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Ford Escort ZX2



  • boltmom4boltmom4 Posts: 15
    Photog 0264

    That car may be bad luck but you were sure lucky!!

    I remember a long time ago hitting a shopping cart going slow and it stopped me real fast and It felt like I had ran into a wall or something.

    I can hardly believe the problems you have been having lately. So did the guy get away?

    I was hoping to hear that you had won in court not read about another accident. I imagine your parents were just glad to hear that you were OK. We as parents still worry so much about our kids especially when they go on trips.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Do you know those bad dreams where you know it's a dream, and keep saying "it's only a dream I will wake up in a Minute". Thats what I have been going through. The only problem is I haven't woken up yet.

    Yes, unfortunatly the other guy appears to have gotten away. Thankfully as old as I am in my family we all realize that we need eack other to carry on.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I can't belive your luck Photog. Perhaps you have just used up all your bad luck for the next decade or two and it will be smooth sailing once you get past this storm. I don't trust insurance companies at all. I hope yours doesn't run your rates up. Seems to me that your 2000 with only 5000 miles on it should be worth 12,000 dollars (depending on equipment). 11,000 at least. Ford did extend the rebate program yesterday, so you can get $1500 off the new one.

    Glad to hear you're OK. Like Boltmom, I was expecting to hear 'good news from court.' Bad news from the road - man that's a shame. He had thousands of people to pull in front of - why did fate pick you? Not easy, but don't let it get you down. Just apply the appropriate amount of time to the sore spot and it will clear up as soon as its supposed to.

    Sometimes I think a car should have a video camera in the nose, like the old gun cameras on fighter planes. Then morons like your guy could be tracked down.

    I will sell you my '99. No sunroof, but you would love the goodies I put on it. Too bad you are 1000 miles away, and of course mine will have to go next week unless I back out.
  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    Sorry to hear what happened, I understand you, I live something similar with another car. Like you said, it´s like a bad dream.
    But what is really important is that you´re okay, we can´t replace our health or life.
    Think that everything in life has a reason to be, and good things are to come.

    Keep Well
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Thanks everyone for your support.

    Later either today or tomorrow I should know the fate of my ZX2. The state troopers estimated the damage to be about $10,000 worth. The thing that has impressed me though is how I survived with only minor whip lash. Not even a burn from the air bags. On the funny side (I have to try and find some humour in it or I will go nuts) I actualy was kind of curious about what the air bags looked like. Much to horror I now know. God how I hope the car is totaled.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    The car could very well be a write off. On top of the damage, the air bagas are very expensive to replace. Hope that it is anyway, after two accidents the car may just never drive the same. I think its a sign though. Somebody somewhere is trying to tell you "get a yellow S/R" ;-)
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Smitering of great news... My ZX2 is now totaled and I will probably get almost the full retail value back!!! More later on as I discover more information. I probably won't go for a yellow s/r as I won't be able to afford much more than what I have right now. However with luck I can get one with the options I want on it this time.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    An S/R with the Power Group, AC, and 6CD changer is 12,800 wholesale after rebate. I'll bet you paid more than that for the one you just totaled. The right dealer ought to put you in an S/R for 13,300. Something to think about Photog.
  • steve237steve237 Posts: 6
    Ralex - Where did you see that Ford put the $1500 rebate back on? On Ford's website it does not come up and Edmunds has not updated yet. Thanks.

    Photog - You ought to write a book. Reading your adventures is like watching TV.
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Sorry to hear about your trouble. I was in a similar situation to yours 2 yrs. ago...not as drastic..but two accidents and whiplash within 1 month. That is why I traded my first ZX2. I'm glad for you it is totaled. The car would never be the same.

    I heard the VW dealer advertising my 98ZX2 as the "Super Deal of the Day" today....alloy wheels, black, AC, 10 disc CD,power mirrors...$9500. I hope it sells before I drive past it. I'm still sad...but I do love my Jetta.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I saw the rebate on Fords home page yesterday, so I went back and checked it just now. It has been extended from July 6 thru Oct 2. Their web page is pretty crappy, but if you look hard enough it's there.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Steve would you like to trade places with me right now??? Personaly I would be happy to be free of all this crap. I still squeezing my eyes shut hoping I will wake up, and find out it has been some horrible nightmare. Unfortunatly when I open them again I have to face the reality that it's all real, and not a nightmare. In the 20 plus years that I have been driving I have never had or seen such a run of bad luck as this involving a car.

    All told between lost wages, deductibles, extentions on the first rental car it has cost me close $1500 THAT IS NOT covered by any insurance!!! I purchased my first ZX2 as what I thought and still believe to be a worthy successor to my late Acura Integra. So perhaps maybe I should write a book, if nothing else to document one of the most unbelievable chapters in my life and reflect upon in later years when times are tough.

