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Ford Escort ZX2



  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    I am not a shrink but I think most men go through a little of this. I suppose it's just the male puffing out his chest and trying to pretend he is not puffing it out. Naturally most of you women can see right threw it though and usually put us in our places pretty damn fast. We males really do need to work on that. Or at least learn some better excuses. My Ex used to give me points for creative excuses. After all how many gallons of milk did we need? Especialy when she was lactose intolerant. However in my own defence she never complained when she needed to borrow one of my Vehicles for driving in the snow. She always wanted to drive my Toyota Truck because it was 4 wheel drive, and I always got stuck driving the Tercel. I thing I got the better deal though because the Tercel was better in Ice. Not that the Acura was any to complain about. This was proven following the death and sale of both of those cars several years later.

    Ralex you found 45 s/r ZX2s?!?!?
    I didn't think they would allow that many to gather in anyone spot. Here is an idea, go visit the dealer who was jerking you around. Just to show off and generally annoy the hell out of him. As a salesman I can tell you nothing could aggravate him more. I have had people do that to me with camera sales, and if I have lost the sale because of my own incompetance it makes it so much worse. I once had a funny complaint filed against me by a competitor who works commission. I was causing too many of his customers to return their purchases from him. And it was costing him money. The reason for the returns was that I was playing it straight and they where not.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    The 45 S/Rs are spread out across KS and MO. My dealer will work a deal for one off another dealers lot and still beat the guys in Joplin.

    Thie first trip I take will be to the Joplin dealer and I will make damn sure he understands its Yellow, they are available, there is no 1500 dollar "limited edition" fee, and I will tell him exactly what I paid for it. Then I will repeat my little horse and pony show for the Sales Mgr.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Damn how I envy you right now. To be in your position to dictate terms for Exactly what you want I am turning green with envy. Are you going to keep your existing ZX2 as a back up car, or are you going to sell it?

    When you get your new toy visit the original dealer like I said just to rub his nose in it. I would if only because I am a saleman too and like to aggravate my own kind. The difference is I sell photographic gear rather than cars (thank god).
  • twig93 wrote:
    >today there is drops of sap all
    >over the trunk. HOW DO I GET RID
    >OF IT? Do I just wax it out?

    I have no special trick on removing tree sap, but I will say that having a good wax job on the car will make it much easier. I have gotten a bit of tree sap on my new ZX2 twice since I had it and both times I was able to just wash it off without too much problem. I believe this is do to the wax job I gave my Z when I first got it.

    It was a thorough 4 step process using only Meguiars(a leader in car waxes) products. I first washed the car using Meguiars shampoo and conditioner(yes, it's really called that! :) ,then put a coat of Meguiars Clear Coat Surface Prep & Swirl Reducer on, then two coats of Meguiars Deep Crystal Polish, then three coats of Meguiars Gold Class Clear Coat Car Wax.

    And thereafter, each time I wash it, I usually find time to throw a coat of wax on at least part of the car. eg: I'll wax the hood and roof one time... And the next time I wash it I might wax the trunk and doors... And so on. Re-waxing the whole car after each time I wash it would take way too much time, but doing parts every now and then after a wash is much more manageable.

    Anyways, as far as the tree sap goes... Keeping a good coat of wax on the car will make a big difference. And it doesn't have to be the multi-step process of waxing that I use. A simple one-step all purpose wax like "Meguiar's Cleaner/Wax" is great too. It's a one step process and it's easy to work with. (Easier than the Meguiars Gold Class wax I use on my Z) . I've used it on many cars with great results. All of Meguiar's wax products are non abrasive by the way. No worries...

    As for the sap that's on your new Jetta TDI right now. If it doesn't wash off with warm soapy water, a normal wax should take it off with a little bit of work. If not, try something like Meguiars Clear Coat Surface Prep & Swirl Reducer(a type of mild NON-abrasive paint cleaner).

    Good luck...

    Kevin - [email protected]
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    The Swirl Remover is abrasive - it wouldn't remove the swirls if it wasn't. I have used it on paint touch ups to remove the scratches left by 2000 grit sandpaper.

    Photog, I will trade my green Z on the new one. Not rich enough to keep them both. Just thought of something I wish they had left off the S/R. Did you notice the chrome coffee can exhaust tip. Looks like aftermarket Honda Civic stuff.
  • ralex2 wrote:
    >The Swirl Remover is abrasive - it wouldn't
    >remove the swirls if it wasn't. I have used it
    >on paint touch ups to remove the scratches
    >left by 2000 grit sandpaper.

