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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    I can't believe what you were told. My pads and rotors were changed by the dealer during the free 50K service period. I'd go to another dealer maybe, but if you consulted Audi Customer Service and received that answer, perhaps I was lucky then.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I could see the rotor not being covered (though BMW does cover it in their service program). However, with the excessive heating from the pads, you have an argument that some defect in the brake system led to the excessive heat. This defect caused the rotors to run hotter than normal and led to the warping.

    Be civil, polite, and professional. It gets you a lot further. :) Let them know you understand their position, but emphasize that you wouldn't be asking for this if they had been wearing normally. This situation definitely sounds like abnormal wear.

  • wattson1wattson1 Posts: 15
    A6 and S710a do NOT at all.

    i am going to try the siemens
  • wattson1wattson1 Posts: 15
    just returned my S710a. di dnot sync with Audi A6 on bluetooth. Great phone, lot of features but ...
  • mdavis1mdavis1 Posts: 1
    I am steamed! I have an Audi A6 3.0. Recently found absnormal tire wear and took the vehicle to the dealer for alignment. They couldn't get the rear end back to align within factory spec. Service Manager was sure it was a defective part as there had been no impact, and he had seen it before on other new Audis. He called the factory rep, who refused to honor the warranty. The factory rep (who never looked at the car) said there must have been an impact.

    The Service Manager called me, told me he was shocked by ther response and suggested I call Audi Customer Service. I did, but after a week and a half's run around they told me they would never over-rule the factory rep.

    I love the car, but I will get rid of it, never buy another Audi product, and make sure everyone I know learns of my poor experience. I am the oly one who has ever driven the car and attest to the fact there has been no impact. They basically are calling me a liar and the Service Manager incompetent, on the basis of someone who hasn't even bothered to get off his butt to look at the car!
  • duffy4duffy4 Posts: 18
    The advance key worked for 500 miles, and stopped. I had it repaired and it worked for about 1000 miles and stopped again. I have 750 miles before my 5000 mile visit and will get it fixed again.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531

    It appears your car is a lemon. Have you looked into your state laws in claiming it as such? You should be able to get AOA to buy it back or replace it for you if its had so many repairs in just over 2 years...
  • scubadavescubadave Posts: 1
    My engine sounds like an air raid siren :mad: any ideas :confuse:
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    If you have run your oil level low, your turbos could be "cooked". The oil feeder lines to the turbos could also be obstructed and/or have come loose. Any oil on the garage floor?

    That "dentist drill" noise could signal turbo failure. You didn't mention how the vehicle is running. Also, turbos have to be replaced in pairs. $$$$$$
  • It is likely a fan problem. I had to replace an aux fan component (under warranty) - siren noise went away (on the allroad, which has since been returned off lease). May want to search on audiworld - quite a few siren-noise postings - many fan-related, some turbo problems.
  • rplrpl Posts: 2
    a totally unreliable car; great ride, comfort. looks, acceleration, mileage; the 2003 isn't any better - RPL
  • my headlights, air conditioner, turn signals, winshield wipers, and horn all do not work at the same time... the corner lamps light up, and for me to drive at night, i have to pull back on the high beams to have light to annoy opposing drivers... i'm not sure what the problem is... i've been told that it might be the ignition switch??? i don't know... the problem happened once in the past, but worked fine after a day or so... but now it doesn't work, with it working once for a few hours the other day... what problem could this be? if anyone knows, please reply! i will greatly appreciate this!!!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Brake rotors have been practically THE ONLY issue I have ever had with our 28 Audis since 1977.

    My 2000+2001 A6 4.2's combined had the rotors replaced 9 times (free).

    My 2003 allroad was turned in with 46,000 miles on it and original everything (insofar as the brakes were concerned.)

    My 2005 A6, at 2,000 miles has the best brakes of any Audi I have ever had and may have the best brakes of any car, period, I have ever known.

    The 1998 - 2002 A6 based cars seemed to be fraught with terrible rotors. Even my 1997 A8 went through two sets (also free).

    Oh, I forgot -- the other item that seemed to be unreliable and expensive (but always paid for) was the power steering column -- my A8 had three of them, my first A6 4.2, one and my 2001 A6 4.2, two.

    I see that the Audi Advantage has been dumbed down -- Mercedes no longer offers free maintenance and BMW's program means, to me, NEVER EVER EVER buy a used one (15,000 oil change intervals --- please!)

