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Ford Escort ZX2



  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    It depends I guess. It seems you tend to group cars by price, but I see these both as perfect competitors to the ZX2 because the fact that they can be compared shows what a bargain it is.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    To me, all 2 liter coupes should be compared. The best performers of the bunch should be singled out and their prices compared. Then you decide if the better performance of the 25,000 dollar car makes it worth the extra money. The Z24 is out of the running instantly - 2.4 liters - different class. It belongs with the Cougar and it's group. My opinion is that the Z24 just doesn't handle like the ZX2 S/R and the extra displacement isn't put to good use, and the price is no bargain. In that class, I'll take the Cougar.
  • Actually gentlemen we are all correct in our evaluations of the ZX2s Rivals. We are simply applying different priorities to the equation.
    I used price, followed by, handling, reliablity, comfort, economy and overall value as my criteria. Then when I designed the page I used that as my guide. Most of us start "the game" with one value as the lead, and the rest follow on accodingly.

    When (and a very big IF) I can go for a second car next year My priorities will again start with price, but the arraingement of my secondary priorities will be different. Then it will be Price, economy, reliablity, comfort, performance, and overall value. Why place performance so low? because my values will be quite a bit different then.

    It may sound kind of silly to analyse priorities this way. However in one form or another we all do this, and we place different values on what is important to us. Those Values can also change rather rapidly according to our current economic and the current position we are at in our lives.

    Ralex in his comparisons prefers to use engine size as his guide, while freddy seems to use performance. Someone else my prefer to use still something else. Again we are ALL QUITE CORRECT in our evaluations. However we are just using different criteria. Next Tuesday I may find an excuse to test drive, and price out a Honda EX. If nothing else so I can honestly add it and my opinions to the list of rivals. One thing I did establish on my list in the criteria, is that I had test driven one (hey, I may not be an auto expert, but I do have my opinions).
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    My ideas aren't very popular with my friends, but I am all in favor of increasing fuel prices. I feel that's what it will take to get American manufacturers to build us some cars that are fun to drive. I would love to have a 1700 lb car with a 1.5 liter 4 banger in it and some honest suspension and steering. Once we get Americans out of their urban assault vehicles and mini vans the Big 3 may find it desirable to actually compete with each other for the small car market. The result of that would be small 4 palce and smaller 2 place machines with small motors but good power to weight ratios and delightful handling. Why should Europeans have all the fun?

    What does all this have to do with the ZX2? Nothing, I just threw it in. I guess it ties in because I was looking for a small sports car when I bought the ZX2. The Z didn't come close to what I was looking for, but it was still closer than the competition in the sub 14K price range. The others were too much like "mini muscle cars."
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I was just talking about the same thing, with the rising gas prices. Let 'em rise, maybe the SUV market would wear down and small cars would be more of a focus here, as in Europe. In fact, what would be really good is if small cars caught on here so well that they start importing more cars from Europe. They have lots of pretty funky little cars, and they really know how to build a sporty compact car.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Great to hear you were thinking along the same lines Freddy. Out here in Pick-up Prairie, KS I was beginning to feel like an alien. I wonder how many pople nationwide share our view?

    Remember the "Mini?" It's my understanding that BMW is going to start producing it. What a sweety and wih BMW engineering it should be awesome (and pricey).
  • Gentlmen you both have very good arguments in favour of small cars; and I couldn't agree more about the cool little econo cars in Europe. However at $1.63 per gallon for regular, and in summer when it hit a $1.98. Needless to say my wallet is starting to moan and groan a little. IT won't stop me from driving yet. However of it rises up to England's $4.Plus per gallon somehow I can't see myself doing much driving at all. My daily commute is about 34 miles a day, and I have an $1150 a month apartment (and no it is not a very swish apartment either). I think you can see where I am going with this. Many little guys like myself are going to get nailed VERY VERY hard if the Gas prices keep rising. As it is now my rent has risen a yearly 2% more than my salary has for the past 3 years. To make this even more dramatic my rent increases are considered low for this area. Somehow raising the Gas Prices for the sake of getting some neat little Zip over from Europe doesn't quite wash too well with me.