    You managed to get "MEGUIARS Clear Coat Surface Prep & Swirl REDUCER" to remove scratches caused by sandpaper?! For me, it barely has a visible effect on even the lightest swirls. It mostly just seems to remove contaminants from the paint. Which is the reason I use it.

    I guess you're right though, it must have some abrasiveness in it to work as a swirl reducer at all. Though it must be extremely minute traces at best. Certainly nothing like an old rubbing compound or something. I can't imagine how much would have to be used and under what pressure, to really be abrasive. A friend of mine has a red 95 Probe GT(nice car by the way) that he has used this Meguiars Clear Coat Surface Prep & Swirl Reducer on every spring(and before that line came along I believe he used the Deep Crystal Cleaner) since he got it and the paint still looks brand new.

    Meguiars does have a whole line of cleaners that are billed as having 'buffered and diminishing abrasives' in them. I would only use those with extreme care, but "Meguiars Clear Coat Surface Prep & Swirl Reducer" should be completely safe to use, even for the casual car waxer out there.

    Oh, by the way: It may seem like it, but I don't work for Meguiars. :) I'm just a satisfied consumer of their products... My Z is black so it really shows the road dust. Thusly, I wash and wax it a lot, and Meguiars gives me a really great shine! As well as sore arms and flashbacks to the Karate Kid movie... Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. :)

    Kevin - [email protected]
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    ralex2: Too bad you are not closer to Florida. I have a bonified offer/deal (no trade) from a dealer here on a ZX2 S/R @ invoice -the $1500 cash back too. i don't think you'll do much better than that, do you.


    PS: FML dealer in St. Augustine has a Yellow one as of yesterday $2000 off MSRP(includes $1500 C/B)
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Well, I washed my Jetta and the sap came off! It must have been because the dealer had just waxed it for delivery? I know they waxed it because I found remnants of the wax in a few hidden areas. ( of our rude neighbors started asking me about the Jetta. I talked with him for a few minutes and he decided to cut his grass. I went in the house for a few minutes and came back out...there was grass stuck all over my freshly washed car!!!!!!!!!He was just there talking to me..couldn't he have said, "I'm about to cut the grass, maybe you want to move your car up a bit?")
    How aggravating!

    Starfox...your Z looks exactly like the one I just traded. What a fantastic looking car. Anytime I miss looking at it I will look at yours. Although I have to say Z's are like every other car on the road here in PA. I could go out now and see 3 black Zs.

    Hey Photog...I can't believe I forgot to mention this....the dealer puts MUD FLAPS on all of its cars it sells! I guess if they had been on my Z they might have saved the paint a little. We'll see on this one...

    I know Maguiars is a good line to use. We had used one of its cleaners a while back on our black F150. It can really make bad paint look like new. For some time we were using Nu Finish. Consumer Reports had rated it the best a few years back. I couldn't find any last time so I had to get Turtle Wax 2001. It seemed to be ok. Any other suggestions for good wax besides Maguiars?
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Starfox, that was 2000 grit sandpaper. A little finer than you may be thinking. To you skin, it feels like regular writing paper. When you use the Swirl Remover, you have to shake it well, and often. All the goodies tend to settle to the bottom. How abrasive it is depends on how much pressure you use for how long. It's very unlikely anyone could do any damage with it. The scratches I spoke of were only slightly deeper than swirls and it took a long time to get them out.

    Floridian: That deal would be hard to beat. I know I will pay a penalty because my dealer is bringing the car in from an out of state dealer. Probably $500 shot there. On the up side, he will give me a good price for my Z because he likes the mods, knows what they are worth, an has customers looking for a used ZX2. The numbers will get tricky, but I expect to do OK. By the way, the dealer that was trying to screw me (Joplin,MO) offered me 8,000 or my '99 with 17,000 on it, against STICKER price on the S/R.

