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Frontier vs Ranger

scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
edited April 2014 in Nissan
Ok, the battle line has been drawn. Who wants to


  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I don't know if you could compare the frontier to a ranger.The frontier doesn't look like a pickup to me.Ford is coming out with an explorer with a short bed next year maybe those two could go at it.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Frontiers have no agressive styling or character to them. The V6 is a joke, 170hp/200ft/lbs of torque?? The Ranger 4.0 puts out 160hp/225ft/lbs of torque!
    The kingcab is a joke too, no room at all in the back. And what kind of rearends to they have??
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    OK Vince,
    let's please try not to take as much time with this as last time. I'll be brief with the advantages and please do the same,

    All Frontiers have some advantages over Ranger regardless of models compared. Better build quality, less cost of ownership, better ride, longer warranty, larger bed, tighter turning circle and lower price.

    Styling is subjective, but if I picked a truck based only on looks, it would not be the ranger or frontier, probabaly the tacoma or dakota, I like the looks of my frontier better than any ranger I have seen.

    4cylinder trucks;
    in addition to the above advantages, the frontier has 143hp DOHC engine VS 119hp SOHC. THe frontier has a timing chain VS a belt on the ranger. 1400lb
    payload for frontier VS 1260 ranger, 3500lb towing
    for the frontier VS 1380 ranger, bed length 77.4"
    frontier VS 72.00" ranger, also 17.1" tall frontier bed
    VS 16.4 ranger also 41.7" between wheel wells frontier VS 40.4 ranger, (so basically a much bigger bed). Plus more head, shoulder and hip room.
    and 15" wheels VS 14".

    V6 4x4 models;
    more sophisticated engine with liquid filled engine mounts, 105,000 mile interval on timing belt, higher ground clearance, standard ABS W/ G-sensor, better handling, lower price with more standard features, more standard HP and torque,
    even the most expensive ranger V6 has less HP.

    And as much as Vince tries to convince us about ford quality, it seems like every month we see a
    new report on ford recalling a few million vehicles for something or other, also look in the
    news forum here on worst cars I ever owned and count how many fords you see versus Nissans. Nissan also has the first full line of compact trucks, offering the versatilty of the first Compact crew cab in america and the new desert runner V6 4x2.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    If nissan makes such a good product then why is it every year they make some ridiculous vehicle,the extera ,the crew cab with a 3'bed it seems they make gimmiki junk to attract attention, no wonder they almost went bankrupt in the US.they should probably stop making trucks and concentrate on cars
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    actually barlitz;
    Nissan has been doing tremendously well on the trucks, the crew cabs and Xterras have recieved fabulous reviews and tremendous demand that is straining production. People are actually paying OVER MSRP for crewcabs and Xterras just to get one, I think that is pretty good. Also the Crew cab has a 4' bed not 3' and the bed extender gives you a 6' bed. Also the other compact crewcabs that are coming out from folks like ford are going to have a smaller bed also, are they being gimmiky too? If so, no problem, people are buying
    these gimmikky trucks faster than they can be built.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    Well I did read that the new president of nissan promised the company would show a profit after this year, maybe they are a good idea I wouldn't buy one at this point but who knows down the road.I do like the maxima,and I did see a solar yellow exterra that looked pretty cool what are they asking for those trucks
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Your prices for Frontiers have gone up, or is it you haven't noticed? Also the 2.5 4cyl on the Ranger has 125HP not 119, and only has 8ft/lb less of torque than the Nissan 4cyl.
    What is this with 14" wheels? I have 16" wheels on my Ranger??? Also, the Ranger can tow up to 5000 pounds, bud. Because of the 225ft/lbs of torque vs the 200 ft/lbs of torque from the "much more sophisticated" Nissan V6? The 3.0 of the Ranger is more of a match for the Nissan V6. The Ranger also has standard ABS.
    10 less HP from the Ranger 4.0? I have already made that up with my K$N air charger!
    In the NW people aren't buying your Frontiers. I can count on one hand how many I have seen. I have only seen one in the outdoors on real trails, and thats because I took him there with my Ranger! As far as better handling, better check again, the Ranger is known for its ride and handling with its new front suspension. The skidpad rating for a Nissan is .68 vs .76 for a Ranger! better handling, don't think so. Also, check again, the Ford Ranger has 39.2" for front head room vs 39.3" for Nissan, wow a .1" difference! and the Ranger has more leg room 42.4 for the Ranger vs 41.4 for Nissan. The turning circle for a Ranger is 39.4 vs 39 for Nissan?? a .4 difference, not much advantage there. Also in comparison, the 3.0 Ranger puts out 152hp 195ft/lbs of torque and does 0-60 in 10.4 seconds, vs 170hp 200ft/lbs from the "sophisticated" nissan V6 and does 0-60 in 11.3 seconds??? Wow, that V6 is awesome that Nissan builds isn't it? All that sophistication and technology and they can't build a V6 with torque!!
    As far as ground clearance goes, I have 31" tires on my Ranger, no contest, its ground clearance is much more than a Frontier. Also, with the 265 tires Ford offers, GC for the Ranger is closer to 10.3"! Surprise! The Ranger for all its "low technology" still out torques, out accelerates, out handles, plain out does the Frontier! As far as reliability,,, and even consumer reports rates the Ranger very well. The Ranger still outsells the Frontier almost 5 to 1, even after the Frontier has been on the market for 3 years?? Sorry cncman, I will go to the end on this one, the Ranger is the superior truck here.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Well, I don't own a Ranger or a Frontier, but really think that both vehicles are comparable or better than any compact pick truck in every day use or off-roading. I do think Nissan is on the right track and hope they do well this coming year. I did not find the Frontier appealing at first, but then I didn't find it to be bad either. After seeing several Frontiers in my area I like the look in a very positive way. In regards to hp & torque so what if the Ranger has more than the Frontier. Both will get you there and both will get you back. Why does one truck have to be better than the other truck? We all share a common appeal in that we like pickup trucks or drive one.
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    I agree, I will never convince Vince that the frontier is a better truck, because for him it isn't, just like he won't convince me that the ranger is better, because for me it isn't. My goal is not to win everyone over to Nissan, just want to show the advantages of each.