    Despite all the doom and gloom I am strangly convinced that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's just making through the minefield to get there. Why I have the optimism I do not know, as there several known and unknown obsticles yet to over come. Yet for some strange unexplicable reason I feel that I am over the half way mark. Still I would be much happier if I could move on to the next chapter in my life, the current one is getting old real fast.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    I am not too sure how much the insurance company will give me towards the replacement car. Nor am I even too sure how much additional I can afford to spend on the car (not much more if any). I also need to ascertain how long I can keep the this Dodge Neon rental, before I need to give it up (though I will never be a fan of the Neon it is much better than that crappy escort sedan I had the first time).

    At present the 3 cars in the running are:
    A ZX2 (new or used with the right options and low mileage), A Cavalier z24 (the only Cavalier I would consider) and a Hyundai Tiberion (probably too much). Odds are it will be the ZX2, however I will consider the Z24 if the price is right. I did like that one I test drove some weeks back.

    The only definatives at this time are that the car NOT be one of the following colours; Yellow (birds do Love yellow cars), Red (the cops do Love Red cars), brown or copper (just doesn't do it for me), or black (after what I have been going through with my first black car?!?!? yeah right).

    The only real options I would like are power windows, sunroof, and A/c. Anything else is just toffee on top, that I am NOT prepared to pay for.

    So let the search and test drives begin again!!!
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Step up to a used Neon ACR, cheap as heck on the used market ('99s were leaving the dealer new for 11K) and is the best overall performer of the bunch. Adjustable konis for all! No sunroof or power windows from the factory though...

  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    OH NO! not a cavalier! say it ain't so!

    sorry, it's my inborn hatred of Cavaliers surfacing I cant help it. If you like it go for it :-)
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Ditto on the cavalier. Man did you get a brain injury in that last accident? A used Tib would be a nice ride, but if I were you, I would beg, borrow, or steal and scarf up an S/R. Beanboy, does your ACR leak oil? Have you blown a head gasket yet. I heard the reason Chrysler dropped that engine was because of the head gasket failures.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Nope, not yet... DC is fixing them out of warranty for around $100 if one bitches enough. I've got a sedan, so a SOHC motor for me. Both motors had issues. If the head gasket is the only thing that goes after 5 years and 60K miles, that's fine with me. Not a massive failure either if it does go so I've been told, just cuts a little close to a coolant channel causing a progressively greater leak, no warped heads or cracked blocks.
    Haven't spent a penny on it and I'm the second owner (other than tires, air filter and oil changes). Although I think my downstream 02 sensor is on the way out.
    I'll be the first to admit it isn't the most refined econosporty car on the market, but it was my college car so $$$ was important at the time. It corners with the best of them, gets 35+ mpg on the highway, and has some decent oomph when the go pedal is mashed. A '98 or '99 ACR or lightly optioned R/T used can be had for under 8K.

  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Ralex2, it's an old post, but I can't resist, and I'm not really trying to flame, just making an observation here.
    No other 2 liter American coupe can touch it? How many other American 2 liter coupes are there? 1? 2? It kinda sounds like a dubious distinction at best, kinda like being the smartest kid in the special ed class, or the thinnest guy in the weight watchers club.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I was thinking of the Neons, Tiburons, Focus', and also allowing the larger displacement Caveliers, and Sunfires in. Ooops, scratch the Tib - I said American didn't I. Of course if you want to get techhical then the ZX2 is a Mexican Coupe built on a Japanese chassis. Almost pointless to hang a nationality on a car these days. Among the offerings of GM, Ford, and Chrysler the ZX2 is the best bang for your buck under 2.5 liters. Hows that?
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Depending what you are looking for, it is the best bang for the buck including japanese and europeant cars as well, if it is what you are looking for. You can find more refined cars, quieter cars and more comfortable cars, but I think for this kind of price It is pretty much top noch. The only Civic, for example, that can touch it is the SI (SI/R) and it is quite a bit more then the Z.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376

    "I think for this kind of price It is pretty much top noch in the performance area.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Thanks for saying that freddy, best bang for the buck I was going to disagree vehemently with. There are many cars out there that offer about 2 or 3 times the bang for 2 times or less the buck. I agree with the assesment, with the possible exception of the Focus. I think there are a lot of people out there that would pick the ZX3 over the ZX2, although I'd definitely pick both of them ovre the cavalier and neon.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Again, the focus is quieter and roomier, but performence wise its more sluggish and top heavy, overall a more comfortable car, but I wouldn't choose it for the performance side.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    steve 237: ralex is right Ford has extended the $1500 cash back until October. But there is a new deal too. $500 cash back AND .9% financing for 36 months with 10% down. To my way of thinking that's a even better deal. Almost free money. The only problem is that the selection of cars is getting migty thin and NO more orders either. Most dealers I have talked to are anxious to clear them out and many are going @ invoice.