    I have to be honest - I'm not sure this trade is very smart. My 99 is a good car and will be very good If I hang the struts on it. The truth of the matter is, that after 50 miles in the S/R, I just flat fell in love with the suspension - big time. I want that car! It doesn't have to make sense. The steering is still to slow, the seats still suck (will have to rebuild another one), the guages are ho hum, but no other American 2 liter coupe can touch it. If you know how to drive FWD, this thing will outdo a Miata and folks there just aint no 13,000 dollar Miatas out there, unless you want one with a lot of miles and no warranty. Plus, being an "Escort" it is something of a sleeper. I"ve always loved a "sleeper"
  • boltmom4boltmom4 Posts: 15
    Haven't been on here for awhile but I usually keep up on your writings.

    My son entered his zx2 in a car show over the weekend in a small town, nothing big time but out of 5 cars he got 3rd place. He beat a Mazda and a camaro. He was beat by two Mustangs 40,000 and 55,000 cars. He was real happy. He has a gold zx2 which you do not see at all anywhere around here, one of a kind with some purple swirls or whatever on the door. It does look pretty sharp even Mom thinks so. No trouble with it so far since he got the new motor. But Photog, know what you mean he only had the car 3 days when it acted up every 400 miles and after 4 weeks they did the new motor and he had to drive a Contour for 31/2 weeks which he wasn't happy with. He was real happy to get his zx2 back. He is 6' 2" and puts the seat back but has the original sun roof. Doesn't complain about being uncomfortable but then he used to have a neon. He hasn't changed anything on the car it was fully loaded with power locks and windows. He only spent a lot of money to put in a new stereo system which is his thing.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Perhaps you could sell your ZX2 in a private sale?
    This way you could possibly get a little bit more back than you would on a trade.

    Yes unfortunatly, I have noticed the "coffee can" style tail pipes. Though even my own ZX2 has an ovesize chromed tail pipe, it is estheticaly one of the few things I don't like on the ZX2. It is one of the ways you can tell the different models apart on the s/r it is very pronounced. I wonder if it would be possible to alter it with a different muffler? Perhaps one with twin pipes? Not that I have any intention of doing anything like this to a brand new car.

    Don't give up hope on our beloved ZX2s. There some educated speculation they maybe worth something in a few years. We can only hope that this maybe true.

    I have been twisting my mind into knots, trying to remember how I got tree sap off that Mustang a person of my aquaintance owned. In desperation I called a limo driver I used know. His suggested solution was to use boiling hot water with soft detergent, and rub it out. Then rebuff the area back to it's gloss. No matter how you do it though you need to do it soon and I fear you are in for wax and polish job. All this hot weather will only serve to bake it on to the paint and make it that much tougher to remove, with out paint damage.

    The Molded Mud flaps on the ZX2 are essential. The spray pattern is realy bad on the ZX2. All you need to do is look at the flaps and you can see how much road crap is kept off my car. Funnily enough on my Acura the pattern wasn't too bad. However I would encourage anyone with ANY CAR to spend a few dollars and have them installed. It's money well spent, and they are a proven method of preserving the paint.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Do you have a pic of his ZX2? I once shot a car show several years ago and it was sort of interesting to see the different mods to the cars. The one I was at had two categories "Pure Stock" and "Modified Stock". I don't think I had ever seen so many finger print less cars in one place. In Manassas Va every sunday there is (or was) an unofficial gathering of Car Enthusists. I will have to pay it a visit again as it is good way to practise car shots at.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Boltmom, didn't know you still checked up on us. Certainly glad to hear all is well with your son's ZX2 after all the anguish it caused initially. Congrats on the car show. I think its great he beat a Miata and Camaro. I have only seen one gold ZX2 and it sure caught my eye. Gold didn't occurr to me when I ordered mine - wish it had, there are too many green ones running around. If I get lucky and snag an S/R, at least the zinc yellow will be fairly uncommon.

    Photog, I had forgotten all about the mud guards. Thats something I better have put on if I trade. Didn't you say they were about a hundred bucks?

    Sometimes I wonder if checking in here everyday is a waste of time since there are only 3 or 4 of us posting regularly. Then somebody pops up out of nowhere as Boltmom did today. It makes this conference seem worthwhile. We need to keep it going. I know my interest in the Z has been enhanced by the exchanges here and I hope once in awhile some of us can help others to appreciate these unrefined, inexpensive little Honda beaters.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Yup Photog, I know I could do better selling my Z ragher than trading it, but I would rather avoid that hassle. Too many people want to drive it, think about it for 2 weeks, argue over one thing or another and then disappear. At the moment, I haven't the time or patience. Then would net me an extra thou. Hmmmmmm

    Any muffler shop will cut your eshaust extension off and replace it with whatever you wish, large, small, double wall, split, square, you name it. The reason the S/R pipe looks so large is because it is double walled. The idea being the chrome won't become discolored by the heat.

