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    I have visited with a dealer and checked the Dodge web site and I still don't know what the max kingpin weight is for a 2000 Ram 2500 Quad Cab 4X4 SWB, With camper and trailer option. This is with the V10 and automatic transmission. This is the weight a fifth wheel trailer puts on the hitch. Can anybody help me? If so, where did you find the info? .... Rich
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    I would be considering the larger tires, LT265's but even if you could give me for the LT245 I could guesstamate the difference. Thanks Rich
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    Thanks for the insight Richram and Rlkrueger!
    I'll give some serious thought to the 6.5 foot and a camper trailer. I do have a utility trailer that works well if I carry plywood so will probably go with the short box.
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    I've seen 10 foot campers, you just need to make a bumper extender to fit them in an 8 foot bed.

    I would think that a good welder could do the same so that you could get a 8 foot camper in a 6 foot bed. (Talk to the welder first though)
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    Has there been a price increase on Dodge trucks in the last week? Summary? ... Rich
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    I'm going to be ordering a 1500 QC 4x4 pretty soon but I don't know if I want to go with the p245/75r16's or the p265's and the all weather or on/off road tires. Most of my driving is on city roads and highways with occasional trips to the snow. Does anyone have any opinions on which tire size is best as far as ride/handling/gas mileage?
    Also, my sister's boyfriend told me he saw a picture of the 2001 prototypes in a recent magazine. He said the styling on the front end was very different from what it is now. Does anyone know if this is true?
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    If I remember correctly, the 265's are a $415.00 option. Hardly worth the money, especially if they are Goodyear. I just got back from my SECOND trip to my friendly Goodyear dealer. Last Wednesday they replaced one of the rear tires and told me the other rear tire was OK. Today they replaced the other rear tire (yes, the one they previously said was OK) and one of the front tires. This does appear to have solved the vibration/bounce problem I was having. Another day or two and I'll know for sure. I do have to give them credit for standing behind their product, it just shouldn't have taken as much friendly persuasion on my part.

    My recommendation to you would be this: As soon as you drive your truck off the lot, go to a reputable tire dealer and ask how much they will trade you for the larger tires. It should easily be less than $415.00. If not, shop elsewhere.
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    I've been seeing a lot of Goodyear bashing on this list. Are these wranglers? What are the problems? I've had Wranglers on my last four vehicles now with no troubles. 85 Ramcharger, 86 CJ7, 94 full size blazer and currently on a 97 Chevy I'm trying to trade on a Dodge. The Chevy has 48000+ and 7/32 tread left. I rotate every 8000 miles but not rebalanced. If Dodge is using Wranglers, which ones? They make alot of models. ... Rich
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    Thanks for the advice..never thought of taking the stock tires and trading them in but it makes sense. I'll remember that when I order the'll definitely make make my wife a little happier given all the other toys (options) I plan to include.
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    I've been doing a lot of reading about the 2500 with the V-10 being a gas hog. What about the 2500 with the 5.9? What are the mileage statistics on this combo? I like the 2500 for it's bigger size and gas tank but I just can't justify spending so much money on the V-10 mileage. I will mostly be using the truck for local driving and pulling a 22' travel trailer throughout the year. According to Dodge the 2500 with a 5.9 has a towing capacity of 8,700 lbs. That's 1500 lbs more than the 1500 with the 5.9. I really want the 2500 but I don't want to be underpowered with the 5.9(which I don't think I will be going around town, on trips, or towing a 22' trailer)
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    To Davids1,

    Driving directly to a tire dealer to swap for different tires is a great idea, but doesn't always work! I tried that and every one of them turned me down. No matter what the price!!! I even told them I would only take 50% of the value of the tires currently on the truck, but they still said "No"! They told me they couldn't sell the tires as new tires even though they only had 50 miles on them. They also wouldn't be able to honor the warranty of the tires being traded in. I was told this same story by three different tire dealers.

    To Ram4x4,

    Before you opt for the 245's thinking you can swap them... find a tire dealer willing to do this first! Over all, you want to go with the 265's, however you work it out.