    On the flip side, I couldn't agree more with you about the cool little sports coupes and hatchbacks available in Europe. When marketed properly, history shows they do sell over here. Look at the Focus... That is European designed car and it is selling VERY VERY well. The Miata though a product of MAzda I have heard was also based upon a European design. The Accent and even the Metro bare striking similarities to their European Cousins. The Point is ALL of these cars resemble European designs, and they all sell very well here in the states. Even if as in the latter two cases they are not quite as refined or have anywhere near the same performance.

    However in America we also have Oil companies who are in bed with the Auto Industry and they just love gas guzzling monsters. Look at the small vans produced by Vauxhall and Ford in England. These little dynamos get terrific gas mileage are spacious enough for many applications, easy to maintain, cheap to produce, manueverable, and for what they are, reasonable zippy. Here in Fairfax County Virginia where Auto Fleets thrive, the fleets are quite often made up of gas guzzling monster sedans or pickup trucks. In fairness though I have noticed a couple where using Ford Escort Station Wagons and one that was using Accents. I think somehow a business would jump at the chance to buy 5 or 6 cars that average 10 or 15 miles per gallon BETTER than their current fleet.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    North americans can't get out of the 'bigger is better' mindset. Do you know how many people can't figure out why I want a Miata? Its so tiny they say. They can't even fathom the fact that it can still be a good car. My roomate gets insane amounts of compliments on his Solara. While it is a very nice car, it is relatively dull too. Yet it is big and black, so people love it.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I think I will probably end up with a Miata too. I would like to have some other choices, but I'm going to have to opt for a used one - new Miata is a little out of my budget as is the MR2 and the S2000. Of course there arn't going to be many used MR2s and S200s around for quite awhile - so Miata it is. Even used Miatas are rare in this part of the country. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow....

    Just read where the new Civics are longer, wider, more powerful, and have SOFTER suspension for 2001. What a pity.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I noticed that a while ago. Nothing more then an economical accord now really.
  • It shows what a diverse country this is... In the washington Dc Area Miatas are quite common. As is the BMW Z3 Roadster, along with a few other assorted road toys. This I think is one reason I get so many compliments on ZX2. IT looks sporty, doesn't have the Escort Logo and can hold it's own on the roads. Sports cars aside though this area is ruled by Sports Sedans and in particular the Honda line up. I would guesestimate that probably 60 percent of the cars around here are Sports Sedans or gas guzzling sedan type cars, 15% Sports Coupes or hatchbacks, 15% Econo boxes and the remaining 10% are exotics (cars costing plus 50k or more).
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I work for a company whose offices are just a hundred yards from the major highway in this area. I watch the traffic from time to time and recently started to notice the volume of trucks vs cars. Excluding commercial vehicles, a full 50% of all private vehicles on that highway is trucks. By trucks, I mean SUVs, pick-ups, and vans. Only half are passenger vehicles. It is easy to see why pollution and economy laws that choke cars down and give "trucks" a break are essentially pointless. The average number of occupants per vehicle (trucks and cars) is 1.2. Not hard to see why there are fuel problems. Average fuel mileage on these "trucks" is probably about 15 or 16 mpg. I am so tired of people with 30,000 dollar, 4 wheel drive vehicles, that neither haul any cargo, nor get "off road" crying about fuel prices. What a bunch of morons! Do they not realize that every barrel of oil they burn is a barrel less their granchildren will have? Then they cry about their insurance and taxes! For the most part, Americans probably deserve what they get. OK, putting the soap box away now.....
  • About two weeks ago, a customer of my stores with lovely Benz sports coupe (I don't remember the model) saw me getting out of my at lunch. He remarked how they must be paying retail clerks too much money if they can afford a brand new car like mine. Talk about arrogance, and rudeness!!! I just looked a him shook my head and walked away.

    Ignorant imbeciles like him are typical of the kind of SUV drivers you are describing Ralex. The fact that I have been involved in selling cameras in a pro enviroment for the past 7 years and that, I work 50 to as many as 65 hours per week during Xmas. It seems doesn't qualify me for anything. These are the very same twits who raise people's rents so high that can't afford it on the premise that they are raising them to "fair market value". Or as seems more applicable in our current discusion will moan on and on; over how expensive gas prices are while babbling on there new SUVs Cell phone (weaving all the way might add),that averages perhaps 12 miles per gallon. For traffic come to the Washington Dc suburbs, we have the un-enviable distinction of having the second worst congestion in the country (Right behind LA).