    Oh yeah, nice set of polished alloy spoke wheels for Stop by Kansas on your way home from work Photog and we will swap 'em.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    Just happened to stumble onto Ricart Ford web in Columbus, Ohio (supposedly largest Ford dealer in the "world") They show almost 200 (not a misprint)Escorts IN STOCK as of 7-1-00. Don't know how many are ZX2s or S/Rs for that matter but they gotta have a bunch of them. Ford heaven eh ?

  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    Does anyone can give me any tips, suggestions or comments for accelerating quick the ZX2. I want to test the ZX2 in 0-60, and I´m looking for a good time.
    Hope you can help me.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I haven't got a clue on 0-60, but I would get out of 1st gear early. Let the torque do the work in 2nd gear and as soon as it sounds like it isn't winding fast enough, go for 3rd. I'll bet Freddy knows the best way to go after it.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    I saw a special "super acceleration" device adveriised on TV. I didn't get to see the whole bit but it looked like two large "I" beams sunk into the ground and a large diameter "bungee" cord stretched between them. I think what you do is slowly back up the car into it until the bungee cord is stretched real tight. Then you release the brakes and WHAM !!! you take off like a shot. Furhter details can be had from a MR. W. Coyote. I didn't get the exact address but they advertise the thing every Saturday morning on "Speedracer" (the early years) Check it out. This just may be what you need to beat those pesky Yugo guys down at the 7-11.

    Floridian, Meep,Meep
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    edgar nav: I don't think freddyk watches "Speedracer" anymore so he won't be of much help.

  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    Thank you very much floridian, but It´s impossible to me to watch Speedracer because I live in México City, if you have the opportunity of looking at it I would appreciate it so much. What I´m also looking it´s for tips like ralex told (thank you very much, I´ll try that and let you know how it work), because I notice the ZX2 is a little slow accelerating from 0 in 1st gear for the first 2000 rpm. after that everything it´s different.

    Thanks everybody.
  • sbonzesbonze Posts: 1
    I have a favorite method for getting the most out my my little Z. From a dead stop I rev the engine to about 1700-1800 rpm, drop the clutch (I get a little wheel spin, but not to much, if you get heavy spin just release a little on the gas then floor it again) I run it to about 6500rpm in first, then shift to second, and keep the peddle jammed into the floor. I get just over 60 when the rev limiter kicks in (over 7000rpm). I have a favorite road I like to do this on, right after I hit 60 there is a gentle bend in the road, then a turn off which is dirt and gravel. I push in the clutch and the brake, slow to about 25 turn sharp into the dirt turn off, rip up on the e-brake, spin 180, pop the clutch and head back the way I came.
    My little Z seems to take this abuse without a single complaint, I have 13500 trouble-free miles, though I was easy on her for the first 5k. This little car loves the redline, you have to shift late to keep the engine in it's sweet spot, over 3000rpm. (The higher the better) Some days I cruise down the highway in 3rd, just for the kick I get when I press the gas (It get to about 78-80 in 3rd before you hit the rev limiter) The main thing is, don't be afraid to find the rev limit, the engine control computer will not allow you to rev the engine high enough to damage anything.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Tonight I drive 500 miles to fight a battle tomorrow that I will probably lose in court. This will probably be the last part of my accident to deal with until January when my insurance is due. Hopefully I can convince the judge with the basic geometry of the accident to prove why it wasn't it my fault. Ashame I don't have any credible witnesses, however with luck I can work a miracle. The odds though are heavily stacked against me. God I still can't believe all this crap. Some twit waves me through an intersection, changes his mind, does $5700 worth of damage to my new car and I get the blame. Cross your fingers for me everyone.

    All being well next week I will have a real ZX2 page running on my web sight. Not just the bare bones thing I have now. I have shot two new rolls of film and will probably shoot a third available light one tomorrow night at the beach.

    Hmmm heres an interesting photo idea; perhaps A Black ZX2 illuminated by street lamps, with all the lights on both interior and out. Then have lightening streaking across the night sky in the background. Now this would be a cool shot... I will need to work on this idea a little. Now then with luck in the fall when my wallets recovered a little more I can look into hiring that topless or nude model for still another shoot.