    These all inclusive warranty programs must've cost a fortune. Having said that, I think Mercedes gets around their current way of selling cars by offering the "Audi Advantage" (from yesteryear) as an extra cost option.

    Frankly, I'd be happy to pony up a little bit for the lack of the "$80 wiper blades" and the $400 rotors, etc.

    My understanding is that you can get ONE set of replacement rotors (within the first 12 months) then it is considered wear and tear.

    Even the new Audi Advantage won't cover wiper blades after 12 months. Gone are the days of three new sets of wiper blades annually. I don't know about your experience with German cars, but every little thing on them is BREATHTAKINGLY expensive!

    I love Audis, despite some of the horror stories here -- but the ONLY way to afford any European car (based on what you read) is to lease them regularly -- and never buy them. Kinda like computers -- my customers are always planning their new replacement IBM servers (and 99.9% of them are leased).

    I read that Audi is at a point where nearly 1/2 of its customers lease. I suspect this is true for BMW and Mercedes, too.

    You've been warned. :shades:
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Where does it say that about wiper blades only being replaced once. I believe you but if they were going to cut something out, that's a cheap one to leave out.
  • duffy4duffy4 Posts: 18
    What gives? On my 2001 A6 wagon the steering wheel moans when I turn to the right. It goes away when the car is warm. Should I be concerned? I checked the steering fuild and it is ok
  • h3_navh3_nav Posts: 1
    I seem to have a clear/oily fluid leaking from about the middle of my 1999 A6 Quad between the dual mufflers. I don't have access to a lift and the dealer says noting is leaking; yet there is a puddle under the car about 2 in in diameter everytime I move car. Any thoughts?

  • My 2003 Audi A6 with 41K miles and no maintenance problems to date suddenly and without warning shut down while I was driving. Fortunately I was in jammed traffic at a light so no one hit me. The initial computer testing showed nothing and my car is now at the dealer for diagnosis and repair. This incident was so strange and potentially dangerous that I am concerned. Has anyone experienced a similar incident? Do this year and make have any history of this? Thanks, CMiraglia
  • jcarverjcarver Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the source of this problem from these symptons? If so, what solution is recommended, and what are the approximate repair costs?

    Check engine light is on.
    Car after reversing will jolt suddenly when shifting to drive.
    Car not shifting in automatic properly. First gear doesn't appear to work.
    Tiptronic is not working.

    Car has 58,000 miles and has these other unrelated problems. Driver window that sticks at 75% up then reverses, and rapid dashboard
  • cmcvpcmcvp Posts: 1
    This message is to warn any prospective Audi purchasers/leasers about my horrible Audi experience.
    I have never had so many different and major problems with one car, as I have with my 2003 A6 2.7T. I have been back to the service department over 15 times for 12 different problems.
    The horror story started at 1200 miles! I only have 20,000 miles on the car now. Although the following parts have been replaced, I am still having addition problems with the car: left front headlight, turn signal switch, headlight switch, central locking control-3X's, various emission sensors, engine temp sensor-2X's, both valve cover gaskets, both turbos-read remove engine, battery, starter, alternator, remote key batteries-2X's. I could go on and on. The car has been in the dealer's service department for a total of 41 days.
    Before anyone preaches to me about calling Audi of America, the Better Business Bureau, or my local State District Attorney's office, forget it. It's all been done already, to no avail. I just missed the Lemon Law's limit of 18,000 miles/24 months.
    I am writing this message to warn people who might be considering buying/leasing an Audi. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!
    Besides all of the problems I have experienced with the car, Audi of America has been totally apathetic regarding my situation. I had written a very comprehensive letter, including all the service documentation, and requested they either replace the car or terminate my lease because they could not furnish a vehicle free of defects for which I am paying.
    I will NEVER buy/lease another Audi/VW/Porsche vehicle.
    If anyone would like to discuss this matter further, feel free to contact me.
    Oh, if anyone from Audi is reading this, as you had read my previous posts on Audiworld, you know what I want. Just terminate the lease. As most people would agree, it isn't asking too much.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    jcarver - I have the 2001 2.7T w/6-speed so I can't address all your questions but two are pretty close to home. The sticky front window is very possibly a cracked window rail. These are nylon - mine cracked last winter and I had the same symptoms. I could get the window closed with a little push by hand. There are many reasons why the check engine light could come on - my service department old me there more than 1500. One common reason is a loose gas cap. Tightening the cap won't make the problem go away but another fill-up will do the trick. I also had a failed heat sensor that caused the light to come on.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Experienced the same problem, a piece of rubber became caught in the fan blades, must have been a $500.00 repair.
  • rplrpl Posts: 2
    problems never end; service too expensive; left high & dry way too often