    Though I can't deny part of my companies success has not benefited by it. I will say there are far too many wealthy, and out of touch people out there. Sort of like the drip who buys a $3000 camera outfit because he heard it's the best and some pro uses it. Then he discovers his pictures are still lousy. Why? becuase idiot doesn't have a clue about photography and doesn't have the sense to realize that the pro shooter has probably been studying the art for many years. In auto terms it would be analogious to the moron who buys an exotic sports car because it looks good and he heard it's fast. The very fact that he can barely change gears,and has no place to really drive it never figures into the equation.

    So I suppose it's my turn to stop babbling, step down, and go back to my little hole.
  • Freddy it seems more people read this forum than I was aware. I have received several E-mails regarding the Honda Civic EX and Si (As well 2 more asking about the Saturn). So I have now added those cars to my ZX2 Rivals list. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Just as cheap if not cheaper, and it actually is being produced for the next couple of years, unlike the ZX2.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    isn't the R/T Neon coming back?
  • Beanboy, the Neon though it doesn't do a thing for me, is not a bad car. Some versions of it actualy have numbers that can rival and probably beat the ZX2. However, with NO disrespect intended, it doesn't qualify as a competitor for the ZX2 on my pages. The reason is: When I did my car search I was looking for a year 2000 two door coupe or hatchback. Unfortunatly in the 2000 model year there WAS NOT TWO door Neon available. Call me strange but as a single male living on his own with no family to drive around I don't see the need for a Sedan. Even if it is a sports sedan with excellent performance. Sorry...
  • On the way home I called in My Ford Dealer to see if they had any interesting ZX2s to shoot. I wouldn't say I hit jackpot. But I did find a couple of 1998 ZX2s to take pics of tomorrow AND A PAIR of 2001 ZX2s. Guess what they are IDENTICAL to the 2000 apart from the Price. Which was very slightly more. Hopefully by Tuesday night I can have the images posted on my web page. Slim chance does anybody know how accurately produce the Toreado Red without making it look like the Bright Red? I have a feeling capturing this colour will be almost as difficult as the Tropic Green.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Glas you added the EX on, and the SI may be a superier car all around, but it still shows that the ZX2 is one of the best 'bang-for-the-bucks' around.

    I did test drive the SC2, the sportiest car in their lineup, and I don't think it belongs here. It is not a bad car. I t has a smooth quiet engine and drives decently. But it is also nothing more then a 2 - er, 3 door version of any other saturn. It is sluggish, unresponsive, very boring, and lacking completely in any sort of sportyness at all.

    I don't think the Mustang, Miata or Accent should be on a ZX2 rivals page. The Mustang is a Muscle car, larger, focused on large displacement acceleration. The Accent is nothing but an econo-box, even if it is a good one. And the Miata is a true to the bone sports car, and I hate to say it, but comparing it to the ZX2, or any of its rivals, degrades the Miata.

    Lastly, I agree about the Neon. An M5 may be able to keep up easily to a 911 or NSX, but anyone seriously considering the latter 2 would probably not consider the large sedan over the small exotics no matter how well it performs.
  • Freddy thank you, this is the sort of feedback and exchange I was hoping for. The only reason I mentioned these other cars is because so many ZX2ers seem to try and compare there cars to these powerhouses. However I do agree it maybe a good idea to relocate the photos to other areas of the page. I will keep the Accent on the page though as I did test drive one and for a week or two I actualy entertained the idea (mostly from an economic perspective).

    IT sounds as if I may perhaps make a slight revision with this page. Hmmm... Now here is an idea that could make most of the some of the other car fans happy. How about a section covering ALL the cars that I have test driven during my buying process? That way I could include photos of both the Neon, the Accent as well as a couple others. This could then be followed by a dedicated gallery of the cars that most often (and unfairly I might add) compared to the ZX2. The trick now is to make it all work without turning it in to an overly long page. I will have to think about this for a day or two. You may have given me a very good idea Freddy thank you indeed!

