appearance, but the other vans that have announced redesign have 11 or 15 posts. It is interesting how no one is interested in them, not even to post what they want. I did find it funny though that Ford is renamming the Windstar to start with a F. They are trying to rename all their vehicles to start with F's except the Mustang and the Thunderbird. Silly I thought.

    Okay back on subject. As to one of the earlier posts, I think the mark up will depend on the dealers and your area. A few people have posted that their dealer said that they would not mark up. I live in the Northwest and our dealer said you bet it will be marked up, a long with all the others around here. But the mark up will only last a few months until they get a stock in, then they will deal. What can you expect, you have 1 van and 10 people who want it. Our local dealer said that they have 12 people on a list to view the first one that comes in.
  • I noticed yesterday that we were fast approacing #1000. I took the time to see who actually made that first post and noticed it was you. What's ironic is the post is almost dead on with what we now know about the 04 Sienna. Good Job and Congrats on being 1000 and hanging around.

    Table/Console- deepan is right with what he said also note that the XLE Limited has the option of having either or and the table version is wood. That should be interesting to see. Course I believe I would prefer the console for extra storage.

    Bowellville Garage
    Toyota Minisite
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    In all fairness, the other pending release of new mini vans are not until the fall.

    From what I am reading the ford and Mercury will be a step-up in trim levels.

    The sienna is the first of this generation.

    I would expect that Honda's next version will be excellent. If trim levels are not there, then look for an Acura. While the high line divisions have yet to introduce a model, if the demographic are correct, then Lincoln, Caddy, Acrua, Lexus etc. will follow suite. I have not read anything to this effect as of yet. As I said, this would be based on success of the new vans and demand for such additions.

    The largest segment has been on the lower end. But empty nesters whom in the past have taken to the highways in LTD's, are finding minivans comfortable, spacious and good MPG. They might demand more luxury. Could high peformance be far behind?
  • Working here at my desk I just realized that I had a dream last night that I got my March issue of Car and Driver and in it was a 6 page test drive of the 04 Sienna. My first reaction was to get it posted here! Wow! Now I'm starting to dream of this place!

    I gotta get a way. lol NEVER!

    Bowellville Garage
    Toyota Minisite
  • Does anyone know the model years of the current generation Sienna (YYYY - 2003)?

    What about he Previa? What model years were they produced?


    Bowellville Garage
    Toyota Minisite
  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109
    Previa '91-'97
    Sienna '98-'03
  • Does anyone know the model years of the current generation Sienna (YYYY - 2003)?

    What about he Previa? What model years were they produced?


    Bowellville Garage
    Toyota Minisite
  • The new Sienna will be a total disappointment, and will tank bigtime in the marketplace. Ford, Nissan, and GM vans will be the hot ticket. Spread the word far and wide, say nothing good about the new Sienna. Every unsubstantiated rumor, every scare tactic, quick, post them on every bulletin board. AWD is totally unnecessary, who cares about split folding seats, etc. etc.

    Especially, everyone please trash the LE AWD w/ BI package in Stratosphere Mica! Who wants ugly dark blue anyway? Then, as chaos takes over the marketplace and the Siennas start collecting in dealer lots, I will walk in on the last day of the month, my fear-inspiring folder of net-collected data in hand, and the salespeople will bow down before my awesome negotiating skills and I will get a Sienna below invoice...

    ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

    Yeah, right.

    There are few comments being posted on the other van boards because the new Quest is ugly, and because the current Ford and GM products are uninspiring and don't generate a lot of brand loyalty. If anything concrete were known about the new Ody, OTOH, I'm sure that board would be active as well.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    Jack thanks for the compliment.

    This was probably the first crack by toyota for the NA market

    i still see them in decent shape running around
  • leknlekn Posts: 78
    kssod wrote:
    > does anyone know if the AWD versions will have traction control and stability control

    Yes. In fact, you cannot order AWD without them. Sienna's AWD system depends on the traction control system to make it work. And the VSC is standard on the AWD as well.
  • There are two of these on my block!

    Edited to add: Both of them are running and used daily by their owners.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    The true competition will come from incentives. big 3 (ford, gm, chrysler) have made comsumers dependent on incentives. while sienna charges MSRP+ the others will offer 0-0-0- to get market share. GM has announced even with incentives it's making a profit and market share. sooooooo that's a big incentive. We are hot for the sienna BUT the rest of the van world has to make a decision based on monthly payments. this may work against toyota charging big $$$$ and no discounts. I suppose that detroit will try to steal it's thunder and honda wants to crank up the production as it realizes that product to market makes the market. You'll see pressure on honda and others especially as others declare the new vans planned. toyota loves the idea of "best, most wanted, most sold" they want market share from honda and others. Soooooo vans to market will be pushed. the first buyers may wish to heed the above. wait till june as production ramps up, others are announced, and as more and more consumers rely on the internet, websites will start talking about new models, detroit will talk of incentives so their vans don't lose momentum, Honda, you'll see start to make deals and production increase. I personnaly feel HOnda looked at the market saw a void and milked it. the void is closing. but both must face big$$$ incentives from detroit. as incentives continue this only RAISES the opportunity cost of buying a 04 sienna. watch out new early buyers.