    BTW... I have the Michelin (spelling?) tires on my 99 2500 QC 4x4 and I've never experienced the vibration that the GoodYear tires have. I would ask your dealer rep if you can swap the tires if the truck gets delivered with GoodYear tires on it. Never assume anything! Make arrangements BEFORE closing the deal to avoid any future hassels.

    Good Luck,
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    I had an 89 Isuzu Trooper with factory P235/75R-15 Wrangler Radials. They rode well enough and still had plenty of tread at 106,000 miles (!) but were absolutely worthless on-road in wet conditions (a light rain seemed like ice) and off-road in mud, clay, etc. I replaced them with 31x10.5 BFG All-Terrain TAs and every aspect of on and off road performance was drastically improved. They also wore well, having half the tread life remaining at 180,000 miles. (A head-on collision totalled the Trooper just as it was getting broken in.) The BFGs would be my tire of choice if they are made in the appropriate size/load rating.
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    I have a 99 4x4 1500 Quad with the Goodyear 265's and they performed OK offroad and on wet conditions but they are really not a very good tire. There is alot better out there. My advice would go with brett039 tell the dealer "Listen I will buy the truckbut I want different tires. The dealer can order them, swap them and adjust the price. Just becuase they come factory with Goodyear does not mean you cant negotiate different tires from the dealer. I did this on my last truck a 95 GMC that was going to come with the "Tiger Paws" I told them to swith the tires or forget it. When I came to pick up my truck the tires I wanted were on it and it cost nothing additional.
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    Thanks for all the advice guys. I just went to test drive a 1500 QC 4x4 today and asked about the tires. The dealer said they can mount Michelins if I didn't want to deal with the Good Years so I may go that route. Thanks again.
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    One more round on tires.

    My Dodge dealer told me they have had a lot of problems with the Goodyear Wrangler RT-S tires. Have you noticed that most manufacturers are moving away from Goodyear. Ford and Chevy use a lot of Firestone's. The new Dodge's are coming with some Michelin's.

    As far as trading your tires in, you will most likely have to go to a tire dealer that puts a lot of tires on vehicles for local used car lots. Most used car dealers don't care if a tire has a few hundred miles on it. Although my local tire dealer would trade me for about 50% of the value of the newer tires, I opted to keep the 245's until they wear out and replace them with the tires of my choice.
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    I have a 98 Ram1500 4x4.

    Truck is great but the goodyear wrangler rts tires suck. I had one blow out. One tire chipped a lug off and offroad they suck. They are awful in the wet stuff (esp mud, they d clog up). I will get Bridgestone Desert Dulers AT very soon.
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    Has anyone ordered a cummins with the six speed
    and had it scheduled yet? I ordered mine at the
    end of last month and am still waiting. I know the six speed is very limited but I just wanted to
    find out if anyone else had any luck.
    I was told by DC that it is a week to week restriction and they are only releasing them in small batches.
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    Does anyone kow where I can find pictures of the 2000 ram qC 4x4 slt diesel on the net, besides dodges website, there too small of pics. We just ordered the truck a couple of days ago, and I want to make sure the patriot blue looks good on the ram, I seen the color on caravans, and durangos, and looks good, but have yet to see what it looks like on the ram? P>S We alaos have a 94 ram 2500 4x4 360 gas, and it has the goodyear tires, and they have been horrible. We are now on our third set of wranglers, which goodyear covered on there warranty. They tried to charge us for tread wear, but we wouldn't pay them a cent, and they gave in and gave us new ones for the third time in 6 years. The only good thing about the tires is they don't wear down to quickly, we use are truck for plowing and we spin the tires alot especially when the truck gets stuck, but the tread stays on pretty good, the bad thing is they warp alot!!
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    Wondering about a few things...can you get the snowplow prep w/the diesel.Prefer to beef this up as much as possible,tow,camp packages but I keep finding "n/a with etc" as a notation.
    Anyone have any information about the black vinyl flooring vs. carpet for sound insulation--the carpet is over a pad,is the vinyl?
    Have seen disc brake upgrades for rear axle quoted for around $1200, anyone had this done? Have heard lack of this option as criticism for the 2000.