    I think though I will keep the Saturn on the pages. If only in response to the 7 E-mails I got asking, and protesting it's omission. For my money though I personaly can't stand the Saturn either. That friend of mine with the Focus traded in a Saturn. In his 6 years of ownership he had nothing but problems, also went to research the car on the net I found similar gripes. I will say the Saturns are not all bad to sit in they can be quite comfortable if you can over the lack of sportiness. If it wasn't for the long term reliabilty issue and performance issuse I would even say it could be nice "plain jane type car". If you elimanate the Ford, Honda and GM lines I think I would go with the Mirage coupe. Though underpowered at least that is close to the ZX2, offers okay power, has fairly decent interior and doesn't look too bad externaly either. I have some thinking to do, and If I am not working next Sunday possible some more shooting.
  • I also meant to add: I too Have yet to find a car in the same price point that can offer the same performance and Value as the ZX2. Others maybe faster, offer more luxuries, or have better this or that. HOWEVER NONE can offer the same bang for the dollar that the ZX2 does. Everynow and again someone seems to chirp up with tales of they have a modified MEtro or something that can beat a ZX2, however the counter to that is what happens when they go up against those same mods in ZX2? Like the fellow who claims to have dropped a Contours engine into the ZX2.

    The point is any car can be modified into something that it is not; all it takes is money and a good garage. However my page is intended for the economy minded new car buyer considering a small sports coupe. As I went through the process twice in one year. I am hoping to show people what led me to the ZX2, and why it is such a good deal. People who are looking at Mustangs, and sports sedans are probably not going to seriously consider the ZX2. IT neither has the Muscle nor the seating capacity.
  • rrhoerrhoe Posts: 7
    I've been following the posts here for a while. Actually, reading them convinced me to buy a S/R model last month. I have the sunroof & premium sound with the 6 disc changer. (couldn't find one anywhere without them) and paid invoice $13,368 minus the $1500 rebate... the sticker was $15,990 and think I got a good deal. (mine is the red color) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone thought the shocks were just a little too stiff for this car?????? I had a 97 Sentra 200SX SE-R a while back and loved it till someone used me for a battering ram. One thing about it I liked was the ride.... much smoother then the S/R. Sometimes the ride just bounces me all over the place on a secondary road. Anybody else think it's a little too stiff? Another question.... anyone have any 0-60 times for the S/R? The tests I remember reading in Motor Trend or Car & Driver listed them about 7.8. Also, is the chip Ford installs in the S/R the same as Superchips sells? Just think of another 10/15 more horsepower in this little gem! There is an article in the November issue of Motor Trend where they slightly modified a Focus (same engine as the S/R without the S/R mods and it still runs like a dog!!!!! 0-60 time is 9.1 AFTER THE MODS.. 9.1 BEFORE THE MODS?????? Also, there is talk of a ZX3 performance model due mid year... and seems that whatever they do to it would work in the S/R! I know there was a turbo or supercharged project car I remember reading about last year so maaaaaybe something will appear! Something else that was commented about here was the rough idle from time to time. I wonder if it has to do with the throttle position sensor? Occasionally it happens to me in the morning. Anyone have any comments about the possibility of boring out the throttle body about 40/60 MM? Had that done to an Accura Integra I had a few years ago.. and it made a difference. I know when Dodge made the 150 horse engine in the Neon, when you swapped out the throttle body from the 132 horse engine there was a gain in h/power. By the way.. the Honda Civic EX can't stay with the S/R 0-60.. nor the old Neon with the 150 h/power engine. Neither of them has the looks of the S/R anyway!!!!!!! By the way, had an encounter with a Civic EX last week (he had the cold air intake & aftermarket muffler and left him without redlining in any gear! One last question about aftermarket parts. Who makes the best mudguards for the S/R besides Ford????? They want toooooo much for them! I did add some red door guards for mine, and they match pretty good.
    By the way... the ZX2 sites on the web have so much good info.... thanks to all of you who have devoted so much time to posting.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Bring that S/R over and I will trade struts with you. I put the S/R through a pretty serious test on a road I run routinely with my ZX2. I felt the struts were right on for the spring set that's in the S/R. It was noticealby more sure footed than the stock ZX2. I have S/R springs and stock ZX2 struts and it results in a bouncier ride than the S/R. The S/R is a pretty good compromise between handling and ride quality. If it is too harsh for you, you should consider a Honda.

    I was wondering the same thing about the SuperChip and the S/R chip. I know the SuperChip requires a premium fuel. What octane rating does Ford recommend for the S/R? Most of the SuperChips benefits only come into play at full throttle. I thought that was unusual.