  • dkeys1dkeys1 Posts: 2
    I own a 2000 ZX2 S/R. Anyone who would like to know more, please visit

    Also. Anyone intersted in the zx2 in general should see the forum on There are over 700 active participants in topics from performance, appearence, etc. It is very helpful.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    The above S/R link is fascinating. I think it is in error where the seats are concerned. I may be wrong, but they felt the same as ZX2 sport seats to me. NR whiteface guages look great....where do you get 'em?
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I should have lookd first. NR Gauge faces easy to find - just go to Price is just $129 - not bad. Now to research the installation.
  • boltmom4boltmom4 Posts: 15
    It is harder to look around and everyone is so helpful here and all together not so spread out. We get to know people and feel for them like photog. Hope everything works out for you photog. My son was lucky they furnished him a car while working on his since it was under warranty not in a wreck. He liked his neon except he had it in for repair every so often and they kept replacing a spark plug. They did that 4 times so at 34000 miles he decided to trade it off. His car was green and it looked pretty good.
    Whoever got his car must have taken it in again because they called us one day and said your car is fixed and I said we do not own a neon, we have a zx2 and they never called back so they must have gotten it straighten out. Probably only replaced the spark plug again.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Well unless I find something else more appealing it looks like it will be a ZX2 again.

    I paid a visit to my original Ford Dealer, and to a Chevy Dealer. The only thing the Chevy dealer could offer me was base a model Cavalier. I too share a dislike for this car, though I do respect and rather like the feel of the Z24 Cavalier. I Also I didn't click with the personality of the salesman. He kept trying to compare the options and luxuries of the Cavalier to the ZX2. He didn't seem want to hear that though the Cavalier does have better options, it is seriouly lacking in performance. I like the soft life in a car, but performance comes in ahead of luxuries everytime. IT is interesting to note that even on the Chevy web sight they compare the ZX2 to the Z24. Which is clearly in another league of performance and price.

    At the Ford dealer the prospects maybe a little better. I am currently begining the negotiating process for a white ZX2 fully loaded. At the moment we are at $13,700 for a fully loaded ZX2. However I would gladly trade the Automatic trans for Anti lock brakes. I told him if we can get down to around $12,000 on this car or a similar car with the A/C, Sunroof, convienance package, and the power group we might be able to do business. We will be discussing it in greater detail on Tuesday. I don't realy care about the auto trans. Cd Changer with prem sound; and the anti lock brakes are rather nice they are not a requirment. As I said before, everything else is just toffee on top. Odds are good I am shooting for the moon, but it is worth the shot. I will find out on Monday how much I have to play with after the settlement of my totaled car. I am going to have to put some of the money towards all these massive bills I have incurred. Cross your fingers for me guys...

    Oh and Ralex, the S/R I spoke of a couple of posts ago is going for $13,900 after the rebates. Though I did breifly entertain the thought, I realy do get nervous of Red Cars.

    Another Car I am thinking of is a Silver 98 ZX2 with 21,000 miles. It has a manual trans, antilock brakes and all the trimings. HOwever correct me if I am mistaken, but I think $10,000 seems a bit high for this. When I can get a new one for slightly more. I will be seeing the dealer tomorrow night (saturday) to discuss it in greater detail.

    Sorry Beanboy with no offence intended. The Neon is definately out. I had one for a day and couldn't stand it.

    On an unrelated note I saw a limited edition Cobra R outside the show room. Apparently it is only one of 300 made. Very impressive to look at to be sure, and with a price of $54,000 I am positive it is a steal. Curiously though NO Where on the car does it mention Cobra, apart from on the Sticker. I thought that was part of the Cobra mystique? In my case though the funny impression that went through my mind was, "what all that and no sunroof?"

    I think you maybe right Ralex; that last wreck may have rattled some brains around, it would explain a great many things. Another idiotic idea I even considered briefly was putting in for a part time job as a car sales man? Very stupid I know...
  • chris562chris562 Posts: 1
    I test drove a ZX2 SR today and I'm in LOVE!!! I have also test drove the new Celica GT, Civic EX, Cav and Sunfire. I'll say this much, the ZX2 isn't the car I thought it was. The SR package is awesome and the car cornered like a dream. The only complaint I really have about the car is the wimpy interior, no excitement in there. I must say, the SR is the best of the bunch for performance and value. The only reason I didn't buy the car is the fact my wife said it was too loud because of the borla exhaust. She vetoed the damn thing right off the bat. She wants the celica, we are majorly clashing here. Can anyone give some points for persuasion?
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