    Finally,regarding major redesign in 2002 vs 2000-- any specific info regarding changes to Cummins engine being contemplated besides uprates(eg. eth option)
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I am still trying to resolve a "klunk" in my steering column on my 99 Ram 1500 4x4 Quad. The dealer has replaced the steering shaft and this does not seem to help. The dealer also tells me the front steering linkage (track bar & tie rod??) is supposed to rotate/twist to some degree to minimize wear. I can crawl underneath the truck and twist the tie rod??? When I do this, I hear a noticeable "klunk" in the tie rod ends. Is this noise normal? I don't like the thought of metal on metal. Things wear out too quickly in this situation. A recent article in Popular Mechanics downgraded the Ram because of this same problem. My 97 did not exhibit this behavior, and as far as I know the 99 has the same front end. If anyone out there has had this problem, and has been able to find a solution, please let me know. Thanks. David.
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    I am planning on buying soon and am doing a lot of research on what truck to buy. I loved my last dodge(Dakota) but I want a full size now. Chevy looks good but I'd rather have the dodge diesel. The only hesitation I am having is the cold, and I mean cold winters that we have in Southwestern Colorado (-20 degrees at times). Will this dodge have a problem starting if I dont consistantly plug it in. There will be many situations that will not allow for it to be plugged in. Does any one have any experience with this type of situation. I realy wnat this diesel but dont want the hassle if I spend 30+. Also how long will these diesels last as compared to gas. I hear forever but nothing is forever and I surely dont need maintenance problems if they are high maintenance. Thanks for any input.
    [email protected] Thanks, Joe
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    I just bought a 2000 ram 4x4 and have not had any such problems. Despite that I can say that any noise in the steering is not normal and the tie rod should move, but only to a certin degree. There shouldn't be play if you are moving it with you'r hands. I don't have any suggestions, other than no, it is not normal.
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    I don't want to repeat points made by others on merits of Gas vs. Diesel when it comes to longevity, maintenance etc. Have a look at the Diesel vs. Gasoline topic for some good thoughts.

    In terms of cold weather operation, I know a lot of guys here in Ontario who operate Diesels with out any problems. And trust me we would welcome -20 up here - we call that mild.

    What a lot of them do (if block heater isn't practical) is use one of the better quality remote starters. The best ones of these have sensors that will automatically start the engine and run it for a few minutes in severe weather. Don't know whether the sensitivity can be adjusted to allow for the reduced cold weather tolerance of Diesel, but they seem to manage.
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    With regards to Dodge, I chose the gas for more quiet mostly. Also it has more torque and horse power in the 1000 to 3000 rpm range that the diesel automatic and about $4000 cheaper. The gas is also cheaper to maintain. On the other side the diesel gets better mileage and will last longer. Since I don't plan to keep it more than 3 years the last is not a concern. .... Rich
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    I concur with "1500" while your tie-rod should move and will move too much play is a problem as well. Especially if there is a klunk. Is the klunk sound made when the tie rod rotates at the end and meets the fitting? If so it sounds like a bad tie rod end which is an easy repair.

    Good luck. I have the 99 quad 1500 4x4 and have no problems with anything except for one weatherstrip that the dealer is having replaced for me by a glass shop. Knock on wood. All is OK.

    Good luck. Also try the popular mechanics website for information on tie rods if you need more information.
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    I ordered my new truck last Thursday.

    Vital Statistics:
    2000 1500 QC 4X4, SLT, 5.9LV8, Auto, Light Driftwood.

    Got a good deal for this area at about 3.5% over Edmunds' "Dealer Invoice". I used all the internet pricing services as well as and faxing requests for bid to my five closest Dodge Dealers. Picked the lowest out-the-door quote which also was the closest to me. Did not negotiate or dicker and only set foot in the dealership to deliver my deposit check. So far, a very pleasant experience.

    My truck is in "D" status and should go to "D1" with a firm build date soon.

    Question: from that build date, how long does it actually take to build the truck? i.e. how many days from the build date until they ship it from St Louis North assembly plant?

    Is building a vehicle a pretty continuous process or does it complete one stage and then sit for a while waiting for something else to be put in/on, etc? I envision an assembly line as a continuously moving conveyor belt and that once the first piece of the vehicle is laid on in step 1, it's just a matter of hours until a completed vehicle pops out the other end of the plant.

    Am I over simplifying?