    Congrats on the S/R. I think you got a great car at a great price. Wish I had waited.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    You know, it just occurred to me, I have a set of softer springs sitting here that will fit your S/R. Make me an offer. They are the stock Ford ZX2 units. In fact, I will trade you the softer springs and a set of struts matched to those springs even up for your struts. What a deal. Your struts for my springs and struts. You get a softer ride and I get a firmer ride - everybody's happy.
  • Well I tried they idea that Freddy gave me but it just didn't work. I did however reword the page covering the ZX2s rivals. So it doesn't sound as much Like I am comparing an Accent, a Miata and Cobra to the ZX2. I also seperated out the images on that page into a gallery at the bottom of it. Additionaly I refreshed the images on a couple of the pages. My next projects for it will be some interior and engine shots. If you are curious about my page...
  • Congratulations on the Red S/R. I keep looking at one at my dealer. There is no way I could afford it, but damn does it look nice. Shortly after I got my Tropic Green one I found a Zinc yellow S/R used with only 1100 miles on it. Talk about cruel injustices. I was never a fan of Yellow cars until I saw that one. IF I had only know it would be available I would have moved heaven and earth to get it.

    For the most part you sailed well over my head went you started talking about "boring out the throttle body". However the mudguards could probably be purchased from an Automotive super store. The ones Ford sells don't appear to be anything special. The same molds are probably used for several cars.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    What were you trying to do that you couldn't?
  • Freddy, You gave me such a neat idea for dividing up that page covering the ZX2s Rivals. It got me thinking why not build a secondary page within the rivals page? Unfortunatly about the only way I could do was to use Frames. Which I have found to be too cumbersome to set up and implement in my simple pages.

    I would like to have been able set up a section with all the cars I have test driven, yet also have the cars the industry and most serious auto enthusists regard as the primary competitors to the ZX2. This though interesting resulted in too complex of a page. There is also the simple fact that I did not have enough images to make it look attractive.

    I am babling a little here, however I am unsure how to express what I have in my mind.
  • When I sent you the picture of my son's car I put your e-mail addresses in my address book. Well tonight I received the virus I love you and did not recognize it since it was out in May. I deleted it but just in case it got sent to my addresses do not open the attachment, just delete it. Hope you did not receive it because my relatives will be getting it also.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Didn't receive it but I appreciate your efforts to warn us.

    Andrew, Boltmom's ZX2 photo would look good on your web page. Of course my Z would look good there too!

  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Instead of making it complicated, you can use the layout you already have - more or less. You have a table divided into two colums right now. Maybe you divide it into 3 columns. One that you consider serious competitors (tiburon, Z24) one that you consider inferior competitors (civic dx, saturn sc) and ones that are probably superior but more expensive (civic si, celica GT). I think the other cars that you generally like (miata, mustang) can go on a different page altogether.

    It sounds like some people want to show their cars off on your page! hint hint, wink wink;-)
  • Never could see the trees for the forest... An old but strangely appropriate comment given what Freddy just said. Though I am curious as to why it was hidden as it directly addresses the competitors to the ZX2. Hmmm I will have to play around with Freddy's idea a little...
  • I was debating about setting up a Readers Gallery. Believe it or not I even went so far as to set up a couple models. With that said I will concede to the masses and try it. At the moment it will be on trial basis, and I reserve the right to cancel it if my space allowance on Netscape runs low, or if it becomes too much work (I do have a 6 day a week full time job you know, and I live by myself).

    At any rate PLEASE READ ALL that I have Posted below. It will take me a couple days to set it all up, and please be understanding if your image isn't posted immediately. I will try to get to it as soon as possible.

    Here is what I need people to do if you want your ZX2 images posted. PLEASE DO NOT SEND photos TO THE E-Mail Address I have On file with EDMUNDS!!! PLEASE READ ALL OF WHAT IS LISTED BELOW and then send the image and the info to [email protected]

    1. An image of your ZX2 under 75k (I will probably scale it down to about 30K).

    2. A brief Description of your Car, and any modifications you may have made to it. Your FIRST Name, and any personal info you want posted along with your cars photo (such as City, State, Age, etc). This includes any webpage links you may want attached to it.

    3. Let me know if you want your E-mail address posted to go along with your car.

    4. A valid E-mail address for me to get back to you at if I have any questions. It won't be posted unless you request it.