    I hate to say this, but Kanasas is just a little too far west of where I live. It's true in the fall I am planing to move further out. HOWEVER I was thinking maybe Manasas Virginia, which is only about 10 miles south west from where I live now. This is another reason I am hoping to get that second car. To relieve the mileage just a little, as I will be averaging about 25 each way to work. However I can't do a damn thing until I find out what is going to happen to my insurance in January. As for the wheels you said "swap". Does that mean you really want those great swirl wheels that I have? ;) Some how I don't think so. Oh silly note here, do you remember me mentioning that twit with the Pink Prizm a couple post ago? Good news he now has a white 1998 ZX2. I saw him getting out of it last night and he came over to talk to me. It seems he liked the look of mine, and managed to find one used at Carmax. He says he paid about $9500 for it. Which sounds about right as the car is fully loaded.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Lot of posts over the weekend I see.

    Ralex: The S/R is that much better?? Is it worth all the extra money? (loss on current car + extra cost of the S/R) or do you think struts and springs should do the Job? Do the brakes actually work better, or just feel better? ok enough S/R questions

    acceleration: Drop the clutch at 4000-4500 RPM. You will get some tirespin but it doesn't last long with these 4 bangers and having the hig revs is more importent. then shift at the redline. 2nd gear may feel a little faster but its not.

    seats: Thanks ralex, I'll check it out, its for a friend who hates his Intrepid seats.
  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    Thanks Sbonze and freddy k, I will try what you tell me and let you know the results.

    Photog: I hope everything turns in favor to you.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    No, the S/R isn't $4,000 dollars better than my Z. I'm sure that with springs, struts, bushings and tires on my Z the two of them would be 99% equal. I still haven't heard anything on my struts - still on backorder. I am delighted with the difference the springs make even without the struts.

    The disk brakes may not be any better at all, but since disk systems allow the pads to actually contact the rotors all the time, when you push the pedal, there is no free play - the braking action starts right at the top of the pedal and is very linear and feely. Of course with drums on the back, the system has to pull the shoes away from the drums completely - hence the slop in the brake pedal - no way around it.

    The centerforce clutch is a sweety. It starts engaging right off the floorboard and has a nice action - it is only slightly stiffer.

    Taking a flat 45 mph curve at 70, I felt every bump in the asphalt (there were lots of 'em) but the wheels stayed glued and there was no steering feed back from the suspension. It took a "set" and held it. If there was any body roll, it was minimal. The bushings were working just like they are supposed to. I know these are cheap components, but they are very well matched to each other and the car. Even though the steering ratio is the same, the wheel definitely felt more positive. The S/R it tight...very tight.

    The shifter was the same as my B&M and was just as stiff, but I'm sure it will loosen up. Leather boot identical - different shift knob. S/R knob looks much better.

    So why would I take a $4,000 bath on this deal? Because it's YELLOW ! ! ! You have probably heard me say this before, but when I came home from the service in '69 I bought my first new car: a 1969 MG Midget, yellow. That was the car that taught me how to really drive. Loved it. The yellow S/R won't be near the thrill that MG was, but to get any closer, I would need to come up with $1200 and my car for a Miata or MR2. I believe the S/R will outperform the standard Miata - what a bargain. For me, its the right thing to do....for others...I wouldn't recommend it. How important is handling? The standard Z is pretty darn good - its just not yellow enough.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Photog, I wouldn't trade you even. I figure the dealer is going to allow me about 200 bucks for my wheels. For 200 and you swirlies, you could have my wheels and I would let the dealer have your swirlies....if I trade.

    When you get your web page up, you should let all the Edmunds folks post pix of their Zs.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    That gold Z is definitely sharp. The purple "whatzits" on the side are just right. Your youngest has a good eye. They are the right size and the color choice was right on. Tks for the pic.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Well the next time I post here I will know my fate in the court room.

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragment Edgar, I have a feeling I will need all the luck I can get.

    As tempted as I am to see if we could work out some sort of deal with the wheels. My wallet is just to tight right now. So I will have to pass, although now that you put it in serious terms the temptation has jumped by a factor of about 1000. I suppose this is just one of lifes little temptations. When I get the web page set up I was wondering about opening a section for members. The problem is space. At the moment my primitive web page is engineered towards Avaition photography (one of my greatest passions).