    you keep coming up with outrageous data that I can't figure out where it comes from, my data comes right from Ford and it shows the 2.5l ranger
    having 119 hp not 125, unless there has been a recent change I don't know about. Also I have no idea of which turning radius you are comparing,
    the 4x2 4cyl reg cab frontier has 33.4' VS ranger
    4x2 XLT reg cab at 36.5', extended cabs are, 36.8'
    for the Nissan and 41.6' for the ford. 4x4 x-cab is 39' for Nissan 42.4' for the ranger. So I get a difference of at least three feet up to five feet.
    Also the Frontier does tow 5,000 lbs also, you just don't have to spend more money for extra options with the frontier, and yes Vince you can
    buy performance items like the K&N and larger tires to make the ranger more competitive with the frontier, but I would rather get that advantage right from the factory. I think it is inappropriate to compare a modified ford to a stock Nissan for performance, although this is the only way it comes close. I guess your argument with the sales figures is that "ford sells more trucks than Nissan, therefore it is a better truck" That is faulty logic, the frontier outsells the mazda truck which is really a ranger, so I guess your conclusion would be that the ranger is better than the frontier and the frontier is better than the mazda? I just don't understand your logic. Also I see alot more Hyundais on the road than escorts so I guess that the hyundai is a better car than the escort, right Vince? Also I am glad that you keep bringing up carpoint, if you look, they rate the nissan higher in reliability than the ranger but I guess you forgot to bring this up right?

    also I notice whenever the comparison of four cylinders come up,(which is what most people buy)
    you always try to switch it to 4x4 V6's what about
    the big differences there? The Nissan tows substantially more, carrys more has more Hp and torque and costs less to own, so please tell us how that is inferior? I am willing to admit that maybe the ford is marginally better than the frontier for offroading, because I don't know much about off roading because I use my frontier as a commuter and workhorse. But according to the data,
    even the 4x4 V6 hardly blows the Nissan away. Now
    four cylinders, there is a wider gap in the favor of the frontier. BTW even with a small price increase, the frontier gave you more features for the money and still costs less than the ranger.
    I am kind of dissapointed Vince, you said you had really done your homework this time.
  • finemanfineman Posts: 3
    Here is another question on the Frontier Truck. I am considering the SE-V6 4WD King Cab, but would welcome any advice from anyone out there on towing capabilities of this vehicle. I plan to use the vehicle to tow a horse trailer with one horse approximately once per month for no more than 30 miles each trip over mostly flat terrain. Is this truck capable of towing such a load? Also, can this truck tow this load with a manual transmission or do I really have to consider the automatic? Thanks.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    I totally agree that each pickup has certain advantages, but to sum it up they are both compact pickup trucks.
  • Didn't you guys already agrue about this a few months ago? I don't think the trucks have changed much since then.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Yeah, but as you can see the topic is already dead, guess not many Nissan fans out here? Wow, did I get it going in the Toyota vs Ranger room though.
  • skipdskipd Posts: 97
    I will be buying an extended cab pickup by the beginning of next year and from what I have read and witnessed so far I feel I have it narrowed down to the Ranger/B-series and the Frontier. I visited a friend in North Carolina who owns a Ranger. I spent 4 days with him and we spent a lot of time in his truck. He owns a '98 Ranger extended cab XLT with the 4.0, manual trans., and 4x4 Off Road package. Overall, I was impressed with the truck except for a window chatter when you put down the passenger side power window. From what I understand there is a '98 recall for the problem. I don't plan on getting a power package anyway. I spent some time in the back of the cab of the Ranger on the jump seats and was actually surprised at how much room I had back there. Especially after all I have read about how inappropriate all jump seats are for adults. I plan to test drive some more Rangers.