    Please also restrict your images to photos of a the ZX2. The pages are about the FORD ESCORT ZX2. NOT the Z24 Cavalier or the Miata or any other worthy car.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) Netscape is a family oriented environment. So as nice as a topless model hang out of your ZX2 would be to see. I have to ask there NOT BE ANY nudity. For similar reasons vulgarity in your descriptions is also NOT appropriate. Use my own personal rule of DHB if in doubt: Damn, Hell and Bloody, but no more.

    Photo Tips and Suggestions:
    1. Blur out your license plate digitally. Remember license plates are traceable.

    2. Try to take the picture on a cloudy day for softer light. Bright sun my look good through the viewfinder but most film has a rough time with the elevated contrast levels caused by bright sun on a shiny car.

    3. If you are shooting with a Zoom Camera, or an SLR try to use a wide angle NO WIDER THAN 28mm. Any more, and it tends to exaggerate the dimensions too much.

    4. Run your car through a carwash before taking the photos. Pollen and dirt show up rather well in photos.

    Again this READERS GALLERY will only be on a Trial Basis, and is subject to how much time I have to spend on the project, and my space allowances with netscape. Please send your images to [email protected], and let us see what happens.
  • Whew I have just received another 12 e-mails about my page and the ZX2. Thank you all indeed for your kind words and suggestions. At this rate I am going to have to see about getting my own domain pretty soon just to fit it all in... I think I have hit upon a workable formula for webpages finally, either that or a very interesting subject.

    Personaly I think it is the subject matter rather than any skill of mine. Now if only I could figure out a way of making money off it. Thank you all again...

  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I would also recommend in terms of taking the photo, if you have a dark color car, it looks really good if you take it at dusk.

    If it really turns into something, let me know if you need any help. I do computer graphics stuff, and dabble with the web, I can probably help you get a flash site going as well.
  • In the model I am preparing I have a little photo tips section, and the best times to shoot is already one of them.

    Latter Tonight and Tomorrow I plan to shoot some more images. This time I am going to try and get a Saturn, a Celica, Mirage Coupe,and perhaps a couple of others that I don't have photos of.

    Another car that I have had some E-mails about is the Volkswagon. None of the current models really appealed to me for looks so I didn't even consider them. How and which models would be the ZX2s competitors? As I never realy looked at these cars I am clueless in what any of the VWs specs are...

    As for turning into something, judging by the E-mails I have gotten it seems to be. I am averaging about 5 to 15 E-mails a day. Mostly just kind words, mentions of there own recent ZX2 purchase, genuine questions about the ZX2, others have been of a mildly constructive nature asking about why I don't have the Saturn or a VW listed. A handfull have been from Wise Guys saying how their Cavalier, Miata, or other car can do this or that to a ZX2. A couple have been from ZX2ers with fantasies about there cars abilities such as comparing it to the Mustang Cobra and honestly thinking a ZX2 can beat one in race.

    There has also been 2 vulgar, and really abusive ones regarding the fact that I bought a Ford, and another for not buying the Tiberion. The later of these two sounded more like a young person's E-mail, but the first was from a fellow who really did sound like he needed some serious counseling for his anger (it's a car manufactuere, and not a religion). At work I have a problem with Kodachrome Film, and Kodak Labs in general, and this guy made my animosity seem almost pleasant.

    Much of this ZX2 page has been a learning experience, but not so much in the way of the car, but actualy learning about webpage design and HTML. For the moment I am just playing and having some fun learning and listening. However as time goes on Freddy I may have to take you up on your offer.
  • Well Sunday Night I have had a marathon session of updating my ZX2 web pages. I think I now have a workable formula covering the different ZX2 Rivals that will even accomodate Freddy :}. On that page I have also increased the numbers of cars listed there also. The Gallery on the bottom has in fact been moved to another unrelated page, and been replaced by another listing of these other cars. Let the hate E-mails start flying again.

    Also to those of you who suggested that I add a readers Gallery; check it out and start sending me some ZX2 images to post.

    My next web projects will in fact be to finally update my NON ZX2 web pages. Though I will be adding a couple more minor ZX2 images fairly soon. These though will cover the interior of the car.
  • Along with Todays ZX2 web project I also Test Drove a 2000 Honda Civic Coupe EX. It certainly is superior to the DX version of the car. The performance was actually pretty damn good.