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    Does anyone know where I can find pictures on the net(besides of a 2000 patriot blue ram. The one I just ordered is a 2500 4x4 slt qc diesel, but any ram in this color will do, want to know how it looks, if I don't like it I can still change my mind!!!
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    From D1 status, your truck should take a few days to build, and anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to ship. The stumbling blocks are parts delays in production and rail delays in shipping.


    Until someone actually takes delivery of one, the Dodge website will be the only place to see it. You can try going to Dodge or Jeep dealers, as Patriot Blue was used on the Durango and Grand Cherokee for all of the 1999 model year to see if you like the shade.

    Community Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
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    I live in the Northeast and like the rest of the seaboard have been getting alot of rain lately. Last night my 99 Quad cab leaked right where the "B" post would be if it had one. Just a small spot around 5x5 on the floor behind the driver seat. Door seemed well closed. Anyone else experience any similar problem?
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    I have a friend who just took possession of a new 2500/QC/SB/Cummins/Autotrans/4:10, and his intention was to do some serious plowing this winter. I have given him some precautionary warnings concerning this, but I need more information from an objective source.
    My dealer said that without the Cummins, the Snow Plow Prep package supplies stiffer undercarriage components, but that these components are automatically included when ordering the Cummins due to the additional weight on the frontend. Although they said there shouldn't be any problems ( what else could they say... ) I remember the many postings regarding front end wear and damage when using a plow, in addition to the -many- failed transmissions used in this service.
    I have also seen a few postings stating a fairly logical fact, and that is that when Dodge gave us a big truck that rides like a car, they had to give up a beefy front end that would also result in the traditional "truck" ride.
    So at any rate, somewhere in here lies the truth, or variations of it. Could someone please enlighten me as to how durable my friends truck is with respect to snowplowing? He feels kind of bad right now with the expectations of plowing all winter, but I said he will feel worse in three years when his front end is shot and he's blown two transmissions. Any information will be appreciated, good or bad.

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    I asked about this in an earlier post, #188, but nobody was able to respond.. Seems to me that in other forums people had decided to order the snow plow prep,with the diesel to specifically beef up the front end--never having any intention to plow.
    If this were true, then maybe one of the changes in the 2k Ram w/ cummins is the snowplow prep is now automatically included, as your dealer says. I wonder though what components exactly are included- are all included?
    In the options the snowplow prep is "N/A w/ ETC.".
    No answers, just more info perhaps.
    I thinj in the end he may wish for the 6 speed trans..
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Member Posts: 98
    I should have been more specific.
    His 2500 is a 99, not a 2k.

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    i just got a 2000 quad and i live in maine. so far i have been dry.

    now my problem (a minor one) does anyone know if your dealer is required to carry touch-up paint of all the available colors. my truck is solar yellow and i did not get any mudflaps now it has a small near the front drivers wheel well. what is the best way to "touch up" any blemishes?
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    The dealer has every color that is released by DaimlerChrysler. You can get it from them, or you can ask a reputable body shop for it.

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    I have a potential problem someone reading this thread could perhaps clarify. I recently had a PYTHON model 1500 remote start/alarm system installed in my 99 Ram 4x4 cummins diesel. The problem is when remote is used, the engine starts before the "wait to start" light shuts off, approximately 5 - 8 seconds after the signal is sent. How big a problem is this with cold engine starting? I look forward to your comments.
  • brett039brett039 Member Posts: 56
    To Jack38

    I looked into this myself. Some remote starter / alarm system are designed for diesels and some aren't. I was only able to find one campatable with diesels in my area (Columbus, Ohio). It was a system by "Ungo" which actually "looked" for the light to go out (or "looked" at a sensor) before engaging the starter. I'd check with the place you purchased the system. I personally wouldn't use it unless the system waited for the "Wait to Start" light to go out before actually starting the engine. If it didn't matter, then why would Dodge tell you to wait before starting in the manual?

    Good luck...
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    wait to start. There can be several reasons for a wait to start light, but the most likely one is that the glow plugs are not up to tempature yet. If this is the case then starting before the light is harmless when the engine starts. However when it is cold the engine won't start and you are pumping cold air, cooling things down, and using precious battery power to do so.