    By the way I found a ZX2 s/r on my dealers lot coming home from work. Happily the dealer was closed so this time I took some snaps shots of it, and had a good hard long look. Unlike the Ersatz ones I have seen before this one was a REAL S/R. In a couple days I will post the pics for those who are curious about the real S/Rs look like. One thing that stuck out in my mind was the Goodyear F4 205 tires (very nice indeed), and the realization of just how big that tail pipe is (it's bloody huge!!). I also didn't realize just how much higher the car sits off the ground it looked to be a good 2 inches taller than a regular ZX2. The decals on the side door didn't look as cheesey as I was expecting either. To be honest it has me wondering about getting the ZX2 decal (not the s/r part of it) for my car. I probably won't as one of the things that I like most about the ZX2 is it's very clean lines and I fear adding a decal might somehow detract from those lines.

    When I was wondering around the lot I also stumbled upon a regular ZX2 only this one was unlocked with the keys in it. I took some photos of it too, as it has the options packages I wanted on mine. I am curious would it be possible to retro fit the leather steering wheel? I also had a chance to play with the NORMAL powered sunroof and seat combos. All of a sudden it doesn't seem as important to get that slim line model I spoke of before. As I did with a little practice find a comfortable position for it, that didn't leave me too uncomfortable. Still it will be $500 plus a couple hundred for the map light assembly. Perhaps in the fall I can do something.

    Oh well it is off to South Carolina and a date in traffic court. I will probably lose but I could not look myself in the mirror again if I didn't at least try. Talk to you Wednesday night with the results.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    The S/R should be lower than a regular ZX2 by about an inch. When I put S/R springs in mine I measured the difference. It came down an inch on one end and an inch and a quarter on the other - don't remember which was which.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    and to be honest I don't believe it. Remember how I was going to South Carolina to fight that ticket, for that side impact accident I was involved in?

    While traveling along down Interstate 95 south and about 10 miles from the North Carolina; some imbecile pulled out from the shoulder with out looking. Result I rear ended him at 75mph. Both airbags deployed, my front end is crunched back to the wheels, the radiator was stoved into the engine. The car I think is totaled now.

    Amazingly enough all I have is some minor whip lash. If it tells you anything about the speed of the colision I barely touched the brakes and I didn't even get a swear word out of my mouth before BANG!!!.

    The news gets even better though, if you remember my first accident involved some twit who is now hiding out in Mexico? Well this moron, who is also hispanic, drove off, and it seems is likely a fugitive from the law. The deputy sherif who arrived about two minutes after the impact, asked if I was okay, and then took off siren screaming in pursuit. About 15 seconds later a Virginia State trooper arrived and we sat waiting on word of the deputies pursuit. The deputy went as far as the North Carolina welcome center, before turning back to look at the two exits remaining before North Carolina. I didn't get too much of description of the vehicle beyond that it was a brown van with wood paneling. However I did see one of the occupants, and there is now an all points bulletin for him. In Northern North Carolina and Southern Virginia.

    I just don't believe this crap, I have had the car back from the body shop exactly 15 hours shy of one complete week and this happens. About the only goodnews is that I didn't get a ticket and that the car will probably be totaled.

    If the Car is totaled does anybody know what I will get for a 2000 ZX2 with less than 5000 miles on it? I will probably try and get another ZX2 though depending upon what the insurance gives me it may not be a new one. I tell you what though, to hit an almost stationary vehicle at 75mph and have the driver suffer only minor whip lash speaks loads about the cars ability to protect its occupants. The car realy is in a VERY VERY bad way.

    After the wreck the transporter droped me off at a Holiday Inn in Emporia Va. I proceeded to make some phone calls and after that was done, I sat down and cried like a baby for about an hour, and then went to bed. Next day my parents came up to rescue me and take me home to my apartment. Where tomorrow I get to go through all the rent a car crap all over again. One thing is certain if the insurance company doesn't total the car. I will be selling it or trading it at the chance I get. TWO major accidents in one month is a VERY Bad Omen for this particular car. Quite simply I love the ZX2 and will likely try for another however this black one is bad luck. Oh by the way my original court date is going to be rescheduled to a date yet to be determined.

    So who is up for a drive with me???
  • boltmom4boltmom4 Posts: 15
    Photog 0264

    That car may be bad luck but you were sure lucky!!