    The shift seemed to be the most noticable difference between the ZX2s and Civics trans. Very Very Smooth compared to the ZX2. The rear seat also looked to be a lot better and may in fact be considered useable. I also liked the ergonomics allot better. The acceleration and handling abilities the ZX2 and the Civic ARE VERY CLOSE RIVALS, and it seemed to be about the same.

    About the biggest down sides where the price and the fact that when I pulled upto a traffic light. There was four other Civics also waiting for the light to turn green. I think I will stick with the ZX2 over the Honda even if I did have the money they are just too damned common.

    Though I didn't drive it I did look at a Honda Insight. Did I read that sticker correct 75 miles per gallon??? Incredible. It looked like a Civic internaly. I thought the exterior resembled a older model French Car who's name escapes me.

    Also what about the Honda 2000 Roadster. Talk about copying, and doing it one better. I thought it was a Miata on steroids at first. Until I got up close to it and realised it was a Honda. No doubt we will be seeing about 20 of those at every traffic light by this time next year.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I,m amazed there was an Insight on the lot. Our dealer got two and both were pre-sold. Given the current Middle East situation, I would expect Insights to be disappearing right off the trucks. Yes you read the sticker correctly. Gas/Electric Hybrid.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    The S2000 is an amazing car, I would love to get my hands on one. For the price I'll take that over a boxter or Z3 any day without even thinking about it. They are limiting production I believe so we shouldn't be seeing them at every streetlight.

    The Civic EX is definetly close. Acceleration (I found) is notably slower slower, while handling characteristics are quite close. You get a better feel of the road in the Civic, but it lacks the responsive feeling of the ZX2. Both cars really need a new set of tires, and the Civic can really use a set of rims as well. I actually found the gear box too smooth on the civic. I like a bit of resistance in it. I would definetly recommend the Civic over the ZX2 for anyone that wants something sporty but isn't a performance buff because overall it is a better car.

    The 2001 Civic is bigger, heavier, slower, and less sporty then the old one. I havn't driven one yet but I don't think it is as much of a competitor anymore. It seems that every generation the Civics are getting to be more of an economical family car.
  • To me the acceleration felt pretty close to the ZX2. Maybe not quite as fast from a Dead Stop as a ZX2; but certainly more than adequate. IT was night and day superior to the Dx version. Interesting that you remarked about "the feel of the road" Freddy. Because to me the suspension I think is better in the ZX2 than the Civic. To me it felt overly soft and it didn't really seem as if I could feel the road. Granted and to fair about the issue, I only drove the car for about 10 miles and I didn't have the option of my usual shopping center test. I did like the seats in the Civic better than those in the ZX2. They seemed to hold my body just a little better.

    I almost tempted to go back to that dealership in couple weeks and see if I could test drive both the Insight and the S2000. Unfortunatly on all my days from now till mid November I have something planned. Perhaps afterwork one Saturday I could do something though. Point of interest Ralex there wasn't just one Insight; there was two.

    Oh by the way, did the reorganization of my Rivals page accomplish what you where suggesting Freddy?
  • Hey there. Did anyone come do a definative conclusion about the Contour wheels fitting the ZX2? I saw an SVT Contour this past weekend, and man, those wheels look great. And what about those tires that look like rubber bands wrapped around a rim? What's the advantage to that? I bet they're worthless in any kind of bad weather.

    Oh, and my brakes have started to "whistle" lately. Whenever I lighltly press the brake, going about 20-40 mph, they whistle until I let off, or press the brake harder. Is that normal? I would have thought it would take a bit longer for anything like that, especially with a manual transmission. I'll be sure wo ask the dealer about it when I take her in for her first oil change this friday. Later.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    It is my understanding that the Contour wheels will not fit. Seems like the bolt circle was larger. The low profile tires (rubber band wrapped around a wheel) will quicken your steering response by minimizing sidewall flex. They will also cause a rougher ride, cost more bucks and require 16" wheels or 17" if you're really weird. You might get away with a 40 series tire on a 17' rim, but thats pretty extreme. Bare in mind that the less sidewall you have the more prone your rim is to damage.