    I test drove a Frontier the other day and found the engine to be quiet and smooth. However, when I jumped into the back of the cab, I found it to be more cramped and less comfy than the Ranger. Does the Ranger have a larger extended cab? I like the styling of both trucks, but find the Ranger to be a little more rugged looking.

    I plan to get a V6 wth the auto trans. As far as performance is concerned, this is what I have noted from the brochures. The Ranger 4.0 offers 160 HP. The Frontier V6 offers 170 HP. The Ranger 4.0 offers 225 ft. lbs. torque. The Frontier offers 200, however, 90% of it's torque occurs at much lower RPM's than the Ranger. I'm no expert, but it seems that things may be fairly even in the torque dept. between these two trucks. In addition, both V6 engines can tow 5,000 lbs. when mated to the auto trans.

    These are just some things I have noted about these two trucks. Like I said, I'll be in the market for a new pickup in the coming months. I plan to test drive a whole lot more because 1) it's the smart thing to do and 2) it's a heck of a lot of fun! I'll be doing my homework, but I would appreciate any comments, advice, and mechanical expertise from you Ranger/B-series and Frontier owners. Hope this topic grows! I'm enjoying the comments so far, and I'm sure I'll have more questions and comments of my own. I'll be in touch fellas. Until then, take it easy on eachother.

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Skip, as a proud owner of 98 Ranger 4x4 XLT 5spd 4.0 stepside, 18K not one problem, go Ranger/Mazda.
    This is my second Ranger, first went 94K with only regular maintenance and ran fine at trade in.
    The Mazda/Ranger are the best all around truck on the market today.
    The Frontier is smaller inside when it comes to the kingcab versions.
    All I can say is test drive, test drive, test drive.
    Also, the price advantage has virtually vanished over the last year for the Nissan Frontier. If you have any Ford/Mazda questions pop on over to the Ranger room there are plenty of us there to answer any questions. Good luck.
  • hello all, I'll be brief:

    Frontier XE Ext cab 4cyl auto w/air MSRP $16K
    Ranger Super Cab XLT 4 cyl auto w/air MSRP $18K

    Ranger 3/36 bumper to bumper 5/60 corrosion
    Nissan 3/36 bumper to bumper 5/60 POWERTRAIN/corrosion

    tell me, which is the better deal?
  • skipdskipd Posts: 97
    Yes, I do find the Frontier warranty more attractive. The 5/60 powertrain warranty is a big plus. Why doesn't Ford offer that? I like the looks of the Ranger......exterior and interior....better than the Frontier. However, that powertrain warranty for the Frontier is very appealing.

    I'm also concerned over several comments I have seen about piston slap/knocking in the Ranger V6's. Is this occuring in the 4.0's or just the 3.0 engines? When I test drove the Nissan, the engine seemed pretty quiet and smooth. Then again, I don't recall hearing any knocking in my friend's 4.0 Ranger V6 and he seems very happy with his truck. Although, I do recall him mentioning that his warranty stinks and he would have liked it to be better.

    Obviously, there are more Ranger owners than Frontier owners out there which is probably why we hear more complaints about Ford engine problems. Let's face it, no matter what make you decide to buy, they are all going to have lemons here and there. The question is, who keeps these lemons to a minimum? what we need here is to see more comments from some Frontier owners, especially those with the V6. I understand that the 3.3 V6 in the Frontier is the same engine they use in the Nissan Pathfinder. What has the track record been for this engine?

    I mentioned in my previous post that both engines (Nissan 3.3 and Ford 4.0) are very close in horsepower and tourque and both engines have similar towing capacities when mated to the automatic, which I plan to get. With this in mind, lets talk about reliability a bit......shall we? Lets hear the hard facts....not opinions. Anybody done the research?