    guess the most frequent trade-in for Infiniti in Hartford CT/Springfield MA: AUDI

    tell Audi to take your car back or leave it there after a talk with your lawyer; a credit naughty? who cares if your credit is good; you can enter a rebuttal on your credit reports; secure your deal on a reliable car & dump the Audi
  • I had this same issue as well with my 2001 2.7T. The mechanic said it was the "camshaft chain tensioner gaskets." Cost me over $1200 to replace a $20 part. Why does Audi design the engines such that simple repairs require the whole thing be disassembled?
  • My problem: when starting the car 'cold' - i.e. it hasn't been started in the last 12 hours or so, not that the temperature is cold - the engine shudders and gasps, like there's something obstructing the fuel injector. If I rev the engine for a second it catches, and the problem goes away.

    My mechanic said that Audi has a technical service bulletin on this, and that it recommends checking the temperature sensor as well as replacing the spark plugs and fuel injectors. This will cost in the vicinity of $2000, which is way more than I will spend to fix a problem I can live with. The issue is that I would like to sell the car, and I'm afraid this may make it unsaleable.

    Anyone else have this issue, and come up with any economical fixes?
  • drewarddreward Posts: 13
    If you have one of the newer Audis with the SD card based music system for playing MP3 files you may have noticed that some songs play and some don't. This is a result of some incompatabilites between standard MP3 file formats and the Audi. I have written a program which fixes the files so that they all play you can download the program from Audi file cleanup program enjoy!
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    I have Sprint PCS and have the older Sony Ericsson T608 Bluetooth phone. I can dial calls on my cellphone and when I push talk on cellphone, it works through cars speakers handsfree. I can hang up call from phone by pushing end or using end button on car. But, I can't get my phonebook into the cars system and system won't let me answer a call incoming from car...I have to push talk button on cellphone and then it's connected through cars speakers. Is this a compatibility issue? I went to the Audi site and they say T608 isn't proven for A6...I just figured if the phone is linking up to use speakerphone, it should do all other functions as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  • civic4civic4 Posts: 33
    You can fall in love with the car and continue to pour money into these vehicles only to find that the repairs mount successively upon each other or you can realize that the choice to stay with an Audi beyond its statistical lifespan is not a wise one, better to buy a new one, (obviously an option for those who can really afford these cars), or realize this nameplate is just for those who can afford them. I made the mistake of falling in love with my Audi 90, A4 and A6 4.2, which was recently sold BEFORE the fateful 50K appeared on the odometer. I finally learned that no matter how nicely a car drives, and how attractive it may be, it is only as good as its reliability....and any decision to extend the lifespan of a vehicle that costs so much to repair and breaks again, shortly after that repair, cannot be a vehicle one should ever consider to put in their garage bay. Unless, you are a multi millionaire who can afford to turn your car in every 3 years for a new one. Good luck to all who decide to pour dollar after dollar into these very attractive and seductive cars, but remember, I warned you,....... I was, I own a civic.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Who do you think funds the new beautiful silver remodeled"aircraft hanger" Audi dealerships going up all over the country with a greeter who opens your car door as you pull into the service bay and guides you to the marbled service counter where an employee wearing a tie sitting behind a state of the art computer directs you the waiting area w/ leather couches, wide screen TV, coffee/beverages, internet/fax/phone and even a play area for the kids while AoA uses $1196.00 worth of labor to install a $4.00 gasket (their cost). Now you know why!
  • mchurchmchurch Posts: 2
    Audi has a list of phones that work and what features of the phone will work with the Audi. Some will only allow voice connection and some will not download the phone book. I will tell you that Audi's list is not complete or up to date. I have a new Motorola Razr and all the functions including downloading the phone book, called numbers and missed calls works perfectly. If you must stay with Sprint, and they do not have a phone on the Audi list, go to the store and borrow loaners or demo phones of the bluetooth phones and pair them up until you find one that works. That's how I ended up with the Motorola.
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