    The brake noise is not normal. Could be a spot of grease or oil on a rear shoe. Brake fluid? Is the noise coming from the front or rear? My guess would be rear. Does it pull to one side? Is your pedal still up?
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I had brake noise from the rear brakes only a couple of months after a brought the car home, in exactly the same manner, (unless I released the brake or pressed harder) I took it to the dealer and they didn't seem very surprised about it, and replaced the rear brake assemblies.

    photog: It seems a little more organized now, rather then all over the place. I don't know if the type needs to be so big though, it tends to force a lot of scrolling.
  • dmoulddmould Posts: 76
    Hi all. I have been lurking here for a while now. I am considering buying a ZX2 S/R. There is a red one at a dealer here in Ottawa. Went by the other night - it is marked down $1900, and they are offering 2.9% financing. I wanted to know how you find the insurance rates on this car. Have you compared the rates to those on the Civic Si/SiR, or the Integra, or your previous vehicles? Acura temptingly still offers a base Integra RS here, which is priced comparably to the S/R at $22,000 CDN.
    Also, this S/R does not have the CD changer. Do the radio/climate control faceplates on the market really look factory good? How are the stock premium speakers? I'm thinking change the radio to a CD first, and then change the speakers at a later date if necessary. Thanks.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    The Integra RS cannot hold a candle to the S/R, although resale and refinement are better. The RS is not a GT-S. The insurance is not bad at all on the Z's, they are still low hp four cylinder economy cars. You can save a bit if you were to buy a 4 door normal escort, but not much. For the face plate, the only conversion I've seen was pretty ugly, and a rip off to boot. I just use a disc-man with a car adapter kit, which works very nicely.
  • Hmm, bummer about the wheels, though finding someone who wanted to unload their stock SVT wheels might have been a longshot anyway. As for the brakes, I'm glad I asked here first. I'll be sure to press them about the brakes. I have a feeling they'll tell me it's nothing to worry about. Do you remember how long it them to do it, Fred? Thanks.

  • Oh, dmould, just visit your insurance agent's office for quotes. I got quotes on about 10 different cars when I was looking around. Surprisingly, for me anyway, only the Focus ZX3 was cheaper to insure than the Escort ZX2.

  • I agree the RS for overall performance it will hold it's own however barely with the ZX2. The interior refinments are a lot better than the ZX2. I would also argue in favour of it's smoother acceleration and gentler ride. However the ZX2 will out distance the RS rather quickly from the traffic light.

    As for insurance: Granted mine was an 1982 model Acura but my insurance only went up by about $70 a year when I moved up to the new 2000 ZX2. IF you do go for a new Integra I have feeling it would hurt a great deal more. Of course in my case, there is no saying how much it will go up again following my accident as few months back. IF I where in the market for an Integra. I think I would try for the GT-S or perhaps a few other upper mid range cars such as the V6 Cougar or couple others. That new Cougar looks different enough to satisfy my urges to be a little out of the ordinary without being radical.

    The S/R you are looking at Doesn't feature the Cd Player??? The three S/Rs I have seen (two red and one Zinc yellow) all featured the Cd Player. Perhaps the dealer could put one in for you? There again it may end up costing a few dollars more to do it. Not to dispute freddy but it is my understanding there is a kit by Sony, or one of the major Audio companies that looks pretty good. Perhaps an Car Audio Store could advise you better though than me.

    A reader of my ZX2 pages is complaining that his new ZX2 seems jerk when the AC is engaged at speed. Do any other ZX2ers have this problem? On both my first ZX2, and my Current ZX2 when the AC engaged/s there is barely a whisper, and the only apparent changes are that the vents are blowing cool air.

    Thanks freddy you confirmed what a couple of E-mails have suggested. I was thinking about spliting that page into three pages off of the Rivals page. I have also gotten a couple complaints suggesting that the index at the top was a little annoying. I will have to have a think and do a little redesign. I am really trying to make this into the most reader friendly pages covering the ZX2 on the web. The subject seems to be working as does the basic layout the trick now is to continue to refine it.

    Point of interest I have the reader's gallery set up. Many suggested it, but none have contributed towards it. Please send me your photos...
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Web page looking good Andrew, but are you real fond of the flashing text? Only my opinion, but just because there are 64 crayons in a box, you don't have to use all of them. Looks like you have put a lot of work into the site - don't know how you find the time. And yes, I find it much easier to criticize the work of others rather than actually do something myself :)
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