  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    Hey Skip;
    Good idea, yes the 3.3l V6 in the frontier has been used for awhile in the pathfinder with great success and also in the Infiniti QX4, I have a four cylinder myself so I can't give my ownership opinion of the six, but it is a proven engine,
    105,000 interval on the timing chain, the engine also has it's roots in the old Nissan 3.0 V6 that was used in the old pathfinder and old V6 trucks,
    which even a die hard Ford fan like LWF will tell was extrememly reliable, he had one that gave him great service.
  • skipdskipd Posts: 97
    Anybody else have any facts on the V6 engines?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124,,, just to name a few. The Ranger is reliable and the quality of interior is ranked as the best in many reviews. The comfort/ride of the Ranger is by far the best.
    Type in Ranger on your internet browser and read on!
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    I am shopping for a 4x2 ext cab since my 96 Tacoma got totaled recently. I'm not gonna buy another Tacoma because it's not as well equipped and a bit small. Although its resale value just flat out amazes me. I am not looking at the Ranger/B-Series or any of the domestics. I don't like the weak 4cyl engines, but the 3rd door and quad cabs sure are nice. Compact truck ext cabs are for toolboxes and cargo ONLY, AFAIC, regardless of brand.

    I am, however, considering an F-150 XL V6 5sp reg cab which I can buy for a little over $13K, roughly same as a Frontier ext cab 4cyl 5sp. The final choice will be based on whether I need a work truck more or a commuter. My $0.02.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    volfy, just an FYI, for about $500-700 more you can get the 3.0 in the Ranger/B-series. 152hp and 192ft/lbs of torque.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Glad that you are okay, but sorry about loss of your vehicle.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    Went and test drove the F150 yesterday. The v6 had plenty of power, but the 5sp and clutch are awfully rough (maybe it's new, I don't know). The rental F-150 ext. cab automatic I drove was a whole lot better. I think if I'm buying an F-150 in the future, I'd get an auto.

    Also looked at the Ranger/B-series. Curiously, all the Ford dealers in town also sell Mazdas. I know Ford owns a good chunk of Mazda, but seeing the two trucks side-by-side on the same lot is a little strange. They didn't have a 5sp B3000. I'll find and test drive one to give it the benefit of the doubt. So far on paper, I still like Nissan's use of timing chain and DOHC designs better. Actually, I don't mind a pushrod engine, but the cost savings has to go right back into adding more value to the truck (i.e. better content or lower price). Unfortunately, I didn't see either with the Ford twin.

    Nissan also has better powertrain warranty. Oh well, more test driving to go.
  • skipdskipd Posts: 97
    Any V6 Frontier owners out there with some comments????
  • skipdskipd Posts: 97
    Any 4x4 V6 ext. cab Frontier owners.......
  • skipdskipd Posts: 97
    What do you guys think about the interior of the Frontier vs. the interior of the Ranger? I didn't like the Frontier interior in the brochure, but when I test drove, it was nicer in person. The Ranger has a very nice but different interior as well.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Yeah, get the hint. Very few people are buying Frontiers! Wonder why??
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    well, Vince;
    since this is frontier VS ranger I guess you could also say noone is buying rangers either, also somehow you never mentioned the fact that Nissans
    truck sales were up 45% last month and ford was down .2% Hmmmm. Somebody's buying them!

    skip, it depends on which model you look at, the XE has a basic interior, the SE is more suped up.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    cncman, the sales person comes out. I don't know where you got your numbers from??

    Here are the standings in truck sales from Jan 1 1998 to present. This represents the top 20 from auto If you want the link I will give it to you.
    1. Ford F-series
    2. Chevy Silverodo
    3. Ford Explorer (Where is the pathfinder)?
    4. Dodge Ram
    I will skip some, don't feel like listing them all.
    7. Chevy S-10
    12 Toyota Tacoma
    13 Dodge Dakota

    So, you tell me where is the so called 45% increase??? and the 2% decrease??? The Frontier ranks almost last! The Ranger has been the number one seller for 12 years in its class. I believe after 12 years if the Nissan was so much better the tide would have turned by now don't you think?
    And if the demand was there for the Frontier Nissan now has the cash to ramp up due to its being owned by Renault.
    skip, the kingcab version of the Ranger is larger than the Frontier. There is more space behind the seats for someone to actually sit for a short ride across town. Take a look for yourself.
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