Warren Buffett wants to become a car salesman

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Planes, trains and now cars. Warren is covering all the bases.

"A dealership mostly makes its money from its parts, service, financing and insurance operations, says Brian Sponheimer, a Gabelli & Co. analyst. Parts and service can provide as much as 45% of gross profit, while finance and insurance can deliver 15%, and that means just 40% comes from sales of new and used vehicles.

“Mr. Buffett probably saw what we see, in that dealers are tremendous cash-flow generators capable of enjoying the good times in auto sales and enduring the bad times when new-vehicle sales get more lean,” Sponheimer told MarketWatch."

Why Warren Buffett wants to become a car salesman (marketwatch.com)


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    Wonder if he'll hire Steve Martin to be a spokesman?

    Since BH owns Geico, I think Warren is looking at a vertical integration - buy or lease a car, get your insurance quote on the spot!

    And, the dealers could offer coupons for drive through at Dairy Queen.

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    Yeah, dealers drive profits with expensive indifferent service and heavily marked-up parts prices, and consumers are getting sick of it. Does anyone think the aftermarket is starving right now?

    As a rule, a good business model would plan on actually giving you something extra while raising prices. So taking your money with a smile and a car wash while changing your oil for $160 is one thing, but not taking your money with a smile when you have warranty concerns is yet another.

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