    Check with cumins to be sure, but I think this is all.

    In other words in summer you should be fine without waiting fot the light. In winter you may go from a situation where the truck would barely start to one where it won't.
  • jack38jack38 Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for the responses regarding diesel start remote. I am taking my truck back to the installer on Monday to have the situation corrected. I will post a response shortly thereafter to let you know how they corrected the problem.
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    These are good questions. I am looking at a remote start for our 99. 98 thru 2000 do not have glow plugs, but a heated intake plenum instead, which does the same thing, adds heat. The more information on this the better, since colder weather is coming. I have seen models from as low as $49.45 on up for injected and diesel, but who knows what the differences are, if any. The cummins is painfully slow to heat. What are some of the "Cold Weather" fronts that are in use, and the good and bads of them? Anyone.

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    Finally got a vin # for my 2500 qc 4x4 slt+ with
    the Cummins. I had originally ordered it with the
    6-speed but they kept telling me it was on
    restriction. After a month, I changed to a 5- speed
    and now My shipping date is 10-25. DC said the
    6-speed restriction probably would not be released
    until the end of the year. I hope they were not
    lying to me! Oh well, 5 or 6 speed is not that big
    a deal to me but it would have been nice.
    Truck is being built in St. Louis. Any Ideas on
    how long it will take to get to Georgia?
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    Ordered my 1500 QC 4wd Auto SLT on Sept 15. Was lucky, I guess 'cause there were no restrictions. Got a VIN and an estimated ship date of October 5 within a week.

    Truck went to "KZ" status (released by plant - invoiced) on October 5.

    Customer service has given me estimated shipping time to Eastern West Virginia anywhere from 12 days to three weeks.

    Have not been able to pull up the VIN thru the Burlington Northern tracing site yet so I guess it's still waiting to get put on a train.
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    Last I heard, my truck (3/4 ton 4x4 QC long bed) was in Oklahoma heading to the Seatttle area. I'd like to be able to trace mine. Could someone pass along the Burlington Northern site?

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    BNSF will only carry it so far but if you have the railcar # you can follow it all the way thru (go to equipment tracing). However, if you go to (sometimes tough to get thru but you can find a new link thru I believe they have the tracing info for the Union Pacific RR which is who I think will do the final delivery for you.
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    When the weather gets cold and I need to start using the block heater, should I leave it plugged in all night or just an hour or so before starting?

    If only an hour before starting, will leaving it plugged in all night hurt anything?

    Also, does the block heater include keeping the fuel in the tank from "Gel"ing?

    I've heard it's best to let the Cummins (or any diesel) warm up before driving. What kind of damage (if any) can occur from starting and immediately driving it?
  • wvbillswvbills Member Posts: 12
    The BNSF taccing site lets you enter the last eight digits of a VIN number and will return both the rail car number and all of the transit information.

    So far for me it has only returned "equipment not found" though.

    My truck was released from the factory on Tuesday so I suspect it hasn't gotten loaded on a rail car yet. Customer service has the shipper code as "CASS" which I suspect is Cassens Transport which is the Haulaway truck contractor that serves the BN loading point at Valley Park MO.

    All of this is deduction on my part since Customer Service only gave me Originating Point "FNTN" (Fenton MO - the address of St Louis North Plant I guess), Destination "CTWN" (Charles Town WV - my dealer's address) and the "CASS".

    What an adventure!
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    My finger slipped and I wrote -10 deg, when I meant +10 deg. I hate that when it happens :-)
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    I am looking for the horsepower - torque curves for both the 1997 Dodge 5.2 liter and 1999 Doge 5.2 liter engines. I purchased a '99 nearly identicle to my '97 and the lower RPM response is comparitively terrible. The dealer service dept is telling me it is EPA mandates that forced them to change the programming on the chip. If I can come up with the published curves, they should show the difference if it exists.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Member Posts: 98
    Here is the published curves for all the Dodge gas truck engines for 99.

    I suggest writing the webmaster for this site for the 97 curves.

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    Does anyone know if the new dual bulb headlights on the 2000 "sport" trucks will fit in other Rams? I am willing to re-wire my 97 but I need to know if the same mounting holes are used. Also, what type of all terrain tires are recommended?
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