    I remember a long time ago hitting a shopping cart going slow and it stopped me real fast and It felt like I had ran into a wall or something.

    I can hardly believe the problems you have been having lately. So did the guy get away?

    I was hoping to hear that you had won in court not read about another accident. I imagine your parents were just glad to hear that you were OK. We as parents still worry so much about our kids especially when they go on trips.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Do you know those bad dreams where you know it's a dream, and keep saying "it's only a dream I will wake up in a Minute". Thats what I have been going through. The only problem is I haven't woken up yet.

    Yes, unfortunatly the other guy appears to have gotten away. Thankfully as old as I am in my family we all realize that we need eack other to carry on.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I can't belive your luck Photog. Perhaps you have just used up all your bad luck for the next decade or two and it will be smooth sailing once you get past this storm. I don't trust insurance companies at all. I hope yours doesn't run your rates up. Seems to me that your 2000 with only 5000 miles on it should be worth 12,000 dollars (depending on equipment). 11,000 at least. Ford did extend the rebate program yesterday, so you can get $1500 off the new one.

    Glad to hear you're OK. Like Boltmom, I was expecting to hear 'good news from court.' Bad news from the road - man that's a shame. He had thousands of people to pull in front of - why did fate pick you? Not easy, but don't let it get you down. Just apply the appropriate amount of time to the sore spot and it will clear up as soon as its supposed to.

    Sometimes I think a car should have a video camera in the nose, like the old gun cameras on fighter planes. Then morons like your guy could be tracked down.

    I will sell you my '99. No sunroof, but you would love the goodies I put on it. Too bad you are 1000 miles away, and of course mine will have to go next week unless I back out.
  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    Sorry to hear what happened, I understand you, I live something similar with another car. Like you said, it´s like a bad dream.
    But what is really important is that you´re okay, we can´t replace our health or life.
    Think that everything in life has a reason to be, and good things are to come.

    Keep Well
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Thanks everyone for your support.

    Later either today or tomorrow I should know the fate of my ZX2. The state troopers estimated the damage to be about $10,000 worth. The thing that has impressed me though is how I survived with only minor whip lash. Not even a burn from the air bags. On the funny side (I have to try and find some humour in it or I will go nuts) I actualy was kind of curious about what the air bags looked like. Much to horror I now know. God how I hope the car is totaled.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    The car could very well be a write off. On top of the damage, the air bagas are very expensive to replace. Hope that it is anyway, after two accidents the car may just never drive the same. I think its a sign though. Somebody somewhere is trying to tell you "get a yellow S/R" ;-)
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Smitering of great news... My ZX2 is now totaled and I will probably get almost the full retail value back!!! More later on as I discover more information. I probably won't go for a yellow s/r as I won't be able to afford much more than what I have right now. However with luck I can get one with the options I want on it this time.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    An S/R with the Power Group, AC, and 6CD changer is 12,800 wholesale after rebate. I'll bet you paid more than that for the one you just totaled. The right dealer ought to put you in an S/R for 13,300. Something to think about Photog.
  • steve237steve237 Posts: 6
    Ralex - Where did you see that Ford put the $1500 rebate back on? On Ford's website it does not come up and Edmunds has not updated yet. Thanks.

    Photog - You ought to write a book. Reading your adventures is like watching TV.
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Sorry to hear about your trouble. I was in a similar situation to yours 2 yrs. ago...not as drastic..but two accidents and whiplash within 1 month. That is why I traded my first ZX2. I'm glad for you it is totaled. The car would never be the same.

    I heard the VW dealer advertising my 98ZX2 as the "Super Deal of the Day" today....alloy wheels, black, AC, 10 disc CD,power mirrors...$9500. I hope it sells before I drive past it. I'm still sad...but I do love my Jetta.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I saw the rebate on Fords home page yesterday, so I went back and checked it just now. It has been extended from July 6 thru Oct 2. Their web page is pretty crappy, but if you look hard enough it's there.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Steve would you like to trade places with me right now??? Personaly I would be happy to be free of all this crap. I still squeezing my eyes shut hoping I will wake up, and find out it has been some horrible nightmare. Unfortunatly when I open them again I have to face the reality that it's all real, and not a nightmare. In the 20 plus years that I have been driving I have never had or seen such a run of bad luck as this involving a car.