    THe real cost is not MSRP, but with incentives, 0% etc, the sienna feature for feature may be as much as 5-6k MORE compared to competitors. Toyota realizes that vehicles are very price...monthly payment sensitive. HOw do you think honda and toyota will face this reality....AND DON'T SAY "LET THE CONSUMER EAT CAKE" that will fly for the first few, then you'll see these forum post show weakness in price. YOU'LL SEE!!!!!
  • dyh555dyh555 Posts: 30
    Have you seen honda ODY come down in Price since 99 even with incentives from big 3 and sienna 03 well below Invoice?
    good luck trying to find a deal on 04 Sienna..
    I should have one by Apr 4th!
  • ash21ash21 Posts: 10
    Prices did not come down on Odyssey because there was no competition.. period. Honda does not compete much with domestics. Why Toyota bought an Odyssey to look at... because thats their real competition. There is a segment of market which buys Hondas and Toyotas and there is a segment which would not even consider these vehicles. Prices on Ody will come down as soon as new Sienna hits the market, if they have not already started to come down. Same goes for Sienna after initial hype.

    Most of the people don't think too much when it comes to buying a car, generally they walk in a dealership and try to deal as much as they can and go home in their new car. Those who are involved in this discussion and who see these posts think that this (like release of new Sienna)is a big news (deal), generally speaking rest of the world would hardly notice.. cars change models every now and then... that's all it means to them.

    I have said this before, this is just a family van, not a limited release of TBird, or ZX or whatever...there will be plenty to go around, if you are smart enough to read these posts, then this should be easy to figure out.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Will pay handsomely for the worm...Toyota's market share and penetration. THe early buyers will help pad the dealers profits. Early steep prices pad dealer profit helps those of us who wait for reality...patients will pay'll see. I'll wait and post my price I'll bet mine is lower than yours. Those who pay full price or premium allows dealers to offer better deals to others especially as new honda and others come on line why do you think they are introducing this van now...don't you think they know what honda and others are doing. Let's fill that void. pay the premium.....p-l-e-a-s-e.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    IF demand is high, you'll pay msrp. If not, you'll pay less.

    Obviously in that situation there are enough buyers that feel even at msrp they are getting a good deal. Some people would rather spend more and enjoy than save and not have the right vehicle.

    Some of you will agree, some will wait before hell freezes before you pay msrp.

    Momma always said "you'll never regret making the quality choice."

    Of course if the Sienna turns to be a lemon, then its the worst of both worlds.

    Its not a matter of right or wrong, the market will determine what will happen.

    I thought the honda msrp was very reasonable from the start. Having not shopped one I cannot comment on the experience.

    GM Vans sell because they are priced well. I don't have a problem with pricing of them. I would expect a big discount on models that don't sell well. They don't sell well at the msrp, that is why the market decides their value. Then they sell lots of vehicles at lower prices and do well. A real estate agent once told you can sell anything at a low enough price.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Toyota pricing of the exciting 2004 Sienna CE is very aggressive (appears to be $1000 LESS than the 2003 Sienna CE). Maybe Toyota is VERY serious about "Camry status" (BEST selling vehicle) for the Sienna after being a has-been in minivans for too many years.
    .....Now, let us just hope Toyota dealers do not get smug, greedy, and apathetic as Honda did with the HOT 1999 Odyssey. I still won't consider an Odyssey because of the rude, arrogant Honda salesmen and their GREEDY dealerships.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132

    Didn't realize there's a competition to have a bragging rights of who paid the lowest price for the 04 Sienna per the previous post.

    So should we start a new topic called "Can you beat my price on the 04 Sienna"?

    As by definition I would think this discussion board will need to migrate over to something else as the "future Sienna" will become the "present Sienna" in 2 months.

    Personally, I'd like to see "How much are you hoping/willing to pay for your 04 Sienna"? It'd be something like "Dear Santa, I'm hoping to get a 04 Sienna XLE with the following options, in Silver or Sand color, and hoping to pay only $X over invoice with expected delivery by July."

    Any other ideas for new topics as we wait for the prices?
  • GM, Ford, and to a lesser extent Chrysler, can't stay alive in the market with only incentives. It always comes back to whoever has the best product with a reasonable price. Incentives can't take the place for quality and reliability.
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