    All told between lost wages, deductibles, extentions on the first rental car it has cost me close $1500 THAT IS NOT covered by any insurance!!! I purchased my first ZX2 as what I thought and still believe to be a worthy successor to my late Acura Integra. So perhaps maybe I should write a book, if nothing else to document one of the most unbelievable chapters in my life and reflect upon in later years when times are tough.

    Despite all the doom and gloom I am strangly convinced that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's just making through the minefield to get there. Why I have the optimism I do not know, as there several known and unknown obsticles yet to over come. Yet for some strange unexplicable reason I feel that I am over the half way mark. Still I would be much happier if I could move on to the next chapter in my life, the current one is getting old real fast.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    I am not too sure how much the insurance company will give me towards the replacement car. Nor am I even too sure how much additional I can afford to spend on the car (not much more if any). I also need to ascertain how long I can keep the this Dodge Neon rental, before I need to give it up (though I will never be a fan of the Neon it is much better than that crappy escort sedan I had the first time).

    At present the 3 cars in the running are:
    A ZX2 (new or used with the right options and low mileage), A Cavalier z24 (the only Cavalier I would consider) and a Hyundai Tiberion (probably too much). Odds are it will be the ZX2, however I will consider the Z24 if the price is right. I did like that one I test drove some weeks back.

    The only definatives at this time are that the car NOT be one of the following colours; Yellow (birds do Love yellow cars), Red (the cops do Love Red cars), brown or copper (just doesn't do it for me), or black (after what I have been going through with my first black car?!?!? yeah right).

    The only real options I would like are power windows, sunroof, and A/c. Anything else is just toffee on top, that I am NOT prepared to pay for.

    So let the search and test drives begin again!!!
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Step up to a used Neon ACR, cheap as heck on the used market ('99s were leaving the dealer new for 11K) and is the best overall performer of the bunch. Adjustable konis for all! No sunroof or power windows from the factory though...

  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    OH NO! not a cavalier! say it ain't so!

    sorry, it's my inborn hatred of Cavaliers surfacing I cant help it. If you like it go for it :-)
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Ditto on the cavalier. Man did you get a brain injury in that last accident? A used Tib would be a nice ride, but if I were you, I would beg, borrow, or steal and scarf up an S/R. Beanboy, does your ACR leak oil? Have you blown a head gasket yet. I heard the reason Chrysler dropped that engine was because of the head gasket failures.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Nope, not yet... DC is fixing them out of warranty for around $100 if one bitches enough. I've got a sedan, so a SOHC motor for me. Both motors had issues. If the head gasket is the only thing that goes after 5 years and 60K miles, that's fine with me. Not a massive failure either if it does go so I've been told, just cuts a little close to a coolant channel causing a progressively greater leak, no warped heads or cracked blocks.
    Haven't spent a penny on it and I'm the second owner (other than tires, air filter and oil changes). Although I think my downstream 02 sensor is on the way out.
    I'll be the first to admit it isn't the most refined econosporty car on the market, but it was my college car so $$$ was important at the time. It corners with the best of them, gets 35+ mpg on the highway, and has some decent oomph when the go pedal is mashed. A '98 or '99 ACR or lightly optioned R/T used can be had for under 8K.

  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Ralex2, it's an old post, but I can't resist, and I'm not really trying to flame, just making an observation here.
    No other 2 liter American coupe can touch it? How many other American 2 liter coupes are there? 1? 2? It kinda sounds like a dubious distinction at best, kinda like being the smartest kid in the special ed class, or the thinnest guy in the weight watchers club.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I was thinking of the Neons, Tiburons, Focus', and also allowing the larger displacement Caveliers, and Sunfires in. Ooops, scratch the Tib - I said American didn't I. Of course if you want to get techhical then the ZX2 is a Mexican Coupe built on a Japanese chassis. Almost pointless to hang a nationality on a car these days. Among the offerings of GM, Ford, and Chrysler the ZX2 is the best bang for your buck under 2.5 liters. Hows that?
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Depending what you are looking for, it is the best bang for the buck including japanese and europeant cars as well, if it is what you are looking for. You can find more refined cars, quieter cars and more comfortable cars, but I think for this kind of price It is pretty much top noch. The only Civic, for example, that can touch it is the SI (SI/R) and it is quite a bit more then the Z.
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